The 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood Floors of 2021

By Harold K. Hardesty Updated December 19, 2020

Prolong the beauty and lifespan of your floors with one of these tested vacuums.

The 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood Floors of 2021

If you’re a homeowner you already know how difficult it can be to keep your hardwood floors clean. While there are a variety of different vacuums you can try (like a stick vacuum, upright, or a canister one) the one you invest in might not be the one that’s best for your living space. A vacuum might also claim to be good for hardwood floors, but end up leaving behind scratches.

Some might not do a good job at removing dirt and grit from a wood floor which could make it dangerous for you to walk bare-foot.

Because of this, it’s crucial you find a vacuum that will do a good job of not only cleaning your flooring but at preserving floors. The good news is, there are many models that can do this.

Below you’ll discover eight of the best vacuums that are designed specifically for hardwood floors. To find a powerful vacuum that’s right for you, keep reading.

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