McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Review

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Updated May 21, 2023

This heavy duty steam cleaner powers through different messes at home but needs to be handled with care.

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These days, cleaning with a vacuum or a floor mop just won’t cut it. If you’re like me who’s looking for a device that can clean and sanitize my place, here is one you can consider.

The McCulloch MC1275 heavy-duty model is among the top-rated steam cleaners on the market.

Reviews have praised its cleaning prowess. It takes care of various messes. Drink spills, soil, grout, grease? You name it.

While some reviews rave of its efficiency and long-lasting steam and, some look forward to an improved cleaning experience.

Read on to find if this device is a good fit to your cleaning routine.

Unboxing: Packed in Haste but Easy to Assemble

Like any delivered appliance or item, this cleaner comes in a standard-issue delivery box.

Some users were surprised to see the cleaner packed in a box with little stuffing. They’d expect more cushion on the empty spaces on the box.

In place of the “extra” padding around the device were the hose and cords that sat unbound within the package.

Because of such a packaging arrangement, you should exercise caution when opening the box. When using a box knife or any blunt object, be sure not to push too deep as you may puncture a hose or the chord.

Upon opening the package, you can easily spot the 18-piece kit of accessories and tools. An upside to this is that you can put them back together in the box (or in the plastic bags provided) after using it.

Assembly is straightforward. The handle can easily be connected to the main body.

The handle and unit are connected by a screw on its riser. This makes it easy to spot, reducing risk of losing screws even before starting.

The brand included a handy screwdriver although it looks like it is made for assembly purposes only as the material is of medium quality.

After putting the unit together, you can finish the set-up by putting the brass cap. It’s of great quality and marks the device’s safety feature to keep steam and and heat within.

Design and Maneuverability: Bulky with Cheap Plastic Parts

At 10 lbs, this may feel like a hassle to carry around. However, this device is designed with wheels. This means you can push and pull it where you need it.

Despite the bulk, you can still conveniently clean high or far areas as the hose is long enough to extend. The extra-long 15.7-foot power cord that comes with this device is also helpful when you want to use it in different parts of your place.

This cleaner is also designed with a 48-oz capacity tank that can give steam for as long as 45 minutes. Some users experienced the steam to be good for less than 45 minutes, while others can go on for longer.

When you pause cleaning while the long hose is attached, condensation may build up so be sure to spray it against a rug before blasting out steam.

Another aspect that McCulloch can improve with its design is including a water-level indicator. You will have to wait for steam and water to run out, refill it, then wait for it to heat up again.

In addition, it may be awkward to carry. The hose itself cannot be set to a shorter length. Plus, the handle is too bulky for handheld cleaning. It will be challenging to deep clean all areas of your home. It may feel like you’re hauling a small vacuum.

It is good for stationary use, though. The long hose could reach high or far areas to help you cover more base.

A downside that I find in the accessories is that the material used is not as sturdy as the one used in the main body of the steamer. Many reviewers voiced disappointment on how poorly-made the parts are. For some, the door on the unit will not even properly close.

The plastic looks cheap compared to the base of the device. Plastic may wear off after some time of heat or moisture exposure. This can lead to parts breaking during use which can burn anyone handling it.

Usage: Versatile

Once you’re done setting-up, you’ll be surprised to see how straightforward this device can be at the beginning. The funnel and measuring cups are useful to start pouring water.

Press buttons on the control head to let out steam.

Plus, this McCulloch steam cleaner is useful for a wide range of cleaning activities.

  • You can use its steam mop feature and put the mop head to use. It is effective in cleaning for most floors and surfaces such as tiles, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, grills, grout, as well as upholstery and carpets. Should you have dried up messes or soil stains on your floor, this is the right device to use.
  • The steam is good for loosening up and blasting off stubborn stains or hardened debris on cracks on walls, floors, and other crevices (not just flat surfaces).
  • Effective in chemical free cleaning. Yes, it is safe to clean your ovens, pots, and plates, too.
  • The rubber squeegee is handy on shiny surfaces and glass. Be sure to watch steaming glass areas so it will not crack under too much heat.
  • The scrub pad and the steam can get these stains off pretty much any surface on your house. Many reviewers found it useful ceramic tiles, tubs, toilets and even stainless sinks. The can work on area rugs, too. But you may have to repeat steam cleaning spots on the fabric to get better results.
  • You can also use this on carpets upholstery (as it comes with an upholstery brush, too). From bigger fibers on carpets or rugs, you can use also this device to steam your curtains.
  • You can also use it for your clothes or bed. A bonus among customer reviews is that the steam can kill bed bugs. This steam cleaner is packed with steam power to penetrate at least ¾” into fabric or bed surfaces where the bugs may be. Simply train the steamer (with optimal heat) on the bed and glide on the surface.

Parts and Accessories: Packed with All You’ll Need

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Accessories

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One of its unique selling points is that it is packaged with 18 accessories.

Check out this list for a quick overview of these accessories:

  • Steam Cleaner
  • Handle
  • Two 19″ Extension Wands
  • 12″ x 6″ Mop Head Triangle Brush
  • Brass Utility Brush,
  • Five Nylon Utility Brushes
  • Scrub Pad and
  • Two Microfiber Pads
  • Steam Jet Nozzle 8.5″
  • Squeegee
  • Water Funnel
  • Measuring Cup

In details:

  • For starters, the most basic parts of the device include the handle. It has an extended part called “carry handle” to make it easy to transport if you do not want to push it all over.
  • It also has two kinds of nozzles: the main one and the steam jet nozzle. From these, you may attach a steam hose and mop heads to deep clean sealed floors, tiles, ceramic, granite floors, and more. A squeegee is handy on glass and smooth surfaces.
  • Of course, this MC1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner comes with an assortment of brushes. Try the triangle brush for cleaning angles. Then you have five other nylon utility brushes that you can use on rotation. However, these nylon brushes have bristles that feel a little too soft for some. Meanwhile, the brass utility brush will come in handy if you need to clean larger areas or stubborn stains.

Given the 18-piece set of this device, McCulloch fails to provide proper bags or containers to safely keep them once out of the box.

Results: Satisfactory

McCulloch truly designed this piece to be high-power and high-pressure. The steam is good and the can last long enough as marketed.

Within the 45-minute run, you may cover various areas such as bathrooms, bed rooms, your dirty kitchen, and even your porch.

This is a good device to have at home or your work station as you won’t need to switch to other cleaners in between cleaning different areas.

This steam cleaner gives off steam as you would expect of a heavy-duty device. Users are happy with its steam power and efficiency. Although larger messes may need repeat steaming to get best results.

In some cases, you may need to revisit some heavily affected areas from time to time. Week-old soil stains or foot prints on floors may need more attention (longer steaming time).

Same with grease which can be removed with steam from counters or utensils. This device can be expected to work overtime to remove more unwanted dirt or debris.

Outside the home, this can also be used on your car! From interiors to the wheels, this performance device can help you remove grease or dust bunnies with ease.

Some users also used this on spills on carpets with adequate results after a couple of steaming sessions. However, you may need to use towels or wet rugs to remove most of the stains first. Steaming food or colored drink messes may spread the damage more, at least for rugs and carpets.

Overall, the McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner you can use in every corner of your place. Some users opt to buy it to clean flat areas like floors, walls, or carpets.

These are the most common parts of the home that typically needs devices to clean. But you can steam clean crevices, corners, and areas under furniture without issue using the various implements of this device.

Storage: Give it Space

If you do not plan to keep it back in its original box, you’ll have to make room for the device on your storage. It takes a bit of floor space. Plus, the various tools and attachments will also need to find their storage homes.

Some users opt to store it in an upright position. However, there is a risk of its toppling and it might break some parts. So better store it its default position.

The extra long power cord and long hose may be a joy to use when cleaning. However, some users found trouble keeping them after using. A lot of users wrote about frustration on how to properly keep the long cord and the hose.

A Velcro strap or clip to collect the cods after use will be appreciated. Likewise, there is also no place for users to hang the cleaning wand.

A hack used by some customers is keeping the original box in top shape so they can keep the unit and all its tools inside. Many others grew creative on their storage needs, reusing old net or cloth bags to keep the accessories.

However, this does not excuse the lack of actual storage bags for the tools so they can be neatly stored.

Maintenance is straightforward. Be sure to use the measuring cup when applying water on the tank to avoid spills. You also do not want too much water on the tank as it may spurt excess water and steam when the water boils.

However, since you cannot see how much water is left nor how dirty the insides of the tank are, knowing if the interior has collected dirt is challenging.

Wipe it dry or air it ours after use. This way you will not store it with moisture.

Price: Pricier than most

At 140 USD, the price tag may be heftier than some. You’ll find steam cleaners that can pack a punch like this McCulloch model for less than 120USD.

As stated before, some of the plastic accessories feel less durable than the main body of the machine itself. So it is somehow challenging to justify the cost to the material. But with proper care and storage, you may extend the life of these tools and use them for longer.

However, the brand did add many implements you can attach. And you may use it in all corners of your house. You can maximize the price by using it for various purposes.

Competition: COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

Various reviews have compared the McCulloch MC1275 cleaner to this COSTWAY multipurpose steam cleaner.

Like the McCulloch model, this device is also marketed with an 18-piece kit filled with tools and attachments.

It also says it runs on a 45-minute steam time. It will work on floors, carpets, sinks, and tub. You’ll most likely be able to do various cleaning jobs with this device like the McCulloch MC127.

However, this COSTWAY model appears to be easier to store and use as a hand-held device.

What makes it different is its handy ergonomic design. The curved handle makes it secure to haul around with on hand. It also has a larger water tank at 51 oz capacity versus McCulloch’s 48 oz capacity.

Its power cord is a longer by 0.3 ft although this may not make much difference when in use. The also has a cord organizer where you can coil it for keeping.


Product NameMcCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner
Product BrandMcCulloch
Weight10 lbs.
Product Dimensions13.5"H x 10.5"W x 17.2"D
Warranty2-year limited warranty for product defects

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