Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine 86T3/ 86T3Q Review

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Updated May 21, 2023

A Versatile Carpet Cleaner That Gets the Job Done

Most homeowners look to rent a carpet cleaner for their home, like a rug doctor, or hire a professional cleaning company. While these can be simple options, they aren’t always feasible. If you’re on the search for a carpet cleaner that quickly gets the job done, the Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner might be ideal. Not only will it remove obvious debris from a rug, but it will get deep into its fibers. This can help to remove dirt, dust, dander, and other harmful particles.

In this article, you’ll discover plenty of helpful information about this carpet cleaner. Some you’ll read about include:

  • The Big Green Machine’s numerous features
  • If it will give you professional-grade results
  • How well it compares to its competition
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The Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner was created to stand above and beyond rental carpet cleaners. Bissell was inspired to design a product that gave customers the same cleaning experience as a powerful rental device would, but one that a homeowner could easily use and store away in their home.

Below you’ll find intricate details behind each feature of this helpful carpet cleaner.

Unboxing and Setup – Easy to Do

Unlike many vacuum cleaners, this product is very easy to assemble once you unbox it. Inside the packaging, you’ll find that the vacuum is pretty much already put together. However, you might need to attach the hose to it or an attachment if you need to use it.

Before you use this machine, it’s ideal to remove the water tanks and wash them out. This will prevent any dust inside them from mixing into the cleaning solution.

When you are ready to vacuum, fill the tanks with fresh warm water. If you want to do an intricate clean, drop some soap into the tanks as well. Almost every Bissell cleaning liquid will work safely with this device. This can be helpful if you need a certain soap to focus on a specific cleaning aspect, such as eliminating pet urine or getting dirt stains out.

Once you’re ready to use your carpet cleaner, plug it into the wall. You can then turn the power on with the switch conveniently located on its handle.

Design and Maneuverability – Versatile and Uncomplicated

At first glance, most people observe the stunning exterior design of the Bissell Big Green. Featuring a vibrant green front, the carpet cleaner is somewhat stylish for its size.

Despite it being a little big, the Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner is surprisingly very easy to move around. With its ergonomic handle, you’ll be able to turn the vacuum in any direction you need it to go. Its wheels will rotate as you do this movement to provide extra support.

As you push the vacuum across the carpet, its 10.5-inch head will remove debris. The head also has an anti-tip guard on the front to prevent it from denting nearby furniture.

One of the most interesting design features of this product is that you can move it forward and backward. Unlike a few carpet cleaners that will only move forward and then need to be turned around, this one will move in all directions. This way, you can go over spots that might need a little extra help.

You can also use this carpet cleaner on the stairs. While you won’t be able to lift it up and down, it’s designed with a long hose. This hose measures an impressive nine-feet long and is flexible. Thanks to this design, you’ll be able to clean all crevices on the stairs without problems.

Another unique design feature is its tank system. The Bissell Big Green Machine incorporates two tanks. These large tanks work to prevent clean and dirty water from mixing together. They encourage longer cleaning times because they can hold up to 1.75 gallons.

One of the best design components of this unit though is its suction power. It has an incredible suction power that will not only clean carpets but dries them quickly as well. This is due to the vacuum running on 12 amps.

Purpose and Results – Gets the Job Done Right

The main purpose of this professional carpet cleaner is to give your carpet a stunning clean. Similar carpet cleaning machines either miss certain stains or can only work on certain types of carpeting. This makes the Bissell Big Green Machine a versatile option to invest in.

Most homeowners usually have positive results after running this vacuum over their carpet. While you might need to pass over tough stains a few times, the device will eventually take them off. The more you consistently use it, you’ll find it will help your carpets to stay clean for a longer period of time. This can significantly cut down on your future cleaning jobs.

Stain Removal – Spectacular Job

The Bissell Big Green Machine does a great job of removing stains. This includes everything from furniture marks to pet urine. It’s equipped with a massive DirtLifter PowerBrush to help with this. This power brush uses strong force to get deep into problematic areas, but not enough to damage the carpet.

You might be surprised to learn that this carpet cleaner doesn’t use steam to remove stains. Instead, it incorporates hot water extraction. This works to clean stains and prevent strong odors.

To help you out, even more, Bissell Big Green comes with a tough stain tool. This attaches to the device’s hose and has a handle button that will spray out cleaning liquid. Once this liquid covers the carpet, the stain tool will squirt water out and massage it into the stain. As it does so, it will also suck the liquid back up and slightly dry the spot.

Accessories and Compatible Products – A Handful Available

There are a handful of accessories that comes with this device. As mentioned above, it features a tough stain stair tool. Most Bissell products are compatible with it. This includes different hose sizes and cleaning tools. This way, you’ll be able to mix and match the products should you need a unique option for a specific job.

Storage and Maintenance – A Little Bulky

This carpet cleaner isn’t the most compact, so it might take up a little more storage space than you’d like. While you can detach the tank and hose, the rest of the carpet cleaner is one solid piece.

It also doesn’t come with that much maintenance. However, you do need to make sure to clean out the tanks after each use. This will keep them from getting stained from left-behind particles. If you happen to use any tools, you’ll want to rinse them under warm water. This will release any dirt particles in the bristles to prevent them from getting back into the carpet.

Besides this, homeowners should make sure to check their belt. The belt is what helps the brushes rotate easily over the carpet. If you’ve used this carpet cleaner often or find that it might not be picking up debris like it used to, you might need to change the belt.

Price and Warranty

This rug cleaner is remarkably affordable. Priced at around $400, it’s almost a steal. Most professional carpet machines at this price don’t usually have many features, but the Bissell Big Green Machine does. It has a high power amperage to encourage better suction. All of this works together to ensure that the device is both affordable and well-built.

The Bissell Big Green Machine comes with a five-year warranty. This limited five-year warranty will cover most aspects of Bissell Big Green. This includes various part replacements, like filters, belts, and brushes. Keep in mind that the warranty will not work if you use the product for commercial use or end up damaging it by having an unauthorized repair done.

If you do need to use its warranty, you’ll need to make sure to contact Bissell customer service. They’ll then give you options to use so your carpet cleaner can get fixed.

What About the Competition?

While this device is one of the tops on the market, it does have one main competitor: the Bissell ProHeat. While it’s still part of the Bissell family, the ProHeat model is a bit cheaper and is more lightweight.

The Bissell ProHeat is designed specifically to help with pet stains, odors, and dander. The bristles will pick up these particles. It also comes with a pet upholstery brush so you can clean off your curtains and furniture.

It features 12 rows of bristles. This is slightly more than the Bissell Big Green Machine. To keep dirt from escaping, it has a plastic brush roll cover. You can remove this if necessary, but it will help prevent splatters.

While the Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner can dry carpets quickly, the ProHeat does so even faster. In fact, its clean mode works to ensure carpets are dried within 30 minutes after they are cleaned.


Product NameBissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine
Product BrandBissell
Weight48 pounds
Product Dimensions20.5 x 11 x 42.25 inches
WarrantyFive years

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