The 8 Best Mops for Tile Floors of 2024, Tested

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Updated September 8, 2023
The 8 Best Mops for Tile Floors of 2024, Tested
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A good mop for tile floors is an essential cleaning tool to keep your floor sparkling clean and streak-free.

Tile flooring is a popular choice because it withstands heavy traffic, is relatively easy to clean, doesn’t require waxing or polishing, and offers a variety of design options.

Although, tile floors can be mopped by a variety of cleaning tools, including steam mops, one of its biggest challenges is keeping them streak-free.

We researched over 30 mops and tested 16 of the most promising ones for 6 hours to find the best mop for tiles.

We concluded that the O-Cedar EasyWring is the best option for cleaning your tile floors and leaving them streak-free, as well as for tackling any type of stains. But if you’re on a budget, we found the Swiffer WetJet Starter kit to be an interesting option. And if you need an electric mop to do the hard work for you, try the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.

Testing Stats

  • Number of mops studied: +30
  • Number of mops tested: 16
  • Top performers: 8
  • Hours of testing: 6

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall - O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
  • Best Budget - Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop Starter Kit
  • Best Flat Mop - Mister Siga Professional Microfiber Mop
  • Best Spin Mop - Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop
  • Best Steam Mop - Shark Steam Pocket Mop

    Read Full Review: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop Review

    • Bucket included
    • Smart and convenient foot pedal
    • Machine washable head
    • No wheels on the bucket

    The O-Cedar EasyWring features a unique and intelligent bucket design that – combined with an exceptional microfiber head – leaves our tile floors looking neat, without soaking them and leaving streaks. And that’s precisely for that reason that we picked it for our best overall!

    The bucket integrates an incredibly convenient foot pedal that wrings out the mop head, allowing us to control how wet we want our tile floors. And even with a mop head that was barely wet, we were impressed in our testing on how much it cleaned up in one single swipe.

    In our kitchen, it tackled large spills of ketchup, grease, and gravy efficiently. Thanks to the moisture level control, our floors dried in a matter of minutes. Notably, it left no streaks – a common issue on tiles.

    And because the foot pedal compartment spins water out of the mop quickly, we thought that it would send water flying everywhere – but it did not.

    The mop head ended up soiled and stained from the spills, but we appreciated that we could restore its original state by machine washing it.

    Of course, it excelled at wet mopping tiles – but we also loved how it mopped dry messes effortlessly, too. The fine and delicate strands of the mop head picked up tiny dust and debris that our vacuum had missed. With two children and a cat that sheds a lot, this is always a plus.

    Speaking of the mop head, the Easywring spin mop features a triangular head that fits into corners just perfectly – unlike the rectangle design of the other mops we have tested.

    The only hiccup we could find was the lack of wheels on the bucket. We found it quite cumbersome to drag from room to room, especially because our testers have mobility issues. Other than that, this model checks all the boxes.


    What Customers Are Saying

    Just like our testers, satisfied customers appreciated the microfiber head designed for both wet and dry mopping. They could use it wet to deep clean their tiles and without water to buff and shine the floor.

    However, some reviewers noted that the construction of the handle on this floor mop feels flimsy. The handle is light and they reported that it cracked easily if they were not careful when using it.

    Price at time of publish: $34.97

    Technical Specs

    Weight: 4.94 lbs
    Mop Head Type: String
    Mop Head Material: Microfiber
    Handle Length: 48 inches
    • Straightforward to use
    • Works on any surfaces, especially wooden floors
    • Perfect for spot cleaning
    • Plastic construction
    • Need 4 batteries to operate

    The Swiffer WetJet spray mop holds its own against more expensive models. During testing, we were struck by its ease of use and efficiency.

    Firstly, as the name suggests, the set contains everything you’ll need to start mopping tiles: the mop itself of course but also 10 disposable pads, a bottle of cleaning solution, and 4 batteries.

    We particularly appreciated this feature because it allows for extended use before needing to buy replacement parts. And it’s not necessarily offered by other mops’ brands.

    Once our testers were all set, they confirmed the mop’s remarkable performance on tiles. Although, our kitchen tiled floors didn’t show any obvious stains – the pad returned completely covered in dirt and dust.

    We believe the included cleaning solution plays a significant role in its effectiveness. Combined with a heavy-duty mopping pad featuring a central purple strip to scrub the floors, the mop cleaned our tile floor in just a few passes.

    Plus, we found the curved handle extremely comfortable, making the mop pleasing to maneuver around the kitchen and into the corners. The button to activate the cleaning solution is also strategically placed on the handle.

    However, despite the smart pad design, we observed that tougher stains – like blueberry stains – required more passes and elbow grease.

    And our testers reported that this mop is a breeze to use on small tiled surfaces like kitchens or bathrooms. But for larger areas, it’s another story. Because they had to apply more pressure to get the job done and give the floors a deep clean, the pad wore out more quickly than expected.

    Now, this mop is our budget-friendly pick and its performance exceeded our expectations for small cleaning jobs. So we believe, it will serve its purpose well if you’re using it for spot cleaning. Just bear in mind that you’ll have to buy replacement parts eventually


    What Customers Are Saying

    Positive reviews lauded the design of the mop pads, noting that each pad can absorb a large amount of liquid, so they don’t have to change them too frequently. Users also appreciated the mop’s ease of use for quick cleaning.

    Even if the mop gets the job done, negative reviews suggest that the mop may leave streaks.

    Price at time of publish: $28

    Technical Specs

    Weight: 0.035 ounces
    Mop Head Type: Mopping pads
    Mop Head Material: Paper and plastic
    Handle Length: 46 inches

    Read Full Review: Mr.Siga Professional Microfiber Mop Review

    • Large and wide cleaning base
    • Efficient cleaning pads
    • Dry and wet mopping abilities
    • Not suitable for cleaning corners

    We selected the Mister Siga professional microfiber mop as the best flat mop thanks to its large and wide base and sturdy microfiber clothes which provide excellent cleaning results with fewer passes.

    The mop comes with several washable microfiber pads that we could use interchangeably for dry and wet mopping (blue side). And we tried it in both situations. (The beige side can be used to wax the floors but we haven’t tested this feature on tile floors).

    To start, we set up the mop with the pads. We loved how the microfiber clothes attach easily with the two clamps. They secured and held our pads extremely well and without slippage.

    Then, we tested the pads for dust mopping the tile floors of our living rooms. Living in a busy house with 2 young children and a cat that sheds a lot, our testers were amazed by the amount of hair and dust it picked it. Our testers even qualified the mop as “cat hair magnets”! Just know: it won’t pick up small dirt particles, just dust and hairs.

    Once done, we used the scraper tool to remove all the hairs from the pad – a feature we really found brilliant.

    Then, we sprayed a tile floor cleaner on the floor and wiped it off using the mop. We appreciated the 15″ x 5″ wide head – capable of covering larger areas more efficiently than the other mops listed in this article. We particularly appreciated this practical feature in larger rooms, noting that the mopping time was reduced to one-fourth.

    To avoid bending over repeatedly and wringing the pads, we simply replaced the pad once it became dirty. Once all three pads were dirty, we put them in the washing machine. And they came out as clean as when we first had them which we found quite convenient.

    However, due to the large head, we found it difficult to clean corners. It also wasn’t a top performer in our wet-mopping tests on sticky residue, requiring extra pressure and additional passes to remove it completely. But we’re convinced that these minor design flaws are insignificant compared to its impressive performance as a flat mop.


    What Customers Are Saying

    Customers raved about the well-built construction of the mop, which felt sturdy and durable. They also reported that the swivel head made it very easy for them to get under furniture.

    Others complained about the handle that doesn’t stay stuck and that falls into itself every time they had to apply pressure to scrub an area.

    Price at time of publish: $29.98

    Technical Specs

    Weight:1.28 kg
    Mop Head Type: Flat
    Mop Head Material: Microfiber
    Handle Length: 59 inches
    • On-spray demand feature
    • Convenient swivel head design
    • Mini pet mess formula and extra pads included
    • Bulky

    For anyone who wants to wash your tile floors just at the press of a button, the Bissell SpinWave will satisfy you.

    Generally speaking, Bissell products live up to the hype, and all our testers can confirm. And this electric spin mop, in particular, performed extremely well during our real-life testing sessions.

    We loved the dual rotating pads that span our floors and took out all of the hard work from the mopping chore. For example, for blueberry spills on our kitchen floor, we found this mop to be a total game-changer. While we had to go over the spill multiple times with the Swiffer WetJet, the Bissell’s scrubbing pads got the job done in a single pass.

    We also noted that the 2 spinning pads ensure that every square inch gets mopped, unlike traditional mops which tend to be more effective only in areas where pressure is applied.

    Mopping along the edges wasn’t a problem either. We just put the mop against the baseboard and the mop practically moved itself along.

    Besides being performant, this mop is quiet too. We could use it while having a conversation without struggling to hear over the machine.

    And while we were concerned about having to dispense tons of cleaning solution, we could clean our entire tile floor using only about half of the machine’s tank. In fact, once the pads are saturated in water, the mop requires very little additional solution to continue mopping.
    Hint: You can pre-wet the pads before mopping.

    What’s not to love about this mop? Well, the scrubbing pad was softer than we expected, noting that the mop has issues removing stuck-on dirt. No surprise here, as it’s common with most mops. But since it’s an electric mop, we couldn’t apply additional pressure.

    Also, the pads are removable and washable but unfortunately, we had to lift the mop up to change them, so pad replacement is a bit of a challenge. Otherwise, we were really satisfied with this mop on tile floors, evaluating this mop to be an excellent value for money.


    What Customers Are Saying

    Happy customers commented that this spin mop cleaned their tile floors perfectly while requiring minimal effort. They also mentioned the mop’s efficiency in tackling pet messes and appreciated the ease with which the pads can be attached or detached.

    However dissatisfied customers pointed out that the mop feels bulky and cumbersome, especially for a mopping activity.

    Price at time of publish: $97

    Technical Specs

    Weight:8 oz
    Mop Head Type: Electric Spin Mop
    Mop Head Material: Polyester & Nylon
    Handle Length: N/A
    • Easy to set up and use
    • 30 seconds to heat up
    • Durable product
    • No extra pads

    The Shark Steam Pocket mop is a basic, simple yet efficient steam mop for tiles. It doesn’t have any fancy features or smart accessories. Still, it gets the job done by leaving tile floors clean week after week and never disappoints us.

    Firstly, we appreciated its sleek and simple design which offers a certain maneuverability and comfort when moving it from room to room. And while we’re not big fans of corded models, the 18-foot-long cord was enough to clean our small kitchen tile floors. Just keep in mind that it may be on the shorter side for a whole cleaning session.

    The pads are reusable, machine washable, and reversible so we didn’t have to stop mopping to change the pads – we just had to use the other side.

    We also noticed that it removed residues left by the Bissell Spinwave cleaning session. For built-in grease and sticky residues, we just had to spot it for 30 seconds to steam. And since it’s steaming hot water, it left no streaks on our floors.

    Though, we regretted the lack of an on/off switch to start or turn off the mop. Instead, we had to unplug the machine. The settings aren’t adjustable, either.

    Now, we owned this steam mop for years, used it extensively on tile floors, and is still going strong. So we believe that this steam mop will fulfill all its promises to get your tile floors clean.

    What Customers Are Saying

    Happy customers lauded the reversible mopping surface, several saying that it’s by far their favorite feature. They also reported that it’s an exceptionally durable electric appliance, with a few testimonials indicating that they have owned their mops for more than five years.

    However, many reviewers lamented the discontinuation of the original model, noting that it had additional features lacking in the current version, such as a longer cord and three settings (dust, mop, and scrub).

    Price at time of publish: $89.99

    Technical Specs

    Weight:5.77 lbs
    Mop Head Type: Steam
    Mop Head Material: Microfiber
    Handle Length: N/A

    Other Options We Tested

    Most Versatile – Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum Steam Mop
    After testing many Bissell products and being consistently satisfied with their performance, we had high expectations for this vac & steam mop. And with this Bissell Steam and Vacuum, we were impressed by its efficiency, versatility, and overall ease of use. During our tests, we found that it excelled at stuck-on grease and sticky spots thanks to the hot steam. Plus, this vacuum steam combo is literally designed to vacuum and steam your floors simultaneously, so our cleaning chore time was divided by 2. The steam is on demand and we could adjust the level between the 2 settings. However, we did notice that the device struggled with picking up strands of cat hair; neither the steam nor the vacuum managed to remove them. Despite this shortcoming, this Bissell is priced well below the median for a combo vacuum mop and gets the job (well) done for a fair price.

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    Best Spray Mop – Bona Tile & Laminate Floor, Stone Premium Spray Mop
    Although we didn’t test this Bona mop, we owned and tried the Bona mop for hardwood floors for several years. Being the same model – the only difference lies in the included cleaning solution, we feel comfortable recommending this model. Our testers confirmed that this mop is effective at removing stains and leaving tile floors clean and without streaks. They found that the head is comfortably large and the mop is sufficiently lightweight to be easy to push around the floors and maneuverable to get into corners and crannies. They also highly appreciated the spray mop feature that they qualified as convenient. However, they regretted the plastic and flimsy design that they found cheap. But it’s a well-priced mop and it did a terrific job at tackling the toughest stains on our tiles floors.

    Best Robot Mop – iRobot 240 Braava Robot Mop
    The iRobot 240 Braava Robot mop is a robust robotic mop that performed well on our tile floors. Our testers found the setup process to be smooth and straightforward. All they had to do was attach a mop pad, fill the water tank, place the mop on the floor, start it, and voilà! There are no fancy features or complicated functions. But, once activated, it efficiently cleaned our tile floors and tackled built-in spots with a surprisingly quiet operation. After use, our floors looked shiny. Now, it’s a basic model so the mapping function is quite simple. At times, when encountering an obstacle, it seemed to lose its way and stop operating. We also noticed some streaks when looking in direct sunlight. But for an appliance that takes all the hard work out of mopping, we were really satisfied with the results.

    How We Picked and Tested

    We started with extensive research to understand the most important features a mop for tile should have.

    We read numerous customer reviews and ratings, technical guides, user guides, and cleaning and industry blogs. We reached out to tile manufacturers and watched YouTube videos from tile mop reviewers.

    This initial analysis helped us analyze the mops markets and identify a list of the best mops for tile floors.

    We then narrowed down this list to the 10 most promising models based on key criteria such as:

    • Performance: We considered mops that maximize cleaning power while minimizing effort. We also took into consideration the mops that leave the fewest streaks on the floors.
    • Versatility: We gave extra bonus points to mops that could transition between different types of flooring and not just exclusively tiles.
    • Ease of Use: A great mop for tiles should also be easy to handle, maneuver, and store. We examined the comfort, ergonomics, weight, and other design features.
    • Durability: It should also last a significant period of time without requiring frequent part replacements. We looked at materials and construction to assess longevity.
    • Bonus: We considered extra features such as built-in spray mechanisms, scrubbing options, or pads.
    • Cost: While we believe in investing in quality, the cost still plays a significant role. We aimed to provide options that offer the best value for the price.

    After this drastic selection phase, we moved to the hands-on testing phase.

    Under real-life conditions, we tried and tested each mop on tile but also on other surfaces, assessing their effectiveness in removing various types of stains and dirt, including tough grime and spills. We looked at their ease of use, construction, comfort of use, maneuverability, and level of noise (if any).

    We then reported all of our results, including testing sessions, in a spreadsheet, giving each criterion a rating out of 10.

    By weighing all these factors, we were able to select the top picks for tile floors and identify the best category for each of them.

    What To Look For in a Mop for Tile Floors


    Many types of mops are available: string mop, flat mop, spray mop, steam mop and we’ve made sure to include a variety of options in our review, including a vacuum steam mop combo and a robot mop.

    But, if you’re more of the traditional type, we listed a string mop that uses a bucket, as well as a flat mop. This way, we’ve left you with plenty of options to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs.


    Weight is an important factor because it determines the mop’s portability. To assess the weight, you can, of course, rely on the product’s listed weight. However, keep in mind that you’ll be using it as a wet mop, and water is heavier than air.

    Additionally, some types of mops, like string or sponge mops, retain more water. With these, you’ll also have to carry a bucket, which most often doesn’t have wheels. On the other hand, flat mops tend to be more portable.

    Easy of Clean

    Some mops include a wringing mechanism which makes the whole mopping process less stressful. Depending on the models, these mechanisms can be built into the handle or the mop bucket – both making the maintenance easier.

    Other models will require you to change manually the cleaning pad, and wash machine or dispose of it. What you’ll choose depends totally on your personal preferences.

    Extra & Standout Features

    Extra features can vary, but in the context of mops, these are usually additional mop heads, cleaning solutions, or buckets. Some may also include a scraper, although that’s more of an exception.

    Standout features often involve ergonomic design elements, such as telescoping handles or a mop head release button.


    How Often Should You Mop My Tile Floor?

    How often you should mop tile floors depends on how much traffic they get.

    For low-traffic areas, you should mop weekly. If you have medium-traffic floors, mop your floors every second day. And if you have heavy traffic areas, you should clean them daily.

    How Often Should I Replace My Floor Mop?

    You should replace your mop as soon as it begins to show signs of any wear or tear.

    Generally, cotton mop-heads need replacing after 15 to 30 cleans. In contrast, microfiber mop pads can last up to 500 cleans before needing replacement.

    Of course, how often you use your mop can affect the number of cleans it can handle before needing replacing.

    Why Trust The Housewire

    This article was researched and written by Claire Onidi, writer, editor, and product tester at Thehousewire since 2018. Claire specializes in cleaning products and tools, and for this article, she conducted extensive research, identifying the best products based on various factors such as features, customer reviews, and product data, among others. She scoured the web for insights from tile manufacturers’ blogs and recommendations and even reached out to customer support at to gain further insights into mop styles and effective mopping techniques for keeping tile floors clean and streak-free. Then, she personally tested all the listed mops in her own home. This practical testing approach allows her readers to rely on real-life experience, rather than purely theoretical analysis.

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