25 Modern Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 12, 2022

Cozy up to your new modern bedroom!

Cozy up to your new modern bedroom!

bookd.homes Instagram cozy bedroom featured big

Courtesy @bookd . homes/Instagram

At the end of a long day, it’s important to have a cozy bedroom to relax in. And there are lots of ways to design the perfect space for yourself.

Just like you would like a comfy couch in your cozy living room, make sure you have a comfy bed. Since that’s where you’ll spend most of your time, you want it to feel super cozy.

Take a look at your bedding and pillows to find what makes you want to snuggle. And even think about changing your mattress if it’s not comfortable.

Another important aspect is the lighting in your room. Soft lighting makes the room feel comfortable and homey, rather than harsh.

Also, think about your favorite colors, and come up with a color scheme that will make you feel at home. Then, paint your walls or match your accessories to that theme.

Check out these cozy bedrooms for inspiration. There are lots of ways to design the cozy bedroom of your dreams.

Modern Cozy Bedroom Ideas

1.Earthy Cozy Bedroom

thewhitehoneyhome Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @thewhitehoneyhome/Instagram

Create an airy bedroom with white linens and natural elements! By using natural materials, you’ll feel at one with the earth.

In this cozy bedroom, the warm wood tones, woven accessories, and decorative grasses have a relaxing feel. And everywhere you look, each aspect of the bedroom fits with the theme.

So, try matching the details on things like throw pillows and wall hangings. That will give you a cohesive look!

2.Neutral Cozy Bedroom

67quadrat Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @67quadrat/Instagram

Sometimes, light is the most important thing to transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis. In this case, the natural light from the window gives the whole room a beautiful glow.

And the neutral furnishings help capture that light to make the whole space feel warm.

When you’re doing the interior design for your bedroom, try to use warm light rather than cool. That will help the space feel even cozier!

3.Wood & Patterns

article Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @article/Instagram

​​Try mixing neutral wood accents with delicate patterns and textures for your cozy bedroom.

Here, the duvet cover perfectly matches the natural wood floor. But the pillows and throw blanket add some visual interest.

Also, an upholstered bed looks softer than one with a wood or metal frame. So, upholstered furniture can go a long way toward making your room feel comfortable!

4.Leafy Cozy Room

iwona.jar Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @iwona . jar/Instagram

When you’re looking for cozy bedroom ideas, why not go back to nature? Plants and other greenery can make your space feel cozy all year round!

For inspiration, you can start with pastel green linens. And then add your favorite house plants for a truly cozy vibe.

But don’t forget to add a personal touch! Your favorite figurine or piece of art will make your cozy bedroom feel complete.

5.Classy Black and White

theloomia Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @theloomia/Instagram

Cozy bedroom ideas don’t have to be colorful. If you prefer black and white, that’s also a great color scheme for your room!

If the majority of the space is white, it will make your bedroom feel bright. In this case, the walls, curtains, and bedding are all very light.

But then adding darker accents like the bed frame, blankets, and rug make the room feel personal. You don’t want to feel like you’re in a hospital!

6.Floral Cozy Bedroom

thechichomestore Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @thechichomestore/Instagram

The easiest and cheapest way to make your space cozier is to change your bedding. So, find a new duvet cover and pillowcases that make you feel right at home.

If the bed is the brightest thing in the room, it will draw your eye there. And you’ll be ready to jump right in!

7.Feminine Accents

kaitsnest Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @kaitsnest/Instagram

If you want to express your feminine side, concentrate on the little details. In this cozy bedroom, the stitching on the blanket and the floral wreath add a bit of feminine flair.

So even if your furniture and walls are relatively simple or neutral, you can add your own electric charm. Just look for accessories or details that fit your style.

8.White & Earth Tones

bedroominterior_ Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @bedroominterior_/Instagram

This is another elegant, modern bedroom that uses neutral colors to create a relaxing space.

Mixing warm wood tones with cooler colors creates a beautiful harmony here. So, if your room has lots of natural wood, try adding a darker shade of blue or gray to complement it.

9.Beautiful Beige Cozy Bedroom

olaliving_home Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @olaliving_home/Instagram

The many soft elements in this room make you want to hang out here all day. The pillows, bedding, and carpets all look really cozy!

Since this is a smaller space, the use of beige and brown tones keeps the overall design from being overwhelming. Especially with all of the different textures.

This is also a great look for a guest room! Your company will feel right at home.

10.Light Blue Cozy Bedroom

laureninharrogate Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @laureninharrogate/Instagram

Chunky yarn blankets make you want to snuggle right under the covers. You could even try knitting a blanket yourself!

So, add accessories that bring you joy and make you want to spend time in your room.

Also, putting fresh flowers by your bed makes your cozy space feel even more cheerful.

11.Simple and Elegant

mimameise Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @mimameise/Instagram

You don’t need lots of detail or fuzzy blankets to make your bedroom feel cozy. In fact, a simple design can make your room look even more modern!

Plus, take advantage of the spaciousness that large windows and high ceilings give you. Don’t clutter up your space!

Choose simple furnishings in your favorite color. And then add one or two accents, such as a fun light fixture or a potted plant.

12.Shades of Blue

alexbild_interiors Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @alexbild_interiors/Instagram

If you have a favorite color, don’t hesitate to play around with it! That will make your living space feel like your own.

So, experiment with different shades of blue, or any other color, in different parts of your room. Try adding them to the walls, bedding, and even the floor!

As well, play around with different patterns in your chosen shade. It will be a bedroom designed with you in mind!

13.Dark Cozy Bedroom

studio.819 Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @studio . 819/Instagram

Some cozy bedroom ideas are from the dark side! A black or dark gray accent wall can bring your space down to earth.

Just pair the darkness with lighter accessories. For example, a white bed frame and end tables will lighten the look a bit.

If you paint all your walls a dark color, let’s say deep gray paint, it can make your room look more like a cave. But if that’s your thing, go for it!

14.Rustic Green

the_profile_place Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @the_profile_place/Instagram

If you want a dark color but not black or gray, green is a great option!

A forest green or deep blue-green will be very relaxing. And paired with clean lines and simple decor, green and white make a very comfortable combination.

Also, in this room, the leather headboard is an especially elegant touch! And the reddish tone makes it a contrasting color to the dark green.

15.Forest-Inspired Cozy Bedroom

our.pretzer.home Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @our . pretzer . home/Instagram

For easy cozy bedroom ideas, just start with your existing architecture.

Do you have flooring you want to highlight? Or a window you want to feature?

In this case, take a trip out to the countryside with the wood-paneled accent wall. The designer highlighted this feature by adding other matching accents, like the window shades and baskets.

And you can also add complementary wooden accents, such as the contrasting bed frame and side table.

16.Wood-Paneled Bedroom

horseshoecabinliving Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @horseshoecabinliving/Instagram

If your room is entirely wood-paneled, take that theme and run with it! For example, here’s an interesting take on a four-poster bed.

In addition, the rug, posters, and other decorations make the room feel like a cabin in the woods. It’s a perfect getaway for an adventurous child. (Or adult!)

It would also make a beautiful day bed or reading nook!

17.Modern Art

pippilottaaushamburg Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @pippilottaaushamburg/Instagram

Having one statement piece of decor is a great way to create a theme for your room. In this case, it’s the Mondrian-style painting.

The bedspread, throw blanket, and side table echo the shapes of the painting. And this creates cohesiveness.

Also, the clean lines and limited bright colors give the room a spacious feeling.

18.Pink & Black Cozy Bedroom

frecherfaden Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @frecherfaden/Instagram

This space has a very classy feel to it. The black and white decor is very elegant, but the pink bedding adds warmth. Altogether, the space is very inviting!

Also, string lights brighten up any room and make it even cozier. So, stock up on some discounted Christmas lights after the holidays!

19.Funky Contrasting Colors

teammichaeldaly Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @teammichaeldaly/Instagram

If you like a busier aesthetic, try mixing colors and patterns! Combining printed or floral bright wallpaper with a light quilt and pillows brings liveliness to the interior design.

Think about all the places you can brighten up: bedding, walls, floor, or even a lampshade!

If you want your room to inspire you, give it some zing. In the morning, you’ll leave your space feeling refreshed and energized!

20.Warm & Cool Cozy Bedroom

crd_associates Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @crd_associates/Instagram

Mixing warm and cool colors can make your cozy bedroom feel balanced. For example, this room combines blue and green with bright yellow to add some cheer.

And don’t forget that adults can still have some fun! So if you have a favorite dinosaur, comic book character, or animal, why not add a figurine by your bed?

21.Cozy Country Cottage

bedroominterior_ Instagram cozy bedroom country

Courtesy @bedroominterior_/Instagram

The wood panels and old-fashioned light bulbs give this bedroom a cottage feel. Little details like the antlers and the lightly-patterned rug add to the cozy feeling.

So just pretend the owls are hooting and you’re sleeping in the woods!

This would also be an excellent choice for a guest room or vacation rental.

22.Elegant Country Bedroom

home.decor.garden_ Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @home . decor . garden_/Instagram

Or perhaps you’re looking for a country estate feeling? With monogrammed pillows, you’ll feel right at home!

The gingham headboard looks rustic without being overly old-fashioned. And the set of pitchers adds a dash of historic elegance.

23.Cozy Attic Bedroom

alltags__romantik Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @alltags__romantik/Instagram

Take advantage of a sloped ceiling to make your room feel snug around you. So, use that feature as an accent wall and match your other decor to it.

Even though you won’t have much floor space with a large bed in this attic bedroom, it’ll give you lots of room to cuddle under your blankets.

24.Tiny Pink Bedroom

the_never_ending_jobs_list Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @the_never_ending_jobs_list/Instagram

Small bedroom spaces by nature feel cozy. And with a few fun touches, such as ivy and soft blankets, you can personalize yours!

And you can put up your favorite inspirational saying to keep you going day and night.

25.Geometric Cozy Bedroom

__loveseeker_emi Instagram cozy bedroom

Courtesy @__loveseeker_emi/Instagram

Mix and match your geometric shapes with this cozy bedroom idea! Don’t be afraid to combine lines, triangles, diamonds, and hexagons.

Plus, the textured bedding and ruffled curtains enhance this look!

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