Window Treatment Ideas – 9 Great Images For Windows

By Andrew M. Boone Updated May 28, 2020

When you have spent a lot of time and money on redecorating your house, the two things that usually get left until last are lighting and windows. In this article, we are going to take a look through some window treatment ideas that you can use after your hard work. Window treatment is another way of saying dressing or covering. However, the reason we use treatment is that it is a more broad statement. That means you can do much more with the windows.

We are going to focus on some of the more common ways of window dressing in this post. However, we may have other articles in the future about different, less common types. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on our homepage.

Window Treatment Ideas

There are so many types of window treatment ideas that you can use, none more beautiful than others. However, it will depend on what style your room is to what will look stunning.

In this next image, we have a kitchen with a lot of visible wood. It has a slightly less modern feel than most, and it is almost country style.

Window treatment ideas

The country style of the room lends itself brilliantly to the older form of the roman blinds. Whereas the light fabric also lets light in, meaning that you do not lose the much-needed brightness.

Multiple Treatments

The next image is an excellent example of how you can use color in your many window treatment ideas. The use of a single color throughout the room makes the colors of the window treatments stand out even more. Duck egg blue is already a lovely color to wake up to in the morning, but when you add that to the vibrant orange/red curtains, you have a whole new level of zing.

I personally love the way that the lighting has been positioned right by the curtains, allowing for even more vibrancy throughout the room. Although the saying goes; “blue and green should never be seen,” I think that the green zig-zags add something special to this room.


The Scandinavian way of window dressing is super minimal. The reason for this is that they only have light for a small amount of time each year. However, valances are not especially Scandinavian. The reason that I mentioned them is that the main aim of their window dressing is to allow as much light in as possible. That is what these valances do.

This type of window treatment idea will allow a large amount of light into the room while looking stunning. The period style of dressing in this image sets off the dark wooden furniture and period accessories like china ornaments on the corner shelves.

In the image below, you can see a different style of a valance. This one is much more simple, but it has the same effect as the one above. It allows a lot more light into the room than a blind or curtains would do, and it looks great too.

I like the simplicity of this one. It has much less fabric, and it is a lot less busy. A kitchen is often a busy place anyway, and you do not want anything to make it seem more cluttered. However, this valance is not so simple that it looks boring. It has just the right amount of pattern in it to gently draw the eyes towards it without being overpowering.

DIY Valance Window Dressing Ideas

Sometimes, you may want something a little more rustic. Or perhaps you want to do it yourself. This next image is of some beautiful hessian valances that have been (or could be) made at home.

Hessian is relatively cheap in comparison to shop-bought valances. Not only are they more affordable, but DIY is a lot more customizable. You do not have to use the same materials; you can use anything that you like. However, this style in the image suits the unmistakable “market decor” style that is not only being attempted but executed wonderfully.

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

If the window ideas that we have shown so far are not quite modern enough for you, then take a look through the next section of the article. We are going to focus on some more modern window treatment ideas that would suit more modern design decors.

Venitian blinds are not a modern idea. However, this is a very modern style for them. The larger slats, color, and the side runners fitted to the inside of the window frame contrast wonderfully against the frame itself.

Modern window treatment ideas

The whole style of this room is very modern. Polished wooden floor and the contrasting red rug make for a very eye-pleasing centerpiece. However, my favorite part of the room may also be the most subtle. That is the fact that the floor and the blinds look very similar. Almost as though they are an extension of the floor.

In the next image, we have another type of Venitian blind fitted into the window frame. However, the sheer size of these blinds gives the room a very modern look.

It looks as though it is a theme that is going on throughout the house, as you can see in the next room, they have the same blinds. However, what I particularly like about this room is the incorporation of some mid-century modern (MCM) seating. In some places, MCM is becoming more modern than mid-century. It seems to be making a return in the decor industry.

Minimalist Window Treatment Idea

The next style is of minimalist window treatment and is undoubtedly a modern approach to home windows.

modern widow treatments

If you are lucky enough to live in a house or apartment that has a view like this one, then you may want to consider an empty window bay with some of the glass frosted. Doing that will give you some privacy from people who have lower apartments than you, and a large enough window to allow a lot of light into the room.

Extravagant Modern Window Treatment Ideas

Next, we have an extravagant modern window treatment. The modernness of this design is purely aesthetic, as the use of beads, etc. is not a new thing in window dressing. However, the two sizes of plastic disks give a quite extravagant and modern look.

extravagant window dressing

Not only are they extravagant and modern, but they will also allow a lot of light into the room while distorting the view enough from outside that you don’t need curtains or blinds. The half opaque disks will also scatter the light allowing for a dancing light show if they get moved when the sun is shining on them


Window treatment ideas can be so much more than a bid for privacy. Depending on how you do it, it can be a fashion statement and decor enhancement too. The only thing that I would honestly suggest is that, like everything, take your time to decide what you want, and take into account the era of the rest of your decor.

Do not be afraid to be a little bold with it either. Windows are at large focal point in most rooms, and you should treat them that way. Making people draw their attention to the window will also make the room feel bigger and brighter with minimal effort.

Keep an eye out on our home page for more home ideas, and feel free to comment below if you have any other ideas.

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