How to Vacuum Your Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Looking for the best way to vacuum your carpet?

In this guide, I will cover:

So if you want to have your carpet look as clean and tidy as it used, you’ll love my article.

Let’s get started.

Steps for Vacuuming Your Carpet

Steps for Vacuuming Your Carpet
While it may seem like common sense, it’s surprising how easy it is to skip a step.

In this chapter, I’ll cover the necessary steps to clean your carpet in the best way possible.

So  don’t mess up the cleaning process with my step by step guide on how to clean your carpet:

Step 1

First, clear the area where you’ll be cleaning. This means picking up any items from the carpet and scotching furniture out of the way.

Step 2
Choose the right attachment for the area that you’re vacuuming.
Consider those especially hard to reach areas of your home that might need a specialized attachment.
And plan ahead before you start cleaning.​

Step 3
Plug in to run the vacuum cleaner unless it’s cordless.
Try to find an outlet that allows you to move all the way around the room. This way, you can spend less time lugging the vacuum cleaner around the house.

Step 4
Vacuum slowly in all directions.

You can’t just vacuum in straight parallel lines. You have to criss-cross around the room, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. This helps to get more dust and grime out of the carpet fibers.

Step 5
Don’t forget the edges: vacuum all the way to the wall, and if there are baseboards or other decorative elements near the floor, grab a hose attachment and make sure to clean all the way into the crevices.
Also, don’t forget to pay special attention to the corners!

Step 6
Unplug the vacuum cleaner and empty the bag or canister. Then, store it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now that I’ve covered a basic overview of the process, now it’s time to look at my vacuuming tips to vacuum your carpet (the best way possible).

Personal Tips On How to Vacuum Your Carpet (In an Ultimate Way)

Personal Tips On How to Vacuum Your Carpet

1.Don’t wait until the bag or canister is full

My first suggestion is to empty the bag or canister after every (or almost every use).


Simply because if you wait until the bag or canister is full, it will lose efficiency.

Here is the deal: a full bag blocks the vacuum’s ability to suck air through the hose.

And there is more.

It can also lead to dirt and grime in the motor, which can ultimately ruin your vacuum cleaner.

So, to help you further, here are some pro vacuuming tips to make sure your vacuum cleaner is operating in peak condition:

As I said, I recommend changing the bag or empty the canister frequently. Some manufacturers, like Dyson and Hoover, recommend leaving it after every use too.

  • Regarding bagless vacuums: they often have clear canisters so you can see how full it is. However, don’t wait until it’s totally full to empty it. Instead, understand that the emptier it is, the more effectively it’ll suck up dirt and dust.
  • Regarding vacuums with bags: You should empty them when they’re about 75% full. If you wait too long to empty or replace the bag, there’s a possibility that the vacuum gets clogged or even breaks. Either way, a too-full bag leads to ineffective cleaning.


Don’t leave the vacuum running for too long.


If you start to smell a burning smell, turn it off immediately! Something probably got caught in the hose or the belt of the vacuum. Check it out and remove any blockages before continuing to vacuum.

Now that you have your dream vacuum (or not, but working well at least thanks to my tips), it is time to choose the right attachment.

2.Use accessories designed for carpets

carpet vacuum accessories


For many areas of your home (such as corners, closets, or stairs), the standard shape and size of your vacuum cleaner won’t cut it.

For these areas, you need to attach a hose and an additional attachment to your vacuum cleaner.

Many makes and models of vacuum cleaners come with several attachments included. But what are they for, exactly?

Let’s take a look.

Hose attachment

What is a hose attachment?

The hose attachment looks like a plastic nozzle with an angled end. This accessory makes it great for stairs since stairs are small and often feature lots of tiny corners.

This vacuum attachment is also great for getting into corners and tight spaces between furniture and appliances.

In other words:

If your stairs are made with carpets, I recommend you to vacuum your stairs with this attachment to get better cleaning results.

Upholstery attachment

This attachment is particularly efficient for area rugs.

And if your area rug is in a high traffic part of your home, it needs some special attention when it comes to regular vacuuming.

But what does it look like an upholstery attachment?

The upholstery attachment is a flat accessory with a brush-like piece on the inside.

This attachment is great for area rugs because it helps to pull out dirt and dust from deep within the carpet.

So, it’s perfect for high traffic areas of the home.

The best part?

It’s excellent for shaggier carpets, or areas with lots of pet hair or loose dirt and dust. You can also use it for upholstered furniture, like couches or armchairs.

Beater Brush

This accessory is a spinning brush that attaches to the vacuum cleaner. It helps to agitate the carpet’s fiber and this way to shake dust loose from the weave.

While it’s not recommended for looped carpets or frieze style carpets, it’s a great accessory for everyday carpets and area rugs.

And let me clear about something: The beater brush will help optimize your cleaning by getting more dust and particles out of your carpet.

So, to me, this brush is a MUST.

Crevice Attachment

This attachment is efficient when you want to clean around the edges of a room.

If you don’t know what it is: look at all attachments, and if you find the one that has a small head and a brush around the ridge of the head, then you have it.

It’s especially useful for baseboards and other decorative bits of the room around the edges.

It can also help you to remove dust and grime that would otherwise lead to build-up around floor vents and radiators. This way, it prevents possible future damage to your heating and cooling system.

Ok, but why is this attachment necessary to vacuum carpet?

Because of some crevice attachment such as the Bissell Spot and Carpet Cleaning XL sliding crevice tool is explicitly attached to clean carpet stains.

3.Don’t vacuum in a hurry

Don't Vacuum In A Hurry

You probably see it all the time on TV and ads: a person takes a vacuum cleaner to a stained carpet, and with one swipe of the machine, all of the grime gets sucked away!

It looks like magic.

But how realistic is that? Let’s find out.

While these vacuum cleaner ads may lead you to think otherwise, just going over the carpet once with the vacuum isn’t enough.

In most cases, you’ll have to go over the same carpeted areas five or six times to make sure that you’re getting up all of the dust, dirt, and any other allergens.

This is especially true of rugs. Remember, the shaggier the carpet or rug, the more times you’ll have to go over it.

Once is usually never enough in terms of vacuum cleaning your carpet.

Now that I’ve looked at the timing factors that affect your vacuuming let’s look at some other factors.

4.Adjust to the right heights

The best rule of thumb when it comes to adjusting your vacuum cleaner to the correct height is “The shaggier the carpet, the higher the height should be.”

You should feel a little bit of resistance when vacuuming; this means that you’ve adjusted to the correct height.

However, it shouldn’t be complicated to pull the vacuum cleaner across the carpet.

If it’s tough to pull the vacuum cleaner across the carpet, then you should adjust it to a higher height.

Always adjust in small increments and check before changing again.

5.Buy the best vacuum cleaner for your carpet

My last advice is to buy a vacuum cleaner that is specially adapted to your carpet.

To find the best vacuum cleaner for your home, you can check my articles below:

But what about when a vacuum cleaner isn’t enough? Is it too late? If you’re asking this question, you’re probably looking at a filthy carpet.

How do you know if it’s too late to recover your carpet with a vacuum cleaning?

If you’ve gone over the floor six or seven times with a vacuum cleaner and you’re not seeing any real difference in the cleanliness of the carpet, then it’s too late.

There’s nothing that vacuuming can do to help your carpet at this point.

Vacuum cleaning is not the only way to clean a carpet.

If you notice that you can’t save your carpet, don’t give up. There are still other options available to you, such as :

Make sure to go through all of the options before you start ripping up the carpet, and let’s move on.

Now it’s Your Turn…

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how to vacuum your carpet.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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