3 Simple Ways to Get hair dye Out of Carpet

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Rid your carpets of the hair dye stain

3 Simple Ways to Get hair dye Out of Carpet

It’s not exactly a child’s play to remove hair dye from a carpet, but it’s doable. Many people think that once their carpet is stained with hair dye, there’s no coming back from that.

Well, I’m here to give you some good news. With the right ingredients and cleaning method, you can get rid of almost every stain from the carpet fibers.

Before you start using harsh chemicals, look for an ingredient in your house. Some common household cleaning ingredients include vinegar, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix any one of them with water and try to remove the stain with that solution. If the stain goes away but also discolors the carpet in the process, use a fabric pen to recolor it.

Let’s discuss these methods in detail below.

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Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol, Vinegar, and Dish Soap

I’ll start with milder cleaning agents that are suitable for softer and smaller stains.

What You’ll Need

Step by Step Instructions

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Make a Solution Using the Liquids

Mix two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of dish soap, and one tablespoon of white vinegar in a large bowl.

Step 2: Apply the Solution to Stain

Then, take a clean cloth and dip it in this mixture. Wring it out to remove excess moisture. Doing this is important to prevent saturation on the carpet.

Press this cloth onto the stain. Do not rub as it can spread the hair dye, making the stain bigger.

Step 3: Blot the Affected Area

Remove the cloth containing the cleaning solution and replace it with a clean cloth. Use this dry cloth to blot the stained region. It will soak up the dye that the cleaning solution loosened in Step 2.

When a cloth gets oversaturated or too dirty, replace it with a dry, clean one. Only use clothes that you don’t need as you won’t be able to remove the stains from them afterward.

Step 4: Sponge the Stain

Lastly, take a damp sponge and dab the stain with it. After doing this, use another dry cloth to remove the excess water from the carpet.

If you can still see some dye traces, put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the area, and blot it using a dry cloth. Do this until the carpet stain is completely gone.

Method 2: Make an Ammonia Cleaning Solution

Ammonia solution is a stronger alternative to vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Thus, if you’re dealing with a difficult stain, use this method.

What You’ll Need

Step by Step Instructions

When working with ammonia, take the necessary precautions to stay safe during the process.

Step 1: Make the Ammonia Solution

First off, mix one teaspoon of dish soap and one tablespoon of ammonia to two cups of lukewarm warm water in a bucket or large container. To prevent ammonia poisoning, open the windows and doors in your house for better ventilation.

Step 2: Apply the Ammonia Cleaning Solution

Then, dip a clean cloth into the ammonia solution and dab it on the hair dye stain. Make sure to wear gloves before doing this as ammonia is toxic and harmful to your skin.

Cover the entire stained surface with this solution and let it sit for half an hour. During this time, do not let kids and pets come close to the carpet.

Step 3: Sponge the Solution

After 30 minutes, dip a clean cloth or sponge in the solution and dab it onto the stained area. Wring the cloth if needed, before putting it on the carpet.

Let it sit for five minutes. Keep repeating this step until the stain is gone.

Step 4: Clean with Water

Finally, dip a sponge or dry cloth in water and blot the area to remove the excess ammonia solution. Once you’ve removed as much moisture as you could, let the carpet air dry for a whole day. If possible, turn on the fans to speed up the process.

Method 3: Use Hydrogen Peroxide

When using this method, know that hydrogen peroxide can discolor your carpet. So, do a spot test before applying it to a large area.

What You’ll Need

Step by Step Instructions

Like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide is also harmful when inhaled or ingested. Thus, take the necessary precautions.

Step 1: Apply the Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Using an eyedropper, put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide solution onto the stained area. Make sure to cover it completely.

Step 2: Let the Area Dry

Let your carpet dry for up to 24 hours. During this time, hydrogen peroxide will break up the stain.

Step 3: Sponge the Area

Then, use a wet sponge to blot the area, removing hydrogen peroxide. Press the sponge gently onto the stained area, and do not rub it. Let the area dry.

If the carpet has lost its color, use a fabric pen to recolor it. You can find a color that matches your carpet from a craft store.

Tips and Warnings

Even when working with household cleaners, you have to be careful since they’re toxic.


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  • Deal with the hair dye stains as soon as possible. Do not let them get stronger.
  • Instead of dish soap, use baby shampoo to get the same effect and a better smell.
  • Call a professional if you cannot remove the stain yourself.


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  • Be careful when working with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Wear a mask and cover your hands with gloves.
  • Open the windows and doors to ventilate the area.
  • Keep kids and pets away from areas where you’ve applied these cleaners.
  • Dry the carpet before use to prevent mold growth.


Take my word for it: the methods mentioned above will make the stain disappear in no time. Start with milder cleaners and then go on to using hydrogen peroxide if the stain is too stubborn.

Now, it’s time for you to get the cleaners out and let me know:

Let me know in the comments below.

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