6 Easy Ways To Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Looking for fresh, old and returning coffee stains.

6 Easy Ways To Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

This is my complete guide on how to remove a coffee stain off of your carpet.

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1.How to Remove Fresh Coffee Stains From Carpet

You just have coffee and … oops.

Your cup fell and you put coffee everywhere: on your clothes, on your floor (even on your desk…).

So what to do? Clean it immediately.

And, the best way to treat is it from the outside going in because coffee stains tend to spread.

So, in details, here is what you should do:

Step 1
Take a clean and white cloth to blot the coffee stain as much as you can. Make sure that you consistently switch to a cleaner part of the cloth if the other parts already have stains on it.

Step 2
You can then use a little bit of cold water to spritz on top of the stain.

Step 3
Take another clean cloth and keep on blotting. Just keep on repeating this process until the stain is completely lifted off.

Step 4
After the stain is lifted, it is now time to whip out a carpet stain remover.

Step 5
Remember to not spray a lot because this might be the way to easily attract dirt the next time around.

Step 6
Lastly, let your carpet dry completely.
You still have coffee stains on your carpet and you let it for days or weeks.
Don’t panic.

I also have tips to remove old coffee stains from carpet.

Let’s discover them in Chapter 2.

2.How to Remove Old Coffee Stains From Carpet

Here you are now going to deal with a stain that has completely penetrated the fibers of your carpet.

This might be very difficult to remove.

So how to do? You’ll need material and procedures.

Material You Need

Step 1
First off, you should wet the area that was stained with cold water.

Step 2
Then, you can repeat the same steps as that of removing a fresh coffee stain.

Step 3
If the stain is still there then it is time to make your own cleaning solution. You can mix at least three drops of dish soap and mix it with water.

Step 4
You can then sponge it directly on the stain.

Step 5
Then you can take a dry cloth or towel and blot that area. Make sure that you are not rubbing.

Step 6
Alternate between the wet cloth and the dry cloth. The wet cloth is to saturate the stain and the dry cloth is to blot away the stain as well as the moisture.

Step 7
If your carpet is made of wool or wool blend, you can also blend in some ammonia (one tablespoon) with a cup of water.

Step 8
Do a spot test to make sure that the mixture will not ruin your carpet. Take yet another dry cloth and blot the stain away.

Step 9
Alternate again between the dry and wet cloth. Let the area dry completely before using the carpet cleaner.

Step 10
Let the carpet dry completely.

3.Bad News: The Coffee Stain is Back! What to Do?

What? The coffee stain is back!

This is a surprise really, but in fact…. it happens.

And for a good reason :

The original stain was not lifted out. Instead, it blended in with the fibers. Or there was moisture left. And in this case, when it dries, the stain resurfaces.

The solution?

Step 1
Just repeat the steps of the very first method about removing fresh stains.

Step 2
Another thing that you can do is to place a towel on top of the stain and to put a heavy object on top of it and leave it there or a while. This will allow you to absorb all of the moisture.

Step 3
Lastly, use a fan to dry it quickly and completely.

4.How to Deal with Coffee Creamer Stains?

Do you love your coffee with creamer?

(I am not talking about 3 in 1 coffee… but coffee with separate creamer, may it be powder or liquid)

Not a problem.

For this kind of stain, you just need to use a stronger cleaning solution.

To be clear: You can use a pet carpet cleaner.

A pet carpet cleaner is a good solution because it can break down the proteins in the stain. And can also eliminate the odor.

Just remember to rinse it off and let it dry completely.

So this is it about the 3 different methods to clean coffee stains from carpet.


But is there any link between my carpet types and coffee stains?

Stay tuned.

5.The Different Coffee Stains and Carpet Types

The results of the methods may vary depending on the type of carpet that you have as well as the kind of coffee stain.

The best part?

If you have a carpet that has long fibers, then the chances are it will be more difficult to remove the stain.

For this type of carpet, you just have to extend your blotting time.

For those carpets that have wool or blended with wool, it is great to use ammonia.

Just make sure to do a spot test beforehand so that the fibers of the carpet will not get damaged.

Lastly, you can clean it with a carpet cleaner by following the instructions of the manufacturer. Dry accordingly.

6.Other Cleaning Tips and Tricks

You can try other cleaning solutions if some of the materials and tools are not available.

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So these are the easiest ways on how to remove coffee stains from your carpet.

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