The 6 Best Concrete Cleaners of 2023

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Updated June 28, 2023

Cleaning concrete doesn’t have to be hard

Cleaning concrete doesn’t have to be hard

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Best Concrete Floor Cleaners
Are you struggling to remove oil stains or paint spills from your garage floor? Trust us, we know how tough it can be.

Concrete floors are generally a durable, tough surface. But, they need regular cleaning to prevent concrete stains.

Because concrete is so porous, it can attract a lot of dirt and grime. It also quickly absorbs substances such as petroleum products or mold and mildew, which can be hard to remove.

So using the right concrete cleaner is key to achieving squeaky clean concrete. Here, we’ll explore the best concrete cleaners to help you find the best option for your cleaning.

Our Top Picks

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Best Concrete Cleaners of 2023
Zep Neutral PH Industrial Floor Cleaner - 1 Gallon - ZUNEUT128 - Concentrated Pro Trusted All-Purpose Floor CleanerBest Overall

Zep Neutral

Zep Neutral PH Industrial Floor Cleaner - 1 Gallon - ZUNEUT128 - Concentrated Pro Trusted All-Purpose Floor Cleaner

  • Protects Floor Surface

  • Compact Packaging

  • Easy to Rinse

RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover Spray - Scrub Free Formula, 2.5 Gallon (320 Fl Oz)Best for Mold/Mildew


RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover Spray - Scrub Free Formula, 2.5 Gallon (320 Fl Oz)

  • Scrub-Free

  • Removes Odors

  • Works On Old Stains

Oil Eater 1 Gal. Cleaner Degreaser (4-Pack)Best Oil Eater

Oil Eater Degreaser

Oil Eater 1 Gal. Cleaner Degreaser (4-Pack)

  • Versatile

  • Pleasant Fragrance

  • Biodegradable

Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner – 1 GalBest for Pressure Washer

Simple Green Oxy

Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner – 1 Gal

  • Safer Choice

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Multi-Surface

CAF Outdoor Cleaning EXIMO® Waterless Concrete Cleaner (0.75 lbs) for Driveway, Garage, Basement, and Walkway Surfaces, Advanced Stain Remover for Oils and Other Petroleum StainsBest Waterless

EXIMO Waterless

CAF Outdoor Cleaning EXIMO® Waterless Concrete Cleaner (0.75 lbs) for Driveway, Garage, Basement, and Walkway Surfaces, Advanced Stain Remover for Oils and Other Petroleum Stains

  • Multi-Purpose

  • Wet/Dry Cleaning

  • Prevents Stains Returning

ACT Concrete Cleaner 2.5lbBest Eco-Friendly

ACT Concrete Cleaner

ACT Concrete Cleaner 2.5lb

  • Long-Lasting

  • Easy Application

  • 100% Guarantee


1. Best Overall Concrete Cleaner : Zep Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentratem

Zep Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentratem
This Zep Cleaner Concentrate is an excellent choice to remove grease stains and dirt marks from your concrete.

It has a pH neutral formula that safely cleans dirt, grease, and grime from your concrete without causing damage.

Because it’s a concentrate, this product goes a long way. One bottle makes up to 128 gallons of cleaner.

This can save you a lot of money as you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Plus, it’s climate-pledge friendly! So you can enjoy a clean that’s safe for the environment as well as your concrete.

What We Like

Protects Floor Surface

This cleaner maintains your concrete surfaces without stripping away the protective coating. This makes it a perfect choice if you have a finish on your concrete floor.
It also won’t damage the polish on your wood or tile floors. So it’s ideal if you have many floor surfaces to clean.

Compact Packaging

Reviewers love that this cleaner has a compact packaging design. It’s smaller, so it results in less packaging.
Plus, it also has an efficient shape to save on storage space! It’s perfect if you have small cupboards or lack storage.

Easy To Rinse

Thanks to the low-foam formula, this cleaner is easy to rinse! With less foam after cleaning, you won’t have to waste time washing away foam while rinsing your concrete.
So you can get the job done quickly without any hassle.

What We Don’t Like

Can Leave Sticky Residue

According to some reviews, this cleaner can leave a sticky residue behind. So you might have to spend time rising it thoroughly after applying it to avoid having a sticky concrete surface.

Technical Specs

Ingredients NA
Usage Marble, granite, vinyl, and stone
Mess Type All-purpose

2. Best Concrete Cleaner for Mold and Mildew : RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray

RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray
This is the pick for you if mold and mildew are ruining your concrete surface!

This RMR cleaner is an instant stain remover that lifts stains caused by mold and mildew. It works by targeting deep stains to lift them quickly and efficiently.

Because it’s fast-acting, you can see the difference straight away. So you’ll notice fewer stains after just one application.

Plus, it’s versatile to use on different surfaces as well as concrete. You can use this cleaner on bathroom tiles, grout, shower doors, vinyl, and wood.

This makes it a helpful solution to have in the home to remove mold and mildew from all of your surfaces.

What We Like


This RMR-86 Cleaner is fast-acting and has a scrub-free formula. You can simply spray the formula onto your concrete and watch the stains disappear without any effort needed.

So you can save time and effort cleaning your concrete surface with this cleaner.

Removes Odors

Not only does this cleaner remove mold and mildew, but it also removes odors! You can rid your concrete of bad smells while you clean.

Works On Old Stains

Because this cleaner penetrates the surface, it removes deep stains.

Plus, it also removes old marks. So it’s perfect to use on concrete that hasn’t been cleaned regularly.

What We Don’t Like

Strong Formula

This cleaner has a strong formula with harsh chemicals. This means it requires using protective gloves and clothing while you clean.

You should also be careful using this cleaner if you have pets or children in your home.

Technical Specs

Ingredients Chemical
Usage concrete, wood, vinyl, drywall, tiles
Mess Type Mold and mildew

3. Best Concrete Cleaner Degreaser : Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

Enjoy professional cleaning results with this Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser. It has a powerful formula to remove oil stains and leaves your concrete floor looking brand new.

This Oil Eater cleaner has a degreasing formula that lifts and dissolves any grease or oil stains on your concrete.

And thanks to the safe formula, you can use this cleaner to dissolve grease and oils on almost any surface. It’s free from acids and petroleum, so you can trust that it won’t damage your concrete or other surfaces.

It’s also safe for food-prep surfaces such as concrete countertops and metal tools. So the possibilities are endless with this cleaner.

What We Like


Because it’s a concentrate, you can use this Oil Eater cleaner for any level of mess. It’s perfect for medium, heavy, or mild cleaning tasks.

All you have to do is adjust the water dilution ratio according to the packaging instructions. So you get a cleaning product for any level of buildup with this pick!

Pleasant Fragrance

Reviewers love the lemon fragrance when using this cleaner. According to reviews, it’s light and fresh and leaves your concrete smelling pleasant after every clean.


The formula for this cleaner is water-based and biodegradable. This makes it safe for you and your home.

Plus, it’s great for your drains! You won’t have any harsh or harmful chemicals washing down your drain after cleaning.

What We Don’t Like

Doesn’t Work On Deep Stains

According to reviews, this Oil Eater cleaner isn’t effective for removing old stains. So it might not be the best option if you have deep or stubborn stains on your concrete floor.

Technical Specs

Ingredients N/A
Usage Multi-surface
Mess Type Grease and oil stains

4. Best Concrete Cleaner for Pressure Washer : Simple Green Oxy Solve Pressure Washer Cleaner

Simple Green Oxy Solve Pressure Washer Cleaner
To clean walkways, driveways, and concrete surfaces with extra power, this Simple Green Oxy Cleaner is the way to go. It works with your pressure washer to take all the hassle out of scrubbing your concrete.

With just this one bottle, you get 21 gallons of cleaner, thanks to its concentrated formula. So you’ll be able to get a lot of cleaning done before you’ll need to replace it.

It lifts embedded dirt, grime, and stubborn stains with ease. It also tackles mold, mildew stains, and moss.

It’s also easy to use. You can put it directly into your pressure washer using the helpful pouring tube without making a mess.

Then, you can simply apply it on your floors using a low-pressure washing setting to achieve an efficient clean.

But, you can also use it with a sponge for direct cleaning. All you have to do is mix the cleaning solution in a bucket of water and start cleaning.

What We Like

Safer Choice

The chlorine-free formula has a safer choice label. It uses the power of peroxide to remove stains without the need for harsh chemicals.

This label means you can safely use it around children or pets as well as around waterways.


Because it uses the power of peroxide to clean, it’s safe for the environment. So it’s an excellent choice for cleaning outdoor areas without worrying about toxins entering your drain.


This versatile cleaner is safe to use on wood, plastic, metal, vinyl, and concrete. So you can use it for all your outdoor cleaning needs.

What We Don’t Like


According to reviews, this product creates a lot of foam during cleaning. Excess foam can be a pain to rinse and add a lot of effort to your cleaning.

Technical Specs

Ingredients Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Surfactant Blend, Citric Acid, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate
Usage Concrete, wood, vinyl, metal, fabric, plastic, stone, brick
Mess Type Dirt, grime, moss, algae, mold, and mildew stains

5. Best Waterless Concrete Cleaner : EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner
Waterless concrete cleaners are great for restoring your concrete’s natural color. And this EXIMO powder concrete cleaner does the job well.

It’s tough on stains while still being safe for the surrounding environment. So it won’t harm plants, grass, or your pets.

This natural cleaner uses bioremediation to clean deep below the concrete surface. It removes deep-set and tough stains that many cleaners often miss.

It works by using microbes to break down stain molecules caused by gas, oil, grease, and other petroleum-based stains. This cleaning process results in a long-lasting deep clean on your concrete surfaces.

Plus, it doesn’t require any scrubbing, sweeping, or cleaning. All you have to do is apply the cleaner to your concrete and leave it on the surface.

This makes it one of the easiest cleaning solutions for concrete on the market.

What We Like


This concrete cleaner is safe to use on a range of outdoor surfaces. These surfaces include sidewalks, concrete patios, stairs, or pavers.

So it’s the perfect multi-purpose cleaner for all your outdoor cleaning.

Wet or Dry Cleaning

Unlike many concrete cleaners, you can use this cleaner on wet and dry surfaces. Plus, it doesn’t require any water or liquid.

You can just apply it straight onto your wet or dry surface and leave it to do the work!

Prevents Stains Returning

Because it uses bioremediation, it cleans deep below the surface for complete stain removal. This prevents deep oil and grease stains from resurfacing.

So you won’t have to re-clean your concrete any time soon!

What We Don’t Like

Slow Results

Although the results are great, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see them. This cleaner requires a 4-week wait after application to break down the stains.

So if you want instant results, this cleaner might not be the best option for you

Technical Specs

Ingredients Natural microbes
Usage Concrete
Mess Type Oils and petroleum stains

6. Best Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner : ACT Concrete Cleaner Eco Friendly

ACT Concrete Cleaner Eco Friendly
This ACT Concrete Cleaner is not only great for your concrete, but it’s good for the environment too.

Unlike other cleaners that result in toxins going down the drain, this formula is free from harsh chemicals. So you can enjoy a clean that’s kind on the environment.

But, don’t think that means it lacks cleaning power. The formula works quickly and efficiently without the need for scrubbing.

It dissolves and breaks down stains and oils naturally using CO2 and water. This leaves you with quick, easy, and efficient results without any hassle.

What We Like


One pound of this cleaner covers 100 square feet of your concrete. So you can get a lot of cleaning sessions from just one bottle of this cleaner.

Easy Application

Because it’s waterless, this cleaner has a quick and easy application! All you have to do is apply it on your concrete and use a broom or bristle brush to spread it around.

Then, mist it with water until the area is damp. The formula and stains will evaporate on their own, leaving you with spotless and clean concrete.

100% Guarantee

This cleaner is backed by a 100% guarantee. So you really can trust that it will provide efficient results with the backing of a complete guarantee.

If it doesn’t, you can simply return it.

What We Don’t Like


A lot of reviews complain that this cleaner is expensive to use. Although it goes far, it’s not cheap.

Some reviews suggest that many more affordable cleaners can achieve the same results. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to look for another option.

Technical Specs

Ingredients Natural
Usage Concrete driveway
Mess Type Oil stain, grease, and mildew

Concrete Cleaners Comparison Chart

ProductIngredientsUsageMess Type
Zep NeutralN/AMarble, granite, vinyl, and stoneAll-purpose
Chemicalconcrete, wood, vinyl, drywall, tilesMold and mildew
Oil EaterN/AMulti-surfaceGrease and oil stains
Simple Green OxyHydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Surfactant Blend, Citric Acid, Tetrasodium Glutamate DiacetateConcrete, wood, vinyl, metal, fabric, plastic, stone, brickDirt, grime, moss, algae, mold, and mildew stains
EXIMO WaterlessNatural microbesConcreteOils and petroleum stains
ACT Concrete CleanerNaturalConcrete drivewayOil stain, grease, and mildew
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What to Look For in a Concrete Cleaner

These are the main features to consider when choosing the right concrete cleaner.


Types of Cleaners

First, there are different types of concrete cleaners to consider.

Alkaline Cleaners

Alkaline cleaners have a pH level of at least 12. This means they’re very corrosive, making them ideal for removing substances that can’t be washed away with water.

For example, they are efficient for cleaning grease or an oil stain.

But, keep in mind that concrete manufacturers don’t recommend using alkaline degreasers or cleaners when cleaning stained, polished or sealed concrete.

So you should use them only on unsealed floors on occasion. Otherwise, you can damage your concrete.

Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners have a pH level of less than seven and are very corrosive.

Because of this, many manufacturers do not recommend using acidic cleaners. While they tend to clean well, they can damage your concrete because of their eroding effect.

Neutral Cleaners

Neutral cleaners have a pH of 7 (the same as water). This makes them the most gentle cleaner for concrete.

PH neutral cleaners won’t etch or strip your concrete surface. So, you should look for pH neutral cleaners to avoid harming your concrete.



Next, consider what’s in your cleaner. A concrete cleaner can have chemical or natural ingredients.

Chemical Cleaners

A chemical concrete cleaner contains harsh ingredients that can be bad for your health. According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), some of these chemicals contain carcinogens (1).

Some chemical ingredients can also lead to asthma or birth defects. And because manufacturers don’t have to list their ingredients, it can be hard to know what’s really in your cleaner.

However, chemical cleaners are still popular because they tend to be more efficient. So, make sure you always look for the “Safer Choice” label if you buy a chemical concrete cleaner.

This label will ensure your product uses safer ingredients. If you can’t find this label, make sure you wear gloves and a mask while you’re cleaning.

Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners use biological chemicals such as corn rather than petroleum. However, they aren’t always safer.

These natural ingredients are still chemically identical to petroleum solvents (2). So, they still carry a risk for negative impacts on your health or the environment.

And without knowing what the ingredients are, it’s hard to tell if these concrete cleaning products are safer.

You should also be careful with natural ingredients like salt or baking soda. They can etch your concrete floor and cause damage.



You should also consider the usage of different cleaners for concrete.

For example, many cleaners are designed for only concrete surfaces. However, other concrete cleaners work on many types of floors.

So if you have concrete as well as vinyl or stone in your home, you should consider one of these versatile cleaners. A multi-surface cleaner will save you the hassle of having to switch products when cleaning different areas.

For example, this CAAF Outdoor concrete cleaner is safe to use in many outdoor areas.

However, if you’re only cleaning concrete, a single-surface product might be a better choice. This way, you’ll know it’s designed to do the best job on your concrete.

Lastly, for certain cleaning needs, such as removing oil stains or pet urine, look for a specialized product. For instance, this Flo-Kem Concrete Cleaner targets oil and rust stains.

You should also keep in mind that some cleaners should be used with a water pressure cleaner. See this Zep Pressure Washing Concentrate as an example.



Then, think about which form will be best for your cleaning. You can choose from liquid or powder.


A liquid concrete cleaner comes in a spray bottle for easy application during cleaning. Plus, they’re available in a variety of strengths as well as scents.


Powder cleaners are excellent for removing stains. All you have to do is wet your concrete, apply the powder, scrub, and rinse!

For example, see this Zep Powder Cleaner or this Terminator concrete cleaner.



Finally, there are two types of concrete cleaner concentrations to look for.

Concentrated concrete cleaners need diluting with water before use. While this may seem inconvenient, they last longer and save you money.

For example, this 1-gallon Sheiner’s All-Purpose Cleaner provides 128 gallons of solution.

Complete concrete cleaners are ready-to-use without the need for mixing with water. So they’re quick and easy to use, but they won’t go as far and can end up being more expensive.

Make sure you also look at how many applications your cleaner requires. Some concrete cleaners need many layers for the best result, which can cost you time and effort.


Here are some answers to common questions about concrete cleaners.

Can I Use Bleach on Concrete Surfaces?

The short answer is no. You shouldn’t use bleach on either polished, stained, or sealed concrete.

Household bleach has a pH level of 12, which makes it an alkaline cleaner. This means it’s very corrosive and can damage these floors.

If you have unsealed concrete, it may be safe to use bleach. But, make sure you always mix bleach with water first.

In any case, you should check with your flooring manufacturer before using bleach. Or it may void your warranty.

Does White Vinegar Clean Concrete Floors?

Although white vinegar may clean your dirty concrete, you shouldn’t use it on your concrete. This is because it is an acid-based cleaner and will damage your concrete due to its corrosive effect.

So you should stay away from homemade cleaning methods with vinegar. Instead, use pH-neutral cleaners specifically made for concrete.

For example, you can use dish soap that has a pH neutral level.

Does Oxiclean Hurt Concrete?

Yes, it will. Oxiclean contains salts and acids, which will etch and damage your concrete.

If you want to use a homemade cleaning solution, we recommend dish soap. It has a neutral pH, so it won’t harm your concrete floor.

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