Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines of 2022

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Updated January 24, 2022

Make your tiles gleam

Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines of 2022
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Many of us have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of the house. Whether you have ceramic, travertine, or porcelain tiles, keeping them clean can be a challenge.

But, it can be a lot easier with a machine that cleans tile floors! Tile cleaning machines can speed up the process and take the hassle out of deep cleaning your tiles and grout.

Let’s take a look at the best tile floor cleaning machines on the market. With these top picks, you can enjoy tiles that gleam.

Our Top Picks

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Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines of 2022 
Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner, Lightweight Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Multi-Surface Cleaning with Smart Control SystemBest Overall

Tineco Floor One S3

Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner, Lightweight Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Multi-Surface Cleaning with Smart Control System

  • Streak-Free

  • One-Touch Self Cleaning

  • LED Display

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber, Cordless Grout Shower 360 Power Bathroom Cleaner with 4 Replaceable Rotating Brush Heads, Tool-Free Adjustable Extension Handle for Tile, Floor, BathtubBest Budget

Tilswall Spin Scrubber

Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber, Cordless Grout Shower 360 Power Bathroom Cleaner with 4 Replaceable Rotating Brush Heads, Tool-Free Adjustable Extension Handle for Tile, Floor, Bathtub

  • Lightweight

  • Tool-Free Extendable Handle

  • Includes Storage Hook

Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 23157Best for Tile and Grout

Bissell SpinWave

Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 23157

  • Efficient Cleaning Pads

  • Swivel Steering

  • Multi-Surface

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and More.Best for Ceramic Tile

Dupray Neat Steam

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and More.

  • Efficient Sanitizing

  • Large Tank Capacity

  • Versatile

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, SilverBest for Deep Cleaning

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, Silver

  • Dual Water Tanks

  • Fingertip Boost Control

  • Easy To Clean

Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Polisher, Multi Purpose Floor Machine, 30ft Power Cord, ORB700MB, BlackBest Professional

Oreck Orbiter

Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner, Scrubber and Polisher, Multi Purpose Floor Machine, 30ft Power Cord, ORB700MB, Black

  • No brush marks

  • Maintenance-Free

  • Extra Long Power Cord

What to Look for in a Tile Floor Cleaning Machine

Keep these details in mind when you’re searching for the best tile floor cleaning machine for your home.



First, it’s important to consider the different models of tile floor cleaning machines that are available. You can choose from a wet-dry vacuum, floor scrubber, steam cleaner, or electric spin mop.

Wet Dry Vacuum

A wet-dry tile vacuum is an upright machine that has a cleaning head, handle, and bag or canister in one unit. Most models also have a rotating brush-head or beater bar that lifts dirt in a vibrating, sweeping motion.

Because of their all-in-one design, wet-dry vacuums often feel heavier to push. But, the heavier weight often adds additional power.

Wet dry vacuums are available in corded as well as cordless models.

Floor Scrubber

An electric floor scrubber runs on outlet power or a rechargeable battery.

Because they are electric, these models tend to do most of the work for you. They either have rotating brushes or bristles that vibrate to efficiently clean the floor with each pass.

But, they tend to be bulky units which can make it hard to maneuver around your floors while you clean. However, their scrubbing power often makes up for this and makes them convenient to use for floor cleaning.

Steam Mop

Unlike regular mops that require cleaning agents, a steam cleaner uses heat from water to naturally clean and disinfect your floors. Steam cleaners have a microfiber pad underneath a continuous steam jet that traps the dirt as you clean.

Steam mops are effective at removing 99.9% of bacteria and germs from your hard floors. Plus, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solution to steam clean.

Most steam cleaners also have a dry steam feature for cleaning delicate floors. For example, see this McCulloch Deluxe Canister steam cleaner for hard floors.

Spin Electric Mop

As the name suggests, a spin electric mop has a rotating head that spins while you clean. This provides an efficient, deep clean of your floors without requiring a lot of effort.

With a spin electric mop, you don’t need to worry about actively moving your mop around to clean. So they can save you a lot of time and effort during cleaning.

Spin electric mops are also suitable for cleaning a wide range of different floor types.

Consider your cleaning needs to find the right type of tile cleaner for your floors.


Tank Capacity

Next, consider the size of the tank capacity on your tile floor cleaning machine. This will tell you how much debris your cleaner will hold and how often you’ll need to empty it during cleaning.

Units with large tank capacities will require less emptying during your cleans. And this can save you a lot of time.

Tile floor cleaning machines with wet-mopping functions will also have built-in water tanks. Most models can hold up to 28-ounces of water during each clean.

So, it’s important to consider the size of the space you’ll be cleaning to find the right size tank capacity.


Corded or Cordless

You should also consider whether a corded or cordless tile floor cleaning machine is best for you.


Corded tile floor cleaning machines give you a lot of freedom for cleaning time. You won’t have to worry about recharging or running out of battery power.

But, it’s important to consider the length of the power cord on a corded model. This can vary between 15 to 30 feet in length on most models.

A tile floor cleaning machine with a longer power cord gives you a bigger range of motion while you’re cleaning. So these are ideal for cleaning large areas without needing to worry about replugging the cord too often.

For example, this Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe Bissell steam mop has a 25-foot cord length.


A cordless tile floor cleaning machine relies on batteries to run. The best tile floor cordless machines have a run-time of 60 minutes.

However, 60 minutes may not be enough time for cleaning if you have a large home. So, you should also consider the battery charge time.

For example, some tile floor cleaner machines take more than 2 hours to charge before you can continue cleaning. And this can add a lot of time to your cleaning.

For big cleaning jobs, having extra batteries at hand can be helpful. This way, you can avoid needing to stop cleaning to wait for your cleaner to recharge.



Another thing to consider is the weight of your tile floor cleaning machine. This can range between 5 to 15-pounds, depending on the model.

Lightweight cleaners are easier to lift and maneuver while you’re cleaning. Whereas heavier models can be difficult to transport around your home.

If you have multiple levels in your home, you might want to consider a lightweight model. This way, you won’t strain your back transporting your tile cleaning machine up and down your stairs.

You should also keep in mind that tile cleaning machines need to be constantly moving while you’re cleaning. So, it may become difficult to push a heavier unit around during big cleans.


Additional Features

Finally, many tile floor cleaners come with extra features and accessories for specific cleaning tasks.

Some tile cleaner machines have attachments for cleaning grout, clothes, glass, or upholstery. These models come with grout brushes, a scraper tool, squeegee, or a handheld hose.

For example, this Vapamore MR-100 Primo steam cleaner comes with 20 extra attachments.

Plus, some models have extra features such as variable steam mop settings or a water tank indicator light. For example, see this Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional steam mop.

Many floor cleaners also have reusable mop heads or cleaning pads. Or, they may have a changeable mophead with soft or hard scrubbers for different cleaning tasks.

Make sure you consider a tile cleaning machine with abrasive cleaning pads. This is because abrasive mop pads are more efficient for tile cleaning than softer pads.

Cleaners with floor nozzles, swivel mop heads, and ergonomic handles, also offer better maneuverability. So, if you have smaller spaces or lots of obstacles to clean around, make sure you consider a tile cleaning machine with these features.

The Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines of 2022

We’ve spent hours scouring the best floor cleaning machines for tile floors on the market. We looked at honest reviews, expert advice, as well as technical specs to find the top models.

Here are the 6 best tile floor cleaning machines!

1. Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

For a tile floor cleaning machine that does it all, this Tineco Cordless Wet Dry Cleaner is the way to go. This high quality floor cleaner detects, vacuums, and cleans both wet and dry messes on your tile floors.

This all-in-one floor tool handles every step of the cleaning process. So you don’t have to buy any separate tools for cleaning your tiles.

It has a built-in vacuum cleaner that vacuums and washes your tiles in each cleaning pass. This means you can combine two chores in one cleaning session, so you have more time to enjoy other tasks.

Plus, it has smart sensor technology that detects wet and dry messes on your tiles. This allows it to automatically adjust suction and water flow to provide the best cleaning performance for any task.

Lastly, you can clean tile surfaces as well as other hard floors with this model. It’s suitable for hardwood floors, sealed wood floors, and bare floors too.

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What We Like

According to reviewers, you can mop up spills in one swipe without leaving behind any streak marks with this model. This means you can enjoy streak-free floors that shine after every clean.

One-Touch Self Cleaning
The one-touch self-cleaning feature means you never have to get your hands dirty with this model! It self cleans the scrub rollers and flushes water lines so that it’s always clean and ready for your next cleaning session.

LED Display
Many reviewers love the advanced LED Display on this floor cleaning machine. It shows the battery level, cleaning reports, and even has cleaning reminder alerts!

So you have all of the information you need to see at your fingertips.

What We Don’t Like

Long Charge Time
This tile floor cleaner machine takes up to two hours to fully charge before you can continue cleaning. And this can add a lot of time to your cleaning session.

Additional Specs

Weight 17.64 lbs
Cord Length Cordless
Tank Capacity 0.6L
Steaming No
Included Accessories 2 Hepa Filters, 3-in-1 cleaning tool, 2 brush rollers

2. Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber

Thanks to this Tilswall scrubber, you can still enjoy high-quality tile cleaning without breaking the bank.

Not only is this electric scrubber an affordable option, but it’s versatile too. You can use it to clean your tiles as well as grout lines thanks to the small brush bristles.

But, it also comes with four multi-purpose cleaning heads for cleaning your shower, kitchen, walls, ceilings, and windows too. This can save you from having to spend money on separate cleaning tools for these tasks.

And with a spinning speed of 300 RPM, you can easily remove tough stains and stubborn marks. The durable metal handle can also withstand scrubbing while you’re cleaning without bending or breaking.

Plus, it’s cordless so you can enjoy cleaning your floors without needing to worry about the limits of a cord length. With 180-minutes of cordless run-time, you have plenty of time to scrub your tiles in any room of the house.

What We Like

When it comes to scrubbing your floors, portability is important. Luckily, this floor-cleaner weighs only 3.78-pounds!

This makes it a lightweight and portable cleaning tool to carry around the house while you’re scrubbing.

Tool-Free Extendable Handle
The handle on this floor scrubber can be adjusted to suit your height with just the release of a button. With up to 43.3-inches of extendable height, you won’t have to bend over or strain your back to clean.

Includes Storage Hook
This electric spin scrubber also comes with a helpful storage hook. You can hang it up to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it!

What We Don’t Like

Doesn’t Clean With Water
Unlike most tile floor cleaners, the cleaning heads on this model don’t work with water. So you can’t get the scrubbing head wet.

But, you can still use a water-based cleaning solution with this scrubber to enjoy sparkling clean tile floors!

Additional Specs

Weight 3.78 lbs
Cord Length Cordless
Tank Capacity N/A
Steaming No
Included Accessories 4 multi-purpose brush heads, storage hook, extension handle

3. Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop

When you’re cleaning tile floors and grout, you need a cleaner that’s powerful and efficient. Luckily, this Bissell SpinWave floor cleaning machine is exactly that.

It has a power-scrubbing function that takes all the hassle out of scrubbing your tile and grout. The rotating scrubbing pads automatically push through tough grime so you don’t have to manually scrub your tiles while cleaning.

Plus, it has an on-demand spray feature that lets you administer cleaning solutions as you need. It sprays solution to your floors in front of the mophead so you can power through sticky messes or stubborn dirt.

What We Like

Efficient Cleaning Pads
Many reviewers note that the cleaning pads can efficiently clean stubborn as well as sticky grout messes with little effort.

Plus, they’re easy to clean! You can throw them straight into the washing machine when you finish scrubbing so they’re ready for the next clean.

Swivel Steering
Thanks to the swivel-steering handle on this spin mop, you can easily maneuver this cleaner around your tiles while you’re cleaning. This makes it ideal for cleaning around furniture or in hard-to-reach spaces.

Another great thing about this tile floor cleaner machine is that it can be used on any hard floor surfaces. This includes hardwood floors, sealed wood floors, and porcelain tile floors.

So you can use this versatile cleaning machine to clean most areas in your home.

What We Don’t Like

Leaves Streak Marks
According to reviewers, this tile floor cleaner leaves streak marks behind on tiles and hardwood floors. This means you might need to go over your floors with a traditional mop after cleaning to remove the streaks

Additional Specs

Weight 9.5 lbs
Cord Length Cordless
Tank Capacity N/A
Steaming No
Included Accessories 2 soft-touch pads, 2 scrubby pads, 2 8oz trial-size multi-surface formulas

4. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

This Dupray steam cleaner is one of the best tile floor cleaning machines if you’ve got ceramic tile floors. It’s engineered to restore ceramic and stone tiles to their original shine with every pass.

It features 3 heavy-duty microfiber pads that provide a gentle clean that won’t damage your ceramic tiles. And this steam mop works with ordinary tap water instead of harsh chemicals.

It uses low-moisture superheated steam to efficiently sanitize and clean tile floors. So you won’t have to worry about using a harsh cleaning solution on your delicate ceramic tiles.

This steam mop also has a grout cleaning tool with fine bristles that reach in between the tiles. This helps to effortlessly remove dirt and grime from your grout lines while you’re steam cleaning your tile floors.

What We Like

Efficient Sanitizing
This steam mop uses superheated steam up to 275F to sanitize and steam clean your floors. This means it efficiently removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses on your floor’s surface with each pass!

So you can enjoy pristine and hygienic tile floors after every clean with this powerful steam cleaner.

Large Tank Capacity
The large 54-ounce tank capacity provides up to 50 minutes of cleaning time with each fill. So you have plenty of time to clean all your floors with this steam cleaner!

This steam cleaner isn’t just great for your tile floors, but you can also use it to clean or sanitize any surface! The 17 added attachments mean you can clean furniture, appliances, your car interior, and grout lines.

What We Don’t Like

Fixed Mop-Head
Unfortunately, the angle of the mop-head on this steam mop is permanently fixed. Many customers note that this makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces or around corners while you steam clean.

Additional Specs

Weight 9 lbs
Cord Length Corded
Tank Capacity 54 oz
Steaming Yes
Included Accessories heavy-duty microfiber pad

5. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

For powerful deep clean results on your tile floors, this Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floors Cleaner ticks all the boxes.

It features SpinScrub brushes that deliver a gentle but powerful clean on your tiles that won’t damage the surface. The brushes automatically spin while you clean, taking care of the scrubbing for you.

These brushes also feature counter-rotating spinning action so they scrub from every angle. Leaving your floors squeaky clean after each pass.

We also love that this high quality floor cleaner has a wash-dry mode. It cleans your floors with powerful brushes while suctioning up excess water at the same time.

Not only does this ensure that your tiles don’t get soaked in too much water. But, it speeds up the drying process, too.

So you can get back to using your clean tile floors without having to waste time waiting for them to dry.

What We Like

Dual Water Tanks
Thanks to the dual water tanks, you’ll never have to worry about putting dirty water back onto your tiles! The two tanks keep clean and dirty water separated throughout the entire cleaning process.

Fingertip Boost Control
There’s nothing worse than needing to interrupt your clean to add more cleaning solution to stubborn dirt on your floor. Luckily, this cleaner has a fingertip boost control that allows you to apply extra detergent while you clean.

This is ideal in heavy traffic areas or when you need to remove stubborn stains on your tiles while you’re cleaning.

Easy To Clean
The water tank, brush head, and nozzle on this cleaner are easy to detach. So you can quickly remove them, give them a quick rinse, and replace them on the machine after cleaning.

What We Don’t Like

Bulky Floor-Head
While reviewers love the power that this cleaner provides, many note that the floor-head is bulky to maneuver. This makes it hard to clean tile floors in tight spaces or under furniture.

Additional Specs

Weight 13.8 lbs
Cord Length Corded
Tank Capacity N/A
Steaming No
Included Accessories 1 bottle of sample cleaning solution

6. Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

For professional cleaning results, this Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine is the way to go.

This all-in-one multi-purpose floor machine can clean, scrub, and polish your tiles. So you get the whole cleaning package in just one unit with this model.

It has a round orbit cleaning head that glides effortlessly over your tiles for easy maneuverability. Plus, it efficiently removes grout stains on your tiles while you clean without the need for an extra grout tool.

Lastly, it has a wide 13-inch cleaning head that speeds up cleaning time! The wide cleaning path covers more of your floor area in each pass, saving you time and effort while you clean.

What We Like

No brush marks, swirls, or streaks
Thanks to the orbit-shape head design, this cleaner doesn’t leave any brush marks, swirls, or streaks while you clean. It leaves a streak-free, polished finish on your tiles!

Many other floor cleaners require regular maintenance and cleaning. But, this Oreck Orbiter floor machine has no gears, belts, or motor brushes to maintain!

So you can save time and enjoy maintenance-free cleaning with this model.

Extra Long Power Cord
This Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose floor machine has a long 30-foot power cord. This gives you a wide range of motion when you’re cleaning large rooms.

What We Don’t Like

Weighing 22.2-pounds, this is one of the heavier models on our list. But, many reviewers note that the heavier weight is worth it for the powerful deep-cleaning results it achieves!

Additional Specs

Weight 22.2 lbs
Cord Length Corded
Tank Capacity N/A
Steaming No
Included Accessories N/A

Tile Floor Cleaning Machines Comparison Chart

ProductWeightCorded/CordlessTank CapacitySteaming
Tineco Floor One S3 Wet/Dry Vacuum17.64 lbsCordless0.6LNo
Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber3.78 lbsCordlessN/ANo
Bissell SpinWave9.5 lbsCordlessN/ANo
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner9 lbsCorded54 ozYes
Hoover FloorMate Deluxe13.8 lbsCordedN/ANo
Oreck Orbiter22.2 lbsCordedN/ANo
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Tips to Keep Tile Floors Clean

Follow these tips for the best tile floor cleaning results.

  • Make sure you sweep or vacuum your tiles to remove any loose dust and dirt before you begin cleaning. This will stop your tiles from getting muddy or leaving any residue behind.
  • When you’re cleaning textured surfaces you should always sweep in multiple directions. This way, you won’t miss any loose debris or dirt that may be hidden in the textured surface.
  • Always rinse your tiles thoroughly after cleaning to remove any excess cleaning solution.
  • We recommend drying your tile floor with a clean cloth. This will remove any watermarks or streaks from your cleaning.
  • Place rugs in the entrances of your home to avoid dirt and debris from being dragged from outside onto your tile flooring. Although tiles are scratch-resistant, they are not scratch-proof. So any loose debris on your floors may scratch the surface of your tiles.
  • Finally, avoid using abrasive or steel wool cleaning products on your tiles. This may scratch your tiles or create rust stains in your grout lines over time.

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Keep these details in mind when you’re cleaning your tiles with a floor cleaner.


Does My Tile Floor Require a Specific Cleaner?

Yes, to clean your tiles you should use a product that is specifically designed for cleaning tile floors. This is because some cleaners have harsh ingredients that may damage your tiles.

You can also use a commercial purpose or all household cleaner to clean your tiles. But, make sure the cleaner doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that may damage your tiles.

Make sure you don’t use any acids on your tiles, such as white vinegar products. This can damage your grout as well as the glazed surface of your tile.

Plus, you should also avoid using wax or oil-based cleaners on your tiles. And make sure that the product you’re using is also safe to use on grout.


How Often Should I Vacuum Tile Floors?

How often you should vacuum your tile floors depends on how much traffic they get. For example, it depends on how many people there are in your household or if there are any pets.

But, generally, you should vacuum your tile floors at least once a week. However, if you notice a lot of dirt or dust, give your tiles an extra vacuum session.

You should vacuum more often if you have dirty tile floors in high-traffic areas of your home, or if you have pets. In this case, you should vacuum your tiles daily to get rid of loose debris, dirt, or dander.


How Often Should I Clean My Tile Floors?

You should clean your tile floors regularly. But, the frequency depends on the type of cleaning as well as the level of activity on your floors.

Because wet mopping your tiles can take a lot of time, you can do this as needed. For example, if you have pets or children, you may need to mop your floors more frequently.

If you have tile floors in high-traffic areas, you should wet-mop about once a week. Whereas tile flooring in low-traffic areas might only need cleaning once a month.

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