5 Easy Homemade Mopping Solutions

By Gladys K. Connelly Updated December 20, 2020

Making your own mopping solution recipe has never been so easy.

5 Easy Homemade Mopping Solutions

Looking for easy homemade mop cleaning solutions at home?

While most people love to use store-bought cleaning products, others may be allergic or simply prefer to use homemade, natural ingredients.

This way, you are sure of what’s going into your formula.

Plus, not all products are streak-free for instance, and many use heavy chemicals that are pretty hazardous to use around children as well.

The following mixes and recipes will leave your floors not only sparkly clean but also residue-free and feeling fresh as ever.

I have been using all of these solutions when I was working as a housekeeping manager at a hotel. The director wanted to save on cleaning products because he was in a bad financial situation. We then had to find alternative and less expensive solutions to clean the rooms. So we all sat down and concerted together, we came out with these solutions.

Ready to begin?

The 5 Homemade Mopping Solutions

1.Just Plain Vinegar

Probably one of the most popular cleanings “solutions” out there is vinegar.

It is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial mop solution that works exceptionally well. It doesn’t leave any strange chemical residues on the floors.

Some people, however, dislike the smell it has. But, while you will sense the strong scent of vinegar while you clean and mop, it will quickly fade away as it dries. Especially if you have a couple of windows wide open.

Besides, it is extremely powerful to cover any strong smell such as dog urine.

The results?

Shiny, beautiful, and disinfected floors. You can use 3 different mixes to clean dirty floors and if the area you’re meaning to mop is rather small, cut the recipe in half.

  1. 1gal of warm water + ½ cup white vinegar (distilled)
  2. 1gal of water + ½ white vinegar (distilled) + 2 tbs of gentle dish soap
  3. 1gal of water + ½ white vinegar (distilled) + a few drops of lemon juice or scented oils of your preference. Even essential oils for the scent if you know how to use them. This recipe is specially made for those who dislike the smell of vinegar

2.Window Cleaner

This isn’t a natural ingredient but it’s something you surely have in your pantry.

It also counts as one of the simplest products to mop your floors and you might not have even known it.

Of course, window cleaners work wonders on glass and mirrored surfaces, but it’s also great for mopping. Besides, it smells good.

Window cleaners are usually formulated to leave no streaks and even remove them from shiny surfaces. Some high-quality ones will eliminate the necessity to buff your flooring depending on the type of surface you’re working on.

Window cleaner works exceptionally well as a spot cleaner as well. Spray a bit of solution directly from the bottle and use a wet mop to clean away any sticky or dirty spots from the floor.

The great thing about using a window cleaner is that you don’t have to purchase several products for different cleaning tasks.


3.Dish Soap

Using gentle dish soap works wonders as a floor cleaner.

Since it’s mild you can use it on almost every floor type and won’t leave any of that sticky residue we all dislike.

Don’t go overboard, though. If you use too much of this solution, it’s likely you end up with sticky films all over your floor.


4.Rubbing Alcohol

Another product you most likely have stored in your pantry and is a great floor cleaner is rubbing alcohol. 

Water is a good cleaning agent on its own, but when you add an extra touch of cleaning power, this is where rubbing alcohol will help.

Alcohol will quickly evaporate which means no lines or streaks from drying will be left on your floor.

Plus, using rubbing alcohol will eliminate the necessity of having to shine and buff the floor to dry.


5.The Ultimate Mopping Solution Recipe

Up to this point I shared some of the most popular mopping solutions you will find in your pantry and that you can make yourself.

However, there is one ultimate recipe that will leave your floors rocking a stunning shine, no streaks, no lines, and smelling fresh and clean.

This recipe calls for many of the ingredients I’ve already mentioned, so pay attention!

Also, don’t be afraid to try your own recipes. Tweak the measurements here and there if you notice that a single ingredient works best for your particular needs.

Mopping Solution Recipe:

All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well.

It’s best if you use a spray bottle to evenly apply layers of mopping solution onto the floors and mop immediately using a microfiber cloth to achieve the best results.

Make sure you allow your floors to air dry. There is no need to rinse when using this homemade mopping solution.

iamge icon

The steps I will go through in this guide work best for fresh stains but I have also included ways you can clean dry paint off the carpet.

This mopping solution recipe will make enough to last several uses. Try making plenty of it at once and save yourself time. Cut the recipe to the required amounts depending on what works best for you.

Both the alcohol and vinegar odors will quickly fade away and you will be left with the lovely essential oil scents, so no worries!

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  • Never forget to thoroughly sweep your floors before mopping.
  • These solutions are safe to use on any type of floors such as hardwood floors, ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl plank.
  • Pay attention. These solutions are designed to be used directly on the floor and with the help of a traditional mop. I do not recommend using them with steam cleaners, steam mops, or even robot mop. This could indeed damage them. If you want to use this kind of recipe with your steam cleaner or robot, I advise you to check beforehand that you can combine the two. However, you can still use these natural mop solution with spray mops since they are manual mops.


Now I Would Like To Hear From You ..

I hope you enjoyed my 5 easy homemade mopping solutions. 

So you see, there are several ways you can create your own homemade mopping solutions that will work wonders on your floors.

And you, do you have a special recipe?

Let me know!

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