43 Elegant Blue Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 5, 2022

These elegant blue bedroom ideas will “blue” you away!

These elegant blue bedroom ideas will “blue” you away!

mascotbespoke Instagram Blue Bedroom

Courtesy @mascotbespoke/Instagram

Blue is one of the most popular colors for decorating a bedroom, and with good reason!

After a busy day, your bedroom is a peaceful place to relax and fall asleep. To help find that tranquility, you can add blue hues!

Blue is a popular choice for bedrooms because it calms the mind. And, there are endless color variations for blue bedrooms from aqua to royal to navy!

There are lots of ways to design your space, from painting the walls to adding small accents. So whatever your time and budget, you can add some soothing vibes to your bedroom.

You could try painting a single wall, buy a new bedspread, or change a light fixture. Or, you could totally transform your space with a new wall tint, furniture, and decorations.

One of the best things about blue is the variety of shades and looks you can achieve. From modern to retro, we have you covered with these lovely bedroom ideas.

So check out the beautiful options below to inspire your own creativity. From small changes to big, we’ll help you create your perfect space!

Blue Bedroom Ideas

1. Electric Blue Accent Wall

renovating_in_wellies instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @renovating_in_wellies/Instagram

Painting a blue feature wall brightens up your space without overwhelming it. By pairing a bright blue with white, you get a slash of color in a space that’s still relaxing.

2. Elegant Navy Accent Wall

doornumbereleven instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @doornumbereleven/Instagram

With one wall painted navy, this bedroom creates a sense of calm elegance. And it sets off the white bedspread and framed picture beautifully.

When you do an accent wall, it’s a great idea to pair the bright color with neutrals.

3. Dark Blue Walls With a Space Theme

timrotowers instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @timrotowers/Instagram

These dark blue walls form the perfect backdrop for a space-themed children’s room. Also, you could achieve this look with wallpaper if you prefer that to paint.

4. Dreamy Loft Conversion

curatedincambridge instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @curatedincambridge/Instagram

Light blue walls can make you feel like you’re floating among clouds. This dreamy atmosphere gives you the perfect feeling for drifting off to sleep.

5. Modern, Airy Bedroom

melissas_designs instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @melissas_designs/Instagram

Paired with matching chairs, floor-length curtains, and decorative pillows, these light blue walls give this space the sense of a classic bedroom that still feels modern.

6. Light and Dark Blue Accents

plusdesign24 Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @plusdesign24/Instagram

This room mixes light and bright accents for a variety of blue hues. So, play around with the colors of your carpet, bedspread, pillows, and even cabinets!

7. Dark Blue With Natural Wood Accents

awordfromq instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @awordfromq/Instagram

How do you best complement dark tones? Use neutrals such as natural wood! In particular, light-colored furniture or wooden floors keep a dark room from seeming too overwhelming.

8. Navy Chill-out Bedroom

eighteen_75 Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @eighteen_75/Instagram

Darker shades can sometimes make a bedroom seem like a cave. But to keep it calm and cozy, add some warm lamps and your favorite pictures on the wall!

9. Red and Blue Bed

riripowergirl Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @riripowergirl/Instagram

The red upholstered headboard sets off this dark blue bedspread and gray walls. So don’t be afraid to combine dark shades and neutrals with a pop of color!

10. Red Canopy Bed

goldandbold_bymatildemoinhos Instagram blue-bedroom

Courtesy @goldandbold_bymatildemoinhos/Instagram

Create a child’s dream room with a canopy!

The tranquil vibe of the blue walls is calming, and the red canopy and bedspread will make them feel like the king of their own castle. (Or ringmaster of the circus!)

11. Red and blue Swiss Room

amyspearinginteriors Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @amyspearinginteriors/Instagram

For this look, choose two main colors, and then use variations of those on different items, such as floor tiles, furniture, and bedding. Mixing one bright color like red and one calmer color, such as blue, is a great way to add a bit of energy without being distracting.

12. Union Jack Room

amyspearinginteriors Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @amyspearinginteriors/Instagram

This room also mixes different shades to brighten up a kid’s room. And don’t forget that different patterns and textures can add interest and excitement.

13. Green and Blue Room

_all.the.things.i.love_ Instagran blue bedroom

Courtesy @_all.the.things.i.love_/Instagram

One way to make a blue bedroom even more soothing is to add some green. Here, the color scheme features a lighter green and a darker blue to contrast with one another.

14.Shades of Gray

notyouraveragejoan Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @notyouraveragejoan/Instagram

Mixing shades of blue and gray creates a soothing, coastal feel. And the white furniture also helps to reflect the natural light and keep the room from feeling depressing.

15.Elegant Gray Master Bedroom

ourfirsthome_no40 Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @ourfirsthome_no40/Instagram

Matching neutral beige furniture, bedding, and decorative pillows adds some lightness to the dark gray accent tint. This is an especially good option for an elegant master bedroom.

16. Pattern Play

thewrightabode14 Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @thewrightabode14/Instagram

Go wild mixing your gray and blue hues! And if you like to play with patterns, try matching a flashy wallpaper with a solid bedspread and curtains.

17.Gray, White, and Blue Stripes

love_thy_home Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @love_thy_home/Instagram

Adding a baby blue duvet to this bedroom warms up the neutral white and gray. And if you want to go striped, alternate the striped and solid gray walls so you don’t get overwhelmed.

18.Navy and White Bedroom

coastalhamptonstyle Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @coastalhamptonstyle/Instagram

This navy and white bedding is a classic combination, and it brings some excitement to the room with white walls. If you love blue, pick your favorite shade to pair with white!

19. Ocean Bedroom

heightendesign Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @heightendesign/Instagram

This beautiful blue bedroom takes you right to the sea. As with this room, you can use pictures and accessories to give the illusion you’re relaxing far away from home.

20.Simple Elegance

sah_dog_maom Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @sah_dog_maom/Instagram

For simple blue bedroom ideas, stick to neutrals with one accent color. For example, this room uses mostly beige, but then the dark blue accents jazz it up.

21. Navy and Gray Bed

amberbuehnerdesign Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @amberbuehnerdesign/Instagram

The bed frame (and headboard, in particular) can make a big statement in your bedroom. So if you choose a dramatic shade for that, pair it with more neutral tones.

22.Subtle Charm

catgrangerphotography Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @catgrangerphotography/Instagram

With this room, it’s all in the details. The herringbone blanket, striped bedskirt, and bordered headboard add a subtle charm.

23. Dash of Contrast

what_alex_did_next Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @what_alex_did_next/Instagram

You don’t have to just stick to blues, grays, and neutrals! Especially if you choose more subdued blues, try adding a pop of contrasting color, such as orange.

24. Rustic Chic

diane_moodfashion Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @diane_moodfashion/Instagram

This is a bedroom designed with elegance in mind. The shape of the roof and windows give this room a rustic feel, but the minimalist furnishings and color scheme keep it modern and sleek.

25. Vintage Blue Bedroom

angela_strommer Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @angela_strommer/Instagram

The bed is the most important part of any bedroom, of course! So don’t be afraid to make a statement with a colorful blue bed frame.

26. Let the Carpet Shine

jenbetweendots Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @jenbetweendots/Instagram

By keeping the bed and linens dark and neutral, this scheme lets the patterned orange and blue rug pop!

27. Aqua Royalty

Christy 11 Magnolia Lane Pinterest blue bedroom

Courtesy @Christy 11 Magnolia Lane/Pinterest

This blue and white combo is sheer perfection for young royalty. And why not pair it with an ornate mirror and dressing table?

28. Blue Coastal

kristinacrestindesign Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @kristinacrestindesign/Instagram

This white bedroom gets a punch of color from the periwinkle accents. And again, the blue and white combo is well suited to a clean, modern look.

29. Blue Floral

briahammelinteriors Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @briahammelinteriors/Instagram

Don’t be afraid to mix shades of blue and green. For example, the blue in this room almost fades into a calming background tint, while the throw pillows perk up the space.

30. Royal Master Bedroom

emme_south Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @emme_south/Instagram

This is a bedroom designed with royalty in mind! The royal blue paint color is a bold statement that’s cleverly echoed with the ottomans.

31.Royal Geometric Duvet

aaronanddanshome Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @aaronanddanshome/Instagram

One of the easiest blue bedroom makeovers is simply to change your duvet cover. So why not bring in a splash of tint by changing your linens?

32. Many Shades

artimpressionsbyzahramajid Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @artimpressionsbyzahramajid/Instagram

When going through blue bedroom ideas, you don’t have to stick to one shade. Why not use many blue hues?
For example, this room neatly balances the bright wall and bed frame with lighter linens and pillows.

33. Mustard and Navy Bedroom

athomewithxin Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @athomewithxin/Instagram

If you like darker and more neutral shades in general, try adding one accent piece as a bright contrast. For instance, a cheap yellow throw can bring life into an otherwise subdued space.

34. Royal Blue and Yellow Bedroom

hickslyd Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @hickslyd/Instagram

Mixing two bright colors can give your room a joyful feel. So don’t be afraid to pick two shades you love.
As well, use picture frames and other accessories to echo the colors and patterns of the bedding and give the space cohesiveness.

35. Golden Glamor

Kris - Driven by Deco Pinterest blue bedroom

Courtesy @Kris – Driven by Deco/Pinterest

Your bedroom is your personal space, so go wild! Choose pieces of home decor that bring out your personality, like a funky side table or a chandelier.

36. Silver and Blue

DecorPad Pinterest blue bedroom

Courtesy @DecorPad/Pinterest

But if you do prefer something more sedate, try adding silver accents to a navy blue bedroom. By combining these colors with clean lines and little clutter, you’ll create a very soothing space.

37. Cozy Pink and Blue Bedroom

21_holmfield Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @21_holmfield/Instagram

Combining a warm tone with a cool one brings balance to a bedroom. So try combining red or pink with your blues and greens.
For instance, this room mixes pinks and blues with a neutral, buttery yellow.

38. Light and Dark

29_and_the_lodge Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @29_and_the_lodge/Instagram

When coming up with blue bedroom ideas, it’s fun to mix different tints. But also think about mixing light and dark shades.
For example, very dark blue and very light pink make a very pretty combination.

39. Indigo Bedroom

rlaxerinteriors Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @rlaxerinteriors/Instagram

Indigo is a rich and beautiful shade to use in a blue and white bedroom. For example, this wallpaper is reminiscent of traditional Japanese shibori dyeing.

40. Inchyra Blue-Gray

hughes_at_home Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @hughes_at_home/Instagram

This shade of blue-gray has a tinge of green to it, and it’s a luscious tone for a stately bedroom. But you probably want to combine it with light furnishings and bedding so the room isn’t too dark.

41. Inchyra Green

thenaylorsnewbridge Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @thenaylorsnewbridge/Instagram

This inchyra blue bedroom has more of a green tint to the paint, but it’s still a very soothing color. And the white walls and ceiling bring some light.

42. Light Blue and Peach

SOKIOS Pinterest blue bedroom

Courtesy @SOKIOS/Pinterest

Since orange and blue are opposites, adding peach tones is a great option for blue bedrooms. So try adding pillows or other accessories in this contrasting shade.

43. Soft Blue Bedroom

mrsselfbuild Instagram blue bedroom

Courtesy @mrsselfbuild/Instagram

Light blue is the perfect tone for a child’s bedroom: it’s bright and airy without being overstimulating.

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