27 Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated May 4, 2022

Be bold and go for a modern boho bedroom

Be bold and go for a modern boho bedroom

amirhossein___gholinejad Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @amirhossein___gholinejad/Instagram

Inspired by artists, nomads and performers, boho or bohémian decor is characterized by its lack of structure and rules. Instead, it’s a joyful organized confusion of colors, patterns, and structure.

There are some common practices though. Opting for different types of lighting or warm color schemes, saturating the space with colors, or layering eclectic patterns are aesthetics bohemian classics.

Whether you want to create a whole bohemian atmosphere or just add simple touches on your walls, bedding, rugs, and cushions, here we’ll cover all aspects of boho decorating for your bedroom.

Boho encourages you to embrace unique themes so we’ll tell you about how you can create outside-of-the-box designs in bohemian bedrooms.

Modern Bedroom Office Ideas

1.Dark Accent Wall

frills_bohofarmhouse Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @frills_bohofarmhouse/Instagram

Contrast a black or dark navy wall with some boho style items. This styling will transform your space into a modern boho bedroom with little effort.

A statement textured wall feature will stand out all the more against your dark backdrop. And different patterns on the bedding and pillows will complete the bohemian aesthetic of this space.

2.Tropical Boho

palm_and_wild Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @palm_and_wild/Instagram

Mix prints of exotic animals and real plants with warm earthy tones to make your bohemian style bedroom feel tropical and cozy.

The dark wall and pale bedding combine well with the rust and cream pieces. Plus the dark wooden ceiling fan will make you feel like you’re abroad somewhere in the warmth!

3.Black and White

jamielee_designs Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @jamielee_designs/Instagram

Black and white meets boho chic. The straight lines of the monochrome walls and bed provide a contrast to the individual, one-off pieces that are scattered around your room.

The skull on the wall, hanging copper lamps, and baskets all stand out against the black and white base colors. And the extra rug on top of the carpet gives a real bohemian flair in its layering of different textures.

4.Fan Style

honeyandmoss Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @honeyandmoss/Instagram

We love this fan-shaped headboard for your master bedroom. It also adds a quirky style as it could also be a peacock’s tail!

The darker color of the frame stands out against the pale walls. And then the warm, pink bedding and lamps make the space look super-cozy.

5.Boho Bed Frame

fleurrell Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @fleurrell/Instagram

Use rattan furniture to give your space a bohemian vibe. Paired with a basket-like light shade and some plants around the bed, you could be mistaken for thinking that you’re sleeping somewhere exotic.

Neutral tones contrast with the bold patterns found on the throw pillows. Finish the look with a striped rug adding more texture over the wooden floor.

6.Cozy Pink

kylamagrathinteriors Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @kylamagrathinteriors/Instagram

Take inspiration from the interior design of this boho chic bedroom and make your space warm and inviting. The opulent but cozy shades of pink and gold used here mean you won’t ever want to leave your room.

A luxurious velvet finish to the pillows and throw plus a shag rug add different textures, as does the statement lamp and wall hanging.

7.Bohemian Chic Bedroom

myhousedownsouth Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @myhousedownsouth/Instagram

You don’t have to stick to one color scheme or singular type of pattern to create a boho bedroom. The chic feel here is produced by the variety of tones and patterns used on the bedding and floor.

Cute star string lights, various lamps, and a round rattan chair contribute to the boho style. And for the ultimate boho chic touch, try and coerce a fluffy cat into the picture!

8.Natural Accents

boho.nest Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @boho . nest/Instagram

Neutral tones and making the most of natural sunlight give this bohemian bedroom a light and airy feel. This look is ideal for those who want boho chic in a small space.

Wooden touches in the lamp, chair, and wall hangings match the natural accents of the bedding and walls. Finally, a touch of green from the plants brings the outdoors inside.

9.Use the Light

kokbedden Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @kokbedden/Instagram

Be inspired by the large window feature in this modern boho bedroom. The amount of light paired with the white walls makes this room a really calming space.

Earthy tones are used for the window frames and wall features. Then, some textured cushions and a throw blanket add a touch of coziness.

10.Crisp and White

my_sweet_little_home Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @my_sweet_little_home/Instagram

Don’t be afraid to go for an all-white bedroom in your home. You can still create a boho style with the added extras you choose to style your space with.

Think a shaggy pillow and some luscious green plants. Or decorate your wall with pieces made out of natural materials – all these quirky items will help to make a bohemian space.

11.Keep it Casual

perfectroomideas Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @perfectroomideas/Instagram

Natural tones keep this room looking fresh and relaxed. The white, tasseled bedding and throw provide different layers and are very much in keeping with a modern bohemian style.

Hanging plants provide some contrast against the white walls. And the large feathers and plush rug add a touch of luxury.

12.Feature Wall

theresa_gromski Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @theresa_gromski/Instagram

Make a statement with a patterned feature wall. The wallpaper in this pic almost brings the outside in, displaying hanging branches that draw the eye down towards the luxurious bed.

Soft velvet for the cushions, a shag rug, and a quirky lampshade will give your bedroom a boho aesthetic without being too overbearing. Touches of pink and orange also provide some warmth.

13.Be Artistic

urbanwalls Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @urbanwalls/Instagram

If you are gifted at drawing or painting (or know someone who is!), be bold and design creative shapes or pictures on your walls. Plant, feather, or animal imagery can all be used to help you create a boho themed bedroom.

Or you can opt for the choice in this room and purchase decals to suit your taste. White bedding and walls plus a patterned rug help to complete the look.

14.Dramatic Wall Decor

bohome.design Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @bohome . design/Instagram

Most of this bohemian bedroom is simple but stylish. Yet the shimmery, bold wall decor above the bed creates a unique talking point for your room.

Neutral bedding and curtains make the wall piece stand out all the more. Finally, these are complemented by the wooden headboard and bedside tables.

15.Boho Style Nursery

druiventuintje Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @druiventuintje/Instagram

You don’t have to keep boho bedroom ideas just for your own bedroom. If you have children or one on the way, why not take inspiration from this boho style nursery?

Natural materials have been used for the floor, mirror, lampshade, and crib. But the star of the show is the stunning pale blue and white wave painting on the back wall.

16.Modern Style

aroundour4walls Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @aroundour4walls/Instagram

Using black in your bedroom is a good way of making your bohemian decor more modern. A black accent wall is very on-trend at the minute and can be styled with more individual items to keep your boho theme.

Make your tasseled wall hanging all the more prominent by cutting into the black paint with white. Then, mix neutral bedding with some black pieces to bring the whole room together.

17.Monochrome Form

jonathany_official Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @jonathany_official/Instagram

You’ll love how the designer here has used black paint on a paneled wall. And then placed a shaggy wall hanging right above the bed, creating a focal point in this boho bedroom.

There are some more natural textures and colors used for the cushions and seat at the end of the bed. And to make your space nice and cozy, a snug rug frames the space around the bed.

18.Black Boho Look

posteronedxb Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @posteronedxb/Instagram

Boho style rooms don’t have to be bright and airy if that’s not your preference. A black and darker color scheme can be adopted if you want a warm but less dazzling feel to your space.

Gray and creams work well for the bedding and floor. And the interior design here has added a bit of fun with the lampshade and plant in an attempt to create some boho beach vibes.

19.Natural Light Wood

marzena_home Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @marzena_home/Instagram

Establish a bohemian feel in your home by using a light wood on one wall. This adds texture to your bedroom when paired with crisp white wooden furniture and pale walls.

Hanging fairy lights from the curtain pole adds a unique twist. And also take note of the plants and plant-detail in the bedding.

20.Vibrant Colors

theloungeista Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @theloungeista/Instagram

Be daring and mix different bright colors with white walls and a wooden floor. The vibrancy and different tones used in this design make the space pop, but due to the amount of natural light, the scheme isn’t overpowering.

You can also think outside of the box when it comes to creating your bohemian style bedroom. For example, the designer here has used a ladder as a feature in the room – and it doubles up as a clothes hanger!

21.Bright Yellow

talolammenrannalla Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @talolammenrannalla/Instagram

A vivid yellow wall will brighten up your bedroom and add warmth. Then, don’t be afraid to mix in various textures and colors to create a true boho style.

You can choose to hang different items on the wall like here – pictures, plants, or a wall hanging. Or cover the floor in patterned rugs and the bed in different throws – boho is all about layers so do as much or as little as you like!

22.Four Poster Luxury

bohome_uk_ Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @bohome_uk_/Instagram

Create an exotic and bohemian style fusion with this four poster bed and bright color scheme. You can design a makeshift canopy around the bed frame to make this room seem all the more luxurious.

String lights, a soft rug, and shaggy pillows add to the bohemian look. And then pinks and purples will give your bedroom an exotic feel.

23.Oriental Charm

colourmadetheroom Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @colourmadetheroom/Instagram

Check out the interior design of this boho inspired bedroom – the designer has not been afraid to mix together different fabrics, colors, and items.

And a bohemian design is all about adding these personal touches and unique pieces. Such as the zebra head, yellow and blue walls, clashing bedding, and bright neon sign.

24.Rustic Chic

homebohodecor Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @homebohodecor/Instagram

Your boho bedroom doesn’t have to have clean lines and bright colors. You can opt for more subdued tones and an unfinished look on the walls to create a boho design that suits your personal tastes.

The wooden pallet supporting the bed adds another quirky twist. Plus, the reconditioned trunk contributes to the more traditional but distinctive interior design of this space.

25.Cute Canopy

homebohointeriors Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @homebohointeriors/Instagram

Kids and adults will both love this canopy-themed room. You can pretend you’re camping in the great outdoors, without getting cold or sleeping on the uncomfortable ground.

More modern boho vibes come from the handing vines and fairy lights. And the rugs made from natural materials covering the floor complete the look and will make you feel like you’re really at one with nature!

26.Gypsy Boho

kat.lovess Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @kat . lovess/Instagram

Embrace some gypsy elements in your boho bedroom if it takes your fancy. This room is decorated fairly neutrally – white walls and a wooden floor – with some gypsy-themed extras to liven it up.

Guitars are used as wall hangings – and hat hooks! You can also include vibrant green plants and rugs and throws with different colors and patterns. Going gypsy means that you can style your room how you want!

27.Go Tribal

jse_interiors_montclair Instagram bohemian bedroom

Courtesy @jse_interiors_montclair/Instagram

Tribal prints work so well in boho style bedrooms. The mixture of patterns that can be used on your walls and bedding creates layers and provides a variety of textures, giving your own room a real boho look.

Plus, the warm earthy tones will make your room cozy and inviting. A super-soft throw and rug add a touch of opulence without being too overbearing.

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