Best Water Filtration Vacuums in 2023

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Updated May 18, 2022

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Best Water Filtration Vacuums in 2023

Is your vacuum triggering your allergies? Is it clogging after every clean? Traditional vacuums can expel a lot of dust and debris back into the air. And this can provoke allergies or cause a lot of hassle for asthma sufferers.

But, don’t despair! Water filtration vacuums offer an effective solution for cleaning up debris or pet hair without letting any dust back into the air. They use water as the filter for superior air quality. Plus, they’re powerful and easy to use.

We’ve created a list of the best water filtration vacuums so you can enjoy a spotless home with no dust. And with our features to look out for, you can find the perfect solution for your floors.

Our Top Picks

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Best Water Filtration Vacuums of 2023
Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum CleanerBest Overall

KALORIK Water Filtration Vacuum

Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Quiet

  • Indicator Light.

  • On-Board Accessories Storage.

Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum — The Best Bagless Household Vac Cleaner with Water & MicroSilver Filtration to Clean Wet & Dry Messes - Pet, Dog Hair & Toddler Spills on Carpet & Hardwood FloorBest Budget

Quantum X Upright

Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum — The Best Bagless Household Vac Cleaner with Water & MicroSilver Filtration to Clean Wet & Dry Messes - Pet, Dog Hair & Toddler Spills on Carpet & Hardwood Floor

  • Style

  • Auto-Adjusts.

  • Extendable Hose.

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner – Water Filtration, 2-Speed, Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Allergy/Pet ProBest for Pets

Sirena Canister Vacuum

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner – Water Filtration, 2-Speed, Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Allergy/Pet Pro

  • 6 Attachments

  • Easy To Empty.

  • Powerful.

RAINBOW Model E2 Type 12 (Black) Complete Cleaning System (Condition: Used)Best for Hard Floors

Rainbow Cleaning System

RAINBOW Model E2 Type 12 (Black) Complete Cleaning System (Condition: Used)

  • Versatile

  • Air-Purifying.

  • Long-Lasting.

Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line Pro Ultra Deluxe Bonus Package w/ 2 Exclusive Extra Air PurifiersBest for Allergies

Sirena Vacuum Royal Line Pro

Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line Pro Ultra Deluxe Bonus Package w/ 2 Exclusive Extra Air Purifiers

  • HEPA Filtration System

  • Illumination.

  • 10-Year Warranty.


Hyla GST Water Filtration Vacuum


  • Optimized For Wet Dust & Spills

  • Strong Suction.

  • Lights.

No products found.Best With Steam Cleaner

Polti Eco Steam Vac

No products found.

  • Good For Allergies

  • Quick To Heat.

  • Safety Features.

No products found.

Water Filter Vacuums Vs Regular Vacuums

A water filtration vacuum works actually like a regular vacuum cleaner, except it uses water to filter the dust and dirt.

Unlike a regular vacuum, it filters and traps dust particles inside a water chamber so that it doesn’t expel back into the air after vacuuming. As a result, it provides fresh, clean air that’s been filtered through water.

On the other hand, standard vacuums filter the air through filter bags. These standard filters trap all the dirt and dust and then exhaust the polluted air back into your home.

There are also no bags or dusty containers to handle when using a water vacuum. So they’re easy to maintain and are less likely to get clogged.

So, water filter vacuum cleaners are perfect for households with allergy or asthma sufferers. They’re also great for pet owners.

Plus, unlike traditional vacuums, these water filtration cleaners can vacuum water. Whereas vacuuming water with a standard vacuum will almost certainly damage the unit.

Are Water Filtration Vacuums Worth It?

Yes, we think so. Water filtration vacuum cleaners offer many benefits.


Better Air Quality

A water filtration vacuum filters 99.95% of dust and air pollutants.

They use water as a filter and dissolve tiny dust particles and microbes that are suctioned as you vacuum in water. This means that less dirt can escape the filter. This not only purifies the air but also keeps the exhaust cleaner clean.

As a result, you have significantly better air quality. This is particularly suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers because a cleaner air environment ensures healthy indoor air quality (1).

Plus, they purify the air without the need of relying on a scent disc or odor filter for clean air.

And with some models, you can also add fragrance to the water. This way, your vacuum also features as an air freshener while you clean. So you don’t have to buy a humidifier, an aromatizer, or an air purifier for your home.


No Loss of Suction

Another benefit is that you won’t lose any suction or airflow quality while you’re vacuuming with a water filtration vacuum.

Standard vacuum cleaners lose suction power when they are clogged or full. And when this happens, you have to empty it before you can continue cleaning. However, with water filtration machines, you won’t have to worry about any clogging. The water traps the dirt, so nothing can get clogged.

You also won’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing your filter to maintain suction. Plus, the water is able to hold more dirt. So compared to other vacuum cleaners, you can vacuum up more dirt and debris before needing to replace the water.


Clean Wet and Dry Messes

While traditional vacuums can’t handle wet messes, water filter vacuum cleaners can.

And unlike wet-dry vacuums, you don’t need to worry about having two separate canisters to hold wet and dry messes. With a water filtration method, you can do both without having to change any settings or use separate canisters.



Water filtration vacuum cleaners are versatile units that you can use for almost any cleaning situation. And they also come with various attachments and products to use for different purposes.

For example, some come with a basic cleaning solution that effectively cleans debris and dirt from your carpets. It also freshens your air without leaving an overwhelming fragrance.

Some models include a carpet shampoo attachment as well. This means you can use carpet foamer with your vacuum too without needing a separate tool.

Plus, there are many other creative ways you can use your water filtration system. For example, you can use it to water plants or clean your windows. And, you can even use it to wash delicate items such as curtains or shag-pile rugs.

Lastly, they’re also perfect for trapping pet hair. And you won’t have to worry about any hair wrapping or getting clogged in your vacuum.


Easy to Use & to Maintain

Cleaning with a water filtration vacuum is a breeze. All you have to do is fill it with water from your tap and you’re ready to clean.

Adding fragrances to your water is also simple. You add a few drops to your water tank before cleaning, or you can add them in the middle of your clean. And you don’t have to turn it off or open the vacuum tank to do it.

Other than that, you use your water filtration vacuum cleaner just like you use a normal vacuum.

Finally, these machines are super easy to maintain. As we mentioned above, you don’t need to change or replace any filters. And you’ll save a lot of cleaning time not having to worry about clogging.

Plus, the canisters are easy to empty. There’s no messy bags or dusty containers to handle.

How Do a Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Water filtration vacuums work using a water filtration technology system.

Dirt and debris are sucked up with normal air suction and passed then through the water. Contaminants such as pet hair, debris, and dust are trapped and dissolved in the water.

A fan motor inside of the vacuum rotates the water rapidly to efficiently filter out pollutants. On some models, the air is then passed through a HEPA filter that traps any remaining particles or debris in the water.

Finally, after being filtered and washed, the clean air is then expelled back into the environment.

How To Choose the Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best water filtration vacuum cleaners for your floors.



First, consider the type of vacuum. There are two types of water filtration models: upright or canister.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright water filtration vacuum is an all-in-one vacuum that has a cleaning head, handle, and canister or bag.

This type of vacuum is pushed in front of you when you’re cleaning, using a handle that’s attached to the body. This can often feel heavier to push than other models. However, the extra weight tends to provide more suction power.

Upright models have a rotating brush-roller or beater bar for powerful suction. The vibrating bristles effectively lift and remove dirt as you clean. For example, see this Quantum upright model.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A canister vacuum has a wheeled body attached to a wand and floor-head with a flexible hose.

These models are often preferred for their lighter weight. Instead of pushing the whole weight of the vacuum, you only need to move the wand and floorhead while vacuuming.

Plus, the wheels make it easy to drag the canister body behind you as you go. But, the wheels can be hard to maneuver on high-pile carpets and can get easily caught. For example, this Kalorik water filtration vacuum is a canister model.

Consider your carpet needs when choosing a vacuum that is most suitable for your floors.



Of course, all water filtration vacuums have a water filter built into them. However, some have additional HEPA filters.

HEPA filters have been tested to trap a lot more dirt and dust particles than many other filters. They remove 99.9% of all airborne particles that are larger than 0.3 microns (2).

Because water filtration vacuums use water, you’ll need to clean your HEPA filter more often. They can get dirty quickly when coming into contact with water, especially if you don’t clean it enough.

For example, this Polti vacuum has a washable HEPA filter.



Depending on where you’ll be using your vacuum, you should also consider its weight.

If you want to clean multiple surfaces and levels, you should consider a lightweight model that’s easy to carry. If you’re lugging your vacuum up and down a staircase, a heavy vacuum can cause a lot of strain on your back.

But, if most of your cleaning will be on one level, then the weight will be less of an issue.

Another thing to consider is the suction power of your vacuum. Lightweight water filtration vacuums tend to have less power than heavier water vacuums. So if you need strong suction power to clean embedded dirt or debris, consider a heavier model with more power.

For example, this Kalorik model weighs 14 pounds. Whereas this Quantum X upright is a lot heavier at 30 pounds.



It’s also important to consider the noise level of your carpet cleaner depending on your environment. In fact, water vacuums can be loud machines.

For example, low noise is considered to be between 57-62 decibels. Whereas an average water filtration vacuum cleaner makes 84-89 decibels of noise (3).

A noisy machine can be a nuisance, especially if you live close to neighbors. So look for vacuum cleaners with a noise level of around 55dB which is the same as a normal conversation. Or, consider a vacuum that has power settings that can provide quieter operation for when you need it.



A water filtration vacuum can be a significant investment. So it’s important to consider the warranty terms.

A good warranty can help you if your vacuum has a defect and you need to replace it. Different brands have different warranties, so consider a warranty that will provide a good cover for your product.

For instance, Sirena offers a 10-year motor warranty, a 3-year parts warranty, as well as a 1-year labor warranty.

So you should check the manufacturer’s website to find the warranty details for your vacuum before you buy. Or, contact the seller.



There are different options to consider, depending on your budget.

There is a large price range for water filtration vacuums. And this can vary depending on features and quality. However, vacuums with water filter vacuums tend to be more expensive than standard vacuums.

For example, the Quantum water vacuum is $430. Whereas this Sirena model is around $900.



Finally, consider the brand of your vacuum. There are a lot of different brands to choose from. However, we recommend sticking to cordless stick vacuum brands.

These are some of the top-rated cordless stick brands available:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Kalorik
  • Ovente
  • Karcher

The Best Water Filtration Vacuums of 2023

We’ve spent hours researching the best water filtration vacuum cleaners so you don’t have to! We looked at customer reviews, expert advice, and technical specs to find the top 7 models on the market.

1. KALORIK Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to a powerful filtration system, this Kalorik Water Filtration Canister vacuum is top of the list. And It’s not only affordable, but it’s lightweight too.

This powerful water filtration vacuum features a 2-in1 carpet cleaning head with pile adjustment. So you can use it on any surface type. This makes it a versatile cleaner if you have anything from high-pile carpets to hardwood floors.

Plus, the lightweight canister design with four wheels makes it easy to maneuver around the house. It’s perfect if you have stairs or large areas to clean. And you won’t have to worry about it wobbling or tipping over with the four caster wheels for added balance.

What We Like


This water filtration vacuum has an extra motor gasket that reduces the noise. This makes it a quiet vacuum that’s perfect to use if you live close to neighbors.

Indicator Light

The handy indicator light lets you know when the water tank and dust canister are full. So you won’t have to worry about checking it manually while you’re cleaning.

On-Board Accessories Storage

Fitted with onboard storage space, you’ll always have your accessories and attachments ready to use. You can keep your accessories easily contained and won’t have to worry about losing them.

What We Don’t Like

Short Hose

Many reviewers complain that the hose is too short to use. This can make it hard to reach some areas as you clean.

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 14.3 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 1200 W
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type Cyclonic water filtration system
Included Accessories 2-in-1 floorhead, crevice, dust brush
Ideal For hardwood floors, metal

2. Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum

Get the best of both worlds with this Quantum X Upright Vacuum. It offers effortless deep cleaning at an affordable price.

This compact upright water vacuum cleaner has a powerful motorized brush head to provide a deeper clean as you vacuum. The spinning bristles get deep into your carpets to loosen and lift embedded dirt and dust.

But what we love most about this vacuum is the in-built MicroSilver filtration technology. It eliminates and neutralizes odors as you clean. You can enjoy fresh-smelling carpets with this vac.

What We Like


Most vacuum models are limited in their style options. But, this Quantum upright water filtration vacuum comes in three colors! So you can match it to your home’s aesthetic to add a bit of fun to your cleaning.


This Quantum vacuum automatically adjusts to different surface heights as you clean. You can effortlessly transition across multiple flooring to provide efficient cleaning with no loss of suction.

Extendable Hose

The telescopic wand can extend up to 18-inches so you can clean under tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Plus, it retracts down to four inches if you need to clean small areas too!

What We Don’t Like


At 17 pounds, this vacuum isn’t lightweight. And because it’s an upright model, you’ll feel the weight of the whole vacuum as you push it. This can make it hard to maneuver when vacuuming.

Technical Specs

Type Upright
Weight 17 pounds
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 870 W
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type None
Included Accessories crevice, upholstery brush, dusting brush
Ideal For hardwood floors, carpets

3. Sirena Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re a pet owner, you know the hassle of cleaning up pet hair. But this Sirena Canister vacuum is built for the task.

It comes with a powered brush roll to effortlessly lift up pet hairs from your floors. This is especially handy for carpets. The motorized brush bristles can reach deep into your carpet fibers to loosen dirt and pet hairs.

Plus, this vacuum has two-speed modes for versatile cleaning. The high-speed setting can provide powerful deep cleaning on any surface. And the low-setting option can act as an air purifier to get rid of smelly pet odors.

What We Like

6 Attachments

With 6 attachments to choose from, you’re covered for any cleaning task! This vacuum comes with a power nozzle, dust brush, floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and an inflation tool. So it’s perfect for almost any cleaning situation including for furniture, fabrics, and any surface.

Easy To Empty

The transparent canister has a built-in separator to hold back large debris when you’re pouring the dirty water out. This makes emptying a mess-free task with this vac!


With a 1200 watt motor, this water filter vacuum provides a powerful suction! It can handle ground-in or embedded pet hair without a hassle.

What We Don’t Like


Because the canister is made of plastic, some reviewers noted that it can easily crack. Make sure you take care when vacuuming with this unit to avoid cracking or damaging the canister.

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 40 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 1000 W
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type HEPA filter
Included Accessories power nozzle, dusting, floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, inflation tool
Ideal For hard floor, carpet, pet hair

4. Rainbow Complete Black Series Cleaning System

Keeping your hard floors clean can feel like an overwhelming task. But this Rainbow Model e2 Water Filtration System was made to make cleaning bare floors easy.

Designed for an easier transition from carpet to bare floors, you can easily switch cleaning modes with this water filtration vacuum cleaner.

This rainbow vacuum cleaner comes with 10 different attachments designed to deep clean any surface. It has dusting brushes, power nozzle, and an upholstery-tool. But, it also has a floor and wall brush. You can clean your entire home with just this one cleaner.

Plus, the power nozzle has active edge cleaning technology to make cleaning edges a breeze. With brushes on both sides of the nozzle, you can effortlessly clean along skirting boards and furniture as you vacuum without any extra effort.

What We Like


Not only can you clean your floors with this rainbow vacuum cleaner, but you can clean your walls and windows too. The extra attachments provide a lot of versatility for cleaning different surfaces.


This vacuum provides quick and easy air purifying for entire rooms. You can turn the settings to low-speed, and leave the vacuum in a room to purify the air. It can clean out any bad odors and fine dust particles to leave your air cleaner and fresh.


This Rainbow Model e2 water filtration vacuum cleaner has been factory-certified to last for up to 10-20 years of use! So you won’t have to worry about replacing this vacuum any time soon.

What We Don’t Like

Hard To Store

Because this rainbow system comes with so many attachments, some reviewers had trouble finding a place to store it all. This is something to keep in mind if you don’t have a lot of storage space!

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 17 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 80 CPM, 800W
R.P.M 3000 – 23000
Filter Type HEPA filter
Included Accessories 10 attachments
Ideal For hard floors, carpet, pet hair

5. Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line Pro

This Sirena vacuum cleaner is perfect for households that have someone that suffers from allergies or asthma.

It has two-speed settings that provide unique benefits. The high-speed power setting gives powerful suction for cleaning stubborn dust and debris from your floors.

And the low-speed mode produces efficient clean air for your home. So it acts as a purifier and humidifier. At low speed, this vacuum also adds moisture back into the air which can help relieve breathing problems as well as allergies.

What We Like

HEPA Filtration System

The added HEPA filter provides an extra layer of filtering against dust mites and allergens in the air. It removes up to 99.9% of contaminants, leaving your air fresh after every clean.


This vacuum has illuminated lights. This can make it easier to see dust or all the dirt under furniture. It’s also helpful for cleaning in dark places!

10-Year Warranty

This Sirena vacuum comes with a 10-Year warranty. So you can rest knowing this vacuum is backed with confidence!

What We Don’t Like


This water filtration vacuum is bulky. Some reviewers note that pulling it can be a pain. This can cause a lot of hassle when you’re vacuuming.

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 54 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 1200 W
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type HEPA
Included Accessories two hoses, hard floor, crevice, and detailing tools, air purifier
Ideal For hard floor, carpet, allergies

6. Hyla GST Water Filtration Vacuum

If you have area rugs, this Hyla GST water filter vacuum is a great option.

It comes with various attachments to suit different surfaces including area rugs. The attachments make it easy to adapt to carpet heights across your floors. This is especially helpful when vacuuming area rugs.

It can also function as an upholstery cleaner as well as an air purifier. Plus, it has a mini turbo tool that effortlessly removes dust and tiny dirt particles from carpets, furniture, and rugs.

What We Like

Optimized For Wet Dust & Spills

This water filtration vacuum cleaner is optimized for wet and dry messes. So you can easily vacuum over wet messes, spills and liquids without having to dry them first!

Strong Suction

The strong suction makes it perfect for picking up pet hair on any type of surface. This includes deep rugs and high-pile carpets!


Not only does this vacuum have lights on the nozzle, but it also has an LED-lit basin! The lighting in the basin lets you see how dirty your water is by illuminating dust and debris in the water. And the nozzle lights can help you see all the dirt and hidden dust underneath furniture.

What We Don’t Like

No Replacement Parts

Reviewers were disappointed in the lack of replacement parts for their vacuum. With its high price tag, having to replace the whole machine if you have faulty parts can be expensive!

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 43 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power 850W, 100 CFM
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type Cartridge
Included Accessories power nozzle, duster, crevice, upholstery tool, air purifier
Ideal For hard floor or carpet

7. Polti Eco Steam Vac Dual Steam Cleaner

No products found.

If you want versatility when you’re cleaning, this Polti vacuum is one to consider.

With 21 included accessories, this vacuum gives you a lot of great options for cleaning different areas of your home.

But what makes this vacuum cleaner stand out is its steam-cleaning capabilities. It uses steam to clean as you vacuum. This can eliminate bacteria and germs to keep your floors exceptionally clean.

Plus, you can use it to steam other surfaces too. It’s perfect for fabrics, mattresses, and even for cleaning walls.

What We Like

Good For Allergies

This Hepa filtered vacuum cleaner is certified by the British Allergy Foundation. It removes up to 99.99% of all germs, bacteria, and allergens from your home. It’s perfect for households that suffer from allergies!

Quick To Heat

Most cleaners that have a steam function can take a while to heat up. But this vacuum has a heating time of only 10 minutes. So you won’t have to waste time waiting around to clean your floors.

Safety Features

Because this vacuum uses steam to clean, it can be dangerous to keep around kids. But with a steam safety cap and child safety lock, you don’t have to worry! This makes it a lot safer to use than many traditional steamers.

What We Don’t Like


This is one of the pricier water filtration vacuum models on the market. The big price tag makes it a big investment to consider.

Technical Specs

Type Canister
Weight 20.5 lbs
Noise Level contact seller
Suction Power N/A
R.P.M contact seller
Filter Type HEPA
Included Accessories 21 accessories
Ideal For hard floor, steaming

Water Filtration Vacuum Comparison Chart

ProductTypeWeightFilter TypeSuction PowerIdeal For
KALORIK Water Filtration Canister VacuumCanister14.3 lbsCyclonic1200 Whardwood floors, metal
Quantum X Upright Water Filtration VacuumUpright7.71 lbsNone870 Whardwood floors, carpets
Sirena Canister Vacuum CleanerCanister40 lbsHEPA filter1000 Whard floor, carpet, pet hair
Rainbow E2 Complete Cleaning SystemCanister17 lbsHEPA filter 80 CPM, 800Whard floors, carpet, pet hair
Sirena Vacuum Exclusive Royal Line ProCanister54 lbsHEPA1200 Whard floor, carpet, allergies
Hyla GST Water Filtration VacuumCanister43 lbsCartridge850W, 100 CFMhard floor or carpet
Polti Eco Steam VacCanister20.5 lbsHEPAN/Ahard floor, steaming
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How to Maintain Your Water Filtration Vacuum?

You should regularly clean and empty your water filtration vacuum to keep it in good condition.

Empty The Dirty Water

  • First, empty the dirty water by releasing the latches on the side of your vacuum cleaner. Remove the main body and lift the filtration system.
  • Pour the dirty water out of the container into a bucket or down the drain.
  • Then, rinse under clear water.


  • Remove the cyclone generator and rinse it under cold water.
  • Then, remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner and rinse it in water.
  • Make sure you air-dry the filter completely before putting it back into the vacuum.


  • Never wash your filter in a dishwasher or washing machine as this can damage it.
  • Allow your filter to air-dry only. Do not use any heat or hot air such as a hairdryer to dry it.
  • You should clean your filter at least two times a year. However, you should clean it straight away if you notice any visible dirtiness. If your filter is damaged, replace it before you next use your water filter vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning With Water

If your regular vacuum is failing you or setting off allergies for someone in your household, it’s time for a new solution. And now you know that a water filtration vacuum cleaner can provide a lot of benefits for your cleaning.

These water filter vacuum cleaners can provide efficient cleaning power and can improve the quality of your air. You’ll never have to worry about dirt or allergens in your air with these water cleaners.

Remember to keep in mind our key features to consider before you buy. Think about the type, weight, and noise level of your vacuum cleaner. As well as the filter and brand!

What are your thoughts about vacuums with water filters? Have you tried one? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below, or share this article with a friend!

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