Our Editorial Process and Standards

Content Quality

At Thehousewire, we take our content seriously. Our audience is our priority. That’s why we strive to make content with the highest quality possible.

“If we don’t know, we don’t say.”

Our team of writers, editors, content strategists, and fact-checkers put all of their effort in every day to create content that’s original, trustworthy, and engaging.

Each piece of our content is carefully curated and researched to be objective and free from personal biases and considerations. We create content based only on real-life experience, expert knowledge, and industry information.

Every person on our team at Thehousewire thoroughly research and reviews all content to make sure it’s always up-to-date. We review our articles every day to ensure that the information is relevant.

If something is no longer accurate, we make sure it’s reviewed again and then updated or completely rewritten.

Every article features information about each person that contributed to that piece. We include their name, a brief description, and a link to any further information. All our articles also show the date of when the content was last updated with new information.

All original content and media are created by our internal team. We aim to use our images and videos whenever possible. We do not edit any of our photos and videos in a way that may result in false or misleading claims.

Each of our articles also undergoes periodic reviews by our editors and fact-checkers to make sure the accuracy, quality, and integrity of the information are still of the highest quality.

Fact Checkers, Content Strategists, and Editors

At Thehousewire, we work with a team of qualified content strategists, editors, and fact-checkers. So we can be sure that our content includes the most reliable and accurate information available.

We ask them to research every detail to ensure that the knowledge and information presented in our articles are accurate and complete. This also ensures that all statistics and data are correctly sourced and current.

When an article is officially fact-checked, we include a “fact check” badge at the top of the page. We also show the name of the fact-checker next to the name of the author.

Official Sources

We have strict guidelines for all our writers and editors to adhere to when sourcing information for articles.

We rely on information that originates only from reputable and current sources. These include expert interviews, academic or government organizations, as well as professional institutions. All of the data, knowledge, and claims we provide are backed up by a reputable source.

Because we take pride in transparency to provide trust for our readers, we avoid any anonymous or unnamed sourcing.

We do not allow our content strategists, writers, fact-checkers, and editors to give favorable treatment to any external resources. This includes any relationship with a company, brand, or website outside of Thehousewire.

Our guidelines ensure full disclosure for complete objectivity, transparency, and unbiased information.

Reach Out

If you ever come across an article at Thehousewire that you think can be improved, please email us at feedback@thehousewire.com to let us know.