The 7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

By Jeneva Aaron Updated December 19, 2020

Check out the top picks that would clean your car interiors properly

The 7 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

You love your car’s interior: that’s why car cleaning is part you’re your routine cleaning. But what kind of car vacuum and cleaning tools do you use?

Almost all cars arrive at that place where simple cleaning doesn’t seem to do the trick. You are going to need something that can truly take out the dust and debris.

I’ve compiled a list of the best car vacuum so that you can choose the best one for your car.

Let’s check out the list!

My Top Picks

  • Best Overall - BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L)
  • Best Budget - HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Best Lightweight - BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless
  • Best Wet Dry - Armor All Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum
  • Best For Pet Hair - Bissell, 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand, and Car Vacuum
  • Best Professional-Grade - ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner TWC-01
  • Best For Deep Clean - Vaclife Handheld Vacuum Cordless
  • Are you in the market for the highest-rated car vacuum? Well, I would recommend the BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L). It cleans the car and rids it free of dust and debris.

    This vacuum is a top choice because it has an impressive suction power. It is measured at 15.2 watts, meaning it can pull through old dirt and give your car interior a new look.

    For your dirt and debris, it also has a washable dust bowl. The capacity of this washable bowl is about 20.6 ounces. After a while of usage, you can easily wash out the bowl manually. This would ensure the bowl remains useable after use.

    Also, with this car vacuum, you would be getting a cordless car vacuum. This saves you the hassle of staying close to a power outlet. It also allows you to vacuum whenever you want and wherever your vehicles.

    However, for reliable mobile use, you need to charge it up to its maximum. This performing vehicle-vacuuming device has a lithium-ion battery that powers its cordless function. This battery life can last for up to four hours after a full charge, giving you ample time to clean.

    Goodness, after a full charge, the battery can stay charged for eighteen months without draining. This only comes to play when you don’t use the charge yourself.

    Also, the BLACK+DECKER has a flip-up brush and a crevice tool that is effective on floor mats. It also reaches any corner of the car smoothly, using the crevice tool.

    In all, reviewers love the BLACK+DECKER because, with attachments, that would aid cleaning your car.
    Still, some customers have complained that the BLACK+DECKER could get faulty when used to clean wet areas. You would have to clean out any wet area yourself.

    Do you need a low-priced car vacuum that still promises great suction power? The HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner has a 4500PA suction power that can clean your car with ease.

    Though a cheap car vacuum, the HOTOR comes equipped with a stainless steel exterior build. This gives you the durable that you may not find in other competitive designs. It does a great job of protecting the structure from rusting and corrosion.

    You would also be getting three cleaning attachments, a HEPA filter, and a 16.4-foot power cable. This cable comes in the handle when you are trying to clean hard corners in your car. It can extend long enough for you to take the vacuum to whatever area you want.

    The three attachment earlier mentioned serves their several functions. They are the brush, extended tube, and a slim nozzle. With the brush, it is easy to clean out any string or hair lodged into your car floorboards and floor mats.

    The slim nozzle cleans up liquid that may have spilled inside your vehicle and get into tight corners. Finally, it helps you clean places like your center consoles and front seats with the elongate tube.

    This cheap car vacuum also has a curved head at the bin’s front that you can easily detach. So, with this, you can empty the container with ease. You wouldn’t need any special tools or skills to get it done.

    However, reviewers have shown their displeasure with this economical vacuum as it quickly drains the car battery. This is because it can only connect to the car’s cigarette lighter plug. But you can remedy this by keeping your car engine on while you vacuum.

    Still, buyers recommend the product because it is remarkably light and doesn’t strain the arm.

    If you need an easy to carry car vacuum with remarkable features, check out the BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cordless. Its lightweight measures at 2.11 pounds, making it about the most portable you could get out there.

    It also offers you a dust bowl capacity that measures up to 13 ounces. This should help you contain as much dirt as possible.

    Though a handy design, it has an extraordinary suction power that is enabled by a Lithium technology. The battery power also offers so much flexibility. It gives you a maximum cleaning time at a platter. You can clean more than one car or commercial vehicle with a single charge with this much time without totally draining out the battery.

    For cleaning, it has a complete mouth design that ups your cleaning time. It can clean larger debris and at a quicker rate. You would also be getting a cyclonic option with the head. This has a great way of keeping the filter clean while the suction remained just right. 1.5 AH.

    With this design, you are sure of collecting fifty percent more dirt than you would do on a norm before emptying.

    Another fantastic thing about this design is its washing. Most other systems are washable, but this design goes beyond that. You can clean the washable filters in between jobs without ruining the cleaner.

    Still, reviewers have complained that the BLACK+DECKER dustbuster after a while, the battery power begins to deplete. This may be as a result of excessive charging. But to be safer, I would suggest that you don’t leave connected for too long a time.

    Several buyers have clung to this product because it allows them to store other cleaning solutions. It has a storage bag for this.

    Do you need a car vacuum that can clean your wet area? Well, with the Armor All Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum has a suction power that can clean wet materials. At the end of each cleaning, it gives you an excellent deep cleaning service.

    It also has a 2-horse power motor that makes it’s the best choice for tough jobs. This powerful motor makes it strong enough to lift any dirt from your car’s interiors. This works as both a wet/dry vacuum, offering you enough flexibility to clean as much as possible.

    It also has an inbuilt dirtbag that can hold the dirt that you have cleaned. This saves from having to buy another bag for dirt. It also has storage that could help you save up all your other cleaning accessories.

    It also comes with a power cord that extends on to 10 feet that allows you a bit of freedom when vacuuming. But, if this doesn’t work as far as you want, it comes with an extension that will enable it to go a bit further. The extension offers you up to an extra 5 feet when extended.

    It also has a built-in air diffuser and noise diffuser that helps you achieve a noiseless operation.

    But reviewers have complained that the car vacuum can be ever reliant on only an electrical outlet. It cannot go into your car’s cigarette lighter adaptor, and this can be limiting. I would suggest that you get an extension box if you need something closer to your vehicle.

    However, the Armor All has received a lot of love from other buyers as it comes with an auto-fill detector. This helps them detect when the bag is full of debris.

    If your car if frequented by your furry friends, then this car vacuum is what you need? The Bissell, 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand, and Car Vacuum have a motorized brush attachment that handles this with ease. It captures pet hair and debris from your car’s interior with ease.

    The design also has another tool that removes any pet hair that doesn’t come easy. It has an upholstery and crevice tool that can take it out and dog hairs that may be stuck on your chairs. You can choose to use these tools separately, or you could stack them up together.

    As a pet owner, the Bissell has a filtrations system that handles all of the hair pull out from your vehicle. It makes use of a significant fine mesh that holds out any pet hair, debris, or dust. Naturally, they can clog the vacuum’s paper element filter.

    It has two significant filters, and they clean easily. All you need to id take out the dirt cup by pushing a release button on the frame. Then grasp the filter tabs, and with that, you can release both the primary and secondary filters.

    However, buyers have complained that the battery that comes with this design isn’t the expected Lithium batteries. They come with a 4-volt nickel-cadmium battery, which is a bit outdated. But, with enough charge, I believe they can still serve you almost as well as the regular Lithium battery.

    Still, other reviewers are in sync with this design because its suction power makes it relatively easier to own a pet. They can clean out the hair without stress.

    Are you shopping for a professional quality car vacuum? ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner TWC-01 is a large capacity vacuum that gives you what you want.

    As a compact designed car vacuum you could use it as a car vacuum for tight spaces. The hand vacuum comes with a tool that proves to be incredibly easy to use on dirty cars. It has a powerful suction that can clear out dirty vehicles just like a pro.

    When purchasing this vacuum for your vehicle, the package comes with two essential accessories. It comes bearing a carrying bag and a special brush you could use in cleaning the filters.

    It has an ergonomic design, a powerful motor, and yet an easy to carry frame. It also has three distinct nozzles that are designed to clean the area. Your choice of usage is dependent on the area you intend to clean.

    The car vacuum also has a 16-foot long cord that can give access to all your car areas. No matter the size of the car, the cable would be long enough to get across.

    So many buyers highly recommend this vacuum because of its corded nature. They say that it allows them to stay connected to power all through while going about their business. They don’t have to wait for a recharge when they have a client’s vehicle to clean up.

    But, reviewers have shown their displeasure with the suction power of ThisWorx that comes with this design. As a professional-grade car vacuum, it isn’t strong enough for unpredictable dirt. You can remedy this by going over the area more than once to ensure the soil is all out.

    Now that you know how the pros do it let’s see move on.

    Do you need something that you could use for your car’s interior deep cleaning? The Vaclife Handheld Vacuum is a car vacuum for leather seats.

    It comes with three different fittings for you’re a thorough cleaning process. It has a crevice nozzle that goes straight into the edges of your car seats. You can also deep clean the seats with the brush that does a great job of pulling out dirt and hair that may be in hiding.

    As a sufficient car vacuum, it is also has a hose that can reach areas where the other hasn’t gotten to. You can use this tool in cleaning out under the seats and other problematic areas that you may encounter.

    It is of stainless steel design, which adds to the list of remarkable features. With a stainless steel frame, you are certainly safe from rust. Water getting to the structure should reduce its efficacy, and it is safe from corrosion in general.

    With the stainless steel, you can boast of having a durable product that you could use for a long while. It also makes it okay to wipe down with a damp cloth when it gets dirty. The design doesn’t absorb any dirt.

    Reviewers are so in love with the car vacuum because it has a bright LED light that you could use in the dark. There are places that the car’s light may not get to at night, and this design does great at illuminating them.

    However, other users have complained that this product finds it challenging to pick out tiny strands when taking out the dirt. You would have to run the process more than once to get a squeaky clean car.

    What To Look For When Buying A Car Vacuum

    There are so many things that you could look for in a car vacuum cleaner. These things are prominent as a result of your current need. If you were to make a top pick, it must be tailored to the type of car you own.

    In this section, I would show you some of the various features that you could look for in a car vacuum cleaner. They are not all you need to know, but they cover a wide area of your need. With the details below, making the right choice wouldn’t have to be a big deal.

    So, if you want to make a well informed and right choice, check out the following things:

    Suction Power

    The first thing you would need to check in any car vacuum is what the suction power is all about. There are several designs, and they can be categorized based on their suction power. It gives them an edge over other standard systems that are out in the market.

    If you don’t know, well, the suction power of your choice of vacuum clean determines how deep it can clean your car. If you go for one that is ridiculously low, then you may have problems getting a squeaky clean car. You may have to run the cleaning process more than once to get what you want.

    A simple indicator of a vacuum cleaner’s suction ability is in its horsepower. With something like a 2-horse powered cleaner, you are confident that suction wouldn’t be an issue with the car vacuum cleaner. Those types give you a clean car seat with little of your physical efforts involved.

    For example, the Armor All Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum has this much horsepower, and it is undeniably compelling. It is one of the only car designs you could use as a wet/dry vacuum. Yet, there are still other designs that have lea than that.

    But if you are restrained by something as dire as your budget, then you could go for something less. They may not be a two –horse-powered design, but they sure are going to serve you. The only thing that you may require is to go through the cleaning process more than one.

    However, going too below the bar may be the wrong choice for you. They would take a lot of repetitions that would end up wasting your time and, at the same time, cause the cleaner to overheat.


    When it comes to autonomy, you also need to be sure. There are some corded car vacuums, and others are cordless. Now there are a few questions that should drive your choice.

    • How far out is your car from the nearest power outlet?
    • How tight are the interiors of your car?
    • Do you like the idea of having cords lingering around?

    First off, the distance between your nearest power outlets to where your car is parked should determine your choice. When it’s too far out, you would have to drag the extent of a regular corded car vacuum cleaner. No matter how long it may seem at first, it wouldn’t still be as great as having a handless car vacuum cleaner.

    Another thing you would have to consider is how spaced is the interiors of your car. If you have a small car, then you would need a compatible or handheld car vacuum cleaner. They can go into your small spaces and clean your vehicle as great as possible. Small cars have more compact areas, and you may generally find it challenging to carry cords into the room.

    Having cords that are lingering in the area could be a displeasing sight for some, but your choice is what matters. They could make your trip easily while cleaning or cause accidents around the garage. Also, if there is a water spill, and any part of the cord is broken, it could cause an electric surge. But, without a cord, you can avoid all of this with ease. Instead of having accidents, why not prevent them with an autonomous design.

    In all, we can say that an autonomous design indeed does justice to your cars. But, there are actual car vacuums with extensive power cords that could give you a bit of space. Besides, they also promise stability in terms of power. You would need a recharge when you have something that is continuously connected to a power source.


    The best shop vacs for your car always come bearing accessories and extra cleaning tools. They can be combined with the vacuum cleaner in getting a thorough job done. There are several accessories that you may find with a vacuum cleaner that works great on your car.

    They are:

    • Crevice tools – This tool is excellent for pulling off the dirt from your car’s interiors.
    • An upholstery – It also allows maneuverability when cleaning hard to reach areas.
    • This brush works great on pet hair and any strings that may be stuck on the floor mats.
    • Extensions – This helps in corded designs as they help in stretching out.

    Above, I have listed the primary attachments that you could use in cleaning your car. You can connect your crevice tool with an upholstery when cleaning. But, you could also use them separately as they have their distinct functions and can still work effectively.

    If you need to clean out your air filters, inside your ventilators, under your car seats, car mats, dashboards, and other areas. These areas are usually hard to handle with just any cleaners, but with the help of these accessories that can come out looking clean.

    If you notice that your car’s interiors are still a bit dirty after cleaning, then this is what you need. Not all car vacuum cleaners have this, but you would surely find those that come with it.

    You can never overemphasize the importance of accessories when it comes to owning a car vacuum cleaner. You should always check out for them when making your purchase.

    I hope you’ve learned a lot about all the different types of car vacuum cleaners. Now, you’re set to select the right one for your home!

    I want to hear from you:

    • What did you look out when placing your order?
    • What are the properties that you look out for in a car vacuum cleaner?
    • How did you reach your final decision when it came to your new car vacuum cleaner?

    Leave a comment below!

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