31 Elegant White Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated May 6, 2022

Create a fresh and relaxed look with such a simple color

Create a fresh and relaxed look with such a simple color

edwardian_on_sea Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @edwardian_on_sea/Instagram

Whether you’re seeking for a relaxation retreat or giving a dark colored bedroom a neutral upgrade, the possibilities for creating a white bedroom are near endless.

When it comes to choosing bedroom furnishing and décor essentials — white beds, cushions, couches or curtains – it’s a great idea to have shades of other colors to create an interesting sketch of the color.

The same goes for how you choose the accessories. An undertone palette of copper, gold or silver shages gives you simple touches of glamour that pair perfectly with the white sobriety.

You can also play with shade of whites: paint the walls with beige or ivory white and combine with any primary or secondary shades to illumine your bedroom. Mix in accents of blue, gold, black, and natural colors. White bedrooms can benefit greatly from having pops of different colors thrown into the mix.

Take a look through these white bedrooms idea to find inspiration for a fresh and calm space in your home.

White Bedroom Ideas

1.Natural Shades

hamptonandastley Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @hamptonandastley/Instagram

Combine neutral shades with white to create a calming space in your bedroom. Mix the colors on the walls, bed, and floor to keep the color scheme flowing throughout the whole room.

Your master bedroom will look natural and relaxing. Luxurious Egyptian cotton sateen bedding like in this interior design will also make it feel sumptuous and grand.

2.Neutral Color Palette

ilovecominghome Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @ilovecominghome/Instagram

Bright white walls look so clean and perfect against lighter shades. A light wooden headboard and some beige bedding work well here.

You could even take a cue from this pic and create floating lampshades. And then you really will feel like you’re relaxing up in the clouds when you go to bed!

3.Your Retreat

tammymerecka Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @tammymerecka/Instagram

For many of us living in busy households, our bedroom is a place to unwind, and at times escape. A white scheme mixed with a limited color palette provides the ultimate backdrop for your quiet space.

Adding a hanging chair adds a bit of fun and a place where you can sit and watch the world go by out of the window. Plus, the natural colors used in the pictures above the bed provide a focus for the room.

4.It’s All About the Bedding

suffolksisters_at_home Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @suffolksisters_at_home/Instagram

Create a beautiful white bedroom by maximizing on the natural light and investing in some quality bedding. The bed linens here are a gorgeous mixture of all white and natural colors used for throw pillows and the blanket.

The paneled wall decorated in white makes an interesting backdrop to the room. And there are more different textures present with the wooden floor and delicate curtains.

5.Touch of Black

creamybungalow Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @creamybungalow/Instagram

White bedrooms benefit from a touch of a darker color scheme. The brightness and light of the white stand out all the more if juxtaposed with a color like black or really dark blue.

You can see that here in this pic, where a pop of black has been used on the plush headboard. The contrast created is striking and makes the white and neutral items all the more brilliant.

6.Dark Statement Wall

theloomia Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @theloomia/Instagram

A white bedroom doesn’t have to be an all white bedroom! Add a modern touch to your space by mixing white with a textured, black statement wall.

This makes the pale, deluxe headboard a real feature of the room. And then you can add more hints of black elsewhere, such as in the ceiling light and stools.

7.Perfectly Proportioned

canta.rela Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @canta . rela/Instagram

A white color palette is great to use when you have more limited space in your primary bedroom. You don’t need to compromise on creating a sophisticated feel if you adopt clean lines in this area.

The designer here has positioned the bed in an ideal position in this room. White bedding and a large, soft headboard make the bed seem cozy and inviting.

8.Small Space

a.moroccanspinkandgold.dream Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @a . moroccanspinkandgold . dream/Instagram

Crisp white walls make this smaller master or guest bedroom appear larger than it actually is. The lightness of this color opens up the room and doesn’t make it seem too cluttered even with several pieces of furniture.

Other great ideas for a small bedroom include the clear office chair, which you can barely see! And a palatial chandelier adds a touch of class hanging above the bed.

9.In the Clouds

julis_quadratmeter Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @julis_quadratmeter/Instagram

The light created in this white bedroom is unbelievable. You might think that converting a loft space into a sleeping space would be dark and dingy, but the interior design used here has created the opposite effect.

This incredibly sunny bedroom benefits a lot from white walls and bedding. And with the large windows, this white bedroom really has been elevated into the sky.

10.Boho Style

theloomia Instagram elegant white bedroom boho

Courtesy @theloomia/Instagram

A white palette has been combined here with boho elements to create a calm but unique space in this smaller bedroom. The natural-colored circle on the white painted walls frames the bed just right.

Be inspired by the tasseled wall hanging and untreated wooden bench to give your white bedroom some quirky features. Space on the window sill and bedside tables has also been utilized to add more individual pieces.

11.Beamed Ceiling

flower_house_green Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @flower_house_green/Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have exposed beams in your master bedroom, pairing them with white creates a bold but beautiful look. The mixture of old and new on the walls and ceiling works really well in smaller bedrooms.

Keep to white linens for the bedding. And if you have a small window, why not try some neat white blinds rather than large curtains which might take over the space.

12.Pretty In Purple

cottagesgardens Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @cottagesgardens/Instagram

For a truly elegant white bedroom, mix in some luscious hues of purple. The bed is the star of the show here with the gorgeous, silky drapes fixed on a canopy bed frame.

Further purple accent pieces complement the bed curtains. There’s the soft, velvety couch and touches of lavender in the wall coverings.

13.Canopy Bed

simonekatherineinteriors Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @simonekatherineinteriors/Instagram

Your all white bedroom doesn’t have to be boring and lacking in detail. Here, the interior design uses a grand canopy bed and different materials and textures to breathe life into this otherwise one-color space.

Use a delicate sheer fabric for the curtains and then bolder, crisp white linens for the bedding. And why not source something a bit different like these unusual but stylish lamps for your bedside tables.

14.At the Beach

willowandbeech Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @willowandbeech/Instagram

Take yourself off to a tropical paradise! You can easily make your room feel like it’s on the coast or at the beach with some hanging drapes around the bed.

Neutral bedding and the natural materials used for the flooring help to complete this look. And then you can add in smaller pieces such as the fans to keep the tropic theme going.

15.Rustic Chic

mykindofbliss Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @mykindofbliss/Instagram

Put your own spin on your white bedroom by combining white walls and curtains with some more traditional items. Be creative like in the pic here and try a boho-style patterned throw.

Or choose a painting that means a lot to you to take pride of place on your wall. Finish with natural wooden features such as the headboard, central lamp, and bedside tables.

16.White Walls

homesteadhousedesigns Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @homesteadhousedesigns/Instagram

To create a really serene retreat in your bedroom, white walls are the way to go. Decorating with white paint is easy but gives a very restful feel to your space.

All white bedding can be mixed with a touch of color on the throw pillows and blanket. Further white hues in different textures can be found in the petite lamps and picture frames.

17.Calm Haven

joke_en_otto Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @joke_en_otto/Instagram

The all white decor makes this dormer space feel large and airy. A sloping ceiling can sometimes make rooms feel cramped, but white paint used on all the walls, roof, and floor really opens up the space.

Soft white bedding and light curtains also help to keep your bedroom bright. You can add some pops of color with a throw blanket, cushion, or bed frame as the pic shows here.

18.Shabby Chic

calmdaysbythesea Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @calmdaysbythesea/Instagram

Transform your white room by blending it with some gray accent colors. Take inspiration from this interior design and combine white and gray on the bedding and rug.

The silver bench adds a touch of shine. And for a truly shabby look chic, invest in a traditional painting like the one here – or if that’s not to your taste, try some graphic prints or photography instead.

19.Shades of Gray

hamptonandastley Instagram elegant white bedroom grey

Courtesy @hamptonandastley/Instagram

Check out how warm and inviting this white bedroom looks. With a mixture of white and gray pieces, the room has incredibly clean lines and the bed looks uber comfy.

A soft, plush headboard and curtains will give your bedroom a luxurious feel. And the two-tone gray blanket and throw pillows make the bed look all the more attractive and stylish.

20.Comforting Hues

ourlilhome_ Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @ourlilhome_/Instagram

White bedrooms should look bright, cozy, and relaxing. Like in the design here – the space is obviously so enticing that the designer’s furry friend likes to nap on the bed!

Be creative by decorating your bedroom walls in two colors – white and gray are a good option and keep the room looking clean and light. A glossy white dressing table with a light-up vanity mirror provides a great place to get ready.

21.Cottage Vibes

therenovatedcottage Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @therenovatedcottage/Instagram

Timber walls and ceilings in cottage bedrooms can make your room feel dark and old-fashioned. But apply a coat or 2 of crisp white paint, and transform your room into a serene and bright area.

The gray wooden bed frame and other furniture help to keep the cottage theme alive without making your bedroom feel antiquated. Then you can add a touch of class with a glitzy central lampshade.

22.Black Furniture

thecolouryard Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @thecolouryard/Instagram

Enliven your white bedroom by mixing in some blush hues and black accessories. The clean white walls look crisp and fresh and provide a contrast to the pink tones used for the pillows and bedding.

Using black for the mirror frame and furniture such as the bed frame and table provides even more variation in color and texture. This is furthered by a patterned rug which introduces more colors and layers.

23.Dramatic Contrast

cocofurnituregallery_outlet Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @cocofurnituregallery_outlet/Instagram

For a modern but incredibly sophisticated style, try decorating your bedroom in black as well as white. The two colors work so well together and are easy to decorate with.

White is best reserved for your linens, whereas you can be bold with black in your cushions and other items of furniture. And why not try throwing another color, like the mustard yellow used here, into the mix.

24.Shiny in Silver

our.kent.home Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @our . kent . home/Instagram

Create a luxurious feel to your master bedroom with a predominantly white room combined with some sparkling silver items. We love the plush bed frame and lamp in this pic, which is a really trendy style at the moment.

The interior designer here has also invested in the softest-looking bedding. Plus, the pampas grass and personalized prints above the bed add some unique touches.

25.All White Space

mothering_two Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @mothering_two/Instagram

For a truly modern white bedroom, go for a white leather headboard for your bed. This will give your white room a really deluxe, rich finish without costing too much.

The gorgeous headboard here is contrasted with some beautiful shades of purple in the throw pillows. Further white interiors are used for the neat bedside tables and lamps.

26.Black Leather

home_at_three Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @home_at_three/Instagram

A black leather headboard looks striking against crisp white walls. Even when you’ve not got a lot of space, this is a good way to introduce some contrast into your white bedroom.

Then, mix in some natural items such as the table, shelf, and mirror frame. Pops of a vivid green color are introduced by the various hanging plants.

27.Mighty Headboard

hamptonandastley Instagram elegant white bedroom leather

Courtesy @hamptonandastley/Instagram

Let a leather headboard take center stage in your white bedroom. The sheer size and scale of the one in this picture would create a real talking point in any room!

The designer has stuck mostly to white, but by combining a mixture of textures and layers, managed to spark visual interest in this space. And the sateen bedding makes the room look really relaxing and cozy.

28.Blue and White

liesuzuki.interiores Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @liesuzuki . interiores/Instagram

Be inspired by this styling here and give your white bedroom a coastal theme. Blue and white together, especially stripes, will make anyone feel like they’re by the sea.

Blue accents are also very calming and so will make your space feel even more like a relaxing haven. This vibe is also achieved by the delicate hanging curtains around the bed.

29.Hints of Gold

littlelattihouse Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @littlelattihouse/Instagram

Style your white bedroom with gold hues to make it beautiful and warm-looking. Here, the small mirror above the bed and patterned pillows have hints of gold that make the space look inviting and comfy.

And the two colors are combined so stylishly in the charming bench at the foot of the platform bed. Plus, a spotted carpet underneath adds more layers and makes the room cozier.

30.Royal Style

cocofurnituregallery_outlet Instagram elegant white bedroom gold

Courtesy @cocofurnituregallery_outlet/Instagram

White bedrooms don’t have to be understated and bland. If you dare to be bold, use dramatic colors like gold and black and give your master bedroom a regal feel.

Gold works really well here in the long curtains and elaborate ceiling lamp. Hints of the color can also be picked out in the cushions and smaller items, with a super soft black bench and feature wall completing the look.

31.Go for Accents

designsbyclg Instagram elegant white bedroom

Courtesy @designsbyclg/Instagram

You don’t need to add a lot to your white bedroom to give it some character and finesse. The shiny gold lamps on the bedside tables and some accents of yellow in the pillows are enough to add some variety and depth.

You can also try decorating the white walls with a print or painting, in whatever style you like. A neutral shade for the carpet and bed frame keeps the room looking clean and relaxed.

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