14 Modern Parisian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated March 31, 2022

Blend the old with the new for your tasteful Parisian bedroom

Blend the old with the new for your tasteful Parisian bedroom


_royce.interiors Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @_royce.interiors/Instagram


If you’re trying to recreate the chic vibes of luxe Parisian bedrooms, we’ve got you covered. Our 14 tips will convert any room to a stunning French space.

Your bedroom is your haven. It’s a chance to relax, unwind, and leave the stresses of the day behind you. And Parisian bedrooms are the perfect way to do it in style.

But how do you go about creating the French look?

If you’re lucky enough to have any of the original features associated with Haussman buildings, you’re set. Think high ceilings, extravagant 19th-century moldings, and scroll iron balcony windows.

Ok, most people don’t have these and can’t exactly change the architecture of the building. But there are other ways to bring a bit of France into your apartment.

Think fresh white linen sheets, an elegant crystal chandelier, and bold artwork to name a few. If you’re ready to get decorating, we’ve lined up some classical ways to enjoy Parisian bedroom decor with a few simple touches.

Modern Parisian Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. A Touch of Grey

lifestylewithlinda_ Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @lifestylewithlinda_/Instagram

A neutral palette with touches of dark grey is the perfect way to add some drama, like this classy parisian statement feature wall.

Light shades of grey are another option if you prefer a more subtle approach in your Parisian décor.

2. Dark Accessories

trilbylaneinteriors Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @trilbylaneinteriors/Instagram

Warm cream walls balance the dark and stormy accessories to create a luxury feel in Parisian bedrooms. Add small Warm cream walls balance the dark and stormy accessories to create a luxury feel in a Parisian bedroom.

Add small touches if you want to keep it low-key, or larger pieces to create a focal point.

3. Parisian Mirrors

calmdaysbythesea Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @calmdaysbythesea/Instagram

Giving antiques a modern makeover with lighter shades of whites and greys is a quick way to recreate a truly Parisian inspired look in any space.

Mirrors reflect light. And this oversized mirror does it perfectly, making this Parisian style bedroom feel more spacious.

4. Keep it Simple and Classy

gatsbysroom Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @gatsbysroom/Instagram

Your very own bedroom is your most sacred place, so keep clutter to a minimum. Adorn a fireplace with eclectic accessories and an opulent mirror for a chic Parisian style.

This bedroom takes inspiration from travel and mixes the pieces with elegant furniture and a range of textures for a classy feel.

5. Transform a Small Bedroom

marionalberge Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @marionalberge/Instagram

Decorating a small space in light colors keeps the spacious feeling associated with French style. Make the nursery a welcoming room by adding some bright accessories and a Parisian accent chair.

6. Add a Jungle Wall Mural

ercolesalinaro Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @ercolesalinaro/Instagram

You may not jump straight to a Jungle theme when planning a Parisian bedroom, but it’s a fun addition to any bedroom. The black and white theme of this artwork makes a bold statement against the classic minimalist furniture.

7 Add a Pop of Color

yourcoolaunts Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @yourcoolaunts/Instagram

If you love the jungle idea but want something more vivid, why not add some color? The muted tones in this mural are in the perfect location to blend with the neutral palette in the rest of the bedroom.

Match your curtains to one of the statement hues for a truly French feel.

8. Chic White Linens

kitchensbypaul Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @kitchensbypaul/Instagram

When shopping for your curtains and linen sheets, stick to a crisp, white color scheme. Layer textures and tones to change with the seasons in your Parisian bedroom.

Lightweight cotton is ideal for the summer months, while flannel sheets and a rich comforter add depth for fall. Keep the number of scatter cushions to a minimum though, a French bedroom isn’t a crowded place.

9. Let an Accent Wall do the Talking

verocotrel Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @verocotrel/Instagram

Let a stunning navy accent wall steal the show in your Parisian bedroom. Use it to frame your bed and adorn the rest of the room with some simple décor accessories. .

Personal touches are a must in Paris, and why not opt for flashes of gold to enhance the luxe feel?

10. A Feature Wall with Colors

clemencerafin Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @clemencerafin/Instagram

Show your personality off by mixing a dramatic feature wall with pops of color around the rest of the room. A bright red nightstand and quirky orange headboard bring a modern twist to this gorgeous Parisian bedroom.

11. Parisian Bed Frames

camillearchitectures Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @camillearchitectures/Instagram

The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so you want to pick the right style for a vintage Parisian feel. If you stick to a mid-century modern furniture vibe, you can’t go wrong.

Think minimalist opulence, but nothing too big. Parisian bedrooms aren’t often large spaces, and you don’t want the bed to feel out of proportion.

12. Set the Mood With Lighting

nooor_architecte_interieur Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @nooor_architecte_interieur/Instagram

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a soft ambiance in your Parisian bedroom. A traditional crystal chandelier isn’t practical for most of us, but there are plenty of other ways to stay on-trend.

Downward facing lights, particularly with a geometric design, add a contemporary twist to any Parisian apartment.

13. Statement Chairs

nooor_architecte_interieur Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @nooor_architecte_interieur/Instagram

A quirky chair aids the illusion of a cozy reading corner or nook to relax in a Parisian bedroom. Choose a modern chair with clean, sleek lines for the optimum taste of Paris.

Decorate the rest of the room to complement your accent chair, or let the seating area be the star of the show amongst a neutral setting.

14. Herringbone Wood Floor

abkasha Instagram parisian bedroom

Courtesy @abkasha/Instagram

If you’re lucky enough to have a Herringbone wood floor, flaunt it! These natural wooden tones are a classic feature in the most luxurious Parisian bedroom.

Mix the old with the new, and artfully adorn the rest of the space with modern furniture. Take inspiration from this chic neutral style that makes the most of the natural light.

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