2 Simple Methods To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

A Quick and Easy Guide to Get Wax Out of the Carpet: Freezing or Melting is the KEY!

No matter how careful you are with your candles, dripping wax may still end up on your carpet.

And it doesn’t look great on my rugs. But I’m sure it doesn’t look appealing on yours, too.

The wax lumps look so weird on the area it landed on. Plus, it might damage carpet fibers if you leave it for too long.

Good thing:

I know the 2 easy methods to safely remove the wax and wax stains from your carpet.


Let’s get that wax off.

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Please note

The methods require some equipment that may use appliances like blow dryers and even ice. If you use them, I recommend handling them with care so as not to damage any equipment with melted ice or wax. Also, the techniques below work wonderfully on wax drippings from candles which are usually white. For colored was, it still works but if the color stains, you can use a carpet cleaner after.


Two Simple and Easy Methods to Remove Wax Out of Your Carpet

If you’re like me who lights a scented candle for ambiance, you’ll know a good candle can liven up the mood.

But when it drips down to your rugs, that’s a different story. Indeed, candle wax is designed to melt and then harden soon enough.

Don’t worry, you can easily remove wax from carpet with these effective steps.


Method 1: Melt or Heat the Wax

Melt or Heat the Wax

For the first method, you’ll have need the following materials:


Step 1: Get a brown paper bag.

You know, the brown bags that you get from the grocery store. That will do.

Step 2: Place a paper towel inside the bag as an additional layer.

This will help absorb the wax more. Then, cover the waxed area with it.

Step 3: Take your flat iron and turn it on the flat iron.

Step 4: With the bag in place on top of the area with wax, press the iron on top of it for a few seconds.

Step 5: At this stage, you’ll notice that the bag absorbs the wax.

To get all the wax out, you’ll need to re-arrange the bag and pick a side with no wax yet (unsaturated part). Place it on top of the wax area. Repeat Step 4 – 5.

Step 6: Spray or apply rubbing alcohol on a cloth and rub it on the affected area.

Then, get a clean part of the cloth (without alcohol) and place it above the area again.

Step 7: Lightly press the clothes iron on the cloth and let any dye from the wax seep into the cloth.

Step 8: Finish cleaning off the carpet by blotting carpet cleaning solution on a cloth over the area.

Method 2: Freeze the Wax

Freeze the Wax

Even if both methods can get wax out of carpets, this one works better for fresh wax.

So, for this second method, prepare the following materials:


Step 1: Get a bag of ice cubes and place them on top of the wax area.

This is very important to place the ice cubes in a bag before and not to apply them directly to the wax. Why? Because otherwise, they will melt. And as a result, it will just wet a large area on the carpet. Instead, you want the wax cold and hard, not too wet.

Step 2: Keep the bag of ice cubes on for at least five minutes.

Step 3: Then, scrape the wax with a butter knife. Here you can scrape as much wax as you can.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3 if there are any lumps of wax or wax stains left.

Step 5: Use a towel or cloth with rubbing alcohol on the area to remove the remaining color or wax stain.

Step 6: Place a cloth over the stained area and press the steaming iron to help absorb the dye or remaining color.

Step 7: Spray a carpet cleaner solution on the area and blot off with a towel. For this step, you can use your own homemade carpet cleaning solution.

Step 8: Finally, vacuum the area after the process to return it to normal texture.

And that’s it!



1. You may combine both freezing and heating techniques.
But as always, use caution. If you plan to do this, freeze the wax off first, and scrape the big chunks away. Blot the area with a towel before using the heating method.
2. Some may want to use “dry” ice for the cold method as it will not leave a residue. That’s ok, but I suggest using gloves to handle it as it can damage skin and tissue.
3. You can also use blow dryers if you do not have a flat iron or if you want to control more the heat.
4. Colored wax and your cleaning solution may stain the carpet.
So you may want to test out your solutions first on small bits of the area to see if it will work. You can get professional help is the dyed part that does not come off.
5. You don’t have a blow dryer or iron? Not a problem.
You can heat a pan and lightly press it on the paper bag.



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1. If you already notice the candle dripping, you have to act fast. 
Just don’t let it settle on the carpet fibers. This way you can save precious time.
2. Carpet fabrics may burn if you hover the iron too long.
So, make sure to only press the iron long enough to heat the wax and melt it.
3. Do not use a plastic bag or any other than the brown paper bag.
Plastic bags will melt under the heat and will stain your carpet!
4. If you do not have a butter knife, use a dull knife with caution.
5. Always keep an eye on the iron, do not leave it unattended or it will burn the area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use A Hairdryer?

If you get anxious by using iron on the carpet (especially if the carpet is a bit more expensive than usual), you can use a hairdryer. In fact, hairdryers are fine. Although it will take a while for it to heat and melt the wax, it will work fine after a few minutes of directly hovering it over the area.

Will I Be Able To Remove It If It Is Not The Melting Type Of Candle?

Based on the user’s experience, candles are always the hardening type. If it does not melt when heated, it might be made of plastic or other substances like sugar or starch. And in this case, this is not really wax. Apply the methods above with caution if the material stuck on your carpet is not wax.

Should I Use Paint Thinner To Remove Dye From The Wax?

If the colored part is from paint, you may do so. But do not apply heat on thinner as it may cause fire or damage your carpet further. Should you wish to remove dye from the wax, use the alcohol procedure mentioned above.

Is Dry Ice Better Than Ice Packs?

Ice packs are the ones readily available in most of our homes. And they require little to no protective gear when used. Regarding dry ice, it is alright as long as you handle it with care, you wouldn’t want to burn your hands by using dry ice wrongly. Dry ice’s only benefit is to leave little marks. But if you have an ice pack (or simply put ice in a plastic bag), that will do.

Should I Scrape First Before Melting?

It is best to melt the wax more. Scraping the wax before it is soft enough to scrape might pull out the carpet fabric and eventually ruin the carpet.  This goes with the ice-cubes method too, make sure the wax is cold enough. If the fresh wax is scrapped before it hardens, it might spread to the other area of the carpet.

Ready To Get That Wax Off Your Carpet?

Follow the steps above to safely remove the candle wax from your carpet.

Now, tell me:

Let me know which works best by leaving a comment below.

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