28 Tips for Decorating a Stunning Bedroom

By Jeneva Aaron Updated October 12, 2020

Design, decor, and how-tos for decorating your bedroom.

28 Tips for Decorating a Stunning Bedroom

Why do You Need to Invest in Bedroom Decor?
The bedroom is one of the most important spaces at home… Wait, let’s rephrase that: It’s the most special. Why? Because it’s the most personal space in the home. Where we relax, love, find ourselves. It’s where me-time usually happens!

A visually pleasing bedroom can do wonders for your mood! And you might be thinking: “Well, nobody is ever going to see how stunning my bedroom looks.” Scratch that thought. You’ll get to see it. You deserve to have a space of your own, with what you like and what you feel comfortable sleeping and waking up to every day.

Bedrooms are where we reflect, recharge, spend some time reading a book, have a cozy Sunday breakfast in the morning. And above all else, it’s where you go to when needing to find some sense. It should reflect your taste, color palette, and unique furnishings. Now, you don’t have to go out of your way and spend hundreds of dollars remodeling (although, if you want to, go for it!), it’s just about upgrading elements and details, all showcasing your unique design style and personality – as well as the other areas in your home already do.

Rounding up not only the energy but the elements to pull this together will be a challenge, but we assure it will all pay off in the end. Our collection of tips for decorating a stunning bedroom will provide all the inspiration, modern tips, and decorating hacks for you to see it through.

Are you ready to jump into your next bedroom makeover? Let’s do this.

1 Piling Pillows

Piling Pillows

Don’t you love looking at photos of decorated bedrooms in which the bed is piled with cozy and patterned pillows? It looks great! It’s just a small detail but really creates a voguish aesthetic. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match pattern styles, florals, geometrics, small or big prints, pastels, anything. Just make sure they connect in at least one color or one type of print.

2 Adding outdoor details – and sunlight

Adding outdoor details

If your bedroom leads to a big outdoor window, garden, or a balcony, you’re in luck! This is not something easy to come by. Take advantage of this and add some greenery to your decor, maybe a hammock, natural materials like seashells, woven dividers, go for that green and earthy feel here. Make it your sanctuary. Also, allow the sunlight to kiss you and your bedroom space by keeping the drapes or blinds open throughout the day.

3 DIY Artwork

DIY Artwork

This doesn’t necessarily mean to hang your kids’ artwork like you would on your fridge. You can hang quilts, self-made portraits, or something you made on those DIY Sunday afternoons. You can hang a chalkboard and with some lettering on it or motivational quotes. You can even hang a ceramic-made mural featuring different colors and patterns.

4 Use Patterns

Use Patterns

Don’t shy away from patterns! For instance, you can add a stunning and chic touch to your bedroom by simply applying a colorful patterned bedspread. Then, all you need to do is add some accents following the same color palette. Lamps, artwork, flowers, etc. The options are endless.

5 Get a Canopy

Get a Canopy

This one might not be up everyone’s alley, but hear us out! You might think of canopies like what your childhood dream bedroom was envisioned once. But you can rock modern-looking canopies in copper, metal, and even mirror-framed. Believe it or not, you can still have a canopy and remain an adult.

6 Prints on Accent Decoration Pieces

Prints on Accent Decoration Pieces

As we said, it’s all in the details. You can grab a lamp, a vase, a lighting fixture, or even just pillows with prints on them. This lushes up your bedroom decor like you wouldn’t believe it.

7 Opulent Finishes

Opulent Finishes

Now, opulent doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. But think about it: Your bedroom is probably one of those spaces where you wouldn’t mind a little lush. Imagine a red velvet bedspread combined with royal green lamps for example. You’re royalty, you deserve a little bougieness.

8 Keep it proportional to the Space

Keep it proportional to the Space

Find objects that not only reflect your personality and unique taste but are also proportional to the size of the bedroom. You might find a bunch of small, charming objects to set out, but if your bedroom is small, this might make it seem smaller. What you can do is pick up some “bigger” items like a grand mirror or an oversized pendant lamp. This will add an accent and won’t create a cluttered visual.

9 A-”Dress” the Curtains

A-”Dress” the Curtains

Who wears the crown? You do. So you deserve to kick back in your own king/queendom. You might have not thought of it before, but curtains may be just what your bedroom needs. Consider this, a bedroom isn’t ever completely finished until you “dress up” your windows. Look for colors that will stand out with the rest of your decor, but won’t make you feel “tired” when you wake up. Try looking for accent colors with a pop, you’ll want to wake up energized, not dull.

10 Get an Accent Piece

Get an Accent Piece

Sometimes, all you need is something that stands out in a great way. Yes, less is more, especially when you design around a statement piece. You can go for a minimal look, and hang sculpture or an art piece that rounds up the entire look you’re going for.

11 Monochromatic is Totally In

Monochromatic is Totally In

In the 60s, 70s, or 80s, nobody would have ever thought that monochromatic was aesthetically pleasing. But right now, monochromatic designs are more than chic, you can play around with this design style a whole lot.

12 Get Creative with your Headboard and the Walls Around it

Get Creative with your Headboard and the Walls Around it

Don’t stop with the lovely new bedspread you just purchased, find out what else you can do to boost your bed’s look by changing the headboard. You can go for any look that reflects who you are and what you like! You can stick to a light color (great for smaller bedrooms), a vintage style, even monochromatic. I’m thinking purple right now, you?

13 Don’t forget the Walls

Don’t forget the Walls

The walls that stand out most in the bedroom are usually where the bed is situated against. Put some work into your walls by adding creatively designed nightstands or adjustable lamps on each side.

14 Make Everything as Consistent as Possible

Make Everything as Consistent as Possible

Even eclectic looks need to look consistent because if not, it’s just another cluttered space with a lot of visual intensity – which is the last thing you want in a bedroom. If you’re going for pastels and florals, do that and add accent pieces within the same palette or shape. If you like minimalistic, you can add an accent piece echoed by the same detailing you’re already working with.

15 Make it Pretty – Comfy

Make it Pretty - Comfy

Apart from looking stunning, your bedroom should look and feel comfortable once you step inside. Less is more in terms of decor, but more is always more in comfiness.

16 Make the Colors Pop

Make the Colors Pop

If you’re really going for a minimalistic or monochromatic look, make sure you also introduce a pop of color wherever you can. This is just what it is – a pop! So, if you’re rocking a pastel-grey bedspread with white lamps, introduce big mustard-colored pillows for a snap.

17 Choose a Palette that Soothes

Choose a Palette that Soothes

Like mentioned earlier, you need everything in your bedroom to manifest comfort and freshness. The color palette is one of the most important elements to do this. If you love cool or warm colors, that’s fine, you’ll need to gravitate towards a palette that soothes you. Pick some organic colors in pastel tones like green and ocean blue, for instance.

18 Photography – Artistic, that is.

Photography - Artistic

Are you a fan of your family photos? Of course, you are, who isn’t? But the bedroom shouldn’t be the chosen spot to showcase them all. Your family photos belong in the other rooms in the home. In the bedroom, it’s always best to showcase artwork that is not emotionally loaded – or at least not that that extent. If you like photography, choose pieces that add character to your space.

19 Don’t forget the Floor

Don’t forget the Floor

If you found a pretty rug that will complement your bedroom decor, go for it! Just make sure it doesn’t create visual clutter when combined with other pieces. A rug can most definitely be an accent piece too!

20 Warmth is in the Neutrals

Warmth is in the Neutrals

This also works the other way around. To put it more simply, if you’re rocking an all-white minimalistic look, add some warmth and coziness with some neutral colored accents.

21 Use Textures

Use Textures

This might be something tricky to accomplish, but it’s really not! Once your bedding is as plush as can be, don’t forget that adding texture to the rest of your room is also a possibility. You can play with quilted leather, chromatic pieces, textured artwork, sequins, and so much more.

22 Get Floral

Get Floral

Flowers add a charming and romantic touch to any bedroom and the color combinations are endless to achieve the vibe you’re looking for. Plus, can we all agree that they’re lovely to wake up to? You can place them on your vanity, windowsill, or nightstand. With just the right dose of green, it creates a magnificent vibe to the entire room.

23 Reinvent your Haven

Reinvent your Haven

This is your time to put in all your energy to create a safe sanctuary for yourself. Add a cozy chair or couch in your bedroom for a nice relaxing spot. Set up your own bookcase. Add some silk drapes and turn your bedroom into the imperial haven you’ve always dreamed of.

24 Rest & Coziness are Priority

Rest & Coziness are Priority

Apart from the decor, what are other things you can add to your bedroom that will create a restful aura? Remember, the bedroom is your retreat as much as it is a resting space. Add candles, incense to your space that will not only look great but have a relaxing function.

25 Stay Away from Dull Storage

Stay Away from Dull Storage

Many of us end up using our bedrooms as a storage space and this ends up creating clutter in our minds and in the space itself. Neither of you is getting the rest you need. Find decor that will serve as lovely storage spaces like at the end of your bed. Find a stately chest or trunk! This statement piece will steal the show and give you your much-needed storage space.

26 WorkSpaces


Most people (especially those that work from home) would advise against setting up a workspace in the bedroom. However, you sometimes need a space to keep certain paperwork or work itself, and that’s OK, as long as it’s visually appealing. You can create a specific area for work in your room and set it as far away from the bed as possible. However, if you feel that your workspace it taking more from you than it gives, set it up elsewhere.

27 Get Yourself an Amazing Mirror

Get Yourself an Amazing Mirror

Mirrors add a magic touch to the design of your bedroom. They add space and make it feel unique, brighter, and broader. You can have one hanging or prop one against the wall. You can combine a vintage style mirror in a minimalistic bedroom. You’ll be winning.

28 Find Your Theme

Find Your Theme

Find your concept! It’s actually the first thing that would pop into a child’s mind when asked about bedroom decor. Don’t shy away from decor themes as an adult, find what makes you, you , and go for it. What do you like? What will make you feel rested and “at home”?

What Will Your Sanctuary Look Like?

At the end of the day, you just want to kick back, relax, and read a book in your very own retreat. This is what the bedroom is all about. So, what will your perfect bedroom look like?

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