How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Carpet Cleaner With Water That Will Not Come Out?

By Jeneva Aaron Updated December 20, 2020

DIY troubleshooting tips for a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Carpet Cleaner With Water That Will Not Come Out?

Bissell is one of the most reliable companies, but it doesn’t mean that its products won’t need repair or replacement at some point. When that happens, there’s no need to rush to the nearest convenience store and spend hundreds on a professional.

You can troubleshoot the Bissell carpet cleaner at home. If your Bissell Proheat 2x is not dispensing water, you can fix it by finding the root cause of the issue.

But, how can you do it without disassembling the carpet cleaner?

In most cases, all you have to do is remove a bunch of hair or fiber clogging the tank.

Get your DIY outfit and follow the steps below.

1.Reinsert the Tank

The carpet cleaner might not be working correctly because the water tank isn’t in its correct position. Without proper tank assembly, the water won’t enter the machine.

Remove the tank from the machine and reinsert it. Make sure that it fits perfectly into its designated spot.

Also, check the siphon tube in the tank. It should not be flattened between the tank and the carpet cleaner’s wall. Readjust its position if required.

2.Unclog the Nozzles

Mostly, it’s not an internal malfunction causing a halt in water flow, but hair or fiber stuck in the nozzles. Make the carpet cleaner lie flat on the floor and check its bottom.

If any hair or carpet fibers are clogging the water nozzles, remove them gently. Don’t try to struggle with smaller debris as we’ll deal with it later.

3.Remove the Nozzles

You can remove the water nozzles by pushing the cover downward. Following that, remove the spray tip by pulling it.

4.Wash the Spray Tips

In step 2, you removed the visible blockages from the nozzle, but the smaller ones are still there. To remove them, soak the spray tips in a hot water tub for up to ten minutes.

Doing this will remove small dust and debris particles from the nozzle.

After ten minutes, dry the nozzle with a towel and reassemble it into the carpet cleaner. Put the cover back on. If it helps, take pictures of the assembled machine before removing the spray tips to help you figure out how to reassemble them.

5.Try the Machine

Fill the clean water tank up to the fill line. Do the same in the dirty water tank. Then, turn on the machine and press on the trigger.

Keep your thumb on it for a minute to check the spray.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the method mentioned above does not work, something else could be wrong with your Bissell product. In that case, follow the tips given below.

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  • It’s possible that the pump belt may be broken. Unplug the carpet cleaner and turn the power off.
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to check for breakage by inserting it into the belt slot. You’ll see the belt around the motor shaft. If it’s broken, check Page 18 of the user guide for information about replacement parts.
  • Get the hair and fibers out immediately after carpet cleaning. By allowing build-up, you increase the chances of clogging.


Final Words

If your Bissell model (e.g., Bissell ProHeat 2x) is not spraying water, your first instinct might be to call a professional, but you can try fixing it on your own first. It may cost you hundreds of dollars for something you can easily fix at home.

Follow the troubleshooting advice in this guide if your carpet cleaner isn’t functioning correctly. If nothing seems to work, your unit may be faulty, and you can put your Bissell warranty to use.

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