22 Modern Black Bedroom Ideas

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Updated April 11, 2022

Black doesn't have to mean boring with our innovative bedroom ideas

Black doesn't have to mean boring with our innovative bedroom ideas


13th_design Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @13th_design/Instagram

You can have a black bedroom without it seeming dull or overpowering. There are lots of ways that you can add dark colors to your space in a modern style that’ll make your bedroom a warm and inviting place to be.

You might want to create a rich contrast between the classic black and white room. Or you might opt for black walls or black accents in items across your room, such as bedding and furniture.

Another option is to tone down a black room using gray hues instead. Or, why not spice it up with some bright gold pieces.

We’ve brought together all these black bedrooms ideas and more here for you. Read on and the only problem you’ll be left with is which black bedroom idea you should choose for your home.

Modern Black Bedroom Ideas

1.Satin Walls

athomeinthedesert Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @athomeinthedesert/Instagram

Add a touch of glamor to your bedroom with some satin black paint on the walls. In the natural light, they’ll look shiny and your room won’t look dark at all.

Combine this with a feature wooden bed frame, along with neutral drapes and wall art. A patterned rug also works well and makes your black bedroom feel cozy.

2.Black and Gold

bohomaximalist Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @bohomaximalist/Instagram

Black wall paint lets the other colors in your room stand out even more. In this design, the contract between the matte black walls and the bright, shiny gold items is striking.

Stick with neutral bedding to further highlight the high contrast between the black and gold. You can add a touch of greenery with some plants – fake work just as well as the real thing!

3.Make a Statement

10ontimmonsfarmhouse Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @10ontimmonsfarmhouse/Instagram

If you like black, be bold like this designer and use it on your walls – it’s your room and you can decorate it how you please! This dark shade has even been used for the door as well as the walls.

Then you can make your four-poster bed the star of the show. The gold hues in this frame pop even more against the black painted walls.

Keep other furniture and items white or cream. The walls and bed can then remain the stars of your bedroom.

4.Soft Matte

lorenmcfarlane Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @lorenmcfarlane/Instagram

Matte black paint provides you with a more subdued finish. It’s a good pick if you want to introduce black into your bedroom, but are a bit apprehensive about making your space feel dark or foreboding.

A soft fabric gray headboard looks great against the matte black. And pair with white furniture, bedding, and white walls for a clean but interesting look.

5.Gothic Style

project_thirteen_ Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @project_thirteen_/Instagram

Don’t be afraid to go full-on black if that’s your preference. Black walls, bed, bedding, furniture – embrace the dark color scheme.

You can still create definition by adopting different textures, such as the paneling on the black walls and the decorative headboard. And take inspiration from this design and add a pop of bright color with a plant, or try a lampshade.

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6.Monochrome Magic

iduuall Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @iduuall/Instagram

Make your sleep space inviting using all classic black for your bedding, cushions, and bed. But you can add some sparkle with a bejeweled pattern and a sprinkle of white and gray on the cushions.

Keep the monochromatic look with a bit of sparkle theme going with your curtains. Pair with a white faux fur rug and a pale floor to create some contrast.

7.Light and Dark

homeatnumber.eight Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @homeatnumber.eight/Instagram

There’s nothing quite so classic as the combination of black and white. The crisp white tones matched with hues of black in this design offer the perfect example of how these two colors work together in harmony.

The straight, clean lines of the photo frames and headboard stand out against the pictures and white walls. Then, the two colors are brought together in patterned and striped cushions.

8.Subtle Contrast

bijamberthuis Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @bijamberthuis/Instagram

A black bedroom can look glamorous and luxurious when you throw in some white and neutral tones.

Here, the matte black walls and bedside table are styled with contrasting colors on the bed and wall. Add a gold lamp and/or some gold art on the walls for a modern twist.

9.Touches of Boho

maisonmilshaw Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @maisonmilshaw/Instagram

To create a welcoming bedroom, pair one black wall with a collection of creamy accessories. You won’t have a dark room, but a cozy and boho-themed space, especially if you add some visual interest and texture with some fabric wall art on the wall.

Creamy linen bedding and a gray carpet will make your room homey and inviting. Add some plants to bring in a little bit of color.

10.Creamy Delight

no12_house Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @no12_house/Instagram

The cream tones and pale wooden features match so well with the matte black wall in this room. Black tables are also furnished with white lamps to continue the contrasting effect.

A flecked cream rug and patterned neutral bedding are styled with the wooden bed frame and basket. And you can break up the dark wall with a shelf and some assorted items of different colors.

11.Accent Wall in Panels

cahillbuildinggroup Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @cahillbuildinggroup/Instagram

Create a real wow factor with this paneled black accent wall. With its matte finish, your wall has texture and looks very stylish, without enveloping your room in too much darkness.

This design has also added black furniture and a throw blanket. But then kept neutral hues for the floor, drapes, and bedding.

12.Pop the Pink

warthenteamrealtors Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @warthenteamrealtors/Instagram

Devise a dramatic black bedroom feel with this feature wall. The dark, diagonal lines are paired perfectly with a pink color scheme.

The colorful bed frame, cushions, and flowers soften the look of this otherwise dark room. Styled with a plush carpet and rug, your black bedroom will feel snug and warm.

13.Dramatic Stripes

archiventic_studio Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @archiventic_studio/Instagram

The bold striped wall of this room provides the perfect backdrop for a modern, clean-looking black bedroom. And next to the gray, speckled panels, the black is all the more striking.

An orange-brown leather headboard and blanket provide some subtle color. Plus, an elaborate light continues the luxurious theme – your bedroom wouldn’t be out of place in a 5* hotel!

14.Black and Bright

kidspace.design Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @kidspace.design/Instagram

If your kids want a black bedroom, but you’re a little uncertain, this idea is perfect. A black accent wall and the wooden bed frame should satisfy their demands without making their room feel too ominous!

Pair these with accent colors of bright pink, blue, and yellow. And a colorful rug and pictures on the wall keep the room light and fun.

15.Go for Metal

build.interiors Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @build.interiors/Instagram

If you’re trying to find a more sophisticated and traditional look, try something similar to this black matte metal bed frame. It blends in well with the black walls, but at the same time adds texture.

The classic theme is continued with the white color scheme in the bedding and lamp shade. Dashes of color can be found in the pale pink chair and some foliage on the bedside table.

16.Dark Gray Bed Frame

vestainteriordesign Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @vestainteriordesign/Instagram

If you don’t want a fully black bedroom, go for a gray bedroom instead! This gorgeous lead-gray leather bed is matched with black accents in the side tables and a striped pattern on the wall behind the bed.

Gray walls and hues of gray in the cushions add further tones of this well-liked color. Then, the designer has added some bright spots with the art on the wall and hanging lamp.

17.Super Cozy

ahdandco Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @ahdandco/Instagram

You won’t want to leave your bedroom with a soft, plush bed frame like this one. It’s the perfect color in a dark gray and has a rounded shape so that you’ll feel really snug in this space.

Opt for a dark bedside table and a sage green wall paint color. Neutral bedding and the shiny lampshade and drawers add further warmth and coziness.

18.Gray Dreaming

the.elderlymillennial Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @the.elderlymillennial/Instagram

Check out the before picture of this setup. Look at the difference that the black accent wall has made to this primarily gray and white bedroom!

The moody vibe provided by the black pairs really well with the tall, soft gray headboard. Stick with white for the rest of the curtains, furniture, and cushions, adding a few gray accents.

19.Geometric Wall

brendanmarmions instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @brendanmarmions/Instagram

For a modern and striking look, pick a wallpaper like this charcoal-gray design. Its geometric pattern and metallic finish will make it a real feature of your bedroom wall.

And next to the matte black headboard, the wallpaper stands out all the more. Especially as the rest of the room has been kept simple – with neutral colors for the bedding and floor.

20.Fun for the Kids

brookeaguiardesign Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @brookeaguiardesign/Instagram

A black bedroom for your kids doesn’t have to be dark and boring. Take inspiration from this post and create an accent wall with a geometric pattern – the triangular shape and polka dots make this room look fun and inviting.

It’s best to stick with white or cream for the crib and other furniture. But you can add some more black decor around the room, for example, like in the rug pictured here.

21.Shiny Highlights

maiifin Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @maiifin/Instagram

Black and white combined with some gold features give your bedroom a classy and attractive vibe. Black is used for smaller pieces, such as the cushions and tables, so doesn’t overpower the other tones and keeps the room light.

Gold flashes can be seen in the lamps, cushions, and curtains. And for something a bit more daring – see if you can find some art like in the design here, which would give your room a real talking point!

22.Glamorous Gold

 anya_gc_elegancy Instagram black bedroom

Courtesy @anya_gc_elegancy/Instagram

You may think that such a luxurious style is only available in top-class hotels. But you can achieve such glamor in your own black bedroom when you add some gold accents.

The dramatic, swirling lamps with gold-framed mirrors above provide a rich contrast to the black wall behind. The plush throw on the bed and black leather headboard, along with the spectacular light fitting, add further touches of elegance.

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