18 Elegant Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 1, 2022

Achieve a gothic flair with dark colors, window dressing, and much more.

Achieve a gothic flair with dark colors, window dressing, and much more.

_my.secondhandhome Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @_my.secondhandhome/Instagram

Your bedroom is your ultimate haven to rest and recharge. So we’ve lined up some beautiful gothic bedroom ideas to inspire you to spice up your space.

The gothic style is heavily influenced by the gothic architecture of days gone by. It’s a style characterized by pointed arches, wrought iron detailing, and dark antique furniture to create a mysterious gothic ambiance. Think of the Notre Dame Cathedral as a classic example.

But how do you channel that gothic feel into your bedroom? All you need are some interior design tricks.

We’re talking the high drama of medieval and victorian gothic bedroom furniture blended with deep colors and sumptuous velvet textures to bring some chic gothic style.

Fancy a crystal chandelier for true decadence? Why not! However you want your gothic themed bedroom to look, we’ve got some elegant ideas to help you get creative.

18 Elegant Ideas for the Perfect Gothic Bedroom

1.All Black

spookylittlelair Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @spookylittlelair/Instagram

From black walls to black bedding, you can’t go wrong in a gothic bedroom with an all-black color scheme. Try adding some potted plants and gold accessories to liven the moody vibe.

Blending a black bed frame with your dark wall color is a sure-fire way to achieve a classic gothic bedroom feel in any sleeping space.

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2.Feature a Black Accent Wall

mybelfasthouse Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @mybelfasthouse/Instagram

A black accent wall and statement furniture pieces are a great foundation for a gothic theme in your bedroom. And a gilded bed frame only adds to the signature vintage style.

For true luxury, you can add a crystal chandelier and matching candle holders to your gothic bedroom. It’s all about blending personal accessories with your dramatic feature wall to create a room you love.

3.Black and Gold

oui.ja.cy Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @oui . ja . cy/Instagram

This medieval-inspired gothic bedroom uses the bed, lamps, and dramatic accessories to create a classic gothic design.

The black and white bedding cuts through the all-black bedroom decor to lighten the gothic look. And let’s not forget the gorgeous gold edging on the bed and picture frames. Talk about the ultimate goth glam.

4.Bring the Outside Indoors

yourstruly_alexsa Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @yourstruly_alexsa/Instagram

For a modern gothic bedroom, stick to the dark colors but layer them up with elements of nature. The intricate surfaces of the bedding and tree-inspired decorations create an earthy pagan vibe in this bedroom.

A bright white ceiling stands out against the dark paint on the walls to keep the room feeling fresh. Some textured cushions scattered on the bed only add to the gothic vibe.

5.A Flash of Purple and Pinks

gothic.palace Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @gothic.palace/Instagram

A pop of accent color can help to create a personal touch in your gothic bedroom. And what better colors to choose than purple and pink.

The bright color lifts a dark room. Something as simple as a pink candle in your gothic candle holder is a stylish way to achieve a more modern gothic bedroom.

6.Purple Bedding

morticialegoth Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @morticialegoth/Instagram

Your choice of bed frame and bedding is key when designing your chic gothic bedroom. Luxurious deep purple bedding is a quick way to add a dramatic feel to any room.

Keep the lighting down low by using deep lampshades and muted bulbs for a romantic atmosphere. Throw in some decorative mirrors to complete your gothic bedroom decor.

7.Feature Rich Colors

witchs.hearth Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @witchs.hearth/Instagram

Keep the dark and mysterious vibe alive with a statement purple wall if you don’t want to commit to the depth of black. Deep colors are key to the gothic style in any bedroom, after all.

Add some coordinated furniture and muted greenery to bring some gothic romance to your interior design ideas.

8.Black, White, and Beautiful

roroxboutique Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @roroxboutique/Instagram

Turn the classic goth style on its head and use white walls as your base. Adding decorative black furniture and ornate mirrors give a modern gothic twist to your bedroom.

For ultimate sophistication, decorate the ceiling with flowing flowers. But don’t feel like you need to stick to black and white! Adding grey hues helps to soften the look of this gothic bedroom.

9.Black and White Rugs

ladyvampmanor Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @ladyvampmanor/Instagram

All classic gothic-style bedrooms make use of a rug. It was a staple accessory in Victorian times, so you didn’t have to walk over a cold floor with your bare feet.

This gorgeous black and white rug features damask prints in monochrome colors for a modern take on the style. It’s one of the quickest gothic bedroom ideas to spruce up the floor in your space.

10.Awe-Inspiring Baroque Beauty

fabulousandbaroque Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @fabulousandbaroque/Instagram

The Baroque movement was about creating awe-inspiring art and spaces. Use contrasting pieces for a luxurious gothic style, like this gold bed set against black walls.

The black mirrors combined with red bed sheets add some feminine contrast in this beautiful Baroque gothic bedroom.

11.Baroque Bed Frame

little_lady_wolf Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @little_lady_wolf/Instagram

Bring the grandeur of Baroque into your gothic bedroom with a dramatic bed frame. Think along the lines of ornate detailing and over-the-top design for authentic gothic bedroom ideas.

Seeing as the Baroque style is all about opulence, what better choice of lighting than a decadent crystal chandelier? Stick to dark tones in the rest of the room to create a space that screams gothic glam.

12.Wooden Victorian Furniture

_theleopardlounge_ Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @_theleopardlounge_/Instagram

Victorian-style furniture was a staple in the original gothic era since all the pieces were made from heavy wood. Keep the furniture looking traditional for an authentic gothic-inspired bedroom.

Adding dark walls, a classic chandelier, and a statement bed helps to tie the whole bedroom interior design together.

13.Vibrant Victorian Vibes

ladyvampmanor Instagram gothic bedroom victorian

Courtesy @ladyvampmanor/Instagram

Gothic bedrooms rely on flashes of gold to keep them looking vibrant. Nail the look by adding opulent bedding and an ornate mirror to your Victorian furniture.

The drama of this dark wooden bed, beautiful bureau, and golden touches work perfectly with the white wall to showcase the best gothic bedroom ideas.

14.Black and Grey Contrast

morticialegoth Instagram gothic bedroom grey

Courtesy @morticialegoth/Instagram

You don’t need black walls to create a gothic bedroom. A mixture of dark tones working together still replicates the mystic vibe of gothic interior decors.

The black chandelier, bed, and furniture items blend perfectly with the grey feature wall for a more modern bedroom. The final finishing touches and eye for detail are just as important as the walls themselves.

15.Add Some Romance to the Bedroom

84_square Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @84_square/Instagram

A moody yet romantic vibe is typical of gothic bedrooms. And blending textures and patterns is a simple way to replicate this feeling in your own bedroom.

The velvet throw on the beautiful bed is a nod to the original gothic era when this luxurious fabric was used to keep the cold at bay. And the dusky floral bedding ties in perfectly with the rest of the bedroom decor.

16.Green Velvet

white_rabbit_living Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @white_rabbit_living/Instagram

If you’re channeling a pagan gothic vibe, green velvet is the way forward. Floor-length curtains and comforters made from this heavy fabric bring an authentic feel to any gothic bedroom.

And a canopy bed combined with a deep red rug and furniture keeps the classic vibe alive. Top points for combining these elements and creating a stylish space.

17.Navy Blue and Green Touches

wednesdayscottage Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @wednesdayscottage/Instagram

Gothic bedroom ideas focus heavily on deeply-colored walls, furniture, and finishing touches. But it doesn’t always have to be black. You can still channel the gothic theme with inky navy and green.

The blue tassels on the traditional rug tie in with the dark walls. And the green throw on the bed is another nice touch that helps to transform this space into a moody gothic-inspired bedroom.

18.Medieval Styling Ideas

felinaland Instagram gothic bedroom

Courtesy @felinaland/Instagram

A striking canopy bed is one of the ultimate gothic bedroom ideas. And this bedroom has the look nailed with the black and gold detailing in the bed frame, a la medieval times.

The darkened hues of the black and white tiled floor add a dramatic yet sophisticated touch which is crucial for any gothic space. With so many darker details, a white ceiling provides contrast and keeps the bedroom feeling brighter.

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