Jeneva Aaron

Founder & Managing Director

Jeneva is the founder and CEO of where she provides honest and objective reviews on home and cleaning products. She is a cleaning enthusiast. She got inspired to build her own cleaning blog when she realized how cleaning can make an impact on our lives and how a cleaner home can affect a person’s mood.



  • A personal lifetime of cleaning experience.
  • Knowledge of cleaning techniques and cleaning products through her personal experiences and research.
  • Loves to clean and has a cleaner space.
  • Spends time discovering new home decor ideas on Pinterest.


Jeneva’s obsession with cleaning goes way back. Even before the inception of thehousewire back in 2017.

Long before that, she started in the field of Internet Business Consultancy fresh out of University with Mindshare. After a little over three months, she moved on to a different area, still dedicated to helping brands in digital marketing.

Her days were a collection of mentoring junior team members, developing strategic proposals, and meeting agency goals. She spent a total of three years and a couple of months in Search Engine Optimization Analysis, with GoDaddy, from 2014 to 2017.

After that, as a young mother charged with raising three young children, Jeneva Aaron spent a lot of time exploring cleaning tutorials & home decor ideas. She spent several exciting days watching her toddlers and improving her home with cleaning products and new decor ideas.

Her experience in SEO analysis and Internet Business Consultation were the building blocks for her great reviews. But she realized that not everyone has the same background as she does. Many people are stuck trying to find the best products that are not only eco-friendly but pocket-friendly too. With that in mind, she launched Thehousewire to help consumers discover the best cleaning tutorials and products available to them so that they can create a cleaner home.

Besides cleaning, she also loves spending time finding new home decor ideas on Facebook groups, Pinterest, or through discussions with architects’ friends.

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