21 Cute Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated April 26, 2022

Create a room just like your daughter: cute, unique, and sweet.

Create a room just like your daughter: cute, unique, and sweet.

childhoodinteriorsbygem Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @childhoodinteriorsbygem/Instagram

It may seem like all the little girl’s bedroom ideas have been done before. You’ve got pinks and pastel and the standard girls’ bedding – but where are the design ideas that will outshine even some of your other rooms?

Some ideas will be more intense than others, whether Pinterest-perfect or more child-friendly. For girls rooms, myriad colors, bold patterns, stuffed animals, or details showing off tons of personality work wonders.

But the challenge is to propose pieces that will last until your little girl’s teenage years.

For a timeless approach, invest in some basics: the right bed, some functional storage, or a combination of white and papered walls. When it’s time, modernize with new beddings or cushions.

Here, we’ve got a round-up of a wide range of ideas to help you match the best room to your little girl.

21 Cute Ideas for the Perfect Little Girl’s Bedroom

1.Dainty & Floral Pink

_isla_dream_ Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @_isla_dream_/Instagram

You don’t need all-pink walls to achieve a sweet, pink color palette perfect for a little girl. Subtle pink flowers achieve the look without being overwhelming.

Create the perfect pink girl’s bedroom with a few flower details and a hanging bouquet. This bedroom shows off the personality of the child with the ballet touches as well. You can replace them with the interests of your toddler or little girl.

Plus, those flower decals and hanging floral decoratives are cheap or easy to make and DIY too.

2.Peachy Sweet Goodness

thecuratedkids Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @thecuratedkids/Instagram

Not a fan of the floral? Fruit decals and accessories make this look a cute but elegant little girl’s bedroom.

Subtlety is the key with this room makeover. You don’t need peaches on everything. Just throw up some tasteful wall art decor in peachy pink, and let the furniture match as little or as much as you please.

This girl’s room also uses light wood tones from the dollhouse and picture frame to complement the pink. It’s all about incorporating the fun of a potential playroom into a spot you can still show off to friends.

3.Rustic Chic

smallfoot_woodentoys_usa Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @smallfoot_woodentoys_usa/Instagram

Sometimes the key to achieving a rustic pink look for your little lady are simple fine wood tones.

This bedroom nails down the look with those extra wooden accents on the bedframe and stroller. It can be easy to overdo this decor with too much of one element. A balance of white, pink, and wood furniture will liven up your little girl’s room.

Plus, this look is more age neutral and many pieces will last until your little girl’s teenage years. You’ll be glad that you can snag some of these pieces later down the road for your own rooms.

4.Minimalist & Modern

theeverchangingnumber9 Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @theeverchangingnumber9/Instagram

Feeling overwhelmed with the louder pink shades found throughout little girl room decor?

This bedroom only really uses a subtle pink wall color on first glance. The minimal wall art ties the space together without feeling crowded or stuffy. Just make sure to pick art that is still playful enough for a little girl.

The extra light on the bed is also a sweet touch for this girl’s room. It just goes to show that you don’t need 100 accessories to decorate a girl room worthy of your daughter.

5.Magical, Floral Nursery

_isla_dream_ Instagram cute little girl bedroom nursery

Courtesy @_isla_dream_/Instagram

Who said a toddler room couldn’t be just as polished and exciting?

All the details are what make this girls’ room shine. A rose gold bed and flowery details and textures all throughout the room make this nursery Pinterest worthy! Note the fluffy and soft pillows and pom poms surrounding the toddler bed that add a pop of comfort.

Our favorite part are the extra additions of unicorn stuffed animals. This takes the room from just floral to also being a little whimsical too. After all, what’s a girls’ bedroom without a little magic too?

6.Sweet Dreams

louisewiberg instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @louisewiberg/Instagram

Sprinkle in some lavender accents with deep gray tones to achieve this girl’s bedroom.

We think the hanging cloud fixture is what ties this room all together. One major hanging statement piece like this can set the entire theme for the little girl’s room. As an added bonus, this piece of decor doesn’t take up floor storage.

Plus, don’t write off the other girly elements, like the fairy lights and moon stroller. These additions make an otherwise modern room feel dreamy and appropriate for little girls.

7.Neutral Tones

home.and.everything.inbetween Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @home . and . everything . inbetween/Instagram

Everything doesn’t have to be pink in order to be perfect for a little girls room.

This room innovates with girl room decor ideas to achieve a balance between kids and chic. An earthy, neutral toned room is easy to achieve with even some furniture you may have lying around. This bedroom also smartly uses balloons as wall accessories.

There’s no need to go buy something new, bold, or pink. This bedroom is especially ideal if you have gray or brown toned floors already. Or, maybe you just don’t feel like painting over your walls.

8.Pretty, Subtle Purple

mellypook Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @mellypook/Instagram

Muted purple and pink shades make this girls’ bedroom feel less overwhelming than some little girl room decor.

But, just enough touches give it the fun flair that kids love. Include a basket for stuffed animals and maybe a decorative doll or two. This bedroom adds a hot air balloon decal on the wall, keeping the room feeling playful but not too crowded.

We especially love the wood shelf that incorporates decor onto its hangers. This is a great idea that utilizes extra storage in a visually engaging way.

9.Extra Wall Decor

deprinsjeshoeve Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @deprinsjeshoeve/Instagram

Bunk beds are an economical way to make one room a home for several little girls. But you have less of a blank canvas to work with thanks to these beds monopolizing more space.

But, this bedroom shows how you can keep your girls room looking stylish even so. Busier, floral wallpaper and a few hanging pieces can add to the style of the space.

This means keeping the bedding simple and actually using the bed frame more as accents for your girl’s bedroom. How creative is that?

10.Bunk Bed Decor

no.13luckyforsome Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @no.13luckyforsome/Instagram

Sometimes it’s not the surrounding furniture that makes a bedroom look its best.

You can make the most of a bunk bed with funky throw pillows or a banner across the top bunk. Make the bed the highlight of the space by color coordinating and leaving surrounding areas less crowded.

This bedroom also incorporates colorful curtains to tie the look all together — literally. From cushions to fluffy blankets, you can make any little girls’ bunk bed look more playful with extra comfort.

11.Playhouse Style

fresh_coates Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @fresh_coates/Instagram

A girls bedroom can look sweet and stylish, but it should also be diverting.

A roofed bunk bed can mimic the look of a dollhouse, perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. Add in some lights to take the playfulness up a notch. Toys are fun and functional additions. But, in this instance, they’re also decorative.

The bed will be the focal point of the space, so no need to worry about wallpaper or surrounding decor as much. Now with decor out of the way, you can focus on function, storage, and saving space.

12.Consistent Details & Patterns

the_haddon_home Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @the_haddon_home/Instagram

Liven up your girls room with consistent patterns and open shelving. This look is especially if you’re low on space, but still want to decorate.

The key with this bedroom is texture and consistency. Pom poms, unique fabrics, and polka dot patterns create a lively look for your daughter. Plus, use open shelves to show off toys and decor from inside.

But “more” does not mean chaotic. For example, we especially love the inclusion of a custom name pillow for extra personality. You’ll also see this on a shelf above the bed, showing how consistency can go a long way.

13.Small Bedroom, Diagonal Bed

summerjadee Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @summerjadee/Instagram

Being low on storage or space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a cool statement piece for your girls’ bedroom. Throw in a colorful curtain and diagonally-placed bed for a fashionable focal point.

This bedroom uses hanging shelves on the walls to save space and keep the room looking Pinterest-worthy. The diagonal bed creates the impression of all wall decor facing towards it too.

14.Grey, Minimalist & Classy

roommatesdecor Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @roommatesdecor/Instagram

A girls’ bedroom doesn’t have to be crowded with too much fluff.

As your little girl grows into a teen, she’ll be glad for this girls’ room decor. Going for a minimalist look also means the room can easily fit well into the rest of your house.

This little girl’s bedroom uses pillows and wall art that you might already have around the house. Add some house plants and a few stuffed toys for a classy but sweet child-friendly girls bedroom.

15.Chic Dresser Details

paper_tots Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @paper_tots/Instagram

Leave your wall space open and the floor nearly untouched with this room.

This girl bedroom is all about the accessories. Bold white knobs and hanging bulb-ish fixtures create vibrant texture. Plus, rainbow details throughout and on top of the dresser add to the fun and sweet ambiance.

This girl’s bedroom idea is especially for you if you have large windows or a sloped ceiling taking up wall space. Now a storage concern is actually a cozy style choice!

16.Country Flair

countrymeetscoast___ Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @countrymeetscoast___/Instagram

Keywords for this gorgeous little girls room include: green, floral, and a little quirky!

This bedroom creates the vibe perfectly even just with bedding and wall color. Country-style furniture and a matching green wall makes for a cohesive space.

Don’t miss the more subtle patterns either. This bedroom also uses a green gingham lamp and a striped pot for some extra fun flair. After all, country isn’t always about those flashy art pieces! Let the details shine for this little girls room.

17.Stand-Out Walls

threeducksintow Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @threeducksintow/Instagram

You may think of a sweet reading nook or stand-out bed when you think of girl room decor ideas. This bedroom shows you that a stylish girl room doesn’t always have to rely on that!

Don’t sacrifice the function of window light or a quality storage solution for style. You can use exciting wallpaper patterns to create the perfect bedroom look for your little girl!

This bedroom has less space on first glance for decor. But a pink nature themed wallpaper helps each furniture piece stand out in this little girl’s room.

18.Wallpaper Accenting

littlelattihouse Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @littlelattihouse/Instagram

Not interested in filling your walls with wallpaper? You don’t always need a full wall of decorated patterns to make a statement.

This girls bedroom shows off a section of wallpaper that makes an otherwise colorless space feel more homey. Choose wallpaper that features accenting colors from your furniture to make this wall concept really work.

19.Boho Cozy Textures

ae_design_ Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @ae_design_/Instagram

Matching the essence of boho for kids will mean keeping your girls bedroom comfortable and simple.

This boho bedroom is great for kids and ages well as they turn into a teen. Fluffy rugs and pillows complement the otherwise simple bedroom design. This adorable girl bedroom uses one large rug and a contrasting fluffy, smaller rug on top as a finishing touch.

Plus, we love the subtle pops of color in an otherwise earthy-toned room. After all, we want to keep a girl’s bedroom feeling playful and young too.

20.Use a Stylish Sign

lindsaymdewey Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @lindsaymdewey/Instagram

What’s a better way to introduce your daughter into the world than with a personal sign?

We’re always a fan of using the walls to show off a girls’ personality. And if you need more floor space for storage and toys, this piece of inspiration is probably for you!

This room also uses matching bedding to make the sign feel cohesive with the rest of the room. It doesn’t have to be a huge statement piece. It’s just about adding personality to avoid a generic design.

21.Fun Paint Shapes

rosecroft.house Instagram cute little girl bedroom

Courtesy @rosecroft . house/Instagram

Walls looking empty, even with your daughter’s favorite wall art?

Draw up the eye and highlight those pieces with some contrasting wall paint. We love how this room uses a cloud shape that matches the circular bed frame and pillows.

This draws attention to any wall designs or art. And that’s especially ideal if they’re on the smaller side. In other words, this might be best if you have a budding artist for a child. You can consider this girl bedroom concept for inspiration on how to highlight their best work

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