Quick Shine Floor Finish Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Quick Shine Floor Finish + Squirt Bottle
Quick Shine Floor Finish
Bring Your Floors Back To Life With This Quick Shine Formula.

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Bottle Information
Flooring compatibility

What We Like

  • Excellent shine on laminate and vinyl flooring
  • Easy application
  • It doesn’t leave a sticky residue
  • Fast drying

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires a lot of preparation
  • It can be splotchy after drying

We purchased the Holloway House Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish to put its performance to the test. Continue reading for our full review of this product.

Quick Shine is a brand by Holloway House that makes floor care products safe for homeowners with kids and pets. From finishing to everyday cleaning, they have a range of eco-friendly solutions to suit every stage of floor care upkeep.

Hard floors, like vinyl and laminate, can be challenging to maintain. For this, you need a good quality floor polish to renew the shine and remove scratches and marks.

But, which floor polish is the right one for your floors?

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about the Quick Shine Floor Finish. I tried this product on my floors to test its vinyl and laminate flooring performance.

I’ll cover how easy it is to apply, what you need, and how well it restores your hard floor finish. Read on for an in-depth review of this multi-surface floor finish.


With its powerful formula and easy application, the Quick Shine Floor Finish is an excellent product for renewing your floor. It provides a lasting high gloss shine and leaves your floors feeling brand new.

Helpful Packaging, Unhelpful Bottle

Quick Shine Floor Finish Packaging

Quick Shine Floor Finish comes in a large 64 oz refill bottle. The opening on the bottle is very wide, which makes it hard to use during application.

But, it does come with a reusable internal seal that I found helpful for preventing leaking.

The details and instructions are displayed very clearly on the bottle. For example, it had easy-to-follow instructions and recommendations for using the product.

These included the type of flooring you can use and other products that pair well with it. It also tells you how to maintain the shine after application using a deep cleaner recommended by Holloway House.

The product’s ingredients are also easy to see on the back of the bottle.

The formula is paraben-free and phthalate-free with filtered water, zinc-free polymer, and polymer emulsion. It also has surfactant, mild solvent, preservative, and antifoam.

Plus, there is a link to use if you want to find out more information about the ingredients in the bottle.

I found this very helpful as I always like to know as much as I can about the ingredients. This way, I can see if it’s truly safe for my floors, as well as my pets.

I love that the refill bottle is also made from 25% recycled plastic and has a Safer Choice Label. The Safer Choice label ensures that the formula has safer chemistry ingredients.

Because I have pets in my home, this label was important to me. It means I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals or toxins on my floor.

Flooring Compatibility: Versatile But Limited

I was very impressed with the versatility of this Quick Shine Floor Finish. Because it’s a multi-surface formula, I can use it on my laminate and vinyl hardwood floors, as well as the tile floors in my bathroom.

Keep In Mind

However, the label on the bottle warns against using this product on top of other chemicals. Because I recently applied a protectant coat on my tile, I was hesitant to apply this finish on top of it.

While researching this product online, I came across many reviews that had negative experiences doing this. According to users, it can leave bubbles and damage the tile coating if other chemicals are on it.

So this is something I’ll have to test in the future. Because of this, I recommend taking caution if you’re unsure what products or chemicals are on your floors.

But for this review, my tests included laminate and vinyl floors.

The label on the bottle states that you can also use it on stone and hardwood floors.

Simple Application, But One Drawback

Quick Shine Floor Finish Application on laminate

The ready-to-use pouring formula made the application a quick and easy process. But, there was one drawback.

This Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish comes in a refill bottle which can be messy during application. When I was pouring the product, it came out very quickly and made a mess all over the floor.

Quick Shine Floor Finish Application on vinyl (700 × 355 px)

I prefer to use a squirt bottle because it gives you more control over how much product you apply. It’s also easier to control where you apply the formula.

So I ended up deciding to dispense the formula into a squirt bottle. Then I applied it in an S-shaped pattern as recommended on the packaging.

Because it has a ready-to-use formula, I could apply it straight to my floors. So all I needed was a microfiber mop.

But, the instructions state that you have to make sure your floors are completely clean and dry before application. So, this required a bit of preparation before getting started with this finish.

Plus, some users find that even a small amount of remaining dust or build-up can easily ruin the results. So I made sure to thoroughly clean and dry my floors before applying the finish.

However, the process was simple once I could begin. The formula was easy to spread, and a thin layer was enough to cover a large area of my flooring.

It spread quickly and evenly with just a few cleaning passes.

After finishing, there was also no sticky residue on my floors. So it didn’t require any rinsing or buffing after applying.

Quick Shine Floor Finish and a squirt bottle

Fast Drying

Quick Shine Floor Finish Application and drying

Many floor finishes can take up to 4 to 8 hours to dry completely. So I was surprised that this Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish took only a fraction of this time!

After applying the finish to my floors, I made sure my windows were open. I did this to provide air circulation to help speed up the drying process.

And it only took about 20 minutes to see that the floor was dry.

But, according to the instructions, it’s best to wait for an hour before walking on it. I did this to be safe, and it was completely dry by this time.

So, in comparison to most floor finishes, this formula was very quick-drying and saved me a lot of time.

Strong Scent

The label describes this finish as fragrance-free. However, I noticed a very strong scent when I first applied it to my floor.

The smell is a mix of vinegar and typical cleaning chemicals. But, it disappeared quickly after application and didn’t leave any lingering odors in the air.

While the smell is strong at first, it certainly isn’t overwhelming. But, it isn’t very pleasant.

So, if you prefer a finish with a pleasant fragrance, this might not be the best option for you.


Quick Shine Floor Finish Results On Vinyl

Results on Vinyl

The Quick Shine Floor Finish provided an impressive high-gloss shine on my floors without any real effort.

To get a complete picture of how well this finish works, I tested it on two types of flooring in my home. First, I used it on the hardwood laminate in my living room and kitchen floor.

These areas of my floor get a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. So the surface has a lot of scratches and a dull appearance.

I also tested it on the vinyl in my entryway. While this part of my home also gets a lot of traffic, the vinyl surface isn’t as dull.

But, there is still a lot of wear on this area of my floor. So, I wanted to see if this product could restore scratches and marks from wear and tear.

Testing Insight

After applying the finish in an ‘S’ shape, I spread it using my clean microfiber mop. This process was quick and easy, thanks to the thin formula.
And I noticed a deep shine appear straight away.

Test on Laminate

Quick Shine Floor Finish Results On Laminate (700 × 355 px)

I was especially happy with the results on my laminate floor. They were clean and bright after only one application.

Before using this product, the surface of my laminate floor was very dull. It also had a lot of scratches and scuffs on the surface.

However, after applying this finish, none of this was noticeable. There were visibly fewer scratches and marks on the surface.

The color was consistently brighter across the whole floor area. The high-gloss finish brought out a deep rich appearance, making the floor look brand new!

There was also no stickiness left on the floor. So I was able to walk on it as soon as it was dry.

Test on Vinyl

The results on my vinyl floor were not as noticeable as they were on laminate. However, they were still efficient.

There was a big difference in the level of shine on the surface. But, it left a splotchy pattern that was very noticeable to see.

The splotches made the floors appear slightly dirty at some angles, especially in sunlight.

Testing Insight

Overall, I was impressed with how well it restored the gloss on my vinyl floors. I was also happy with the rich color and brightness of the surface.
But, it didn’t leave a smooth finish. And the result was patchy, especially in some areas

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Additional Remarks or Comments

As someone with pets, I find this Quick Shine Finish an excellent option for maintaining my hard floors. The shine was very durable and impressive in the days after my tests.

Because I have dog paws running over my floors, they tend to get a lot of marks and scratches. So I was expecting to see some wear and dullness on the gloss finish within a few days.

However, the glossy appearance completely stood up to the test! After days of use, there is still a lasting rich shine without any sign of wear or dullness.

I have also been happy with how easy it is to keep my floors clean after using this polish. Because it protects the surface, I only have to dry sweep to get rid of dust and debris.

No dust sticks to the surface, so the results are flawless after every clean. There are noticeably fewer dirt marks from everyday use after using this finish.

So cleaning is a much easier task thanks to this Quick Shine product!

Common Complaints

For a full picture of how well this product works, it’s important to consider feedback from other reviews. Here are some common complaints online about this Quick Shine Floor Finish.

Patchy Application

First, many reviews agree that the application can be patchy on some floors. For some, it left spots that were hard to remove.

Leaves Streaks

Some users also find that this finish doesn’t handle moisture very well. When they apply a cleaner on top of the finish, it leaves streaks and watermarks.

However, the instructions suggest you only need to dry mop to clean your floors after applying this finish. So this may explain why some users have had bad results after using wet cleaning products on the surface.

Hard to Remove

Many reviews also mention that it’s extremely hard to remove this finish. But, there is a Quick Shine Deep Cleaner available to remove the finish if there are any problems with it.

This product is recommended by Holloway House, and many reviews suggest having it at hand in case you don’t apply the finish properly. In this case, you can use the Quick Shine Deep Cleaner to remove it and start the process again.

Too Much Preparation

Finally, some online reviewers dislike how much prep is needed before using this product. So it requires a lot of effort to achieve the best results.


If you want a Quick Shine finish but aren’t sure about this product, here are some other options.

Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster

This Quick Shine Hardwood Floor Luster (view on AmazonWalmart) is an excellent option for a plant-based alternative finish. It restores and refreshes the color and deep rich appearance of your hard floors for a long-lasting protective glow.

The formula has pure, natural, carnauba palm wax. So it’s ammonia-free, formaldehyde-free, and doesn’t have parabens or fragrances.

Plus, it shines hardwood surfaces without requiring a lot of prep.

All you have to do is dry mop your floors, apply the floor luster, and spread it across the surface with a sponge mop. So it makes achieving a protective glow quick and easy.

Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish

This multi-surface finish has a similar water-borne polymer formula, but it comes in a convenient squirt bottle. So it’s ideal if you want a more straightforward application process.

This no-wax Quick Shine Floor Finish (view on Amazon, and Walmart) protects and shines hardwood floors in one easy application. It also has a Safer Choice label which makes it safe around kids or pets.

You can also use it on almost any surface in your home, including tile and stone.

Final Verdict

The product’s packaging scored a 6 due to its unwieldy large opening, making direct application messy. However, the extensive information provided on the packaging, including the Safer Choice label and a full ingredient list, was commendable.

A standout feature of this product is its drying time, meriting a perfect score of 10. It significantly outperforms many competitors by allowing floor usage just an hour after application, offering a practical advantage by reducing wait times.

The finish’s flooring compatibility received a 6, showcasing its versatility across various hard surfaces without prior chemical treatments. This adaptability means fewer products are needed for different flooring types, although it’s less effective on floors treated with other chemicals.

Performance-wise, Quick Shine scored an 8. It effectively restores shine and enhances color on dull floors. Despite some patchiness on laminate surfaces, the overall effect on floor aesthetics was positive.

In sum, Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish is a valuable tool for enhancing hard surface floors, with rapid drying time and broad compatibility being its major strengths. Despite some packaging and application issues, its efficiency in reviving floor shine and color makes it a worthy choice for routine floor maintenance.

Key specifications

Product Name: Multi-Surface Floor Finish
Product Brand: Quick Shine by Holloway House
Price: 16.76
Weight: 4.25 lbs
Product Dimensions: 3 x 5.63 x 11.5-inches

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