Meg Amy

Meg has years of experience as a freelance writer for both lifestyle and creative platforms. She has a degree in Psychology and Communications from The University of The Sunshine Coast. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to provide honest and educational content to inspire easy solutions for living a cleaner life.


  • Years of experience as an online writer and editor in the lifestyle space.
  • Extensive knowledge of green living, home cleaning, DIY, and lifestyle solutions.
  • Self-published several ebooks and how-to guides.
  • Experience in creative writing and communications.


Before writing for The House Wire, Meg ran an online lifestyle platform for more than 6000+ readers. She’s passionate about green living and finding the best solution for achieving a clean and organized space.

Meg has been writing professionally since 2017, and she’s published many ebooks and online works over the course of her career. Her passion for wanting to inspire and help people achieve their goals led her to pursue a degree in Psychology and Communications.

After obtaining her degree from The University of The Sunshine Coast in 2016, she moved to London in search of experience and a wider perspective.

During this time she fell in love with writing and the impact of sharing experiences to help readers find solutions for their needs.

As a passionate learner and enthusiastic change-seeker, she is continually studying and learning new subjects to further her knowledge to help people make the best decisions.

From living in 5 countries and traveling the world, she’s well versed in the importance of how the environment and the space around us impact our lives. With this in mind, she’s passionate about spreading this message and helping others achieve a clean and organized space to thrive in.

She is committed to helping readers find the resources, products, and tools they need to create the space of their dreams.


Graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology and Communications in 2016.

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