28 Dreamy Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Girls

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Updated April 26, 2022

Express your girl power in your bedroom aesthetic!

Express your girl power in your bedroom aesthetic!

designbydaniellaza Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @designbydaniellaza/Instagram

Designing little girl rooms starts with a bed, a bedside table, and a storage space for both toys and clothes. And if you choose a classic style or neutral colors around those basics, you’re sure to modulate the decor as your child grows up.

Opt for neutral colors for her furniture – and for the walls, too! This way you won’t have to change the deco when your teen wants to redo her childhood room.

A recent tendency is to incorporate bright colors, animals, or plants using wallpaper. Play with pink (or not). In fact, the possibilities are endless!

Take a look through these decor ideas for girls’ bedrooms to find inspiration for your baby, your toddler, or your teenager.

Bedroom Ideas for Girls

1.Pink & Green Twin Bedroom

susiemaddoxinteriors Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @susiemaddoxinteriors/Instagram

In this girls’ bedroom, the light pink and grass green create a lovely feminine atmosphere. And little details like the bordered bedskirt and framed mirror add elegant details to that look.

Plus, having a monogrammed pillow is really special for any young woman! In particular, this is great if two girls are sharing a bedroom — it will make them feel like they each have their own space.

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2.Floral Pink Twin Bedroom

aimeeraynerart Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @aimeeraynerart/Instagram

This girls’ bedroom idea is perfect for younger girls or those with a youthful personality. The light pink floral designs are very comforting, and they match the stuffed animals perfectly!

As well, the white furniture is very versatile. So it will still work perfectly when they’re all grown up!

All you need to do is change the bedding and color schemes. Then the room will work for your teenagers!

3.Small Starry Bedroom

making_palmerston_ours Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @making_palmerston_ours/Instagram

Take your girl’s bedroom to the stars with this celestial space. And all you need are a few simple changes.

The ombre bedding that looks like a sunset and the fairy lights are the two most important aspects to create this look. Other than that, you can just play around with your favorite decorations!

And the minimal floor space in this room doesn’t matter and your girl will feel like she’s on a cloud. Because this girls’ room is out of this world!

4.Neutral Girl’s Bedroom

decore149 Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @decore149/Instagram

Not every girls’ bedroom needs to be pink! This bedroom, for instance, uses neutral earth tones to create a calming atmosphere.

This is also a brilliant way to create an age-neutral space. So you girl will love her bedroom all the way through her teen years.

You could also take this idea as an inspiration but use a pastel version of your child’s favorite color instead of taupe.

5.Small & Vibrant

bettys_home_withsoul Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @bettys_home_withsoul/Instagram

Use bold colors and fun decor to liven up a small space. This is great as a little girls’ room

, but it would also work for an older child who’ll feel at home among her treasures.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures. You’ll create an eclectic style that’s great for a bohemian kid.

6.Jungle Vibe

thrill_of_thrift Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @thrill_of_thrift/Instagram

Statement pieces bring visual interest to a girl’s bedroom. For example, this room has the jungle duvet cover, the fluffy pillows, the neon lights, and the Nirvana poster.

The patterned wall behind adds even more flair, but it’s subtle. So it doesn’t take away from the other elements.

And if your girl can keep her room clutter-free, this sophisticated yet funky look will last her for years.

7.Floral Teenage Girl

miltonandking Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @miltonandking/Instagram

Patterns aren’t just for walls and carpets. Why not try the ceiling?

Sometimes, non-white ceilings can make a room look dark or small. But since this space has so much light already, the pink pattern simply adds a sense of fun.

And the pink floral style is mirrored in the rug and bedding. So that creates a sense of cohesion in this girls’ bedroom.

Plus, adding actual potted plants brightens the room even more and brings the theme to life.

8.Classy Girl’s Room

that_overton_house Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @that_overton_house/Instagram

This girl’s bedroom idea is a bit complex, but not overwhelming. Instead, the different elements give it a sense of elegance.

Each item has a sleek, modern look. For example, the bed frame and wooden floor have simple geometric lines.

And while the bedspread does have a complicated pattern, it’s a very pastel gray. So it reads almost as a texture rather than a pattern.

But this space still looks homey with personal touches such as the photographs.

9.Whimsical Kid’s Bedroom

little_savage_life Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @little_savage_life/Instagram

You can get your girls’ bedroom ideas from anywhere. But nature is a good place to start!

Try combining elements from both land and sky.

In this case, there’s a floral pattern on the walls, with birds on the closet and stars over the bed. In addition, natural fibers, like the rug, bring even more life to this idea.

And especially for a younger girl, using a whimsical style will make her feel right at home in the great outdoors.

10.Little Traveler

designcafe.dc Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @designcafe . dc/Instagram

Girls’ bedroom decor can take you all over the map. A feature wall like this one provides an overall theme for the whole room.

From there, you can match your color scheme to the wall. So your furniture, bedding, and decorations will all fall into place.

Also, try looking for furniture that’s out of the ordinary. For example, this four-poster bed doesn’t have the usual curtains. But the clean lines pair well with the detailed map.

11.Beach Vacation Bunk Beds

our_cactus_abode Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @our_cactus_abode/Instagram

When you’re looking for girls’ bedroom ideas, why not look around the world?

In this case, the palm trees will make your kids feel like they’re on a permanent vacation. And all you need for that are some stencils or wall stickers.

So this look would be really easy to achieve without too much expense. Just pick some simple stickers, and then find bedding to match.

And a small potted palm would really bring the theme to life.

12.Big Cat Bunk Beds

laralovesparis Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @laralovesparis/Instagram

Sometimes all you need is one accessory to make your girls’ bedroom exciting. In this case, that’s the jaguar rug.

To achieve this look, keep your furniture and colors simple and neutral. That way, they won’t take away from your statement piece.

But a few small touches, like the little golden swallow, will almost seem like a treasure hunt for your girls!

13.Feminine Elegance

theonlywayisgrey_ Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @theonlywayisgrey_/Instagram

If you like pink bedroom ideas for girls, why not go all-out with this pastel version?

The bedding, curtains, and wall decorations are pretty in pink! And then the darker blue carpet adds a nice accent to ground the space.

Also, personal details like your children’s names will make them feel like the space is truly theirs.

14.Animal Elegance

fairytale_creatingstories Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @fairytale_creatingstories/Instagram

Sometimes it’s a good thing if your room is a zoo. For a little girl, this room would be really fun.

You could pick her favorite animals and put them in different places around the room. Think about having an accent wall, posters, or small figurines.

And don’t forget little touches like the light fixture or pillows. They look like puffy animals too!

15.Pastel Pink Dream Room

thegoldenplume Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @thegoldenplume/Instagram

This little girl’s bedroom with its queen-size bed will make your kid feel like a princess. The gold hearts feel very elegant, and the calligraphic “B” looks positively royal.

Also, framed artwork makes the room look more polished than simply hanging posters. This room is sure to take her through her teenage years without wanting to redesign the space.

And in your daughter’s room, you can always inspire her with a message on her pillow. “Dream” or “love” are great options.

16.Cozy Cottage

thisoldhome1 Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @thisoldhome1/Instagram

Make use of the built-in architecture of the house to create a cozy space for your child.

In this little girl’s bedroom, the stone wall makes the room look like a little cottage. And the old-fashioned lamps, fake skin rug, and ornate furniture add to this atmosphere.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a space like this. All you need to do is pick out a few elements that go together, and they’ll create the look for you.

17.Open Shelves

the_haddon_home Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @the_haddon_home/Instagram

Show off your treasures with open shelves! This will also help you make sure you have enough storage space.

And it’s a great way to show off homemade art! So, be sure to leave enough shelf space for all of your girl’s creations.

Also, especially for a quirky kid, being an interior designer is an amazing experience. So let your girl decorate her own bedroom to show off her style.

18.Patterned Accent Wall

lilyjunehome Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @lilyjunehome/Instagram

It’s a blast from the past! Try taking an old wallpaper print and giving it a new life in your girls’ bedroom.

And by putting the paper on only one wall, you keep the room from seeming outdated. As well, adding more modern touches, such as the pink chair or patterned bedside table, keeps the room on-trend.

In addition, look for vintage finds at thrift stores that complement the wallpaper. There are lots of treasures there!

19.Rainbow Wall Mural

lesliebrownphotography Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @lesliebrownphotography/Instagram

A big wall mural creates a focal point in the room. And a rainbow brings joy to the girls’ room.

Try taking one of the colors from your rainbow, such as bright pink or blue, and using it in other parts of the room. For example, matching the bedspread to the rainbow creates cohesion.

Finally, by keeping the rest of the room relatively simple, you let the mural shine!

20.Pebbled Accent Wall

gonen.design Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @gonen . design/Instagram

Your accent wall doesn’t have to be the only color in the room.

Instead of having white walls with one colored accent, try peach walls. Then, use a delicate pattern and neutral colors for your accent wall.

However, if you try this look, use white paint on the ceiling. That will keep the space from seeming too busy.

21.Hand-Painted Rainbow

designing_in_iowa_ Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @designing_in_iowa_/Instagram

Your child’s bedroom can be a blank canvas for her imagination. You can even let her help paint her own mural!

That way, your young interior designer can make her bedroom exactly how she likes it. But you can always help her out with matching other accessories, such as bedding and rugs.

Also, why not try this in other rooms of your house too? There, you can pick your own design to paint.

22.Goofy Animals

circupress Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @circupress/Instagram

Kid’s rooms should be fun and match the child’s tastes. So, does your daughter like animals?

Create a girl’s room that brings out your daughter’s wild side. It’ll be a place where she and her stuffed animals will feel at home.

The painted wall and potted plant make the room feel like the perfect jungle for these creatures.

And if your daughter doesn’t like orange, just make the accent color her favorite one instead.

23.Fairytale Forest

fairytale_creatingstories Instagram bedroom for girls forest

Courtesy @fairytale_creatingstories/Instagram

Bring a picture book to life with these fantastical woodland creatures. They’re hiding out in lots of places, including on the walls and pillows.

And the bed frame is even bear-shaped, which is a great touch.

The soft colors also create a forest atmosphere, while still keeping the space full of light.

Decorating with professional art is great, but maybe your daughter wants to draw some of her own creatures for her bedroom! So, leave some wall space for her art, too.

24.Safari Girls’ Bedroom

twisterbedcovers Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @twisterbedcovers/Instagram

Take a walk on the wild side with this safari-inspired room. This animal mural brings some of Africa’s best creatures to life.

By doing the mural in gray outlines, the interior designer left lots of white space. So this keeps the room feeling airy and open.

And it leaves room for accessories like the giant giraffe or favorite stuffed animals to stand out as well.

25.Light Floral Girls’ Bedroom

untipipourmatribu Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @untipipourmatribu/Instagram

Even though this girls’ bedroom is fairly small, it feels spacious. That’s thanks to the light walls and pastel color scheme.

In addition, the natural woven-wood bed frame doesn’t look heavy at all. And it pairs nicely with the woven basket.

Little details like the pastel blue reading light are both beautiful and functional. So your daughter’s bedroom will be a place she loves to spend time.

26.Natural Woods

pe.eme Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @pe . eme/Instagram

Using natural woods can make a space feel very modern and elegant. And that doesn’t just mean the flooring!

Here, the interior designer used wood on the accent wall, which creates a lovely geometric pattern. And because it’s neutral, it works well with the light blue of the other walls.

27.Gray & Peach

twisterbedcovers Instagram bedroom for girls grey

Courtesy @twisterbedcovers/Instagram

Gray and white are excellent colors to use for the majority of a girls’ bedroom. Then, you can add accent colors to brighten the space.

For example, this room uses gray and white as a background for the pops of blue and peach.

And you can dot those accents everywhere around the room. In this case, they’re on the pillows and blankets, wall art, desk, and even the vase of flowers.

28.Woven Patterns

hjs_designs Instagram bedroom for girls

Courtesy @hjs_designs/Instagram

When you find a pattern or technique you like, run with it!

In this case, many elements of the room look woven. This includes the bedside table, tapestry, rug, and light fixture.

While not all of them are actually woven, the idea creates a cohesive look in this bedroom.

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