The HouseWire Products Testing Process

Our Products Testing Process

Testing the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Here at thehousewire, we intend to make your home management job easier by providing useful guides and guidance. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to keep your house neat and tidy.

We write product reviews to share our knowledge and experience with you. As a team, we do a lot of research and testing to find the best products for your home – that way, you know our products will work.

We work hard to be transparent with our process and make all our articles clear and simple. So, you know you can depend on us and our recommendations.

Our Product Reviews Philosophy

We really want to help you with your chores.

To do this, we write step-by-step guides that show you how to clean different parts of your home. Also, we test different products and write reviews so that you can know what works.

For each product, we first do extensive research. We study what the manufacturers, industry experts, and reviews have to say. For some products, we do our own tests to see if we like the product.

The goal is to learn everything we can about an item, and then we pass that information on to you. By the end of the process, we’ve turned our data into simple recommendations to make your shopping easier.

How We Test Products

To know if a product is good enough to meet our standards, we test it. Most of the time, we buy the products we test but it may happen that we do get some free press samples.

We take the items home and test them out in our own houses in real-life conditions. We make our tests comprehensive, and we make sure that we can repeat them if necessary. As well, these tests check that the main features of a product work.

For example, if we’re testing vacuums, we make sure to test the suction on each one of them. Or if we’re testing a floor cleaner, we check that it removes grime.

Unfortunately, we can’t test every single product that we put in our comparative reviews. However, we do as much research as possible on them so that you don’t have to. And if we tested a product ourselves, we clearly mark it in our articles, we clearly mark.

Once we’ve tested the products, we rate them based on different criteria. (This includes things like design, usability, value, and comfort.)

That way, we can figure out which product will work the best for most households, and how each of the products may be useful to you. From there, we can divide them into other categories like “budget-friendly,” “top of the line,” or “best for a specific feature.”

While we’re doing the testing, we also take notes on our experiences. For example,

We take those notes, combine them with the quantitative data, and write out explanations of why we like the products. In this way, you’ll know what great things to expect, and if there are any problems with the items.

Products, Features, and Categories

After doing our research and testing the products, we rank the products according to how they performed. We put them in categories based on which ones worked best for different users.

We also identify specific things that each product in a given category should be able to do. Then we compare this with how the item actually performed.

In addition, we look at the features that make a product stand out from others like it. We then compile all of that information into easy-to-read articles that explain everything.

Objective Reviews

For our reviews, we just recommend the products that experts and testers think are good. On some things you purchase, we will make an affiliate commission, but we will never recommend a product that we think is bad.

We know that different consumers have different needs, and therefore not every product will suit everyone. But do our best to provide you with insights you can’t find online or in stores.

Also, we do sometimes get free press samples. However, we do not guarantee positive reviews for those products – we still test them like any other.

We’ll always be clear on the features we like and those we don’t. Our goal is to give you objective, unbiased reviews so you can make informed shopping choices.
We also fact-check our articles before publication, so we can catch any potential errors.

Keep in mind that sometimes the government recalls items or changes recommendations. And this might happen for products that we write about. Make sure to check the CPSC website to stay on top of any news on your cleaning products.

Finally, we know it’s annoying to decide on the perfect product and then discover that it’s out of stock. So, we’ve built a team of editors who research product availability every day. That way, you’ll have the best shopping experience possible.

Your Feedback Counts

You are the reason we write these articles. So, we want to know what you think!

Your insights help us help you. And the easiest way to share your thoughts is to comment directly on the page you’re reading.

Also, we’re always trying to improve our articles. So, if you have any suggestions, email us at