5 Inexpensive Ways To Remove Pet Hair

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated February 19, 2021

How to get rid of the pet hair (you will not need to sell your kidney)

5 Inexpensive Ways To Remove Pet Hair

Looking for inexpensive ways to remove pet hair?

How can you effectively and efficiently get rid of all of that pet hair without breaking the bank?

I’m glad you asked.

In my complete guide, I’ll cover:

Let’s get started!

1.The Classic method

You’ve seen these handy tools before. I am speaking here about lint rollers.

It has several sticky sides out sheets wrapped on a rolling handle that picks up pet hair, dander, lint, and dust.

And you can roll it across any surface with great results.

Plus, if you’re looking to clean bigger surfaces, like the floor or a rug, you can use a wide area version. The wide area version comes with a long handle to make cleaning the floor or high spaces easier.

The best part?

Classic lint rollers are really cheap (maybe not the best ecological method though)So let’s take a look at the next method.

2.The handy method

Have you already seen pet hair removal mitts? No?

Not a problem.

Pet hair removal mitts look a lot like microfiber cloths that fit over your hands. However, they have tiny nodes that grab pet hair from every surface.

The great thing about these mitts is that you can wash them over and over again.

In other words: they’ll last you a long time. This is then a good (cheap) investment. You can even use it directly on your pet.

Now, let’s look next at a more drastic method for making your home free of pet hair.

3.The drastic method

Buying a vacuum cleaner specifically for pet hair may seem a bit drastic, but this is a great option to consider.

While it may cost a bit more upfront than other methods for removing pet hair, a pet hair vacuum cleaner will last a lot longer.

And there is more.

You can of course use pet hair vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning. Just keep in mind that they’re optimized to help get rid of all pet hair in your home.

Of course, before you go out and buy a new pet hair vacuum cleaner, here are the different options:

A pet hair vacuum is a great long term solution to your pet hair problem, and it’s especially beneficial if you have several pets in the home.

There is one problem: vacuum cleaners are not necessarily an inexpensive way to get rid of pet hair.

Are you sure?

Now let’s look at the next method.

4.The preventive method

It’s no surprise that a great way to keep pet hair out of your home is to prevent it from falling all over.

For this, it’s great to have a really efficient fur brush on hand.

Use it daily to brush your pet in order to prevent the pet hair from going all over your house.

These specialized fur brushes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your pet and your style.

Now, let’s look at some practical ways to get rid of pet hair with some materials that you probably already have at home.

5.The homemade method

With this method, you won’t have to buy any new tools or equipment to get rid of pet hair.

(don’t thank me)

Rubber dish gloves

You can easily pick up lots of pet hair by simply putting on a rubber dish glove and rubbing down the hair infested surfaces.

If the hair doesn’t stick to the glove on the first go around, try getting the glove a bit damp and going over the surface again.

After every few passes with the glove, simply pull of the pet hair, throw it away, then keep wiping.

Packing tape

You can use the sticky side of packing tape to lift pet hair off of any surface. This is especially effective for clothes and other small surfaces since it would take a very long time (and a lot of tapes) to clear the entire floor or area rug of pet hair.

A damp microfiber cloth

While this method won’t be as effective as modified microfiber cloths specifically for pet hair, the grooves in the cloth do a decent job of picking up lots of pet hair.

You can rinse the cloth after use, or let it dry and shake the excess hair and dander off outside.

Cleaning with a squeegee before you mop

Putting some water on the floor and then scraping the floor dry with a squeegee is a surefire way to get up all the pet hair.

You can also use a small squeegee on hard surfaces like counters or tables applying the same method.

Bathing your pet

This is an easy way to prevent more hair from getting all over your home. Give your pet a nice rinse down, and you’ll find that a lot of their loose hair goes right down the drain instead of all over your house.

It’s especially effective to give your pet a bath in spring (when the weather gets warmer and they start to shed their winter coats).

Now It’s Your Turn…

So, these are my 5 inexpensive methods to remove pet hair from your home. 

Now, I want to hear from you:

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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