Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas – 12 Brilliant Ways to Decor Your Living Room

By Jeneva Aaron Updated June 22, 2020

As you may have seen, we have started a new mini-series about MCM decor. In part one of the mini-series, we focused on kitchens. In this article, we will take a look through some of the best mid-century modern living room ideas that you will find.

I have designed this series in a way that you will get to look at the ideas that suit the most used rooms in your home, in an order that will fit the amount of use they get. Therefore, after the kitchen, it is the living room. Living rooms have a much broader scope to design them in a more personalized way. If you think about kitchens, there is only so much that you can do before it no longer looks like a kitchen. However, in the living room, you can do almost anything, and all you will need to do is add a TV or sofa, and it is obvious which room it is.

The use of color that you saw in the last article only spreads as you go further into the home. The same theory goes for shapes, too. There is almost nothing that will look out of place in the living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

As you would imagine, the first thing that you need to think about is your mid-century modern living room furniture. There is nothing without it. However, as I have already pointed out, it is super easy to get the look that you want in any room. Take a look at this image of a living room. What I particularly like is that the designer has used the angles and lines in a new, modern house to set off the MCM look in the furniture.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Lines, angles, and geometry is a massive portion of the design aspects of mid-century decor, and this image proves it. The straight lines and sharp corners of the walls only get accentuated by the curves and angles of the furniture that is in the room. There is almost no shape that you can not use in mid-century modern furniture. As  you can see, there are the following features apparent in just this one room:

Although these are significant aspects to bear in mind when designing your living room, you also have to consider the colors. We will go further in-depth of the wall colors in a little while. However, let’s take a look at some of the colors that you can use for the furniture.

MCM Living Room Furniture Colors

As I have said previously, when you are looking at the colors of your rooms, there is almost no color that you can’t use. This next image may be a perfect example of that.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture Colors

As you can see just by looking at the picture, there are possibly no standard colors unused in this room. The best part about it is that it does not look odd. The use of the many different colors makes the place very unique and even stunning. Just think what you can do with it too. Do you want an orange lampshade? You can have one. Do you think that the green and yellow painting that you saw would suit it? It undoubtedly would.

The great thing about the mid-century modern living room is that you can have anything in them that you like, so long as the period looks right.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Set

Have you just read through that last section and thought that you don’t want to have your living room so un-matching? Well, you may be thinking about using a mid-century modern living room set instead.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Set

In this photo, we have a mid-century modern living room set. It may have been one that was a set, or it may also be one that has been put together. Either way, all of the design aspects look the same. They are all one shade of wood stain, cylindrical, yet almost tapered legs. Even the back of the seat and sofa are the same design.

Therefore, you may not have to buy a living room set to make it look like one. Take your time to find an item of furniture that you like, and then match the rest of your living room furniture to that one piece. If you want to make it look like a set, you will have to take notice of the specific design aspects of the first piece that you buy, and try to match them as best you can.

However, it is not the most significant part of trying to match furniture. The biggest issue that you may have is to find the same shades of wood stain. A different color seat to the sofa will not look like a set.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Chairs

There are many aspects of the style of mid-century modern living room chairs. As I have already said, you have a choice too. You can either pick one style that you like and get them all the same, or you can use the more muddled approach of having different forms in different colors as with the next image.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Chairs

Here you can see that there are three styles of mid-century modern seating in one room:

All of these, no matter the color, are MCM decor and will look fantastic in your living room, providing that you got the rest of the decor, and the color of the walls right.

Mid Century Modern Paint Colors For Living Rooms

That leads us on nicely to the mid-century modern paint colors for the living room.

Although we have been saying that any color will go well in an MCM room, we do have to be a little bit conservative about it. The investigation into Fluorescence was in the 1930s. Although that was a good fifteen years before the MCM decor became popular, it would still not look brilliant.

Mid Century Modern Paint Colors For Living Room

Most colors will look good in your MCM living room, but the image above clearly shows that the best colors are vibrant yet pastel. I have found, however, that a neutral wall scheme is your best bet. White, cream or grey walls, with maybe a feature wall in one of the colors on the palette above, is going to be the easiest to work with if you want this look.

Having a neutral wall scheme means that you will be able to change your theme whenever you want. But honestly, I feel like if you are buying the furniture to go with it, you will only want to buy it once. That means that you can do whatever colors on the walls that you like. This use of colors is especially true if you look at the MCM Living Room Furniture Colors image above. There are none of these colors that the designer has not used in that image. Feel free to mix it up and go a little wild.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas – 12 Brilliant Ways to Decor Your Living Room – Conclusion

Living rooms are one of the most used rooms in your house. If you are looking for some of the best mid-century modern living room ideas, then I hope that you have had some inspiration from this article.

A couple of points that I think that you should remember are:

Take your time to design your living room before you commit.

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