Understanding Vacuum Cleaner in 10 EASY Features

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Lost with vacuum cleaner features? We cleaned up this mess!

This is a complete guide to understanding vacuum cleaners features in 2021.

In this guide, you’ll learn :

And lot’s more

Let’s get started!

Vacuum Cleaner Features

In this section, I’ll cover 10 features you need to understand to choose the best vacuum cleaner for you.

So if you are looking for a demystifying vacuum cleaner, you’ll love my features selection guide.

Vacuum Cleaner Features

1. Brush Roll with On/Off Option

The on/off brush roll option is the feature I appreciate the most.

Brush rolls work exceptionally well on carpets.

But they can also wreak havoc on some types of rugs and hard surfaces like tile or hardwood.

However, the brush roll feature is not the best fit for all types of floors. [1]

But having a practical option to turn it on and off is a great feature.


Because your home may have different types of floors.

And this feature increases your vacuum’s usability and allows you to switch floors with ease.

On some models, like upright vacuums,  you either find a lever or button that you can use [2] to turn the brush roll-off or back on.

This feature may not be available on a lower-budget vacuum cleaner (logical for this kind of budget!)

But who knows?  maybe you find the one!

2. Retractable Cords

Retractable cords are a practical feature.

It allows you to automatically retract the cord into the vacuum without having to wrangle it.

Rolling up cords is probably one of the most annoying tasks there is.

And if you dislike it as much as I do, get yourself a vacuum with a retractable cord feature.

This feature is common among small upright vacuums and canister designs.

Bigger upright models may leave this one out.

The downside to this is that most vacuums with this feature tend to have shorter cords compared to those that don’t.

Consider this before making a decision.

Sure, not having to roll up the cord has a point in favor of convenience.

But if the cord is shorter, you’ll have less freedom to move around and less area to cover.

3. Electric Hose Feature

Yes, the electric hose and the cord are 2  totally different things.

Electric cords are interesting features for canister vacuums.

In most cases, attachments on canister vacuums tend to be electric or air-powered.

However, electrically powered attachments offer more power during a cleaning session.

That’s perfect.

But for an electrically-powered attachment to work you need an electric hose to provide the power.

If you want to ensure powerful cleaning suction, purchase an electric hose and other electric attachments for your canister vacuum.

4. Wand with Telescoping Feature

This definitely sounds like a “gadgetry” feature.

And it is.

Telescoping wands are a convenient feature on the canister and upright vacuum cleaners.

It allows the wand of the vacuum to extend.

This adds length to your reach and this way, you can reach under furniture and other hidden spots.

The best part?

With a telescoping wand, you can also reach drapes, ceilings, windows, and ceiling fans.

If you want to increase the usability of your vacuum, search for one with a telescoping feature.

5. Cordless Vacuums

Last Cordless vacuum models tend to be smaller and are available in handheld, robot, or stick designs.

These give you the freedom of mobility.

And They are practical and convenient for small messes.


Some have a base.

Some have wall charges in which you can store the vacuum while it is not in use.

The downside to this feature is that charge times are quite short.

This is why cordless vacuums are perfect for small spaces like your kitchen or  Your car

You can clean up smaller spaces and cover smaller areas within 30-45 minutes, which is the average run time for most cordless stick vacuums.

6. Tools & Accessories: Crevice Tools

A crevice tool offers convenience in terms of reaching into smaller areas while vacuuming.

It is a perfect tool for :



other large pieces of furniture,

and cleaning inside the car.

To me, crevice tools are a must-have.

You may even find some vacuums that upon purchase, already include them.

But in some cases, you may need to order tools and accessories separately.


7. Dusting Brush


Dusting brushes are another one of my favorite vacuum cleaner features/accessories.

These have angled bristles that make it easy to get rid of dust and force it into the vacuum’s hose.

These brushes are also great for vacuuming delicate spaces, harder surfaces, and upholstery.

8. Upholstery Accessory

If you own curtains, drapes, and other furniture that requires a good “sweep”, an upholstery accessory is just what you need.

Upholstery tools are great for getting deep into upholstery fibers on sturdy furniture on sofas, chairs, and even mattresses.

Usually, upholstery accessories don’t count on bristles but will sometimes have textured edging made for airflow while providing a sweeping movement on surfaces.

9. Flexible Power Settings

By “flexible” I’m referring to being able to variate the power setting on your vacuum cleaner.

Though this feature is available on the more high-end vacuums, you may find this setting very convenient.

This will depend on what types of varying surfaces you have at home.

For instance, you may need to lower the power on delicate surfaces like a sensitive rug or carpet fibers.

This feature is highly convenient for those that have different surfaces to work with varying from delicate to sturdy.

It is truly a nice feature to have, especially if you want to look after sensitive furniture or fabrics.

10. Low Noise

Last, but definitely not least is a low-noise or “quiet” feature.

Let me be clear about it

No vacuum will ever “be quiet”.

However, it’s a feature to have in mind if you live with kids or pets who may get easily startled.

Some vacuums are so noisy they are unbearable to handle.

To give you a point of reference, a conversation at home is at 50dB (decibels) while a lawnmower or motorcycle is rated at 100 dB.

Quiet vacuum cleaners will operate at mid-sixties decibel levels.

Now it’s Your Turn

I hope you found this complete guide to understanding vacuum cleaners features helpful.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you now a clear picture of all vacuum cleaners?

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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