The 7 Best Microfiber Cloths of 2021

By Jeneva Aaron Updated December 20, 2020

Pick up an environmentally valuable alternative for interior and exterior household cleaning.

The 7 Best Microfiber Cloths of 2021

Whenever you see your best things covered in dust, you quickly grab your spare towel or a napkin to clean up the mess. No matter how hard you rub to clean up the smudges with drenched or dry cloths, picking up the small dust particles from your computer, glass surfaces, and device screens are almost next to impossible, unless of course, you are using a handy microfiber cloth. Yes! A good microfiber cloth has everything to make your variety of cleaning tasks easier. Choosing one is fairly simple as well due to its several sizes and eco-friendly nature. Now, avoid scratching your precious furniture and get ready to beat the dust and bacteria with microfiber cloths.

Microfiber cloths, with their many sizes and sets, provide an instant solution to your heavier and messier cleanups. Larger cloths have thicker fibers that are suitable to clean many surfaces including your occasional computer screen, glass tables, and floors whereas cloths smaller in size utilize their finer fibers to protect your surface from the average mess. Whether you are picking up debris or removing dust from delicate items, use these exceptional clothes because they are absolutely worth it.

To make things easier, we have listed down the top microfiber cloths along with their pros and cons that can help you with cleaning a variety of messes. Read this article and pick up the best microfiber cloth for large scale cleanups and regular dusting.

These microfiber cleaning cloths know very well how to live up to their name, spilling magic whenever you use them to clean dirt. They have good quality microfibers that ensure perfect cleaning with just a single wipe.

Their extra-soft nature makes the grip stronger as well as comfortable for you. One of the good things about these clothes is that they aren’t slippery even with their smooth texture.

Being portable, they are ideal for removing dust and fingerprints from eyeglasses and lenses. However, you can also use them to clean stains from fragile surfaces and gadgets like a telescope, binoculars, and television. Many professionals choose to use this because of its instant results and versatility.

To make things more favorable, the packages of MagicFiber Microfiber come in many sizes. Each size corresponds to a different quantity, colors, and price. For instance, a packet of 6 Magicfiber Microfiber has medium-sized cloths, five of them being black and the other one being grey in color.

Moreover, MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloths are only 6 x 7 inches which makes them easier to carry and use. You don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing them because you can easily keep them safe inside your pockets, drawers, or bags.

Users are immensely pleased with the positive result this product promises. They have found MagicFiber Microfiber to be 100% effective on all surfaces. However, there are a few users who weren’t totally satisfied since they noticed a change in its performance after several washes.

Known for its effectiveness, this compactly woven Microfiber cloth is more than enough for all your cleaning tasks. If you want to keep your spectacles and gadgets dust-free, then Magicfiber Microfiber is definitely the right fit for you.

Are you planning to super clean your car? If yes, then save a trip to a professional car wash and buy these SimpleHouseware cleaning cloths instead.

As unbelievable it may sound to you, but DIY automobile cleaning is very much possible with these strongly resilient microfiber cloths.

Not only you can wash your own car like a pro, but SimpleHouseware 50 Pack can also aid its user in other cleaning activities. Its ability to absorb washing liquids and retain water helps in cleaning the heavier electronic devices that demand extra care while interacting with them. In such cases, wetting the electrical appliances can be extremely dangerous and this is why its capacity to take in liquids is commendable. As a result, the risk of getting an electric shock reduces to a great extent.

While being significantly absorbent, these Microfiber clothes dry very quickly which comes as a surprise to many of their users. Alongside this, SimpleHouseware 50 pack is a perfect blend of nylon and polyester that can take care of paint stains, double coats, oil smudges, and unpleasant marks.

Coming to its appearance, the pack consists of 50 separate cloths of different colors including green, yellow, blue, and orange. The clothes are similar to the towels you have at home but are of better quality. The good thing about this product is that it comes in bulk amount, but you can also buy the packet of these microfiber cloths in less quantity. It entirely depends on the usage.

If you are wondering about its weight, then SimpleHouseware 50 Pack weighs about 3.6 pounds. An individual cloth is somewhat between 12 x 16 inches. Being light and economical, these Microfiber cloths are a perfect alternative for heavier clean-ups and DIY cleaning duties.

Even though people have appreciated SimpleHouseware 50 pack for its colorful appearance and usefulness, some users find these microfiber cloths a little bit extra thin for cleaning vehicles. Other than this, users have to individually wash these microfiber cloths which disturb their comfort zone.

Kirkland Signature Ultra High Pile is another great option to keep your car ultra-clean and shiny. Save your time and money by buying this remarkable 36-pack microfiber towels. These towels are reliable for protecting glass surfaces from marks and scratches, and thus are better for rubbing windows, mirrors, car panels, and even boats.

However, you can also use them to scrub the stains off the bathroom floor and kitchen sink. In fact, their lint-free traits and multifunctioning properties label these microfiber cloths as user-oriented. Additionally, the cloths inside the packet are reusable and machine washable. Their reusability and premium quality makes them durable which is another positive factor for users.

Basically, what sets them apart from other microfiber cloths is their potential to work wonders without actually using chemicals. As a matter of fact, their shorter fibers, consisting of polyester and polyamide, are fully capable of cleaning surfaces by taking in less water. At times, you won’t even feel the need to use water at all. Use these towels dry and see the magic!

Each towel weighs only about 60 grams and is therefore easy to use and manage. Keeping the weight and environmental benefits aside, it is recommended to wash these towels with warm water prior to use once you buy the package. Also, refrain from using fabric softener while washing in order to avoid the damage and clogging of microfibers. For maintaining the high-standard performance, use a mild soap if necessary and avoid ironing.

The feedbacks are mainly positive as most of the people find their price to quality ratio suitable. In spite of that, there are a couple of users who have raised concerns regarding drained color and frizziness after frequent washes. There were also a few issues concerning the high price.

On the whole, Kirkland Signature Ultra High Pile should be your priority if you don’t want to miss out a convenient experience of cleaning. The 30-pack can manage all your cleaning tasks with ease since it consumes less water and requires no chemicals.

Nothing can beat the HDX towel set when it comes to advanced home cleaning. To counter dust particles, you need to get your hands on this wonderful towel set. With its extraordinary cleaning powers, keeping your precious furniture and decoration pieces dust-free throughout the day is no longer a hassle.

A major problem while cleaning with a random duster lies in its inability to carry dirt and smudges properly. Often times, you will feel the need to rinse it after every minute which is, of course, time-consuming and tiring.

On the other hand, the microfiber cloth of the HDX towel set is grippy enough to pick up small particles of dust in one go. No prolonged wiping and scrubbing, and once you are done, you can simply toss your microfiber towel in a machine with your other clothes. You don’t even have to wash it individually.

In order to utilize the best out HDX towel set, use it according to the instructions mentioned. To illustrate, heavily stained areas demand wet towels for better scrubbing, normal cleaning requires damp cloths, and regular dusting goes superbly well with dry HDX towels.

The product comes in a sealed bag, containing eighteen towels in orange and white color. Being thick and extremely lightweight, these microfiber HDX towel set fulfills its purpose of cleaning the heavier mess. The bulk amount is another eye-catching factor that people consider while buying microfiber cloths.

For the most part, the response was overwhelming as HDX microfiber towels offer a good value to DIY enthusiasts. Users mainly admired the size of these clothes, measuring up to 18 x 18 inches. However, there are several customers who didn’t give full ratings to this product because they received noticeably shorter microfiber cloths.

HDX towel set acts as a helping hand in major house chores and exterior cleaning duties. With its high-quality thick fibers, even drying paint and automobile detailing is practically achievable. Primarily, a smart choice for people who are allergic to dust and neat freaks.

Do you miss the luxurious appearance of your brand-new touch screen gadgets? The screen was crystal clear and reflective at first, but it began to look blurry and unclear with the passage of time. Fortunately, you can get that flawless screen again as MaxtexProgo Ultra enables you to get rid of those nasty fingerprints without leaving the traces of any sort of abrasions.

Specifically designed to clean the screens and lens, these simple yet compelling microfiber cloths are also effective in removing bacteria and smudges from keyboards. The minimum weight and increased portability make MaxtexProgo Ultra highly valuable among the various microfiber cloths.

One of the desirable thing about these clothes is that you can wash them with clothes simultaneously, unlike many other microfiber cloths. The material is soft and leaves no residue after an instant wipe. Verily, your surfaces won’t be just clean and tidy, but these cloths ensure glossy finishes along with the smooth texture.

To highlight the details, MaxtexProgo Ultra High can work both ways with or without water. In fact, they are also relevant for occasional dusting. Just make sure to stay careful when cleaning electronic devices because a damp to dry microfiber cloth is enough to perfectly clean the entire body.

Using a dripping wet microfiber cloth on any of the electronic devices is dangerous, so allow it to dry first or avoid soaking it with water. A good practice is to use a sprayer to sprinkle a little amount of water on the surface and then wipe gently using a MaxtexProgo Ultra high.

Overall, the users were extremely happy with the outcome of MaxtexProgo Ultra High. However, these cleaning cloths aren’t the best choice for some of the users because they didn’t seem to be entirely lint-free and are too thin to absorb oil or dense paints.

If you are fond of keeping your tiles, gadgets, and eyeglasses spot on, then this product is totally for you. Invest less money, and get six of these superior microfiber cloths in just a single package!

Unger large cloths are on top of the priority list of professionals and cleaning experts. The moto is to use fewer chemicals while cleaning as the complex formula of cleaning detergents often erase and damage the paint of hard surfaces. Contrary to this, the strongly repulsive odor is another reason for people to discard their usage during scrubbing and rubbing the heavily stained area.

The point to note here is that these microfiber towels aren’t dependent on any washing agent in order to remove stubborn marks and dust. Not only this, but there are other incredible features that render Unger Large cloth as one of the best microfiber towels available in the market.

These cloths are best for wooden and glass items, but can also show impressive results on bathroom floors, tiles, and kitchen cabinets. Available in blue color, the pack has three towels to keep your cleaning chemical-free and thus lowering the environmental risks.

On average, the comebacks are partially positive, but a number of users complained about its ability to absorb and retain water. Also, the extra-large size is a turnoff for some of its users.

All in all, Unger Large Cloth gives a new meaning to cleaning with ease. Specially designed for clearing the heavier mess, these microfiber towels make sure to keep your surfaces smoother and streak-free.

Although the advantages of using small microfiber cloths are unlimited, still they can’t be a complete replacement to larger cleaning cloths. For instance, a heavy clean-up calls for a reasonably oversized microfiber towel. For this sole purpose, AmazonBasics Thick cleaning cloth is here to serve you with its unmatchable features.

To start with, these ultra-large towels break all the boundaries when it comes to versatility. From cleaning your garage to rubbing down your dog, their ultimate absorbent power coupled with their extra-soft microfiber allows you to use them for any cleaning task. Surprisingly, there are no specifications for where do they work best because they are perfect for almost everything.

These large microfiber towels are great for removing dust, grime, dirt, and any unnecessary marks within a single wipe. In case the size bothers you, simply cut the towel down to your desired level. For further convenience, read the instructions carefully from the tag and follow accordingly.

Also, you don’t have to wash these towels frequently because you can remove the dust and dirt by directly shaking them off. However, make sure that you are doing it over a sink since the dust otherwise will create another mess for you to clean later on. This trick will only work if you are using these towels dry. In other cases, wash them using cold water and mild soap.

Regardless of its many benefits, there are some users expressing concerns about its quality. There are also complaints regarding clogging, and the size apparently reduces after a few washing cycles.

In a nutshell, AmazonBasics Thick cleaning cloths are particularly appropriate for long term use. Recognized for their larger surface area and magnified smoothness, these brilliant towels will leave your surfaces effortlessly tidier so don’t hesitate to go for them.

Pick up the microfiber cloth you are comfortable with and say a big NO to bacteria this year.

Final Words

To sum it up, microfiber cloths can save you from unnecessary troubles of purchasing harsh cleaning liquids that scrape the paint off, leaving your furniture rusty and unpleasant. It is time to put away your random cotton mops and switch to these extra absorbents and durable towels for smoother surfaces. If you want your home to remain germs free, then putting your faith in microfiber towels is ultimately the best idea.

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