Harold K. Hardesty

Harold K. Hardesty is the flooring expert of thehousewire where he writes flooring guides. In the past, he worked 6 years as sales manager – flooring specialist of high profile companies.


  • Nine years of extensive experience in the customer service industry
  • Has worked with a billion-dollar company and a high profile company
  • Experience in communication and technical writing
  • Knowledge about Flooring as a sales manager for four years


Before joining Thehousewire, Harold owned his own as a technical writer way back in 2005. He worked with COMSYS for a little over a year, producing documents on software and more.

There was also a lot of client management involved where Harold helped customers through technical status updates and troubleshooting issues. He continued working on his communication skills with clients when he started working with Samsung Electronics in early January of 2007.

As the Sales Manager for Customer Relations, Harold learned how to plainly explain products to people while attending to inquiries and complaints.

After six years with the billion-dollar company, he began his flooring specialization with The Home Depot, Georgia. His role as Sales Manager only strengthened him, already possessing ample knowledge and experience in the craft of customer service.

During these four years, he began his marketing degree, which was beneficial in selling and educating customers.
Now fortified with experience in marketing, writing, and Flooring, Harold works as a Flooring Specialist for Thehousewire. His wealth of knowledge is a definite plus to his readers.

He covers many topics under flooring as part of home improvement, remodeling, and designs, so all his readers can enjoy the feeling between their toes.


Harold graduated with honors from Georgia State University with a degree in Marketing.

  • Expertise: Flooring, Carpeting, Marketing, Sales Management, Customer Service, and Management
  • Education: Georgia State University
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Title: Flooring specialist

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