Black+Decker Cordless Lithium Ion Stick + Hand Vacuum Review

By Jeneva Aaron Updated February 24, 2021

An excellent everyday cleaning device

Black+Decker Cordless Lithium Ion Stick + Hand Vacuum Review

What I Like

  • Has dual functionality
  • Powerful suction for this size
  • Multi-floor cleaning functionality
  • Two power modes

What I Don’t Like

  • Larger debris falls out of the dust cup
  • The swivel head is hard to maneuver
  • Small dust cup capacity
5Very Good

A stick handheld vacuum like Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium-Ion Stick + Hand Vacuum is a perfect addition to a small home. As compared to upright vacs, stick vacuums are lighter and easier to maneuver.

Since most models are cordless, it’s easier to take them around the house without worrying about the wire limiting your movement. A downside to this design is that the vac runs on batteries. Thus, you’ll have a lower suction and a shorter run time.

Despite this minor flaw, the Black+Decker 2-IN-1 vacuum is advertised as a versatile stick vacuum that can pick up larger debris too. Also, it’s a feasible alternative for a full-size vacuum.

Is being a slim cordless vac enough to satisfy the users? Is this all one should look for when buying a vacuum? That’s what I had in mind when reviewing this vacuum. Surely, apart from cleaning up messes, a vacuum should do well in other aspects too.

Read on to find out if this vacuum meets the standards for a reliable everyday cleaning device.

Unboxing and Setup: Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Luckily, it’s relatively easy to set up the vacuum cleaner. A user said it took him a total of ‘5 minutes straight out of the box’ to start using the vacuum.

The instructions manual is pretty simple, and you can follow along to get the vacuum ready for action in no time. Along with the set-up instructions, the manual also gives many other details such as charging, adjusting settings, and using the vac.

It also specifies the replacement filters that you can use with this vacuum. That’s quite a gift, considering most other manufacturers don’t do this. As a result, you’re lost when it’s time to replace the filters.

What’s in the Box  Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium Ion Stick + Hand Vacuum, washable filter, extendable crevice tool, brush attachment, jack plug charger, pleated pre-filter
Weight  8.82 pounds
Color  Eggplant
Battery Life  10 to 15 minutes
Charging Time  Five hours

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Design: A few flaws

Although the two-in-one functionality of this vacuum adds a plus point to the design, there are some flaws. Let’s talk about the good parts first. Since the vacuum has dual functionality, you can use it for cleaning larger surfaces, such as the living room, or vacuuming the car seats.

Additionally, the vacuum is lightweight enough to be carried around. You can vacuum the stairs with ultimate ease, considering the central unit’s weight does not tire you quickly.

Besides, the absence of a cord means that you don’t have to keep a power outlet in sight at all times. Also, there’s no wire limiting your movement or getting in the way of cleaning.

However, several design aspects could have been much better.

First off, there’s a containment issue with the dustbin. It cannot hold larger particles. On the outer side of the dustbin, there’s a flap to keep the trapped dust in place.

However, if the vacuum sucks up larger debris, it tends to fall out of the flap onto the floor. Along with being unhygienic for your family, this also reduces the efficiency of cleaning.

That’s not the only thing wrong with the dustbin. It’s also much smaller than the dustbins on other vacuums with similar dual functionality. At 0.5 liters, the dustbin cannot hold a lot of dirt. Thus, you have to empty it after cleaning every big room or two small rooms.

That’s bound to make the cleaning session much longer than it should be.

Maneuverability: Quite a nuisance

To begin, the swiveling head of this vacuum cleaner does not make it easier for you to clean under the furniture, although that’s it’s primary job. Instead, the vacuum is very sensitive in terms of maneuverability.

Therefore, even a slight touch will send the head going in the wrong direction. While cleaning hardwood floors, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. But when you’re cleaning high traffic areas, this design quirk can make your job much more challenging and annoying.

Battery Life: Way too short

As they run on batteries, cordless vacuums have short run times. However, the Black Decker vacuum’s battery life is a bit too short to be called sufficient – even for smaller spaces.

A user said that her vacuum only ‘runs for 10 to 15 minutes’. Even if you’re cleaning a small room, it will surely take you longer than that. I’d say this vacuum is only suitable for cleaning up little messes around the house.

Apart from that, the battery itself isn’t too durable either. A user reported that their ‘battery life was gone in less than a year,’ which is a bit alarming.

Something that I found a bit surprising is that the manufacturers do not give an exact battery life. They do not specify how long the vacuum will last before needing a recharge. However, they do indicate that it can clean a 2500-square-foot space in one go.

Judging from the users’ reviews, that seems like a stretch. I won’t encourage you to buy the Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless vacuum if you have a bigger home.

Nevertheless, the good thing regarding the battery is Battery Sense technology. Thanks to the indicator on the central unit, you can keep track of the remaining battery life.

For charging, you have to plug the vacuum into any wall outlet. Since there’s no removable battery in this vacuum, you’ll have to dedicate an outlet to keep it charged. Plus, the charging takes five hours.

Performance: Pretty impressive for a small vac

When using small appliances, the primary concern is their power since most of them have smaller batteries. Fortunately, the Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless vacuum cleaner has an impeccable performance, owing to strong suction and customizable brush roll.

You can turn on the brush roll when cleaning carpets and turn it off when moving to the hardwood floors. Thus, it helps keep the hardwood floors safe from scraping.

However, you shouldn’t expect this cordless stick vacuum to do as good of a job as a high-end model. Sometimes, it misses a few particles or wouldn’t pick them up unless you go over the area twice.

Sure enough, the suction could have been a bit stronger, but it’s quite sufficient even now. The vacuum has AutoSense technology, which detects your movement from bare floors to carpets. It adjusts the suction according to the surface.

Therefore, you don’t have to interrupt your cleaning session to change the settings on the vacuum cleaner when moving to a different surface.

Plus, the vacuum is equipped with FilterSense technology, alerting you when it’s time to clean the filters. If you’re often forgetful about cleaning the filters, this feature will be handy for you.

More importantly, the vacuum has a beater bar that allows you to adjust suction according to your needs. The two power levels further make this more feasible for customized cleaning.

Despite all these features, I’d recommend you not to use this vacuum cleaner on a thicker carpet. It tends to get stuck in the fibers.

Attachments and Filters: Standard accessories

The Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium-Ion Stick vacuum cleaner comes with standard accessories for home cleaning. Keeping the price in mind, you shouldn’t expect to get a plethora of accessories. However, I wish the vacuum at least came with a pet brush.

For now, you get a brush attachment and a crevice tool with the vacuum cleaner. While the brush tool is suitable for everyday cleaning, the crevice tool lets you clean the edges and tight spaces.

Besides, the power tools are also easy to attach to the vacuum. Since there’s only two of them, you can store them in the central unit.

The vacuum has washable filters that you can clean after every use. The FilterSense alerts you when the filters need to be cleaned. Since the vacuum is on the lower end of the price range, it does not have HEPA filtration technology.

Instead, it has regular filters that trap dust but do not free the air of allergens.

Price: Easy on the pocket

Consider this: if you bought a stick vacuum and a handheld model separately, you’d have to pay around $400 or even more for the purchase.

Compared to that, the Black+Decker 2-IN-1 Cordless Lithium Ion Stick is priced well. It offers dual usability and has two standard attachments. I’d say the price is fair for the design, performance, and battery life.

Of course, Black + Decker could have added a motorized brush or a pet tool at this price to make it more attractive. Even without the additional accessory, the vacuum is a preferable pick for apartments, small houses, or dorm rooms.

Competition: Hard to find

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum

Although it’s hard to find another vacuum in the same price range with such versatility, I think the Hoover Linx is a close second to the Balck + Decker model. Weighing ten pounds, the vacuum is easy to work with.

Also, it can clean hardwood floors and carpets both, offering multi-floor cleaning. Like most other Hoover models, this vacuum also has WindTunnel technology, which sucks even the deeply-embedded dirt.

Most importantly, it has a longer battery life than the Black + Decker cordless stick vacuum. However, Hoover also has a small dust cup, which requires frequent emptying.

Besides, it doesn’t have a sturdy design. So, if you take a break from vacuuming and leave the vacuum standing without support, it will likely topple over.


Product NameBLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac, 2-in-1
Weight8.82 pounds
Product Dimensions11.4 x 10.5 x 29 inches
Warranty2 years limited warranty 

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