How to Change the Belt on a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

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If your Shark vacuum cleaner is losing suction or making a weird noise when you clean, it may need a new belt. A damaged vacuum belt can cause your brush roller to stop spinning. And this can cause a lot of hassle when you’re vacuuming.

But, don’t stress! You can easily fix and change the belt on your shark vacuum cleaner with this simple guide for Shark vacuum belt replacement.

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace the belt on shark vacuums. So you can get back to enjoying efficient cleaning.

With these easy steps, you can easily maintain your belt to make sure your vacuum cleans like brand new.

How Often Should To Replace a Shark Vacuum Belt

According to Shark, the power nozzle belt on shark vacuum cleaners may require changing at times. But, how often you need to change it will depend on how often you use your vacuum.

Therefore if you notice a difference in the sound or the suction of your vacuum, you should check your belt for damage.

Other manufacturers recommend replacing it once a year. This is because the belt can stretch and wear out over time. They also suggest that you change it sooner if you notice a difference in the performance of your vacuum.

But, according to many users, belts don’t usually need to be changed every year. So it’s important to check it as soon as you notice any changes in the suction. Or if your vacuum is making a strange noise.

It’s also important to properly maintain the vacuum roller brush to keep your vacuum running efficiently. You can do this by removing any hair or debris that may be tangled around the brush roller. And use scissors to cut any debris that may be caught in the roller.

Before You Begin

You can use this tutorial for belt replacement on any Shark upright vacuum cleaner models. However, the method for accessing the belt may change for different models.

For example, accessing the belt on this Shark Navigator Lift-Away model is a simple process. You only have to remove the screws holding the bottom plate in place to get to the belt.

Make sure you check the user guide to see how you can access the belt on your model. Or, you can search your model number online to find instructions for specific Shark models.

What You’ll Need

Equipments / Tools



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Disconnect the Vacuum Cleaner

Before you begin, always make sure you disconnect your vacuum from the power source. Turn your vacuum cleaner off and disconnect the power cord from the outlet.

This will ensure there’s no risk of an electric shock when you’re replacing your Shark belt.

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Remove the Bottom Plate

Then, lay your vacuum cleaner body on the floor and turn it over so you can access the bottom plate. On some shark vacuums, you can lock the body in an upright position to access the cleaning head.

Use your flat-head screwdriver to unscrew and remove the screws on the bottom plate of your vacuum body. There may be between 2 to 8 screws, but this will depend on your model. There may also be screws hidden behind the wheels or hose connection cover.

After removing the screws, lift the bottom plate roller cover out of the holder to access the belt.

You can watch this video for instructions on accessing the belt on a Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner.

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Slip Off the Belt From Roller Brush

If there is a break on the belt, you will need to remove it from the roller brush to replace it. But make sure you remove any loose pieces before you remove the belt from your brush roller.

Hold the roller brush on both ends and lift it out of the vacuum holder on one side. Pull the roller brush out on the opposite side and then, slide the belt off the brush roller and motor.

Remove any hair or loose dirt particles from your roller brush and belt. You can also use scissors to cut any tangled or caught hair on the roller.

Lift the belt and examine it for any damage or wear such as cuts or dents. If you notice any wear and tear, you’ll need to change the belt.

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Install the New Belt

Begin by placing one end of the new belt over the motor shaft. Next, stretch it over the other side of the motor and roller-brush and slip it into the space between the bristles.

Make sure there are no twists in the belt so that each component can turn smoothly.

Lastly, push the ends of the roller brush into the slots. Make sure you have the belt attached securely after you push it in. To center the belt, rotate the floor brush roller several times.

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Reattach the Cover

Finally, reattach the roller cover onto the base. And use your screwdriver to screw the screws back in to secure the vacuum-head roller cover.

Make sure each screw is tightly screwed and the roller cover is secure before switching your machine back on.

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