The HouseWire Product Review Editorial Guidelines & Mission

When it comes to cleaning products, the industry is certainly in no short supply. There are also at least a million different ways for you to go about your home décor.

So, how can we arrive at our conclusions on “the best carpet cleaner” and other similar articles? 

To keep it simple: we have a system that allows us to select only Grade A products for your home.

Our team goes through a series of in-depth research to weed out the best from the rest. Once the process is complete, we structure articles to capture your interest, while still including the pure and unbiased truth.

So what system do we use for this critical selection and review process.

Well then, let’s find out. 

How We Research a Product

There are several factors we take into consideration when researching our products. 

We cover and identify significant upsides or downsides of products in our reviews so that you can make a guided purchase.

  1. We like to start with the products you’re familiar with and understand why they’re so popular. Our team works to outline their most valuable selling point, their benefits, and why you love them. Beyond that, we try to uncover any negatives that are hidden or underplayed. Even if they are accessible, we want to understand their downsides and bring them to our audience.
  2. We see eco-friendly products as a priority, and we apply that in our research. The reviews we write also highlight any ecological impact the products may have.
  3. After thoroughly investigating the product in question, we also compare them to others in the same category. That includes competitor brands, both old and new.
  4.  Of course, price is an important consideration. It’s one of our principal motivations, after all. Helping you achieve the home of your dreams, within your budget, and with the absolute best products.

What Are Our Criteria?

To ensure you always get honest and unbiased reviews from us, we have a set criterion in place.

What does this imply?

It means these principles guide our entire research process.

Some of the ones we use include technical specs, certifications or the use process. Of course, we have added criteria depending on the type of product we’re reviewing. All these are to ensure you consider all the factors before making a purchase.

No matter which product is under review, our criteria with the highest priority include the benefits and numbers of reviews.

We like to do an in-depth analysis of the positive as well as the negative aspects of each product.

How We Select the Final Products to Review

We have an excellent selection process.

Our intense procedure often requires the product to be in the market for at least a year—that way, we have adequate resources and information to guide the rest of the selection process.

We gather the performance reviews of the product within the year or more and consider the experience.

Once we know how well it works for other reviewers, we compare it with similar products.

Features we associate include approved specifications. We ensure the products are up to code with their lawfully required specifications.

We also want to ensure you never have to break the bank, so we match value for the price. At the end of our selection process, we let you know which is the safest and most economical option.

How We Review the Products

Our team consists of skilled writers in their niche.

We take pride in bringing you precise, candid, and useful reviews on all our products.

All our articles are validated by me, thanks to my relevant background in SEO and Internet Business consulting.

Next, our technical writers and the team’s manager ensure our facts are accurate, and articles are free from errors.

We write several of our product reviews based on the personal and professional experience of our writers. Other products that do not fall under our own close experience is extensively researched and scrutinized by the team. 


While our product reviews procedure entails a lot of in-depth research, the reviews and buying guides are solely to inform you. Though we have experienced technical writers, they do not acknowledge our reviews as professional advice.

Please read our legal terms and disclaimers for further information.

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