Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Review

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Updated April 27, 2023

Is this Mr. Siga mop the best microfiber mop for your floors?

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We purchased the Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop to test how well it performs at home. Keep reading for our full review.

Are you tired of endlessly scrubbing to achieve clean floors with an inefficient mop? Cleaning dust and pet hair can feel like a never-ending challenge.

But with the right cleaning tools, like a microfiber mop, the job can be a lot easier. That’s why I was curious to see how well the Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop performs.

Mr. Siga is a popular brand for floor cleaning products and mops. But does the Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber mop live up to its name?

Let’s find out!

I put this mop to the test to see how well it cleans my hard floors. Keep reading for my full review of the Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop.

A Sturdy Mop For Tough Cleaning
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop

PROS Of Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop
  • Wide mop head for fast cleaning
  • Includes double sided mop pads for wet or dry cleaning
  • Sturdy stainless steel handle
  • Bonus dirt scrubber for easy mop pad maintenance
  • Excellent for heavy-duty mopping
CONS Of Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t fit under low furniture
The Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop is a reliable mop that offers excellent cleaning for tough dirt and grime. It’s durable, simple to use, and glides easily on hard surfaces.

What’s in the Box

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Unboxed
The Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop arrives in two pieces. So it’s easy to put together.

Plus, the mop head comes with a cleaning pad already attached to the base.

  • Stainless steel handle
  • Aluminum frame mop plate with clips
  • 3 dual microfiber cloths
  • 1 Dirt removal scrubber

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop In The Box

Sturdy Design

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Design 1
The Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop excels when it comes to design.

Assembly And Build

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Design 2
Straight away, I was impressed with the sturdy build of the Mr. Siga mop. It looks sleek, and the stainless steel finish gives the handle a durable feel.

The adjustable handle doesn’t feel like it will bend or crack when you’re applying pressure. And the mop pad fits securely on the mop base thanks to the large clips.

I also like how a microfiber pad was already attached to the mop head in the box. I found this very convenient, and it made the rest of the setup a quick process.

While the assembly was fairly straightforward, there was one major drawback for me. And that was that there were no instructions inside of the box.


There’re no instructions in the box.

Because of this, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to screw the telescopic pole into the mop head base. I also had to look up online to find information about how to use and attach the dirt scrubber.

I found instructions on the Amazon listing, so this wasn’t hard to do. But, it did add extra time and effort to the setup process in the end.

As for the design, I love how wide the mop head is. It’s wider than most other microfiber mops and makes cleaning a much faster task!
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Design 3
Of course, a wider mop head can make cleaning in tight spaces more difficult. But for me, I prefer to spend less time cleaning, so the large pad size is a big plus!

Plus, the mop pad also folds over the sides of the mop head base and adds a thick layer of protection.

This is a great design feature if you’re someone like me that can be clumsy while cleaning. It means I don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging furniture or wall edges while I mop.

Extra Design Features

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Design 4
One of my favorite features on this mop is the layer of plastic dots on the mop head base that sit underneath the mop cloth. It’s is a unique design feature that I’ve never seen on a mop before.

These plastic dots provided extra friction when I was mopping, making deep cleaning easier. Plus, they also protected my floor from scratches.

I also find that they help spread weight when applying pressure during mopping. This means fewer streak marks when you’re wet mopping, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Finally, I love how flawless the 360 swivel action is on this mop. It rotates effortlessly in every direction so that cleaning around corners is super easy.

My only complaint about the design is that the stainless steel handle is pretty heavy for a mop. But personally, I think the durability and sturdiness are worth the extra weight.

Almost Flawless Maneuverability

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Maneuverability
Despite how heavy the handle is, this mop is surprisingly easy to maneuver. Thanks to the large handle, it’s easy to grip and push across my laminate and vinyl floor.

And I also found it easy to apply pressure when I wanted to scrub tougher grime. This made it feel like I was achieving a deeper clean with every pass.

I was happy with how well the mop pads glide across the surface without any resistance. And it doesn’t jump around while mopping, even if it’s wet or dry.

Plus, I love how well it swivels without putting any pressure on my wrists. I could clean in between furniture and around corners without any hassle.
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Maneuverability 2
And the adjustable telescopic pole is sturdy and doesn’t twist while you clean. The lock holds it in place securely so you can use it at a comfortable height.

But again, the weight does make it slightly harder to maneuver. And my arm did begin to ache slightly when I was mopping a large area.

And because the mop head is thick and wide, it’s hard to reach into small spaces like underneath furniture.

Handles Any Situation

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Surfaces 1
This Mr. Siga Mop comes with thick dual cleaning pads for mopping hard surfaces and waxing wood floors. They’re safe for wet and dry mopping on hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, and vinyl.


I find it best to use the beige plush side to dry mop my laminate and vinyl floor.

It picks up a lot of daily dirt and dust with each cleaning pass. So I prefer it for everyday cleaning and dusting.

And I use the blue microfiber side to wet mop and scrub tough marks on my flooring. But the blue side is also great for dry mopping, too!

This side collects large debris and pet hair effectively. And it’s sturdy enough to tackle tough spots and heavy layers of dirt.

So I find that the blue microfiber cloth offered a lot of versatility for cleaning any type of mess on my hard floor.

Because it’s thick, it’s great for heavy-duty cleaning and scrubbing. But it’s also soft to provide gentle cleaning without scratching or causing any damage on the floor.
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Surfaces 2
It’s also very absorbent and doesn’t leave any excess moisture on the floor. So it cleans wet messes like juice spills and muddy footprints exceptionally well.

Impressive Cleaning

I gave this mop a test for both wet and dry mopping on my laminate and vinyl flooring. And the results were more than impressive.

Dry Mopping

I have two dogs in my home and my floor attracts a lot of fluff and pet hair. So I tested both the beige and blue sides for dry mopping, and I found that they were both excellent.
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Beige Side
However, I tend to prefer the beige plush side for dry mopping. While the instructions say to use this side for floor waxing, I find it works well for dry mopping.

Because it has an almost silky surface, it glides effortlessly. This makes dry mopping feel like a quick and easy task.

And it picks up an impressive amount of dirt! But even better, it doesn’t spread it around.

So I never have to go over one spot more than once.
Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Blue Side
The blue side works just as well, but I find it doesn’t glide as effortlessly as the other side. And it feels slightly harder to push because the texture adds a bit of resistance.

But for dry mopping extra dirty floors, the blue side of the mop pad is ideal for the task! It holds on to a lot of dirt and doesn’t let it go.

Wet Mopping

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Performance

The mop dries the juice spill in one go!

The blue microfiber cloth on the Mr. Siga Microfiber Mop is seriously impressive when it comes to wet mopping.

While it does take a bit of elbow grease because of the heavy handle, the results are worth it. And the wide mop head got the job done on my laminate floor in a short amount of time.

The thick mop head paired with the soft pad provides a gentle but tough clean to tackle fine dust and sticky grime. And it only takes a few cleaning passes.

I first tested it on wet spills, and I was super impressed with how it performed! It absorbed all of the liquid with just one cleaning pass and didn’t leave any streaks behind.

Then, I tested it for general wet mopping using a cleaning solution. The microfiber pad is highly absorbent and leaves very little moisture on the floor.

So I don’t have to wait long to walk on my floor after mopping with this mop.

It’s also easy to apply pressure with the handle to tackle stubborn spots and heavy traffic dirt. And I find it achieves a deeper clean than most other microfiber mops.

Easy Maintenance

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Maintenance
Because the dual cleaning pads are machine-washable and reusable, there’s not a lot of maintenance to worry about.

The dirt removal scrubber makes it easy to remove debris or clumps of hair from the cleaning pads. Then, I was able to throw the clothes straight into the washing machine after mopping for a quick clean-up.

Plus, they only took a few hours to completely dry. So I didn’t have to waste time hand-washing or waiting for the mop to dry after cleaning.

And because the mop pads are larger than the mop-head, the base never gets dirty. This means you don’t have to worry about washing any other part of this mop.

The stainless steel handle is also easy to wipe down with a soft dry cloth.

Excellent Accessories

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Accessories 1
This mop comes with three double sided reusable microfiber mops suitable for both wet and dry mopping. They’re also machine-safe, and you can wash more than 100 times.

It’s really useful having a few spares to use for big cleaning sessions. And it’s nice having the option to keep one specifically for dry cleaning and one for wet mopping.

I love that the three extra microfiber cloths are all reversible. So you essentially get six mop pads with this mop!

You can also play around with the two sides to find which one works best for the surfaces in your home.

Not to mention that they’re incredibly durable and long-lasting. So there’s no chance of needing to replace them any time soon.

But, thanks to the easy clip design, you can also use almost any other type of microfiber cloth with this mop. The mop base is 14.7 x 4.9-inches, which suits most reusable microfiber cloths.

This makes it easy to find replacements if you need to. But again, I find that the clothes are durable and aren’t likely to need replacing for a long time.


If you want to stock up on the microfiber cloth refills, they’re not expensive to purchase from Amazon. You can buy a pack of five for less than $20.

Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Accessories 2
This mop also comes with a handy dirt scrubber. It works well to remove dirt and debris from the mop pad before throwing it in the wash.

But what I like best is that it clips onto the mop handle for easy storing. So you can always have it available to use when you need it!

Common Complaints

While I have had a positive experience with the Mr. Siga mop, there are some common complaints to consider. Here are a few drawbacks from other reviews.


While the weight wasn’t a big deal for me, many reviewers disagree. Some users find the weight of this mop is too heavy for comfortable cleaning.

It can be hard to push around your floor without putting a strain on your arms and wrists. You might have to break during cleaning to rest your arm, which can add time to your clean.

Dirty Pad Removal

All reviewers agree that removing the mop pads after cleaning can be unpleasant. You have to use your hands to unhook the clips and remove the dirty mop pad.

So the process can get messy. And many reviewers would prefer a hands-free mechanism for removing the pads.

Doesn’t Reach Tight Spaces

Like in my experience, many reviewers struggled to reach tight spaces with the large mop head. This can be inconvenient if you have hard-to-reach areas or narrow spaces to clean.

In this case, a smaller mop might be a more suitable option for you.

Unreliable Pad Placement

Although I didn’t have any issues with the pad placement, some reviewers find that it doesn’t always stay on the mop during cleaning. According to these reviews, the clips can come loose which causes the mop pads to slide off the base.

I didn’t find this to be a problem in my experience with this mop. So I would assume this issue could be to do with a faulty clip.

It’s worth contacting Mr. Siga if the clips on your mop don’t work properly so they can provide a solution. But, make sure you do this before you first use your mop.


Are you unsure if this Mr. Siga Microfiber mop is the right choice for you? Here are some alternative mops to consider.

Turbo Microfiber Floor Mop

The Turbo Microfiber Floor Mop is an excellent lightweight solution for everyday cleaning. It’s suitable for wet or dry cleaning, and it has a swivel design handle for easy maneuvering around furniture and obstacles.

This mop also has a large mop head that glides smoothly across any hard floor surface. So it’s ideal for cleaning large areas with ease.

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O-Cedar ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop

The O-Cedar Microfiber Mop is a great option if you have delicate hard floors. It comes with dual microfiber pads that catch dust and grime without the need for a cleaning solution.

Instead, the pads remove 99% of bacteria using just water! So it’s safe for the environment as well as your delicate floors.

It also has a built-in spray feature to effortlessly clean stubborn dirt and marks.

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Our Final Verdict onMr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop

The Mr. Siga Mop lives up to the brand's impressive reputation when it comes to design. We found it to be very sturdy and durable. And the easy clip design keeps the mod pad securely in place during cleaning.
We love that this mop comes with three reusable mop pads. You can always have one clean and ready to go when you want to start mopping. Plus, the dirt scrubber is a great tool to remove dirt and debris from the cloth easily.
We were pleased with the flawless performance for both wet and dry cleaning. It left our floor spotless and free from dust, dirt, and liquid spills.
Thanks to the dual mop pads, we were very impressed with the versatility of this Mr. Siga mop. From everyday dirt on hard floors to tough marks and wet spills, this mop can handle it all.


Product NameMR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop
Product BrandMR.SIGA
Weight2.82 lbs
Product Dimensions59.45 x 5.12 x 16.54-inches

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