Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Make sure you re vacuuming correctly! Here are seven mistakes you might be making

vacuum cleaner mistakes

A vacuum cleaner is probably anyone’s favorite cleaning tool. Picking up messes is now more convenient than ever. More than that, there are vacuums that can also deep clean surfaces. From your floors to your ceilings, a vacuum can really do wonders. But what if it breaks?

Consistent cleaning and maintenance will surely prolong the life of your vacuum. However, there are those vacuum cleaner mistakes where the damage is really big and you are left with a vacuum that will no longer work. Even though your vacuum is as durable as it can be, you still have to know the things that you should not do in order to prevent any damage.

This is why in this article, we are going to discuss the situations wherein you might be making mistakes while using your vacuum. In this way, you can prevent these instances from happening and your vacuum will still be in good condition.

Keep Away from the Openings and Brushes

In such a case where you need to turn over the vacuum so that you can look at the brush roll, you should always turn it off and unplug it from the wall. The reason for this is that the brush roll of the vacuum is so powerful that it can pull hair from the head, injure body parts, and also damage your clothes.

This is why you should always exercise caution, so do not allow your fingers as well as your clothing anywhere near the opening of the vacuum. In the event that you let your kids use the vacuum, make sure that you also warn them of the risks of using a vacuum cleaner.

Do Not Use the Wrong Extension Cord

You simply cannot use any extension cords that are in your house. They have a specific amp rating or wattage so that you will know which one to use with your vacuum. The truth is, there are vacuums that come with extension cords that do not necessarily work with them. Therefore, you should always check the indications in the extension cord.

Keep in mind that using the wrong extension cord can be a fire hazard. So it does not hurt to double-check if you are using the right one.

Do Not Pull the Power Cord

You might be surprised that this made the list for vacuum cleaner mistakes. But this is a mistake that a lot of us are guilty of. When you are done cleaning, you just try to pull out the power cord from the wall at a distance. This, in fact, is a big no-no.

This action damages the power cord. When it is too damaged it may not work or it may malfunction the next time you try plugging it in. This might also cause a fire and even electrocution. Just to be sure, always turn off the vacuum cleaner first and put it in a stationary position before you walk toward the plug to pull it off from the wall.

Indoor Vacuum Should Always be Used Inside and Not on Spills

An indoor vacuum is called as such as it was designed to be used inside your house. Not only its power and capabilities but also its safeguards were specifically designed for indoor use. Therefore, your vacuum cleaner might breakdown if you consistently use it outdoors.

The same goes for dry vacuum cleaners as you should never use it to clean up wet messes. This is also the reason why there are dry and wet vacuums as well as indoor and outdoor vacuums. Make sure to use them accordingly based on where they should be used and what you should clean.

The effect of using an indoor vacuum in the outdoors is not immediate. But you will see that it will run low in power and eventually it will stop functioning.

Pick Up Hard Items by Hand

We are also guilty in this instance. Instead of simply picking up something, we would rather vacuum it. Take a step back and assess what you are vacuuming before you do so. If there are hard and heavy objects that are vacuumed, these can crack and chip the blades of the fan of the vacuum.

Such things are pennies, stones, marbles, and the like. Therefore, stay away from sharp, heavy, and hard objects. Check on the mess that you are going to vacuum and take out those things first before using your vacuum.

You might think it is a hassle, but it saves you a lot of money and effort in the long run, as you do not have to purchase a new vacuum.

Resist Vacuuming Powders

If you think that light and soft things will not harm your vacuum, you are mistaken. Such things can also clog the filter of the vacuum and you end up with a vacuum that has a low suction power. We are talking about a huge amount of dust or even a baby powder spillage.

If it is just a small amount, then it will be no problem. But for example, if the spillage that we are talking about is a whole bottle of baby powder. You might reconsider running it over your vacuum cleaner.

Also, a clogged filter can also overheat the motor which poses a fire hazard. Make sure that you use a dry or wet vacuum in cleaning up these messes as these were designed to take care of a large number of powders.

Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

This is the part where you have to clean and check all the parts and attachments of your vacuum so that you can be sure that everything is in good condition. Remember to empty the dust bag and also replace the filters.

Always check the manual on how to properly clean it. Remember to remove and clogs from the hoses so that the suction power will always remain the same.

If your vacuum did not come with a manual, you can simply search online and indicate the make and model of your vacuum, you will surely find some care instructions.

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