20 Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated March 21, 2022

There’s nothing “mid”-dling about these beautiful bedrooms!

There’s nothing “mid”-dling about these beautiful bedrooms!

dgcasafurniture instagram mid-century bedroom

Are you overwhelmed by ornate design and embellishment? A mid century modern bedroom may be just the ticket for a relaxing space!

As the name suggests, mid century modern style comes from the middle of the 20th century. And it’s focused on functionality, with simple and elegant designs.

Between the 1930s and 1960s, designers wanted a fresh aesthetic. In other words, they rejected the frills of the past and created a style with clean lines.

For example, chairs with angled legs and rounded sofas were very popular. And, more generally, designers favored furniture with simple geometric shapes.

Muted colors and natural wood are key features of this design. And they will keep your space light and airy.

But don’t be afraid to combine bold patterns and mismatched textures. They’ll add some flair to your mid century bedroom.

If you do like bright colors and bohemian prints, you can still add those to a mid century modern bedroom. Just add your rainbow accents sparingly, and you won’t add too much distraction.

So ditch the frills and take your interior design up a notch — by taking it back to the past!

Mid Century Modern Style Ideas

1.Woven Accessories

frills_bohofarmhouse Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @frills_bohofarmhouse/Instagram

Traditional mid century modern design uses a lot of wood for a sophisticated look. But you can go a step further and use even more natural materials!
For example, try adding woven elements into your accessories. This can include items such as lampshades or wall decorations.

And don’t be afraid to stick to a palette of earth tones because they create a very calming atmosphere.

2.Floral Boho

z_potrzeby_piekna Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @z_potrzeby_piekna/Instagram

Like the room above, this bedroom uses woven elements to create a beautiful, natural room. While it has a muted color palette, the shapes and textures of the wooden furniture make a big impact.

For instance, the bed frame, rug, and chair are statement pieces. But they work together to create cohesiveness in this mid century modern bedroom.

3.Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

lottaaliving Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @lottaaliving/Instagram

Even accessories such as bedside lamps make your bedroom feel more contemporary. So, pick your pieces carefully!

Mid century modern design favors items that are functional as well as beautiful. And this bedside lamp is a perfect example.

While it’s an elegant shape, it will also be the perfect companion for reading in bed. Therefore, keep functionality in mind when exploring your decorating style.

4.Geometric Patterns

artstudio88design Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @artstudio88design/Instagram

A mid century modern bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. You can always add patterns!

If you want to bring some pizzazz to your room, try mixing some geometric patterns. For this, you could choose a new bedspread, throw pillows, or rugs.

Or even a boldly patterned accent wall could look stunning!

5.Rustic Wicker

my_imperfectly_perfect_home Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @my_imperfectly_perfect_home/Instagram

Because wicker is a natural fiber, it looks great with other designs. Plus, mixing textures and patterns is a key component to mid century modern design.

So, as an interior designer, pick one or two bold patterns and mix them up with some other neutral elements. For example, this bedroom has a solid carpet but a geometric bedspread.

6.Country Charm

suffolkcottage_stories Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @suffolkcottage_stories/Instagram

If you like the look of a country cottage, you can mix that with the clean aesthetic of a mid century modern bedroom!

In other words, work with neutral colors, simple furniture, and exciting patterns.

And you don’t even need authentic mid century modern furniture. Just use what you have and work with it!

7.Airy Gabled Bedroom

stay.pec Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @stay . pec/Instagram

Even though this room has a sloping ceiling, it feels large and open. This is thanks to the light wood and bright white wall color.

Altogether, the mid century design influences make this room extremely restful.

But if you want a bit of spice, some bold abstract paintings would look fantastic on the walls.

8.Angular Los Angeles

bprojektcom Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @bprojektcom/Instagram

This mid century modern bedroom looks like it comes from a Frank Lloyd Wright house. The clean, geometric lines and earth tones give this airy room an elegant feel.

In addition, the mid century modern furniture is very sleek and simple in design. This includes the tapered legs, which are one of the hallmarks of the era.

9.Bejeweled Wooden Bedroom

thethatchfilmlocation Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @thethatchfilmlocation/Instagram

A few shots of color can warm up a neutral room. For example, in this mid century modern bedroom, the ruby accents add some energy to the wood and brick.

In general, jewel tones are a great option for accents in a mid century modern bedroom. So, look for colors like ruby, emerald, or sapphire to complement your earthy color palette.

10.Warm Tones

homestyling.byserena Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @homestyling.byserena/Instagram

You can add mid century modern design elements to any aesthetic! For example, the rustic elegant furniture adds subtle charm to this sophisticated bedroom.

And if you want to add even more warmth, try putting a luxurious fur throw to the bed for those cold nights.

11.Wood Mix & Match

decoazul_byscarllett Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @decoazul_byscarllett/Instagram

One of the hallmarks of mid century modern style is the use of natural wood. There is such a beautiful variety of colors and textures that you can achieve with this material.

So, take a look at this mid century decor for inspiration. And try your hand at mixing different woods and natural materials.

12.Black & White Neutral Colors

sam_preston_home Instagram-mid-century

Courtesy @sam_preston_home/Instagram

You don’t need big changes to make a mid century modern bedroom look stylish.

For instance, the owner of this room painted the window frame black. And this creates visual interest.

So, your accent colors don’t need to be bright: they can fit your own design aesthetic!

13.Wire Geometrics

laurahodgesstudio Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @laurahodgesstudio/Instagram

This interesting take on a mid century modern bedroom takes geometry to a whole new level. The bed frame and matching light fixture truly give you a sense of the period.

As well, neutral colors let the design shine without overwhelming it. So, try using colors like whites, tans, and grays when you choose bold furniture.

14.Many Accent Colors

roomandboard Pinterest mid-century

Courtesy @roomandboard/Pinterest

This couple isn’t afraid to use an accent color — or many!

In this house, they combine sleek lines, natural wood, and plenty of light with vivid colors. This creates visual interest without overwhelming the viewer.

With pops of coral in the bedroom or sky blue in other areas of the house, this cheerful home is sure to brighten your day.

15.Emerald Royalty

deirdres_design Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @deirdres_design/Instagram

You don’t have to limit your accent colors to throw pillows or carpets. So, try painting one wall a bright shade!

For example, this glamorous bedroom is fit for royalty! The beautiful screen and other details are incredibly sophisticated.

But the clean mid century modern furniture keeps the bedroom becoming too ornate.

16.Burnt Orange & Gray

cloudi_interiors Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @cloudi_interiors/Instagram

By keeping your furniture all one color, you create unity in the overall interior design. So, when you paint your mid century modern nightstand the same color as your bed frame, you get a cohesive look.

And that leaves room for bright accents like bedding!

17.Red, Yellow, & Blue Bright Colors

angelanewtonroyphotography Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @angelanewtonroyphotography/Instagram

When you think of mid century modern color schemes, you usually think of neutrals.

But this bedroom uses three extra colors to create an exciting atmosphere.

Here, the designer chose shades of red, yellow, and blue, which are the three primary colors. And these contrasting colors balance each other perfectly.

So, don’t be afraid to mix and match different hues in your mid century modern bedroom.

18.Bright & Funky

mairaimran_official Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @mairaimran_official/Instagram

If you’re tired of shades of gray, mix it up a little! These vivid shades of pink and teal make this room incredibly joyful.

And the bold geometric styles add to the intensity of the design. In true mid century modern fashion, you can always play with different combinations!

In addition, potted plants give this room a delightful jungle feel. Just don’t forget to water them!

19.Triangles and Polka Dots

renov80shouse Instragram mid-century

Courtesy @renov80shouse/Instagram

This designer mixes bold geometric shapes with pastel colors. So, this room is great for a child because it’s interesting to look at, but it’s calming at the same time.

For an extra special touch, match the color scheme to your child’s favorite stuffed animals! This could be the wall color, furniture, or bedding.
Beehive Aesthetic Geometric Shapes

20.Beehive Aesthetic Geometric Shapes

kelly.shrehorn.interiors Instagram mid-century

Courtesy @kelly.shrehorn.interiors/Instagram

A mid century modern bedroom can have just as much energy as your child. All you have to do is mix your bright accent color with some fun geometric shapes.

So, you can add dramatic wallpaper to an accent wall. Or mix and match patterns and textures in the bedding.

Here, the pendant light even matches the bright yellow accents!

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