How Much Does It Cost To Carpet a 10×12 Room In 2023?

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Updated May 18, 2022

This is my complete guide on how much does it cost to carpet a 10×12 room in 2023.

In my ultimate guide, you’ll learn:

  • The prices range of the different carpet types
  • The different carpeting styles
  • The total costs to carpet your room

In short : if you want a clear picture of what you’ll pay to carpet your room, you’ll love my article.;

Let’s get started,

1 – What To Consider

When you have a ten by 12 room, you’ll have 120 square feet to cover.

However, keep in mind that there’s likely to be some waste, so I recommend getting extra.

Generally, purchasing about 132 square feet will be plenty to cover you. Make sure that you consider your entry points, furniture, and other features when you’re looking to install carpet.

Regarding your shopping list for your carpet of 10 by 12 room, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind. 

Considering you already know the square footage you’ll need, that can be set aside.

However, the carpet materials, styles, and other aspects are also worth keeping in mind, as they do add to the overall price of carpeting.

Here is the list of all carpet materials you can choose:

Material Price range (per sq. ft) Average price (per sq. ft) Pros Cons
Wool From $6 to $25 $12 Premium natural fiber Expensive
Acrylic fiber N/A $4 Easy to clean Synthetic fiber
Olefin From $0,25 to $2,25 $1,5 Durable material Synthetic fiber
Cotton From $8 to $10 $9 Soft and comforable May brown
Polyester From $1 to $4 $2,5 Non allergic material Less qualitative material
Nylon  From $1 to $8 $6 Sturdy material Synthetic fiber


how to carpet a room of 10 by 12 Wool carpetWool is a premium natural fiber coming from sheep. 

This is why wool is quite an investment.

What I like with this fabric is that wool has a soft feeling and is durable. 

Inconvenient is : the high-maintenance aspect of wool also means you have to be very careful with it. Besides, wool absorbs moisture easily whicn can lead to mildew and mold if the carpet is located near wet areas. 

This is why I don’t recommend you to choose it for a ten by 12 room with a lot of foot traffic. 

Too bad.

  • Price for wool can vary from $6 to $25 per sq. ft
  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $12 per sq. ft.

Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic Fiber carpetUnlike wool or cotton, acrylic is a synthetic fiber. 

This is why it is a more common option, as it tends to come with a lower cost. 

It’s also a choice that is better for those who are looking for easy maintenance. Indeed, it is quite easy to clean.

So acrylic is a perfect choice for homes with more foot traffic, young children or pets.

Do you want to know the best part?

The coloring of this kind of carpet doesn’t fade as quickly as wool for instance. Consequently, it’s likely to last longer, resisting both mold and staining. 

Also, it is as soft as wool (but as said, waaaay cheaper).

On my side, I prefer acrylic because it’s comfortable, springy, and provides me with an easy, great-looking flooring solution.

  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $4 per sq. ft.


Polypropylene Olefin carpetOlefin is composed of polypropylene and shares many qualities with polyester. 

If you don’t like nylon like me, but still don’t want to pay the higher cost, polypropylene is a good substitute:

  • It’s a pretty durable choice,
  • It is resistant to tearing as well as stains,
  • It doesn’t fade over time (even after several cleaning)
  • It resists to mold and mildew

Besides, if you like this style, Polypropylene carpeting material is often sold in berber styles. 

  • Price for olefin can vary from $0,25 to $2,25 per sq. ft
  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $1,5 per sq. ft.


Cotton carpetCotton comes from the cotton plant (a natural fiber) which makes it a carpeting option that is soft and comfortable. 

But even if I enjoy the feeling of cotton, it’s also an option that can stain easily. As a result, it also requires a high level of maintenance.

That said, it is a durable option. 


Well, it dyes well, meaning that it can come in a number of delightful colors and tends to be resistant to heat and static. 

Downside is : In time, cotton carpeting may brown, which can leave it with a lot less luster.

  • Price for cotton can vary from $8 to $10 per sq. ft
  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $9 per sq. ft.


polyester carpetPolyesters include naturally and synthetics chemicals, making it a non-allergenic material.

This material, like olefin, is more resistant to water (and consequently mildew and moisture) and stains. 

Like cotton, this is an option that can dye well and therefore offers many fantastic color options.

It’s also an option that is comfortable and soft when you are walking on it.

Inconvenient is that this product is less qualitative than natural option. 

  • Price for Polyester can vary from $1 to $4 per sq. ft
  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $2,5 per sq. ft.


Nylon carpetNylon, like polyester and olefin, is made from synthetic fibers and is a sturdy material. 

Many carpets include nylon as it is strong and offers a high level of durability. 

Because of this, it tends to be more friendly to households with more foot traffic. Also, regarding the maintenance, I recommend you to steam clean it every year to restore its fibers.

Another great aspect is that you can find nylon carpeting at a variety of price points.

While you’re shopping, make sure that you’re getting plenty of value, even from the lower end options. Consider the variables and find the best choice for your home.

  • Price for Nylon can vary from $1 to $8 per sq. ft
  • For your calculation, I recommend you to take an average price of $6 per sq. ft.

2 – Carpeting Styles

On top of the materials you can choose from, there are also different carpet styles that you can choose from for your ten by 12 room. 

The styles you can choose from our loop, cut, and combination loop and pile-cut carpets.

Each offers its own benefits, and assist in different situations.


Loop Piles

loop pile carpetA loop pile carpet is a carpet who woven into the given backing in loops. 

While you won’t be as likely to see the difference once it has been installed, this style is durable.

However, because of the loops, this kind of carpet can be a little easier to pull out of the backing. 

As a result, households with pets can experience bits of carpeting coming out. It’s worth comparing if you have a pet household.


Cut Piles

cut pile carpetCut piles are like loop piles, but afterward, the loops are cut.

This leaves the fibers in an even length.

So… if some pieces come out, it may be less than with a loop cut. However, it can be a less durable option for high-traffic households.

In addition, cut piles can be very dense and bery soft, making them quite comfortable to walk on.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you to determine whether you’d prefer to focus on softness or durability.

Considering the kind of household you have can be quite useful for this.


Loop And Cut Piles

Loop And Cut Piles carpetThis combination style seeks to provide the benefits of both styles in one carpeting. 

That way, it will be more likely to be durable as well as provide the denser comfort of the cut style. 

Furthermore, this style is one that can come in many different designs so that you can add style to your room.

As a result, it’s a good option if you’re looking for something that can provide a unique look as well as a durable surface.

Consider taking a close look at this option if you want a higher level of style.

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3 – The Executed Price

For the ten by 12 room size, I recommend using 132 square feet as a decent amount to cover for any potential waste.

So I’ll go on that basis to calculate the cost of the carpet options available for that amount of carpeting:

  1. The first aspect to consider is the cost of the carpeting itself, which can vary anywhere from $0.25 to $25.00 for each square foot. So for my calculation basis, it means is the cost of the carpet per foor may be anywhere from $132.00 to $1,452 for carpeting the entire room.
  2. Meanwhile, padding for the carpet often comes in at about $0.60 for every square foot, resulting in a total of about $79.00.
  3. Labor can differ, depending on the contractor you choose, but is often around $1.00 for each square foot. This results in about $132.00 in labor costs.
  4. If you need extra services, like removal of furniture, can come in at about $66.00 overall.
  5. As a result, the overall cost may be anywhere from about $410.00 to $1,729.
Expen​se item Costs
Carpet From $132.00 to $1,452
Padding $79.00
Labor $132.00
Extra services $66.00
Total From about $410.00 to $1,729

Now It’s Your Turn…

So this is my complete guide on how much does it cost to carpet a 10×12 room in 2023.

Now I would like to hear from you:

  • Have you asked for quotes to carpet your room?
  • How much did it cost you?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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