Wagner 915 Spraytech Steam Cleaner Review

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Updated October 27, 2023

Good bang for the buck but with minor design flaws

While vacuum cleaners hold their seniority, steam cleaners are considered the modern replacement to the older machine. New heavy-duty steam cleaners are equipped with multiple tools that allow them to perform many tasks other than steam cleaning floors.

Since a steam cleaner is a long-term investment, you can’t merely buy one because someone in your book club suggested it. A lot more thought and research go into the purchase.

That’s why I decided to review the Wagner 915 Spraytech Steam Cleaner, which is an on-demand steam cleaner currently making the rounds in the cleaning industry. Keep reading to find out if this steam cleaner is worth your money.

Unboxing and Setup: Takes a few minutes

Upon opening the box, you’ll find a power steamer, a measuring cup, a floor-cleaning brush, two extension tubes, a window squeegee, and a fill funnel. Plus, there’s a user manual in the package that’s simple to follow.

Setting up the Wagner 915 is quite easy, considering you just have to connect the required attachment to the central unit and fill the steamer with water. Then, wait for it to get hot and start cleaning.

If you’ve never used a steam cleaner before, I’d suggest reading the user’s manual thoroughly rather than watching a tutorial online because every model has a different working mechanism.

For people who’ve already used a handheld steam cleaner before, setting up the Wagner won’t be a problem.

Design: Needs Improvement

Although the Wagner cleaner does a great job of removing dirt and grime from the floors, it has some design errors that can make it hard to use.

Let’s start with the build. The brass components on the filler cap are a bit awkward while the plastic body isn’t exactly scratch-resistant.

However, the biggest design flaw is the short power cord. Most users said that the cord was too short to use the steam cleaner comfortably. Since the cord is quite short, the machine isn’t very portable. You can only deep clean your home if there are plugs everywhere.

You may have to purchase an extension cord if you’re planning to clean the whole room without plugging the machine into different outlets.

Moreover, the steam cleaner’s handle gets quite hold. It could have been more comfortable to use if there was better insulation in the handle.

Another prominent design flaw in this steam cleaner is that there’s no way to know the amount of water left in the container. You can’t possibly know if the container has completely dried out. If this happens often, your steam cleaner is at risk of getting damaged.

However, the design isn’t completely terrible. The machine has a large tank capacity. Thus, it allows you to clean your home without having to refill the tank multiple times.

Performance: Powerful heating element

Being a heavy-duty steam cleaner, this machine can be used to freshen your grout lines and kill pests in the carpets. It offers a chemical-free cleaning experience. I’d suggest using distilled water rather than tap water since it’s more effective at cleaning and disinfecting.

Along with cleaning, the Wagner steam cleaner also has other capabilities. It has a wallpaper-removing attachment that you can use to lift old wallpaper.

Since the machine comes with a number of accessories, you can clean everything from the showers and kitchen countertops to floors and sinks.

It heats up to 212°F, allowing you to kill bacteria(1) besides cleaning floors and carpets. Plus, the water gets hot quickly, making the cleaner ready for use in no time. Most importantly, it can run for 45 minutes, thanks to the larger tank capacity.

If you have a moderate-sized home, you wouldn’t need to refill the tank while cleaning. After filling the tank, wait for the red light on the central unit to turn on. That’s an indication of the steam cleaner’s readiness for use.

Another notable feature of this steam cleaner is the jet nozzle that is suitable for cleaning patio furniture and concrete floors. You can also use it to remove dirt from your car tires. The 1500-watt power ensures that no stain or dirt will be left behind.

On the flip side, it also makes the steam cleaner a bit noisier than the competition.

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Attachments: Plenty of them

Fortunately, the Wagner steam mop has many attachments, giving you extensive freedom to clean multiple surfaces. The utility brushes eliminate the need for a mop head while the floor cleaning brush helps clean wood and tile floors effectively.

Also, there’s a window squeegee to make your windows squeaky clean. However, the shorter cord can make it difficult to reach the top of the windows.

Finally, there’s a wallpaper removal accessory, which is not present in most other steam cleaners. Although it’s not something you’ll use every day, it’s a handy tool for times when you have to replace or remove the old wallpaper.

Durability: Not very long-lasting

Overall, the steamer is quite durable and can last for two to three years. However, the individual components aren’t of the best quality and may need replacement from time to time.

For example, the wheels are a bit clunky. Thus, if you drag the steamer up and down the stairs, you’ll have to replace the wheels in a few months.

Similarly, the mop connection isn’t durable either and can break easily. So, you must be careful with it. To sum up, if you use the steamer gently, it will last for years, but if it sustains wear and tear, don’t expect it to fight through the toil.

Competition: McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1375 canister steam cleaner is one of the most prominent competitors of the Wagner cleaner since they both have similar makeup and working mechanism.

Just like the Wagner, McCulloch MC1375 also cleans and sanitizes, removing up to 99.9% germs from your carpets and wood flooring. Plus, it has a large tank capacity that allows the steamer to run twice as long as the Wagner, for up to 90 minutes.
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Additionally, it has an 18-foot power cord with a 10-foot steam hose to facilitate maneuverability while cleaning. More importantly, the McCulloch MC1375 has 20 accessories, beating the Wagner cleaner by a considerable margin.

Although it’s more expensive than the Wagner Spraytech steamer, there isn’t a significant price difference. Considering that, McCulloch MC1375 seems like a better pick between the two.


Product NameWagner 915 Spraytech Steam Cleaner
Product BrandWagner
Weight13.77 pounds
Product DimensionsN/A
Warranty One year

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