25 Modern Bedroom Office Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 20, 2022

Get creative and turn an area of your bedroom into a handy workspace

Get creative and turn an area of your bedroom into a handy workspace


adriana_interiors Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @adriana_interiors/Instagram

Converting our rooms into a bedroom office is the twenty-first century tendency. Master or guest room, the bedroom is the ideal place to work away from the noises and distractions of our busy lives.

For a more intimate experience, using a walk in closet or murphy bed maximize the space.

These 25 options from Thehousewire show how these versatile rooms can fit a desk into a resting space.

Whether you have plenty of space to set up your home office – or not a lot of extra room, we’ve got some ingenious ways to make that workspace work in different colors. And with styles.

Modern Bedroom Office Ideas

1.Swivel Desk

hotchkissfineart Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @hotchkissfineart/Instagram

Take inspiration from this swivel desk in your master bedroom office. You still get a decent size office space, but as the desk features 2 layers it doesn’t encroach too much into your room.

You can even use this desk sitting down or standing up, so it’s also good for your posture! And you can swivel the top section to whatever angle you want, which comes in handy when you’ve got those Zoom meetings and don’t want everyone to see inside your personal space.

2.Make it Personal

maximizingtiny Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @maximizingtiny/Instagram

Working from home gives you free rein to decorate your office space as you like.

Even when you only have a small space like in this design, place photos and your preferred artwork on the wall. It’ll make your home office more appealing and also nicely marks it out as a work area.

Opt for a small, white desk that isn’t intrusive. One with a pull-out drawer is ideal as you’ll get more storage without having to buy separate furniture.

3.Stylish Space Saver

earlysettlerfurniture Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @earlysettlerfurniture/Instagram

Perfect in either your own room or in the guest room, this small desk will fit anywhere but give you somewhere to work. Light colors and woodwork mean that there isn’t too much visual weight.

And you don’t need to invest in an office chair – a comfy patterned chair will work well. And it can also be used by guests to relax when you’re not in the room working.

4.Light and White

brunchandthebeach Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @brunchandthebeach/Instagram

Make sure that your office space isn’t dark and uninviting. This white desk placed in the window will soften up your home office space and make the best use of natural light.

And with a little creativity, you can add a little color. Choose a desk with metallic legs, or a chair that’s bright and velvety.

The cute helper is optional! He clearly loves the space too.

5.White Color Palette

clare_and_den_home Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @clare_and_den_home/Instagram

White is a great option for small bedrooms. And for when you need to add a small office space to your spare room, keep the white theme going with the desk and chair.

If you do want a bit of color, you can always style the desk with a lamp that brings out shades of the other decor. Plus, try and find a desk with built-in shelves so that you have somewhere to store stationery, files, etc.

6.A Room of Contrasts

wonderlist_property Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @wonderlist_property/Instagram

Black and white work well together in your bedroom office space. Keep white for the majority of the room – walls, bedding, pillows – but then add some darker pieces.

A narrow black office desk won’t look too imposing in your master bedroom. Especially if you pair it with a white chair and a mixture of the two tones in the pictures on the wall above.

7.Keep it Simple

ourstratford_home Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @ourstratford_home/Instagram

The designers have converted a small bedroom into a great space that has room for both a desk and a guest bed. Take inspiration if you want your spare room to have such a stylish dual function.

Pick furniture that’s simple and compact. Keep pale tones in the majority of the room and add a little color – and the caged board above the desk adds some character and marks the desk area out as office space.

8.Shades of Green

elm_terrace_interior Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @elm_terrace_interior/Instagram

Complement green shades with cool grays and pastel pinks for a chic look to impress your guests when they sleep over. Lots of drawer space means that you can easily tidy away before they arrive!

Plants – whether real or fake – will help to add another green tone to your guest bedroom office. And some pale artwork in bold, dark frames adds character to your walls.

9.Contemporary Chic

dichotomy_interiors Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @dichotomy_interiors/Instagram

Sleek lines and a neutral palette make this design look modern and inviting. Cream or white used for the bed, desk, floor, and walls is paired with browns and blacks to add definition.

Faux fur throws on the bed and desk chair add a bit of glamor and tie in both aspects of this home office space. Finish with long drapes and a large mirror to make your room feel bigger.

10.Hidden Desk

cotton_and_zinc Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @cotton_and_zinc/Instagram

Transform a built-in closet into a cute desk space. This area is ideal for a small home office and won’t take any room away from your master or guest bedroom.

Neutral tones used throughout both parts of the room ensure that the room feels like one united space. But for when you want to put work firmly out of your mind (or have people stay over), draw the curtains to hide the desk away!

11.Boho Chic

walkeredisonco Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @walkeredisonco/Instagram

Work, sleep, and relax all in this bedroom office room. The same wooden finish has been used for the floor and headboard, and matched to the color of the suede chair to link each area together.

The chic molding around the bottom of the room adds an artistic touch to otherwise plain walls. And a mixture of patterns and colors in the bedding and pillows continues this creative and unique vibe.

12.Go Geometric

grahamandbrown Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @grahamandbrown/Instagram

Who said that your bedroom office area had to be boring? This bold design combines daring yellow and patterns to give your space a bright and inviting feel.

Using the same wallpaper around your bed and workspace makes the room feel like one rather than having two separate functions. And for a great storage solution, work upwards with shelves rather than adding bulky furniture.

13.Add an Accent

in.house.design Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @in.house.design/Instagram

An accent wall around your bed provides a great opportunity to add some color and depth to your room. And it does this without taking over the room when the rest of the decor is kept neutral.

An antique-looking wooden desk is a great addition. Pair this with a distinctive metal chair – cushions will add comfort! – and you have a clear work desk area even in a small bedroom.

14.Convert the Closet

lynnie11 Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @lynnie11/Instagram

If you’re short of space in a small bedroom but want to add a desk, why not adapt your walk in closet? As in this design, you can still keep some space for clothes but convert half of the space to serve as your office desk.

Pull-out boxes are a great solution for storing either wardrobe items or work papers. You have a desk and storage area fitted perfectly without taking up valuable floor space.

15.Home Office for the Kids

kristinlarkandco Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @kristinlarkandco/Instagram

Your kids occasionally need to work too! And they might have a large wardrobe that they don’t use to its full potential – so it’s perfect to convert into a desk space.

Give your kids an interesting background to make their office area more appealing. The blue tones of the wall and chair also match the rest of the furnishings, so the different parts of the room look like they belong together.

16.Teen Upgrade

kindred_cambridge Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @kindred_cambridge/Instagram

Create a great workspace for your teenagers that’s away from all the distractions found in the rest of your house. You can transform some closet space into an office area without much hard work.

This solution won’t take up space in their room but is also set aside so that they can knuckle down and get to work when they need to. And take inspiration from the designer here if you like – make more storage under the bed to compensate for any lost in adapting the wardrobe.

17.Double Duty

house_to_home_diary_ Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @house_to_home_diary_/Instagram

Even in a small spare bedroom, it is possible to fit both a bed and a desk. A compact desk put by the side of the bed works fine, as long as you keep it free of clutter when you have guests to stay!

When you have so much in a small bedroom, make sure to keep the room clean and bright. Adopt neutral colors for the walls and bedding and lighter woods for furniture, with some pastel accents to add a bit of character.

18.Office by Day, Bedroom by Night

danielle.lisle_ Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @danielle.lisle_/Instagram

Or with this day bed, maybe you’ll be tempted to take a rest during the day! This room is so light and airy, maximizing the natural light with white walls and furniture.

The palm tree wall adds a creative twist – and the addition of a house plant continues the theme, making you feel like you might actually be outside! Also, opt for a daybed with storage underneath like the one here as built-in drawers will come in handy.

19.Narrow Desk

nicky_tyman_design Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @nicky_tyman_design/Instagram

Don’t despair if you’re really tight on space. A narrow desk in the corner of your master bedroom or guest room will still give you a good-sized workspace.

Try and position it by the window if you can. And add shelves and pictures on the walls to make it feel more like it’s a separate office space.

20.Go for Half

house_of_hollingsworth Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @house_of_hollingsworth/Instagram

The designer had the ingenious idea of cutting a desk in half to make it fit into the available space! It’s the perfect solution for when there isn’t enough space but you still need a desk in your bedroom or guest room.

And there’s some storage space with built-in drawers for keeping smaller items in. Finish with a small but comfy chair and you’ll be able to carry on working from home.

21.Small but Stylish

guy.girl.and.a.housefire Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @guy . girl . and . a . housefire/Instagram

A home office can simply be one corner of your room dedicated to working. Here, the black, sleek desk sits out of the way of the rest of your room.

Two-tone pale walls make this home office cozy. And the pink shades have been picked out in the lamp and the throw on the chair to tie in the desk area to the rest of the room.

22.Murphy Bed

redverandahdesign Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @redverandahdesign/Instagram

For a spare bedroom only used every once in a while, a murphy bed is an ideal option. A double bed hides behind the cupboard the majority of the time, giving you extra space to work from home.

Then, when you do need to use the bed, you don’t even need to clear your desk! It stays horizontal as you drop and lift the bed out, and is then out of sight of your guests.

23.Where’s the Bed?

miracle_homes_ Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @miracle_homes_/Instagram

This room looks like a great workspace – desk, lots of electric power sockets, and a swivel chair. No one will know that there’s a fold-away bed in the wall!

This solution is perfect for when you have one room that needs to double as an office and guest bedroom. Or if you live in a small condo and only have the space for either a desk or a bed to be out at any one time.

24.Built-in Shelves

hugopereira.arq Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @hugopereira . arq/Instagram

Use all of the available space by building shelves upwards into a nook or corner. You’ll gain invaluable storage space without taking up precious floor space with drawers or a bookcase.

The built in desk underneath can then benefit from spotlights on the shelves. Add an extra free-standing lamp for when you need more light and focus on your work.

25.Is that a Desk?

my_world_in_your_eyes_ Instagram office bedroom

Courtesy @my_world_in_your_eyes_/Instagram

If you want your workspace to be hardly noticeable, this tall shelving unit with a built in desk is the right fit for you. It’ll help if you want to keep your master bedroom looking just like that – a bedroom and not an office area.

The quirky design of this ladder office means that it’s stylish as well offering a practical function as a storage and work area. Plus, the pale wood of the shelves matches well with the neutral colors used in the rest of the bedroom.

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