16 Modern Twin Bed Guest Room Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated March 28, 2022

Two beds don't mean twice the work - you can give your guests (or kids) a colorful, spacious room with these easy ideas

Two beds don't mean twice the work - you can give your guests (or kids) a colorful, spacious room with these easy ideas

phiconceptsuk Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @phiconceptsuk/Instagram

When you think of twin beds, you probably think of children’s rooms. But in a guest bedroom, twin beds offer a practical solution whether it’s for a weekend – or for a longer stay.

Chic, modern, or more traditional, twin beds add symmetry to your guest room. And make it look more spacious than it actually is.

Queen-sized or double beds, twin beds don’t have to equal a boring, functional layout. For a more eye-catching atmosphere, add color with bold, wallpaper, paint, pillows, or rugs. And patterns and various colors will make them seem larger and more light and airy.

Here we’ll explore 16 modern twin rooms ideas. From statement headboards to blue tones to patterned wallpapers, your twin bed guest room will rave couples, kids, or other kinds of guests.

Modern Twin Bed Guest Room Ideas

1.Feature Headboard

burkhartinteriors Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @burkhartinteriors/Instagram

Make the headboard the star of your guest bedroom. It brings together the twin beds in a stylish, aesthetically-pleasing way.

This subdued plush, pink design covers one wall and acts as a headboard for both of the two beds. The result is an inviting, comfy space for your guests.

2.Small and Cozy

fox_and_park Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @fox_and_park/Instagram

For a smaller space, keep the bedding and walls clean and simple with white or cream neutrals. The result is a room that looks more spacious.

Then you can add a pop of color with statement headboards, such as these red and gold patterned designs. And opt for subtle cushions and drapes – don’t overdo it in small guest rooms as you don’t want anyone to feel cramped.

3.Brassy Hues

brassbedsofvirginia Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @brassbedsofvirginia/Instagram

Match these brass twin beds with some mustard yellow curtains and cushions to give your guest room a bright, summery feel.

Combine with some blue throws or ornaments and you’ll have created a really colorful vibe. You can even add some more color with a print rug or carpet.

4.Go for Green

stubieblessed Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @stubieblessed/Instagram

Make a statement with these daring green two twin beds. Pair with softer neutrals for your bedding, with some more green in the cushions.

And also think bold and colorful for the pictures on your wall. The more different types of images you can put up – the better!

5.Colorful but Calm

westcordhoteldelft Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @westcordhoteldelft/Instagram

Color doesn’t have to give your guests a headache! In this interior design, use color to add character but keep the bed linens and walls pale and white.

Mix reds, pinks, yellows, and blues into items such as pillows and throws. Or invest in a vivid chair or table to really add some brightness.

6.Patterns, Patterns, and More Patterns

ourabingdonabode Instagram twin bed guest room min

Courtesy @ourabingdonabode/Instagram

If you’re not keen on everything matching, then be bold and go for contrasting patterns! Flowers, lines, geometric shapes – it’s your home and you can have whatever decor you like.

Keep your bedding white and carpet neutral, but use patterns in different colors on the walls, headboards, and cushions, as in this image.

7.Ahoy, Sailor

houseofbertie Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @houseofbertie/Instagram

Take inspiration from the sea and have some fun with your guest bedroom. Style your walls in the blue and white design of the traditional Breton stripe shirt.

Wooden items – including paddles if you can find any! – will make your guests feel like they’re really sleeping on a boat. And finish the look with other nautical finds, such as themed pictures or pillows.

8.Powder Blue

beautifulbedcompany Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @beautifulbedcompany/Instagram

These beautifully upholstered twin beds will add a calming and subtle, blue color to your guest room. Pair with neutral bedding, furniture, and lampshades.

The tall, curtained headboards add a luxurious feel – your guests will feel like they’re staying in a five-star hotel! Match accent pillows with the drapes to complete the classic, charming decor.

9.Starry Night

mareaclarkinteriors Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @mareaclarkinteriors/Instagram

Perfect for little kids (or big ones!), this galaxy wallpaper lets you stare at the stars before drifting off to sleep. Team with neutral styles on the walls and floor and the ceiling will really stand out.

Opt for a pale, patterned blue on the bed sheets. And add a statement lamp to sit between the two twin beds and join them together.

10.Stylish Chic

barleyandbarley Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @barleyandbarley/Instagram

Create a grown-up, chic look in your guest bedroom with clean lines and small amounts of color. The neutral walls and a blind rather than curtains make the room light and airy.

The electric blue beds and mustard yellow cushions add contrast. And a large rug underneath the beds makes sure that your room is still cozy for your guests – their feet won’t get cold!

11.Grown-up Elegance

artfullyeditedbyamy Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @artfullyeditedbyamy/Instagram

Give your guest room a country-style, but elegant feel. A brass or gold chandelier and light fittings provide a sophisticated look for your adult guests.

Make use of florals on your pillows and bed throws, and even add some fresh flowers to bring the outdoors inside. Plus, a large dresser and neutral lamps in the middle of the two twin beds make the room look bigger.

12.Beach Life

gailbarleyinteriors Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @gailbarleyinteriors/Instagram

Pretend like you’re at the beach no matter what time of year it is, in this coastal-themed twin bed guest room. Kids and adults alike won’t want to leave this bright, relaxing space.

Blue and white geometric wallpaper matches with crisp white bedding and light wooden headboards. Plus, you can further the sea theme with other blue tones in throws and pillows.

13.Gingham Style

thebeeandtheboxwood Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @thebeeandtheboxwood/Instagram

For a smaller guest bedroom, chose a gingham wallpaper. It’ll add some color, style, and coziness to your room without overpowering the space.

Add some character and depth with dark frames for the twin beds. And keep the bedding fairly neutral – although some contrasting patterns in similar colors to the wallpaper do work well.

14.In the Pink Wallpaper

schumacher_nc_karenprice Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @schumacher_nc_karenprice/Instagram

Create a bold statement with this pink, floral wallpaper that’ll make your room look taller and grander than it is. Then, add a few additional pink touches with cushions or other decorations.

Match this with sage green and cream beds and blinds – you might think that these colors don’t work together, but they do! Also, add a cute animal lamp in the middle of the twin beds.

15.Double the Room

anncnguyen Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @anncnguyen/Instagram

Who says that a twin guest bedroom or kids’ room has to have single beds? If you have the space, choose two double beds and your kids will love you or you’ll have one really big king bed for when your guests sleep over.

This bold and bright mounted headboard that spans the whole back wall joins the two beds together. Team this with plain bed linen and pops of color in pillows or furniture and you have a unique, vibrant space.

16.Make Room for Double Beds

claudinestarkdesign Instagram twin bed guest room

Courtesy @claudinestarkdesign/Instagram

Take inspiration from this kids’ bedroom and give your children space with these double beds that are positioned that bit further away from each other. They’ll almost feel like they’re in their own room!

Decorate with accents of traditional interiors – darker wood and classic paintings – but keep the look contemporary with plain covers and cushions. White blinds, rather than large, bulky curtains, make sure that more light enters the room.

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