26 Modern Guest Bedroom Office Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 20, 2022

Is it an office or a bedroom? It's both.

Is it an office or a bedroom? It's both.

lesliefineinteriors Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @lesliefineinteriors/Instagram

Multi-purpose spaces are a practical solution to fit more rooms in our homes – without adding an expensive extension.

Stylish or functional, a guest office bedroom can combine less frequented spaces – nonetheless not less important – in an instant.

Whether it’s for you or for your guests, the challenge is to make it feel comfortable for both working and sleeping.

For a simple experience, put an extra bed or pull-out couch in your existing office space. This will offer a quick and affordable “twist” on the space.

But for some special design flair, these 26 guest bedroom office ideas show how to add more possibilities and style to these versatile spaces.

Guest Bedroom / Office Ideas

1.Murphy Bed Guest Room

lavender_julep Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @lavender_julep/Instagram

What better way to hide a guest bed than in the wall? A Murphy bed may sound dated, but there are many stylish modern options.

In this multipurpose guest room, the Murphy bed folds back up into the wall to give you more floor space. But when it’s down, it just looks like a regular cozy bed.

Plus, this Murphy bed will be a lot more comfortable than a sleeper sofa.

2.Best Beige Small Space

concreta_arq Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @concreta_arq/Instagram

Beige doesn’t have to be boring. In this room, the wall and floor colors add a warmth to the remodel that the original didn’t have.

As well, the bookshelves frame the desk and window nicely, and they give you extra storage space. And who wouldn’t want to look out at the mountains every day while they work?

With a few changes and less clutter, you can turn an unwanted back room into a beautiful office / guest space.

3.Small Bedroom / Office Combo

house_to_home_diary_ Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @house_to_home_diary_/Instagram

The owners transformed this small child’s room into an elegant, adult guest room. And the potted plants, blanket, and other decor items do make this spare room feel like home.

Adding mirrors to a small office or guest room is a great way to make the space feel bigger — without an expansion. So you and your guests won’t feel cramped with a small desk or minimal floor space.

4.Elegant Small Guest Bedroom

ohra_architects Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @ohra_architects/Instagram

There’s not much furniture in this guest bedroom, but it doesn’t matter. The bed, built-in desk, and wardrobe are all you need.

In this room, the interior designer used clean, geometric lines to create a modern feel. So, even if you can’t completely remodel your room, you can still include some of those details.

For example, try replacing a light fixture or changing your bedding. And keep your color palette relatively neutral.

5.Vintage Natural Light

waterhousemarket Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @waterhousemarket/Instagram

White walls are a great blank canvas. By starting with those, you can tailor the other design elements to your personal tastes.

In this case, the teal, peach, and mustard hues balance each other well. But they don’t overwhelm the viewer because the walls are white.

Also, in this vintage-inspired room, each piece of furniture looks like it tells a story. With a neutral wall color, you can tell whatever story you want.

6.Light and Dark Guest Space

ohmsweetohm__ Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @ohmsweetohm__/Instagram

But not everyone likes bright white walls. So, why not try dark gray or even black?

You might think this guest room / office combo would be too dark, but the natural light from the window brightens the space. As well, the white bedding lightens it up.

Also, while the bed frame is black, it doesn’t look heavy because it’s thin metal rods. So consider the bulkiness of your furnishings when you choose dark colors.

7.Bright Garden Guest Room

goranfoto_dc Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @goranfoto_dc/Instagram

A garden view can be really inspiring while you’re working. So it’s a great idea to put your desk at the window.

And you can even bring nature inside with potted plants and bright accents. You’ll make your guests feel more at home.

Also, try using one accent color in different places around the office / guest room combo. In this case, the interior designer used orangey-pink on the throw pillow and the flower vase.

8.Flock of Swallows Guest Bedroom

jenmarie_interiors Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @jenmarie_interiors/Instagram

If there’s a pattern (or an animal) you love, just go for it.

For example, with this wallpaper, you’ll feel like you’re flying. And that would be a treat for any guests coming to stay.

Although this is a small space and has a sloped ceiling, the grace of the birds makes you feel light and breezy.

As well, the furniture and accessories match the colors in the wallpaper. So the room has a cohesive feeling.

9.Jungle Multi-Purpose Room

made_in_chorlton Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @made_in_chorlton/Instagram

If you’re looking for unique home office ideas, consider starting with a statement piece. This can change the whole feeling of a room very quickly.

Sometimes that’s a piece of furniture or a painting. But in this case, it’s the large potted plant.

The greenery makes this room feel alive. And the wall color and natural wood furnishings add to this sensation.

But the modern furniture keeps this home office feeling sleek and stylish.

10.Functional Space

blommor_och_hem Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @blommor_och_hem/Instagram

This spare bedroom is great for an overnight guest. But because the bed frame isn’t traditional, the room doesn’t scream “sleeping space.”

So, this is a great option if the room will mostly be your office, and you’ll only have an occasional guest. The large desk has enough space for you to work comfortably, and the window lets in lots of natural light.

And why not pamper yourself why you work? Try sitting in a rocking chair instead of an office chair.

11.Shades of Gray Guest Room

jodieadelehome Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @jodieadelehome/Instagram

On the other hand, this guest room is more for sleeping than for working. It can do double duty as an office, but only if you just need to do some computer work.

But for either purpose, the gray color scheme is very soothing. And the designer had lots of fun playing with different textures, rather than colors.

So, don’t be afraid to use subtle colors but explore different textures and patterns.

12.Red & Navy Office / Guest Room Combo

no.11_thegreenhouse Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @no . 11_thegreenhouse/Instagram

If you like brighter colors, blue and red go really well together. But to keep the effect from overwhelming the space, try more muted shades.

In this space, the designer chose navy and brick red. And the green desk ties in nicely as well because it has the same intensity.

To round out the look, the posters tie everything together: they have all the colors that show up in the other parts of the room.

13.Starry Home Office

gogoumarilia Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @gogoumarilia/Instagram

This little guest room has a tranquil, twilight feel. And sleeping spaces that remind you of going to bed are great for relaxation.

The bookshelf at the back is an easy way to store all of your stuff. But if you have a little more energy, you could put some built-in storage there. That way, you can hold even more things.

14.Elegant Daybed

makeitmdrn Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @makeitmdrn/Instagram

If you want lots of flexibility, buy a daybed that works as a sofa or a sleeping spot.

This large space would work well as a living room or multi-purpose room in addition to an office and guest bedroom. So, pull out your guitar and jam with your friends.

Also, if you have a big, beautiful window like this, it would be a great spot for a window seat.

15.Farmhouse Home Office

makinghomematter Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @makinghomematter/Instagram

If you love antiques, treat yourself to an office full of your treasures.

Rather than having one piece be the focal point of the room, surround yourself with different items. Plus, it’ll give you lots of inspiration while you work.

Also, the white floating shelves work really well in this type of design. They give you lots of storage space, but they don’t take away focus from the objects.

16.Sage Guest Room

the_living_house Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @the_living_house/Instagram

Show off your favorite color. If you’ve got one shade you really love, highlight that.

In this guest room, sage green walls take center stage. But the throw pillows, artwork, and even potted plants all reflect that gorgeous hue.

You could adapt this design to your own favorite color. Try other pastels if you want to paint all the walls.

But if you want a really bright shade, try it on an accent wall.

17.Subtle Florals

cristinamicu.interiordesign Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @cristinamicu . interiordesign/Instagram

Neutral colors can be very relaxing. But adding a little pattern can brighten up the look.

Here, the natural wood, white furniture, and gray-green walls created a soft atmosphere. But the floral duvet and pillows make the room look even more inviting.

As well, the floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light. Altogether, it’s a great guest room / office combo.

18.Colorful Modern Guest Bedroom

simplewonderfulliving Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @simplewonderfulliving/Instagram

Instead of neutrals, you could go bright. This guest bedroom works particularly well because of how the colors work together.

First, the white walls are the perfect neutral background for the color accents. Then, the dark blue provides a contrast.

And, finally, the yellow brightens everything up.

You can also mix other shades together in a similar way. For example, combining dark khaki with hot pink is a good option. Or, you can do indigo with pumpkin orange.

19.White & Natural Guest Bedroom

home_by_ellie Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @home_by_ellie/Instagram

Bring your love of nature into your guest bedroom or home office. While being highly functional, this relaxing space gives you a sense of the outdoors.

So, choose furniture and accessories made of natural fibers. And put a few dried flowers or grasses in a vase for decoration.

And if you don’t have much space, you don’t need as many accessories. Just a couple will give you the same feeling.

20.Striped Guest Bedroom

alterior.living Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @alterior . living/Instagram

Simple geometric shapes — like parallel lines or stripes — are a subtle way to impress your overnight guests.

The lines on the closet and blanket almost read as textures. And this look is much more elegant than solid colors.

Paired with the other modern furniture, this space looks really classy.

Also, a floating shelf or two would give you the same look if you can’t find a desk like this.

21.Bright & Lovely Bedroom / Office Combo

nl__interiors Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @nl__interiors/Instagram

This room is deceptively simple, which gives it an open and inviting feel. But each element itself is very stylish.

To create a home office or guest bedroom like this, look for furniture with clean lines. And avoid decorations that look “busy.”

22.Simple Office and Guest Room

myshaftesburyhome Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @myshaftesburyhome/Instagram

In many cases, all you need is a functional space. And this one does just that.

Here, there are no fancy and expensive elements. But the neutral color scheme and lack of clutter make it a space you want to spend time in.

And the floating shelves give you space to highlight your personal treasures.

23.Modern Wood Accents

ifwallscouldtalkja Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @ifwallscouldtalkja/Instagram

If you want to host guests in style, go back to the basics. Use natural wood to highlight the beauty of your space.

Here, the dark wood gives a lovely contrast to the white walls, floor, and bedding. But rather than looking artificial, the room makes you feel closer to the woods outside.

24.Chic Style

debbiespiro Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @debbiespiro/Instagram

A drop of hot pink can be tres chic. Especially if you match elements around the room.

In this space, the hot pink chair is a really fun accent piece. But the color is also reflected in the bedding and the flowers.

So, don’t be afraid to add a dash of bright color.

25.Cozy and Functional

isoscella Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @isoscella/Instagram

The warmth of the leather pillow and chair contrast beautifully with the soft gray color scheme. The combination creates a really inviting space.

And the window nook is a great spot for flowers, candles, or even a cushion for reading.

26.Victorian Glamor

jessicalevantiques Instagram guest bedroom office

Courtesy @jessicalevantiques/Instagram

Bring back some of that Victorian glamor — but give it a modern spin.

Choose furnishings that echo design elements from the period. In particular, look for patterns and motifs that evoke the era.

Here, for example, the chair, vase, and long pillow all echo the same design.

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