6 Easy Ways To Steam Clean Your Carpet

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

No need to call a professional cleaning company anymore

6 Easy Ways To Steam Clean Your Carpet

This is my complete guide about steam clean your carpet.

Throughout my guide, you will learn

So if you are curious about knowing the process without having to call a professional carpet cleaner ever again, you’ll love my step-by-step guide.

Let’s get started!

If you have a steam mop and own carpeting that is not heavily soiled, you can sanitize and clean it very easily.

You may need the right attachments to remove dirt, carpet stains, and other grime.

And also, get yourself a sturdy vacuum cleaner to remove any loose particles hidden between the fibers.

With this step by step guide on how to steam clean your carpet, you’ll enjoy the new look, and feel of clean carpets all the way.


1.Make Space in the Room & Move Furniture

Deep cleaning is what it is, deep!

Therefore, anything that frustrates your path needs to go. This means you should remove all furniture, toys, and other small objects from the area you’re about to work in.

Clutter on the carpet will not only slow down the process but will avoid you from getting into hard to reach areas.

What about heavier furniture? I understand, there’s furniture you just can’t move. In this case, wrap the legs of the furniture with waterproof tape to protect them from the steam. Aluminum foil works too.

If moving the furniture to another room is too difficult, simply move it to one end of the room and move it back once you’re done with the front of it.

Cleaning your baseboards before moving on to the next step is great. Don’t forget about all the dust that settles there over time.


2.It’s Vacuuming Time

It’s time to vacuum and it’s time to do it twice. Remove all dust particles, hair, loose dirt, and crumbs from carpet fibers.

Your carpet steam cleaner can dissolve any carpet stains but will not remove solid dirt hidden in between the fibers.

It’s important to prepare the carpeting for steam cleaning with vacuuming.

  1. For the first vacuuming round, do it in a single direction. Slow down to ensure you are picking up as many particles as possible.
  2. For the second round, vacuum in the opposite direction. Go slow and ensure you are picking up parasites and any debris you may have missed the first time.

Don’t forget about hidden areas, make sure you catch it all!


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3.Spot Cleaning

If you thought you’d go straight to steam cleaning, think again. The next step is to spot clean those tough wine spills.

If you have pets, it’s likely that you have to deal with urine or feces stains too. Once you’re done vacuuming grab your preferred stain remover and blot a piece of cloth with it.

After that, dab the spot and make sure the product sinks into the stain. Allow it to sit for several minutes before steam cleaning.

Don’t rub the stain! This will push the stain deeper into the fibers and make it almost impossible to remove.


4.Assemble the Steam Cleaner

If the water tank on your steam cleaner is detachable, remove it. Fill it with distilled water using a measuring cup and stick to the measurements instructed by the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can add dish soap, white vinegar, or any preferred homemade carpet cleaner solution made for steamers.

Traditionally, water works just fine since the steam is strong enough to get rid of stains. Check if the manufacturer recommends a specific cleaning machine solution.

Do not attempt to use a product that is not recommended in the tank. Attach the water tank onto the cleaner and plug it in.

Allow the instructed time for the water to heat up and start creating steam. The best temperature for killing dust mites, germs, fleas, and bedbugs is 212°F.

Some steam cleaner designs include a compartment for detergent. If yours lacks one, you can mix it in with water going in the tank.​

If you prefer traditional sanitation and cleaning, add vinegar into the water. It’s essential to know that soaps contain harmful chemicals not safe for pets and children.


5.Start Steam Cleaning the Carpet

The time has come. Run your steam cleaner on the carpet. Do so by going from the front to the back of the room. Create straight lines as guides.

Overlap on the previous lines (at least one half) when starting a new one, ensure you are not missing any spots.

It’s best to start from the farthest (back) corner from the door. This way, you don’t step on work that’s already been done and moving into the next room is much easier.

For steamers that use carpet shampoo or soap, run over the same line twice. The first time it infuses the soap into the fabrics and the second time, it removes it with dirt.


6.Allow the Carpet to Dry

Unlike mopping tile or hardwood, steam cleaning will not leave visible moisture behind. However, getting this moisture completely removed requires some time.

Allow your carpet to dry up for 12 hours at least for all the moisture to be completely gone. If you need your carpet to dry faster, here are a few tips you can implement:

Remember, allowing your carpet to dry is as important as cleaning it. Any excess moisture left behind will create mildew and mold, even after you sanitized with steam.


How Exactly Does Steam on Carpeting?

Carpet shampooing is probably one of the most traditional ways of cleaning carpeting. But this method is different from using a steam mop in a variety of ways.

How does steam really work on carpet? Well, by using steam you are literally injecting hot, steaming water into the fibers at high pressure. The heat breaks down dirt, grime, and oils that are hidden between the carpet fibers.

As you go steam cleaning the entire carpet, it sucks a lot of the oils and dirt. This entire process results in restored, clean, and sanitized carpeting.

Now, not all steam cleaners are made for carpeting. You will need to find the perfect one. For instance, steam cleaners that work in high pressure are great for removing tough spots, but ineffective when cleaning larger areas.

The best steam cleaners for carpeting are the ones good on carpets and regular steam cleaning routines.

What are the Benefits of Steaming Cleaning the Carpet?

Cleaning dirty carpets is one of the most tedious tasks, but learning how to do it yourself can save you up to $500. That’s right.

But that’s not the only advantage. Steam cleaning is superior to shampooing and here’s why:

  • Steam cleaning extends your carpet’s lifespan: Disinfecting carpeting on a regular basis maintains it in a top-notch condition. By doing so, you are protecting high-traffic areas from regular staining, wear and tear, and discoloration.
  • No more fleas: If you own pets, you know fleas are hiding in between your carpet fibers and jumping on them every time they get a chance. Not only that, flea bites are a nightmare. When steam cleaning your carpet, you are getting rid of fleas and wrecking their life cycle.
  • Removes bed bugs: Bed bugs live in your carpet and love it, just like fleas. Steam remains to be one of the best methods to get rid of them and their eggs in mattresses and carpets.
  • Pet & Children Safety: Steam destroys dangerous germs and bacteria. Your children will be safe playing on sanitized rugs, mats, and general carpeting.
  • Gets rid of smells: Odors are caused by stain build-ups and musty carpeting. Cleaning with steam is the perfect way to deodorize carpeting. It works amazingly well when looking to keep pet odors in check.
  • Removes stains easily: Getting rid of tough stains is much easier when using a steam cleaner. Any sort of grease, wine, pet mess, and even make-up will be removed from your carpet with ease when injected with powerful steam.


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