13 Cool Futuristic Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated March 29, 2022

Step in a time machine: your bedroom.

Step in a time machine: your bedroom.


eduard_galkin_arch Instagram futuristic bedroom featured

Courtesy @eduard_galkin_arch/Instagram

Futuristic bedroom designs bring your 21st-century space into a new world.

Modern and stylish, futuristic bedroom design look can let your mind relax in an instant. In general, it has a very open feel, which can be soothing. And having lots of visual space can let you dream about your own future.

The furniture is also both distinctive and creative. Think of a floating bed or a pod bed. Or even floating shelves. All of them will add a very futuristic to any room.

For more unique looks, experiment with the shape of your bedroom. For example, you could make your bedroom look like the interior of a spaceship, or like it’s underwater.

And lighting plays an important role too. Think about fixtures that aren’t just lamps or chandeliers. Try putting recessed lighting in areas that you wouldn’t expect to see it.

These 13 awesome futuristic bedroom ideas show how to bring your favorite sci-fi bedroom to life.

Cool Futuristic Bedroom Ideas

1.White Diamond

juliely.homes Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @juliely . homes/Instagram

For futuristic bedroom design, neutral colors like white or gray can work really well. That’s because they’ll make the room look sleek and modern.

For example, this futuristic bedroom uses shades of gray to create a cohesive space. The darker lines on the ceiling and around the windows add some structure. And the white basin shines in the sunlight.

And for this look to work perfectly, try to keep your room uncluttered!

2.White Spaceship

pena.yusupov Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @pena.yusupov/Instagram

The structure of this room has a really futuristic vibe.

For instance, the stripes and windows give the illusion of corridors on a spaceship.

So, think about decorative accents. They’ll transform your regular bedroom into a space-age sleeping area.

As well, the hidden lighting also helps enhance this look. It works on both the walls and under the bed to make it look like the frame is floating.

Finally, the bright, shiny flooring would be at home on a flight deck.

3.Geometric Taupe

nrdesigns_ Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @nrdesigns_/Instagram

This room sticks with a monochrome palette. But the different shades of green taupe create a relaxing, futuristic atmosphere.

And the recessed lighting keeps the room from being too dim. I love how the lighting above the bed matches the geometric pattern of the headboard.

When you design your futuristic bedroom, use similar patterns or textures on different parts of the room. You can consider furniture, bedding, lighting, flooring, or paint.

4.White & Yellow

eduard_galkin_arch Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @eduard_galkin_arch/Instagram

Who needs rectangles and squares? Play with curves and unusual angles!

Because this type of interior design will give you a very futuristic look.

In other words, curved walls (or a curved ceiling) give the illusion that you’re no longer in a standard house. In this case, they make you think you’re in a spaceship!

And don’t forget that you can add accents like skylights to enhance this feeling!

As well, glossy white furniture, like this bed frame, goes a long way towards creating a space-age look.

5.Dark & Natural

homedeco413 Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @homedeco413/Instagram

A futuristic bedroom doesn’t need to be bright white. Instead, you can opt for a darker color palette.

This room uses a white futuristic motif on the ceiling to brighten up the black paint. And the wooden wall and light carpet keep the space from looking like a cave.

And while most futuristic bedrooms opt for metal and plastic, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to manufactured products. Why not add a bit of nature?

The wooden wall, plants, and rustic rug and blanket make this space look really cozy.

6.Neon Accents

kayanastudio Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @kayanastudio/Instagram

Perhaps you prefer a futuristic ambiance with minimal light. For this look, install black-out shades on the windows, and put your lights on dimmer switches.

That way, you can have a bright working space if you want it. Or you can turn all the lights down for a dark look.

In addition, why not add different colored lighting to your space? Green, blue, and red all work well with this futuristic aesthetic.

7.Kids’ Bunk Beds

dianinterior Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @dianinterior/Instagram

Let your kids dream of space exploration in these pod bunk beds!

This space has a futuristic appeal without too much detail. The shape of the beds and the colored lighting do most of the work.

So, pick your childrens’ favorite color, and give them a taste of the future. There are no right colors – use whatever feels welcoming!

And this futuristic bedroom has a cozy feeling because the color matches the teddy bear!

8.White Floating Bed

designingyourhome Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @designingyourhome/Instagram

When your entire room is white, it’s a blank canvas for interesting accessories. In this space, the floating bed draws the eye.

Floating beds are a surefire way to make your bedroom look futuristic. And here, the shiny finish on the floor magnifies the lighting even more to enhance the illusion.

But if you want a pop of color, you could always add some bright wall art.

Or, install smart bulbs that you can customize with different colors. That way, you can easily change up your futuristic bedroom whenever you want!

9.Blue Floating Bed

jeremiahdaws Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @jeremiahdaws/Instagram

If you want to feel like you’re leaving the outside world, add a floating bed!

Most of this room has straight lines like a normal house. But this one interior design element brings the bedroom to a whole new level.

And instead of sticking with regular white lighting for a futuristic bed, why not try a bright color?

This blue works well because the other colors in the futuristic bedroom are neutral. So it really stands out and doesn’t clash with anything else.

And, you could even experiment with this effect on other furniture.

10.Futuristic Door

ulfrotermund Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @ulfrotermund/Instagram

Choosing one element to change can set the entire tone for a futuristic bedroom design. For instance, this door gives you a futuristic feeling as soon as you walk through it.

The geometric windows and patterning are very modern. But because it’s light brown, it won’t overwhelm any other futuristic design elements.

If you want one interior design element to stand out, try surrounding it with neutral things. In this case, the flooring and wall color are both gray, so they won’t compete with the door.

11.Futuristic Decor

evi_ten_1 Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @evi_ten_1/Instagram

When you create a futuristic bedroom, you don’t have to do an expensive modification. For example, a small accessory can change the aesthetic of the whole room – without costing you a fortune.

The lines of this vase are similar to the shapes in futuristic bedrooms with curved walls. But this is a lot less expensive!

And the flowers add some freshness to the space. Plus, you can change them out whenever you want a new look.

So, you don’t have to redo the entire bedroom. Just pick a few accessories to give you a futuristic feeling.

12.Room With a View

tuviedesign Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @tuviedesign/Instagram

Give yourself a new perspective with this inventive futuristic bedroom. The view makes you feel out of this world!

It’s also an interesting take on a canopy bed without curtains. (Although you could add them if you wanted some privacy.

You can follow this general idea but choose your view. Pick your favorite city, or design your own.

You can transport yourself anywhere you want by choosing different images. So, it’s an ideal option for someone who likes to travel!

13.Simple Futuristic Bed Frame

moxonlondon Instagram futuristic bedroom

Courtesy @moxonlondon/Instagram

A futuristic bedroom isn’t always complicated. And a simple design and color scheme will be very soothing for a child.

For instance, this cubicle canopy bed will give your kid a place to be cozy. But it doesn’t feel as fantastical as some of the other bedrooms on this list.

And the built-in light is an excellent accessory to encourage your child to read!

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