The 8 Best Brooms Of 2024

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Updated June 23, 2023

Grab yourself a broom for quick and easy floor cleaning

The 8 Best Brooms Of 2024
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Vacuum cleaners will only get you so far when it comes to cleaning your house. A broom is an inexpensive and easy way of removing dirt from your floors.

You can use a broom to sweep your flooring whether there’s a small or bigger mess to clean up. It’s reliable, convenient, and a staple in any household.

Read our reviews to see what features the best brooms have. You can pick one with a long enough handle, the right types of bristles, and the ideal type for your home.

Our Top Picks

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Best Brooms of 2024
TreeLen Broom and Dustpan Set with 52' Long Handle for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Floor Use Upright Stand Up Stand Up Broom with Dustpan ComboBest Overall

TreeLen Upgrade Broom

TreeLen Broom and Dustpan Set with 52' Long Handle for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Floor Use Upright Stand Up Stand Up Broom with Dustpan Combo

  • Easy to Store

  • Long Handle

  • Great Customer Service

Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom, Blue and WhiteBest Budget

Amazon Basics Broom

Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom, Blue and White

  • Heavy-Duty

  • Angled Bristles

Yocada Heavy-Duty Broom Outdoor Commercial Perfect for Courtyard Garage Lobby Mall Market Floor Home Kitchen Room Office Pet Hair Rubbish 54InchBest Outdoor

Yocada Heavy-Duty Broom

Yocada Heavy-Duty Broom Outdoor Commercial Perfect for Courtyard Garage Lobby Mall Market Floor Home Kitchen Room Office Pet Hair Rubbish 54Inch

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Big Broom Head

Libman 1030 Whisk Broom with Hanger Hole for StorageBest Whisk

Libman Whisk Broom

Libman 1030 Whisk Broom with Hanger Hole for Storage

  • Doesn’t Shed

  • Environmentally Friendly

PHYEX 18” Push Broom with Adjustable Long Handle, Multi-Surface Floor Scrub Brush for Cleaning Deck, Patio, Garage, DrivewayBest Push

PHYEX 18” Push Broom

PHYEX 18” Push Broom with Adjustable Long Handle, Multi-Surface Floor Scrub Brush for Cleaning Deck, Patio, Garage, Driveway

  • Durable

  • Lightweight

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom | Commercial-Grade Indoor and Outdoor Broom to Sweep & Clean Hard Floors| Sturdy Wooden Handle for Strength & Durability, Yellow, Black, 1 CountBest Corn

O-Cedar Corn Broom

O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom | Commercial-Grade Indoor and Outdoor Broom to Sweep & Clean Hard Floors| Sturdy Wooden Handle for Strength & Durability, Yellow, Black, 1 Count

  • Good-Sized Broom Head

  • Solid Handle

Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom, GrayBest Angled

Casabella Wayclean

Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom, Gray

  • Great for Pet Owners

  • Bristles at the Right Angle

FURemover Original Indoor Pet Hair Rubber Broom with Carpet Rake and Squeegee, Black and YellowBest Rubber

FURemover Broom

FURemover Original Indoor Pet Hair Rubber Broom with Carpet Rake and Squeegee, Black and Yellow

  • Easy Storage

  • Offers All-Round Cleaning


What to Look for in a Broom

Here we’ll tell you what features you should look out for when selecting a broom.



Think about where you’ll be using your brush and what type of messes you’ll be cleaning up. Different types will benefit you in different ways.

  • An Amish or corn broom is made of good-quality corn straw. This is handmade and built to last for many years, and it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A lobby or angled broom is compact and lightweight. So this type is great for reaching into awkward spaces or cleaning fixtures.
  • Push brooms have a wider cleaning head than a traditional broom. It’s ideal for sweeping up in bigger areas such as your garage, or in industrial places or cafeterias.
  • A whisk broom is short and small. It doesn’t have a handle but you can use it with a dustpan to clean small, tight spaces.
  • A rubber broom can be used as a squeegee. So it’s ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, and your shower doors.


Look at the shape and material of the broom bristles. The different types offer varied benefits depending on where and what you’ll be brushing.


You can get brooms with two main types of bristles – flagged and unflagged.

Flagged bristles are frayed on the ends. This lets them collect very small particles so they’re a good fit for getting rid of dust and smaller bits of debris.

Unflagged bristles are rigid and straight. So they’re better at brushing up larger bits of debris in bigger areas.

Usually, brooms with unflagged bristles will last longer than those with flagged bristles.


Broom bristles are made of many different materials.

You can choose a material that will suit a specific cleaning chore that you regularly need to do. Or opt for something that offers versatility and can be used throughout your home or workplace.

Bristles can be made of natural fibers including corn, tampico, horsehair, and palmyra.

The other main category of bristles is those that are made of synthetic fibers. This includes nylon, polypropylene, synthetic, and synthetic corn.



See what the handle is made of. The material will impact the handle’s durability and comfort, and you might have a personal preference for what you’ll be holding.

Wooden handles should last a long time. Although check the wood is high-quality – cheap wood is more likely to break or cause splinters.

Metal handles won’t break and so they’re the most durable. But a lighter metal, such as aluminum, is a good choice as it’ll make the broom easier to maneuver.

Plastic handles are the most readily available. They should also last a long time and they’re affordable.

Fiberglass handles offer really good quality. But they tend to be more expensive.



Here are some of the top-rated brands that make brooms:

  • BeaBos
  • Justman Brush
  • Spiral Brushes
  • Braun Brushes
  • Gordon Brush

The Best Brooms of 2024

We’ve spent lots of time researching the best brooms on the market for you. We’ve brought together reviews from consumers, technical details, and manufacturer specs.

You can see how well each broom performs, what the bristles are made of, and how long and sturdy the handles are on each product to select the best broom for you.

1. TreeLen Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Set

This newly updated broom and dustpan set is a great pick for cleaning your whole house. It can be used on hard and soft surfaces.

The flagged bristles have 4 layers so they’ll cover large areas in one go. And their soft texture makes them great at picking up smaller bits of dirt and debris.

There’s a rubber lip on the dustpan. This makes sure that it is securely attached to the floor and you won’t get dust and dirt going underneath the dustpan.

Plus there’s a comb/teeth on the dustpan making it easy to empty any debris off your broom. Finally, if you like color, you’ll like this TreeLen model which is available in three color combinations of orange/black, green/grey, and blue/white.

What We Like

Easy to Store

Customers liked the compact design of this set as it was easy for them to store. The broom and dustpan snap together and only need a space 5.9-inches wide gap for them to fit in.

Long Handle

The steel handle is sturdy and extends to an impressive 52 inches. So users found that they didn’t need to bend over while brushing, and they could reach right under furniture easily.

Great Customer Service

Several reviewers commented on how good the customer service was if something went wrong with their broom.

What We Don’t Like

Not for Larger Areas

Some users said that the broom head could have been wider. They wouldn’t recommend it for sweeping large rooms/areas. So bear this in mind if you have big spaces to clean.

Technical Specs

Weight 3 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Steel
Handle Length 52 inches
Handle Width 10 inches

2. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom

Grab yourself a bargain with this inexpensive but quality broom from Amazon Basics. It’s got a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars so clearly customers are impressed!

This broom is suitable for indoor and outdoor use so use it in your kitchen, or on your patio or driveway. Or, if you have a workshop or industrial space, it’ll work just as well.

The bristles are strong and really rigid. So even when you’re using it to sweep up dirt from rough or hard surfaces, they won’t break.
Plus, the handle comes in 3 pieces that interlock together. This gives you different height options and easy storage as you won’t need room for a long handle in your cupboard or garage.

What We Like


Amazon Basic’s broom is very affordable, so customers thought that it offered great value for money. But it still did a good job at cleaning up debris and dirt.


Many reviewers said that this broom did live up to its label of being “heavy-duty”. It performed well and felt very sturdy even when sweeping rough surfaces.

Angled Bristles

Several users commented on how well this broom worked because of the bristle positions. They loved that it was an angled broom as the bristles pushed the dirt in the right direction and made brushing easy.

What We Don’t Like


Some users found this brush a little heavy when cleaning. It wasn’t as easy to move around as other, lighter models, so think about this if weight is an issue for you.

Technical Specs

Weight 2.25 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 54 inches
Handle Width N/A

3. Yocada Heavy-Duty Outdoor Broom

A heavy-duty, durable broom that’s ideal for outdoor cleaning. Use it to clean your driveway, courtyard, or terrace.

The synthetic bristles have 3 layers that make them thick enough to withstand brushing your outdoor spaces. And Yocada has used a special technology to make the broom head even more hard-wearing.

The iron pole has a comfortable handle at the top, making it easy for you to grip while you clean. And there’s a hole so you can simply hang it up when it’s not being used.

This broom also comes at a great price. Plus the bristles are flexible enough to make cleaning right into tight corners easy.

What We Like

Good Handle

The broom handle is a good length so you don’t need to bend over while brushing. And, users liked the foam jacket about halfway down the pole which they could grip for easier sweeping.

Easy to Assemble

Reviewers said that this broom was really easy to put together. And easy to take apart – this then meant that they could store it in a small cupboard or drawer.

Big Broom Head

The broom head is over 13 inches wide so it can cover large parts of your outdoor spaces or your hardwood floors in one go.

What We Don’t Like

Bristles a Little Soft

Some customers thought that the bristles were too soft for some cleaning tasks. They’d have liked stiffer bristles – but this can be down to personal preference so it might not be a problem for you.

Technical Specs

Weight 2.33 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Iron
Handle Length 54 inches
Handle Width 13 inches

4. Libman Whisk Broom with Hanger Hole

Invest in a whisk broom from a reliable and trusted brand. Libman has been making high-quality brooms and mops in the US since 1896.

The flagged bristles are made from recycled PET bottles. And their fibers are fine enough to pick up pet hair and tiny particles of dust and dirt.

This whisk broom will snap into a Libman dustpan so you can store the two together easily. Or if you want to store the brush on its own, there’s a hanger hole at the top.

Finally, its head is almost 7 inches wide, making it a decent size for its type.

What We Like

Doesn’t Shed

Users found that the synthetic bristles were sturdy and didn’t come off like those they’d had that were made of corn or straw.


Customers liked the versatility offered by this broom. They could use it for their floors – indoor and outside – but also to sweep debris from window sills, or to clean inside their cars.

Environmentally Friendly

As well as the bristle fibers being made from recycled materials, you are also buying from a brand that is investing in solar panels and low-energy resources.

What We Don’t Like

No Dustpan

Although this whisk broom is good at brushing, you need to use it with a dustpan that is not included. Other brands offer the two as a broom and dustpan set if you’d rather buy them together.

Technical Specs

Weight 5 ounces
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 11 inches
Handle Width 6.75 inches

5. PHYEX 18” Push Broom

Clean up your yard quickly with this push broom that has a wide 18-inch broom head. Or use it to remove debris from your garage or indoor surfaces.

This push broom has double bristle technology. There are soft bristles on the outer edges that will trap and remove fine dust particles, just like a dust mop.

And then the inner stiff bristles will help you to sweep up larger bits of debris. So in one go, you’ll be brushing up all your messes.

The broom joints are also angled. So when you’re sweeping, you don’t need to tilt the broom as the bristles will remain in contact with the floor.

What We Like


Many users commented on how hard-wearing this broom was. It felt sturdy with the stainless steel handle and lasted a long time.

Value for Money

Customers felt that this was a worthwhile investment. They said that they got a top-quality broom at a very affordable price.


For a push broom that covers big areas easily, this model is relatively light. It’s easy to maneuver around and can also be taken apart and transported to wherever you need to use it, for example, in an office or workplace.

What We Don’t Like

Short Handle

Some feedback suggested that for some, the handle wasn’t long enough and they had to bend over to use it. You can extend the broom handle to 47 inches – so check if this is sufficient for your height and cleaning needs before burying.

Technical Specs

Weight 2.86 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Stainless steel
Handle Length 47 inches
Handle Width 18 inches

6. O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom

Get a commercial-grade broom that’s made of an all-natural straw and fiber blend.

The bristles are made from corn, which is a renewable resource, so you can be sure that you’re buying a product that isn’t damaging to the environment.

This corn broom is great for cleaning all hard surfaces inside and outside your home. You can use it to trap dust bunnies on dry floors, or to remove wet leaves from your driveway.

Plus, the natural bristles have wire-bound fibers. And 5 rows of polytwine-reinforced stitching to make sure that they won’t break but are built to last.

What We Like

Good-Sized Broom Head

Users liked the width and length of the broom head. They said this offered good sweeping coverage, but the shape of the head also meant that they could also clean right into hard to reach areas.

Solid Handle

Several reviewers commented on the well-made, sturdy handle. They said that it felt stronger and more durable than other brooms they’d had with plastic or metal handles.

Suitable for Carpet

As well as sweeping your hardwood floors, you can also use this broom on rugs or carpets. Customers found that it was as effective as dust mops in removing pet hair and dust from these surfaces.

What We Don’t Like


Traditional corn brooms do cost more than other types, and this model is no exception. A few customers would have liked it to have been cheaper – so this is something to consider if you’re on a budget.

Technical Specs

Weight 2.29 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Wood
Handle Length 56 inches
Handle Width 8 inches

7. Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom

Lightweight and compact, this angled broom will help you to sweep right into awkward spaces. You’ll be able to reach under the couch, into tight corners, and along your baseboards.

The adjustable handle comes in 3 pieces. So you can take it apart for easy storage or transportation.

The synthetic bristles are packed densely. But they also have split tips that help them to trap and sweep away the bits of debris and dust particles from your floors.

Finally, if you want an angle broom and dustpan set, you can go for this option too as Casabella also offers both products together.

What We Like

Easy to Maneuver

This angle broom is light and there’s a foam grip halfway down the pole allowing you to comfortably grip the telescopic handle. So it’s easy to sweep with this model and move it around your house.

Great for Pet Owners

Several users commented on how well this broom got rid of pet hair in their home! It did a great job of cleaning pet messes up – and the hair was easy to remove from the bristles too.

Bristles at the Right Angle

Many reviewers liked the angle of the bristles. They were just right for getting into all the nooks and crannies in their home.

What We Don’t Like

Not Ideal for Outdoor Sweeping

This angle broom sweeps up well in indoor areas. But a few users suggested that it wouldn’t be heavy-duty enough for cleaning outdoor areas like your terrace or garage.

Technical Specs

Weight 1.6 pounds
Bristle Type Flagged
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 48 inches
Handle Width 11.5 inches

8. FURemover Pet Hair Removal Tool with Squeegee

This multi-purpose tool is an ideal choice for those of you with pets. The natural rubber bristles attract fur and pet hair from your carpets or rugs leaving your floor clean.

And then you can flip the broom over to use the rubber squeegee to clean up wet spills from tile, concrete, or hardwood floors. It’ll clear away the mess and leave your surfaces dry.

Finally, FURemover offers different sets depending on your cleaning needs. You can opt for a heavy-duty model, a brush and broom combo, or a set that has separate brooms for indoor and outdoor sweeping.

What We Like

Easy Storage

Customers said that this broom was easy to store as the handle retracts to just 36 inches. It’s also light and non-bulky, so will easily fit into your cleaning cupboard.

Offers All-Round Cleaning

As well as being able to remove pet hair and liquid spills from carpeted and hard floors, you can also use this rubber broom to give your windows and showers a good clean.

Easy to Maintain

Natural rubber is easy to clean, you just need a little soap and water. So you won’t have a hard time maintaining it like you might, for example, with bristles where debris can get stuck.

What We Don’t Like

Requires Elbow Grease

Some users felt that it was a lot of effort to use this broom. And this was especially true on carpets, where they had to use a lot of pressure to remove debris.

Technical Specs

Weight 0.92 pounds
Bristle Type Unflagged
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 60 inches
Handle Width 12 inches

Brooms Comparison Chart

ProductWeightBristle TypeHandle MaterialHandle LengthHandle Width
TreeLen Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Set 3 poundsFlaggedSteel52 inches10 inches
Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom2.25 poundsFlaggedPlastic54 inchesN/A
Yocada Heavy-Duty Outdoor Broom2.33 poundsFlaggedIron54 inches13 inches
Libman Whisk Broom with Hanger Hole5 ouncesFlaggedPlastic11 inches6.75 inches
PHYEX 18” Push Broom2.86 poundsFlaggedStainless steel47 inches18 inches
O-Cedar Heavy Duty Corn Broom2.29 poundsFlaggedWood56 inches8 inches
Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom1.6 poundsFlaggedPlastic48 inches11.5 inches
CFURemover Pet Hair Removal Tool 0.92 poundsUnflaggedPlastic60 inches12 inches
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Here we answer some of the most-commonly asked questions about brooms.


How to Clean a Broom

Here’s how:

  • Make sure to get rid of any bits of debris left in your broom’s bristles. Pet hair and bits of dirt can have a habit of clinging onto the bristle fibers!
  • Use either your hands or a vacuum cleaner to get everything out of the bristles.
  • Then, use a little soap and water to soak the bristles. This will give the broom a good clean and also prevent cross-contamination for when you’re next doing your sweeping.
  • Finally, use a disinfectant spray to clean the broom handle and dust pan.

Where Can You Use a Broom?

You can use a broom on multiple surfaces and different types of floors. They’re especially good at cleaning hard surfaces like vinyl, laminate, tile, concrete, or wooden floors.

But choose the right type of broom if you have hardwood floors. You need one that has soft bristles that are flagged so it’ll trap all bits of dirt and dust particles and not just push them around the floor.

If you want to use a broom on your rugs and carpets, stiffer bristles and models with a rubber edge or head are the best fit.


Do I Need Different Brooms for Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Yes, we would recommend that you have different brooms for outdoor and indoor cleaning. This is because not all brooms will be effective on different surface types.

For example, stiff bristles on a broom designed for outdoor areas might be too rigid to work well in your indoor spaces.

In addition, you might want to have separate brooms so there’s no cross-contamination. Many people don’t like using a broom inside if they’ve used it on their driveway or patio outside.


How Often Should I Replace My Broom?

Replace your broom when the bristles or fibers are worn down and the broom is not working properly anymore.

Also, check it regularly to see if you notice any gaps between the bristles. If big gaps develop, the broom won’t be as effective at sweeping your floors.

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