Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Hard Surface Steam Cleaner Review

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Updated May 21, 2023

Spot Steam Cleaning at the Tip of Your Hands

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The Bissell Steam Shot is a choice among many handheld steam cleaners.

It offers spot steam-cleaning results without the bulk and weight of larger, industry-size devices. Plus, this tiny steam cleaner is fairly easy to operate.

With just pressing a button, this steam cleaning device can clean and sanitize areas you train it on. Many users say it lived up to their steam cleaning expectations.

Read on to see if you should get one.

Unboxing: All Parts Are Easy to Spot

Bissell describes its packaging as “certified frustration-free”.

Why? Because the package comes in a box that allows you to see the main unit inside.

Also, upon opening the box, the main body of the steamer as well as the accessories are separated with cardboard divisions. It makes it easy to check each part without unloading each item from the box.

You’ll notice that all items are securely wrapped and easy to unpack. The biggest piece of the package is the kettle-shaped main body.

It comes with several tools such as an accessory nozzle, a bristle brush, a cap for the steam cleaner, a steam shot detail brush and kit, a grout brush, a flat scraping tool, a squeegee, an extension hose, an angle concentrator tool, as well as a fabric steamer tool. These items are neatly secured in each corner of the box.

Since this device is small, it is almost hassle-free to assemble.

Some of the plastic parts may look and feel fragile so it is best to handle it with care. After all, you wouldn’t want the device to break before making the most out of it.

Design and Maneuverability: Uncomplicated

The parts are fairly hassle-free to connect and disassemble. When you get past the assembling of the small parts of this Bissell Steam Shot, you can already use it for a quick cleaning run.

Moreover, the handle of this cleaner appears to fit snug on your hands.

But some reviewers wrote about the size and angle of the device to be slightly awkward when held. There are times where the device tips unbalanced.

However, it is light enough to use throughout a full cleaning period. Other reviewers got creative with how they dealt with the tipping unit and mention of carrying them on buckets so they do not spill.

Plus, the tools and accessories are relatively easy to connect to the main cleaning machine. This means that you can jump from cleaning areas on one room to the next just by switching the tools on the nozzle.

In line with this, the 16-ft power cord will allow you to take your steam cleaning to many areas all over your house.

However, some users report these tools loosening while in use. This can be dangerous for burns since your hands are close to where the hot water is. Extra caution can be applied to avoid scalding water from poorly locked attachments.

Bissell Steam Shot Handheld


Another downside with the design of this device is that even though it has a small tank.

Some reviewers also find the hose too short to reach high or far areas. In addition, the hose is conveniently long but is only compatible with the squeegee attachment.  So should you need to use other tips such as the bristle brushes, scraper, or the nozzle, you have to use the gun barrel attachment. It looks like not many are aware of this that is why some tips are reported to loosen or fall while in use.

All in all, Bissell could improve the design by allowing users to see water levels inside, to the extent that users can not constantly check when the steam is hot as they may get burnt.

Since users can not see how much water is left, they will base refill or recharge time to how soon the steam cools. In cases, the duration is just under three minutes before heating it up again and repeating the process.

Usage: Multi-purpose

When talking about steam cleaners, the first thing that comes is cleaning grout.

But what if I tell you that this miniature version of the industry-grade steam cleaner has powerful high-pressure steam. This means that it can take care of small messes on surfaces like granite, marble, and sealed hardwood.

It works well for quick spot clean jobs on ceramic, vinyl, laminate, and other hardwood floors.

For starters, it is convenient to operate. When the water tank is filled, the device can heat the water and produce steam in under 30 seconds. The boiling point of water is 100°C and this device can easily reach such a point. That is a small waiting time for a relatively high-power steam cleaner.

It heats up fast but has a small water container.  You may have to refill the tank numerous times throughout your cleaning period.

There are users who report the water nor the steam not being hot enough while others enjoyed the level of heat and steam it can produce. The steam duration is also too short for users.

However, according to customers who were happy with its performance, the key is to maximize the attachments and to take cleaning one step at a time.

It is a tiny steam cleaner, after all.

Although you may have to wait a few minutes to let it cool down a bit before refilling and recharging it. It can cover a moderate size of space, not large ones. Users who regularly clean with this device would clean various areas of their home bit by bit every day to get the best result.

It can be a convenient fabric steamer, just attach the tool and glide it over clothes or curtains. The window squeegee can serve as a tool you can use on upholstery, too.

This is perfect for homes or offices that need to get rid of sticky or hardened messes on your floors, walls, or carpets.

Some users even used this to de-ice their refrigerator, windows, or their car, making it an all-around useful tool to have around the house.

Parts and Accessories: Purposeful but not Durable

This Bissell steam shot hard surface cleaner comes with a grout brush. There’s a brass bristle brush which is handy for removing large messes or hardened stains.  You’ll also love the small versions of the steam shot detail brushes.

It also comes with a flat scraping tool. This is helpful if you’re cleaning some area rugs or getting stain off flat surfaces.

You can also spot clean with the angle concentrator tool. This pressurized steam cleaner will spot clean the area effectively with this concentrated implement.

Each accessory piece also cleans well when attached. You’ll feel how smooth the detail brush, nozzle, and even the window squeegee glides through your intended area of cleaning.

Some reviewers point that this steam cleaner’s plastic parts do not fully lock. This may lead to leaks, or worse, burning your hand with steam or hot water.

Double-check that the accessories are firmly in place before turning it on, otherwise, they may loosen then fall when in use.

At the same time, reviewers have expressed concern about the plastic material coming apart after a period of use. They say that sturdier material will be a great upgrade.

Results: Convenient and Effective

Bissell Steam Shot Handheld before after

Before/After –

This steam cleaner’s small size and handy design give you control over which spots and areas to spot clean. This is best for fast and small cleaning jobs such as taking care of food or drink spills, regular cleaning of sink or bowls, and even messes on the floor.

It delivers enough steam to soften or loosen up stubborn or dried up stains on surfaces. At the same time, you can also train it on cracks on the walls or floors with its angle concentrator tool to effectively target specific problem areas.

Users have successfully used this device to get colored drink stains off carpets, getting grout or stubborn soaps off tubs and sinks, and even defrosting their fridges.

Storage: Low-Maintenance

For its compact size and a small number of tools, this cleaner is easy to store.

The kettle-shaped body may require more special areas in your broom closet or storage area. You may also keep them in the box and take just take out when you need them.

However, keeping the items back in the box and then getting them out to use often may wear out the packaging. So I suggest that you store them in a place where you can easily reach for them when in need.

Cleaning this steam cleaner is also fairly straightforward:

  1. Wipe any excess liquid.
  2. Dry it out before storage. You may also use other brushes or cloth to clean off the dirt from the tools.

Price: Budget-Friendly

High-end handheld steamers can peak at a price of 100USD. Those costs almost as much as a generic industry-grade steam cleaner.

At 40USD, this Bissell Steam Shot cleaner is a good deal. It gets the job done a requires little maintenance.

On top of this, it is useful on almost anywhere you can carry them. Dirt or stains on tubs, sinks, crevices, floors, or countertops can be taken care of with this small steamer.

Handheld steam cleaners usually retail at around the same price point of this Bissell model. Take for example the PurSteam Handheld steamer, GOFLAME Steam Cleaner, and Comfortday Multi-Purpose Handheld steamer, almost all of which carry the same price tag.

But not all will provide the same quantity of tools and accessories such as squeegees or multiple brushes in the inclusion.


Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner vs Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

When it comes to the price point, design, and overall purpose, this steam cleaner from Comforday is a close competitor.

Comfortday retails at 36.99 USD while Bissell sells its handheld unit at 39.99USD.

Comforday comes with a basic nine-piece tool kit that includes a bent spray nozzle, a towel sleeve, a long spray nozzle, a round brush, a general spray nozzle, an extended connecting spray nozzle a nozzle for windows and doors, a funnel, and a measuring cup.

Whereas Bissell offers these and more. You’ll enjoy an assortment of brushes and other implements such as an extension hose, a flat scraping tool, a grout brush, a fabric steaming tool, and a squeegee.

The 9.8ft power cord for this Comforday is also shorter than Bissell’s 20ft. Should you need to use or charge the steam cleaner in a place far from a power outlet, you’ll find it easier to charge with the Bissell model.

While the Comfortday unit may be limited in some of its attachments, there are some key points in the design that you may like.

For example, the spray trigger is directly under the handle (versus the Bissell design where it is above the handle). Plus the child-lock button is also within thumb’s reach. This will make it safer for you to spray. You’ll avoid accidentally spraying on unwanted areas.

The water tank for Comforday (350ml) is also slightly larger than Bissell’s (195 ml) which can greatly reduce idle time spent on refilling and reheating.

If you want a less expensive alternative that spot-cleans almost the same, you may get this Comfortday handheld cleaner. But if you prefer the one with more accessories, stick with the Bissell steam cleaner.

My Opinion: Great for Spot Cleaning

The Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner is a handy, reasonably-priced handheld steam cleaning idea; for those looking to start steam cleaning their homes.

Satisfied reviewers commend its cleaning power and the diversity of tools included. You’ll just have to put extra effort into refills and recharge as this carries little water. Try this out if you’re looking for a portable and uncomplicated device to operate.

Perfect for quick and small jobs all around the house. For larger-scale area cleaning (like a whole floor space or areas like an entire dirty kitchen), an industry-sized or commercial steamer will work best.

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Product NameBissell Steam Shot Handheld Hard Surface Steam Cleaner
Product BrandBissell
Weight4.65 lbs
Product Dimensions8.5 x 13.25 x 10 inches
WarrantyOne year limited warranty

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